Sony ICF-C1PJ Reviews

Main advantage:

The sharpness of the projection allows you to clearly see the time on the wall or ceiling, regardless of the brightness of the room. For its part, the LCD screen has brightness adjustment that optimizes the display when you use the radio as a conventional alarm clock.

Main disadvantage:

The quality of the buttons is basic, according to some users, who expected a more elaborate design in the controls. However, they agree that the device has a simple operation.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a multifunctional radio alarm clock, whose adjustable projection on the ceiling and wall is displayed efficiently and clearly, an aspect that its users value positively.

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Main Features Explained


Radio alarm clocks seem to have lost utility due to the built-in alarm function in mobile phones, making it easier for people to practically sleep with the mobile next to the bed and set the alarm. However, novelties in current designs such as projection is a very useful function and that is why Sony has incorporated it into this radio alarm clock.

The ICF C1PJ is a model that projects the time on the ceiling or the wall, according to the adjustment that you make depending on your needs. This function allows you to view the programmed time at a certain angle.

On the other hand, the focus control will allow you to adjust the sharpness of the projection to your liking, so that when you wake up you see the time clearly and you can get up in no time.

This function is also very useful for children at home, who find it difficult, in some cases, to get up every day. Therefore, they find this projector alarm clock interesting and easy to use.

It is logical to think that a device like this has a higher price than a conventional one, and this model is an example of this. However, we cannot forget that it has the support of a recognized brand in the market for electronics, technology and smart devices such as Sony.


When carrying out a survey of opinions among users, there are many who affirm that the appearance and design of an alarm clock is important, especially since it will be next to the bed or in a place in the room, fully visible, being part of the decor.

For this reason, an attractive, modern and manageable design is expected. In this sense, Sony has used a compact cube format for this device that measures just 10.2 x 10.1 x 10.1 cm and weighs 490 g. This way you will know that it will not take up a lot of space on your table.

Additionally, the screen has a very elegant and modern mirror finish that gives a touch of distinction to your room, being easy to combine.

Regarding the configuration, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments in the upper button panel that is easily accessible and with a simple design, but functional for any member of the family.

Regarding the graduation of the angle and the focus of the projection, this radio incorporates a rotary button to select the position in which you want to see the time, while a smaller wheel is the one that helps to make the graduation of the sharpness. The simplicity of this system is an outstanding aspect for users, because it does not require complex procedures for its operation.


The usefulness of this device lies in several aspects, however the fact that you can decide how to wake up is one of its great advantages, since it allows you to select between sounds of nature or a radio station, so that you can be activated from the first moment, in addition to observing the projection of the time in the position you choose.

According to users, this model is one of the best alarm clock radios because it has a digital tuner, so you can locate your favorite radio stations and save up to 10 frequencies, 5 in AM and the rest in FM.

Plus, all alarm settings are maintained even if there’s a power outage in the middle of the night thanks to the backup battery, a CR2032 battery. Likewise, taking into account the needs of the users and the frequent use of the mobile, this device incorporates a USB input to connect it and charge its battery.

And if you are one of those who always like to sleep a few minutes after the scheduled time, you can use the snooze function and choose the buzzer volume instead of nature sounds or the radio.

All these options offered by the Sony ICF-C1PJ increase its usefulness for any user who wants to resume the use of a modern and versatile alarm clock radio in his routine.

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