Steam cleaning

One of the most effective alternatives to deep clean the different surfaces of our home or workplace is steam, because it is an ecological way of sanitizing environments without the need to use chemical products. That is why cleaning with steam offers many benefits and has various applications.

You are probably already tired of having to clean your home with the different traditional products that exist on the market, which pollute the environment, damage your hands and, in addition, are highly toxic to have at home, especially if there are small children. 

So, it is logical that you wonder what things you can steam clean . In this post, we want to tell you about the different applications of the steam machine as a cleaning method and we will explain why steam is so effective, not only for cleaning surfaces, because you can even steam iron your clothes and take care of them. tissues.


Among the different applications of steam cleaning, we can highlight the following:

  • Floor cleaning: Steam hygiene could be applied to tiled floors and even to laminate parquet floors, for which it would be a great help to use a steam cleaner, such as a Karcher steam cleaner or a floor cleaning machine, because they efficiently clean these laminates and do not damage their material. Another advantage of using this appliance to clean these floors is that it does not leave marks or moisture when mopping, since the wet residue dries almost immediately. Remember that before using the steamer, it is advisable to vacuum the surface to remove any particles that could cause unwanted scratches or stains on the surface.
  • Glass, mirrors and windows: It is also possible to steam disinfect window glass and mirrors. This procedure can be as effective as using a window cleaning machine, although these devices may be best suited for cleaning large windows.
  • Tiles, faucets, bathrooms and toilets: With the steam cleaner to clean tiles you can eliminate the mold that forms in the joints, as well as in the cracks, faucets or in the bathroom pieces. In addition, with the use of any steam cleaner it is easy to remove lime and soap residues that are embedded in metal objects, which are very difficult to remove. In this sense, it is advisable to always use the nozzles designed for this type of surface, since they facilitate the hygiene of these places, as well as it is advisable to use the microfiber cloth to avoid leaving unsightly marks on stainless steel or chrome surfaces.. Keep in mind that with direct steam and quick scrubbing it is possible to remove any dirt, including kitchen grease.

Thus, the steamer helps to facilitate the tedious task of scrubbing the utensils to remove the fat derived from frying and cooking food, especially that which adheres between the burners, the countertop and the controls. 

  • Clothes: Some steam machines have a special nozzle designed for textiles, which allows you to refresh them, remove lint, remove hair and smooth wrinkles without much effort. They are even useful for effectively eliminating bad odors that can adhere to the fabric.
  • Walls: Cleaning walls with a steam cleaner is also possible, this being an efficient way to remove dust and stains from them. Polti steam cleaners could help you in this task, because they are easy to use and their steam mop removes dirt easily.
  • Carpets and upholstery: A Lidl handheld steamer can be a good alternative in these cases, because it steam cleans carpets and helps eliminate mites that could be on these types of surfaces. In the same way you can use it in curtains, furniture, sofas, fabric chairs, blinds, among others. As you can see, in any case, domestic steam cleaning is a success. 

How does a steamer work? 

Appliances called steamers have a mechanism that is responsible for transforming the water that is placed in the tank into steam and that is expelled to the outside by pressing a device that allows its release. 

These steam machines for cleaning the home are capable of dissolving accumulated dirt, but they also perform a disinfecting function, because they eliminate germs, bacteria, mites and other allergens that tend to accumulate in various areas of the house, being a suitable option. for those people who want to have a 100% healthy environment with maximum hygiene.

Main advantages of using steam in home cleaning

  • Using steam to clean is more ecological than applying traditional cleaning products, since the dirt comes off by itself thanks to the release force and the temperature of the steam. 
  • It is cheaper because it is not necessary to use detergents to clean, which favors the family budget.
  • This cleaning method does not allow residues capable of causing allergies to remain, which is effective in protecting your family.
  • It is possible to eliminate unpleasant odors in your home, which significantly improves the environment.
  • Thanks to the use of steam as a cleaning agent, and to the machines used for this purpose, it is possible to reach difficult areas and thoroughly clean your home.
  • With this cleaning method you save a lot of time, because the work is done faster and without much effort, since you don’t have to rub and rinse.
  • Additionally, using steam as a cleaning mechanism is very useful because you can use it to sanitize any surface, both in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or in any other room in the home, as well as on glass, walls, upholstery, etc. others.

As we have seen along these lines, the use of steam as a cleaning method is highly beneficial for your home and your family, because it can eliminate bacteria and allergens from surfaces. So, go ahead and buy a steam cleaner so you can save time, money and energy in the task of maintaining the hygiene of your home.

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