Sunstech FRD35U Reviews

Main advantage:

The addition of a USB port to charge your mobile devices in this alarm clock radio is a very positive aspect because you can have your mobile close by and fully charged when it is time to wake up. You can also use this connection for an LED lamp or other device with this type of power.

Main disadvantage:

This model can only tune into FM radio stations, being a limitation for those who like AM options. However, it has more than 50 preset stations, so you will surely get an FM station to your liking.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This radio alarm clock is very functional, as it includes a USB port, dual alarm, digital tuner and headphone jack, so it is a useful piece of equipment in any home.

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Main Features Explained


Although there are those who no longer see the use of radio alarm clocks because the mobile has the function of alarm and radio separately, the truth is that this device refuses to disappear and for this reason its designs have been improved, as is the case with this Sunstech model.

Although it looks like a common radio alarm clock, this equipment incorporates a USB port suitable for charging any type of smartphone, mobile devices and even LED lamps. With this function you reduce the number of chargers and equipment connected to the socket in your room, and limit yourself to using the charging port of the radio, while favoring the organization of your nightstand.

Additionally, as a radio alarm clock, it allows the radio to turn on at the scheduled time and you can listen to your favorite programming. But, you can also choose the buzzer function if you want the classic alarm sound.

For its part, the dual alarm is ideal for those who live as a couple and have different schedules, so each one can set the time they need to wake up without affecting the other’s alarm.

Without a doubt, this device is perhaps the right one for children, young people and adults, especially if you want to stop using your mobile at night, since you will not have the excuse of setting the alarm to keep it in bed until late.

Backrest and headphones

In some regions, power outages at night are more common than we think, but they are not long lasting and that is why sometimes we do not realize that we were without power, until we fell asleep the next morning because it has been misconfigured the clock radio. To avoid this situation, the Sunstech FRD35U has a backup battery powered by two AAA batteries that you must purchase separately. With such a system, the default alarm data and clock settings are not affected if the power is interrupted.

However, it is necessary to point out that some users comment in their opinions that this battery only works to maintain the alarm, because in the case of preset stations the information is not saved, and when the electrical power is restored you will have to make the selection again.

On the other hand, this equipment also has the possibility of using it with headphones, so that you do not disturb your partner or roommates if you like to sleep listening to music. However, you should keep in mind that if you leave the headphones connected overnight and the radio is set to alarm, you may not hear it because the audio will not be output from the speaker.

Screen and design

With so many innovations in the market for the best radio alarm clocks , this model could not disappoint us with the design of its 2.28 cm LED screen, illuminated in a beautiful blue color. This tone is attractive and allows you to visualize the time well in a dark room without bothering you, since it has an intensity adjustment so you can choose the brightness level that makes you feel most comfortable.

Similarly, we cannot fail to mention that this device has a compact size and a discreet design, to take up less space than other similar equipment, since its measurements are 11.5 x 13 x 6.3 cm. In this sense, the Sunstech FRD35U can be placed on the table next to the bed, for quick access when waking up each day.

As for the colors, this model comes in three combinations where the main color is black, so you can choose it in blue, pink or completely black, without this difference influencing its price.

Although we have already talked about the functions, it is necessary to point out that the handling of this equipment starts from intuition, a simple and very easy design, so that any member of the family can use the clock radio effectively, tune in to the radio stations, configure alarms, raise and lower the volume without much experience.

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