Sony ICF-C1 Reviews

Main advantage:

This alarm clock from the manufacturer Sony stands out for having an alarm sound that gradually increases in volume, in order to wake up the person little by little, in an increasing way and without frights that generate discomfort.

Main disadvantage:

Although it works properly, this model of alarm clock emits a constant beep, because it includes a coil transformer and this buzz can become annoying at night.

Verdict: 9.5/10

This alternative from the manufacturer Sony has a modern and compact square-shaped design, so it fits on any nightstand. In addition, it includes FM and AM frequency radio, with an adjustable buzzer or music alarm.

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Main Features Explained


With a modern design that is available in black, this Sony ICF-C1 alarm clock meets user demands for performance, minimalist design, and competitive pricing. All these attributes make the ICF-C1 from the manufacturer Sony a suitable watch to wake up in the morning.

Another advantage of this model is its compact size and square shape of 10.1 x 10.2 x 10.1 cm, which allows the clock to be placed on any nightstand next to the bed, even if it is small.

In addition, for greater user comfort, the Sony watch is equipped with an LED technology screen, which allows the time to be seen with a large size and brightness. Similarly, while the screen remains off, it looks like a mirror, giving the piece a more elegant and delicate look in any space.

On the other hand, the manipulation and use of the model are simple, because its design has been designed to be practical and intuitive. To access the settings and configurations of the alarm clock, as well as to enjoy its features, it is only necessary to use the buttons that it includes, through which it is possible to navigate through the options of the device in an analogical way.


Alarm clocks fulfill a primary function, which is to wake people up through an alarm or alert sound, which alerts the user that it is time to get out of bed and start the day. This function, although basic, can be present in different forms and qualities.

In this sense, this Sony model incorporates an alarm that, according to the opinions of the buyers, is suitable for waking up progressively and slowly. This is because the alarm clock has been equipped with different functions around sound settings.

On the one hand, the watch has a gradual alarm system. Through this alternative, at the time indicated by the user, the equipment will turn on and start ringing, but it will do so with an increasing volume. This has been included by Sony developers to avoid shocks when coming out of absolute rest and deep sleep, so that waking up is peaceful.

On the other hand, the model has been equipped with two modes for the alarm sound. In this way, the user will be able to decide between waking up with a buzz or with music from the station, since they can opt for the alarm with the radio on.

Aggregates and operation

Commonly mentioned among the best alarm clocks available on the market, the ICF-C1 model includes more than just the alarm clock option. It has been endowed by its developers with a radio function in AM and FM frequencies. So from this device you can tune in to the station of your choice and listen to the content with convenient sound quality, through speakers that improve audio, with a low level of distortion.

In addition, the alarm clock has been equipped with an LED display and options for brightness adjustment on several levels. The person can even decide if they want to turn off the screen completely.

Similarly, its structure has a USB port that is used to charge the mobile or any other technological device that requires this input, being 1.5 A, so the charging system is fast and effective, compared to other models and brands of alarm clocks that have been provided with the same option.

In the same way, its properties include a function to postpone the alarm and extend sleep time for a few minutes through a button. After a while, the alarm will start to sound again.

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