Step by step to make a homemade water filter

Today with the globalization of technology, it is difficult to think that the most essential natural resource for man is still not available in all parts of the world, an example of them are those populations that are distant from large cities and They do not have a clean water distribution system, just like those areas of extreme poverty.

Despite the fact that there are innumerable products on the market that purify water, there are people who, due to their situation, cannot acquire these technologies, running the risk of suffering from one or more diseases derived from the lack of drinking water.


On the other hand, contaminated water is responsible for the death of more than 3 million people a year around the world, because if it is not properly treated, the liquid can harbor parasites and bacteria that cause serious diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that: “Polluted water and poor sanitation are linked to the transmission of diseases such as cholera, other diarrheas, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid fever and poliomyelitis. Therefore, non-existent, insufficient or improperly managed water and sanitation services expose the population to preventable health risks”.

Based on this, caution should be exercised in caring for our health, since we can have the solution in our hands. For this reason, we present to you how you can create a homemade drinking water purifier that can have an antibacterial effect for daily use at home. We invite you to continue reading so that you know the materials and procedures to make a homemade water filter step by step.

Necessary materials

Spring water is naturally purified, this is due to the fact that the stones, sand and other sediments that are around clean the liquid. And it is that to make this homemade purifier, we use easily accessible and cheap elements, because they are derived from nature and are obtained in large quantities and others are made of recyclable material, that is why you should look for:

– A plastic container that measures approximately one meter in height.

– Gravel.

– Activated carbon.

– Medium stones.

– Small rocks.

– Fine and clean sand.

Step by Step

Now, if you have all these materials, it is essential that you place it in the correct and orderly way, to achieve good filtration. You can create your own purifier with this simple step by step:

The first step consists of cleaning all the elements to be used with abundant liquid, the plastic container or bottle must be rigorously disinfected, this with the help of an anti-bacterial soap or gel. On the other hand, you should clean the sand and stones by letting them soak and constantly moving to remove any residue. In case the sand is from the beach, clean it until it does not smell of salt.

Subsequently, we must prepare the container where we will make the water filter by creating two holes in it, one for filling the water that we want to purify, it can be on one side at the top and the other hole at the bottom where the water will come out. purified water. Be sure to place a stopcock in both holes, to prevent foreign agents from entering the water during its filling, so that purification is more efficient and faster.

After preparing the container, the materials are placed in an orderly manner, alternating the layers. Here’s how to layer the layers starting from the bottom:

  1. Place the medium stones, these should cover an approximate height of 25 cm.
  2. Then place the small stones creating a layer 12 cm high.
  3. Layer of gravel, with a minimum height of 3 cm.
  4. This is followed by the active carbon layer with a height of approximately 3 cm.
  5. Again another layer of gravel is alternated, with a height of 2 cm.
  6. Fine sand is added, creating a layer of approximately 6 cm.
  7. Gravel again, this time 6 cm high.
  8. To finish a layer of small stones 12 cm high.

You can use any type of stone, however, we recommend you get the pebble stones, in case you do not get the small stones you can break the larger stones, they will perform the same function.

A curious fact is that the use of activated carbon is new, previously they carried out the purifier without this element, however, it was discovered that it makes filtering more efficient, since in addition to giving the water a better taste, it fulfills an antibacterial function, and it can be easily found in the market.

How to use the homemade filter?

Its operation is very simple, it consists of opening the tap and letting the water enter the container, so that the liquid can pass through the different layers of stones, sand and coal.

During this process, all the impurities present in the water are eliminated and with the effect of the carbon, the bacteria are also eliminated. In addition, you can pack it for your daily use, and have drinking water for you and your whole family.

This system helps prevent diseases and is the most natural for cleaning water, since it does not contain or add chemicals, it is economical and simple to prepare.

Home filter maintenance

Regarding the maintenance of this home purifier, it is recommended to disassemble, clean with plenty of water and disinfect the plastic container and the stones, preventing the appearance of mold due to filtered impurities.

Regarding activated carbon, it is recommended to replace the pieces with new ones, since over time it tends to lose its active component, and it does not perform or produce the same purifying and antibacterial effect.

The size of the purifier will depend on your needs, and how large the family group is, these can vary in size and length, the important thing is that you always have pure water in your home.

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