Take the maximum the space of your home

When we are not lucky enough to have a house with ample spaces, the storage of our furniture, decorations and other things is limited. That is why, in the face of such a need, we must put into practice certain skills that allow us to make each corner of the home more functional, without altering its aesthetics.

Apartments and homes that have a few square meters are becoming more and more frequent. Hence, unfortunately, many people cannot choose large dining tables for the whole family or large cabinets that cover an entire wall. However, with some smart storage techniques space can be optimized and the experience of living in a compact apartment can be better.

Applying a little ingenuity and detailing the wide options that the online market offers, not only can you take advantage of the small space, but it will also be more organized, clean and spacious. So, properly arrange all those things that you previously had in plain sight and enjoy a cozy home.


A bedroom to dream

The bedroom is usually the most functional space that we find in the home, because we not only use it to take a restful sleep, but it also becomes the ideal environment to get dressed, prepare for a shower, watch television, read and others.. Hence, the need for this room to store all our most used personal items.

Practical bed. A very peculiar idea is to place your bed at a considerable height, with the help of the elevation system. Or, you could opt for a high-legged bed, to generate good results in terms of extra space, to put a few drawers under it for storage.

Boards. Placing a board on one of the bedroom walls will not only relieve clutter in your closet, but also keep your favorite accessories such as handbags, scarves and jewelry close at hand. In addition, it is a low cost storage solution.

Storage bench. Having this type of furniture at your disposal, you can store innumerable clothing items and even pillows and covers. At the same time you will have within your reach, a comfortable seat to change your shoes.

Prepare your food without complication

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen, because in addition to being considered “the heart of the home”, creations that satisfy our senses, exploit our creativity, and enjoy family unity have their origin in it. Keeping the countless kitchen tools, food and other things in an organized way, could be difficult but not impossible.

Magnetic shelf. Many times you will notice that the space of your kitchen bar is scarce, it is special when you are looking to have your spices and utensils at hand. Do not limit yourself, you will find the solution by hanging your flasks and even your instruments on a magnetic shelf or rack from the wall.

Useful and invisible garbage can. In many cases, large containers cease to be attractive because they take up a lot of space in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to look for an alternative that allows you to hide them. To do this, look for the best brand of garbage cans, which ensures a rolling container and incorporate it into a closet with rails. However, make sure that it covers your needs and even allows you to recycle; Well, with a little creativity you can easily integrate it into this space.

Drawer organizers. Preparing countless dishes will be a real pleasure, because thanks to a drawer organizer you save time looking for your instruments. From knives to ladles, forks and spatulas, they will have their own division inside your kitchen drawer.


A small but comfortable bathroom

The bathroom, generally, is usually the space with the greatest limitations to organize personal hygiene things. Hence, good planning will make use of the potential of small furniture.

Hanging shelf. When you don’t have the right closet for your bathroom, with a hanging shelf for shoes, you can manage all those towels that clutter the environment. Even if you place them above the door frame, you will have a very practical and decorative storage space. 

Baskets and boxes to store. To have your daily things at hand, having some baskets or boxes will be the most accessible way to achieve this task. Get creative and decorate them according to the style of your bathroom.

efficient living room

This is the main place for meetings, although similar to the bedroom, it must also provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, both for the inhabitants of the home and for its visitors. Thus, each space in the room must be asserted.

Under the stairs. Do not forget to take advantage of the space left by the stairs, because, even if you doubt it, it is a very practical and functional place to place some furniture, mirror, coat rack and even a few built-in cabinets, a dressing room or shelves.

Ottoman furniture. In many cases we tend to overwhelm our coffee table with the remote control of the television, magazines or books. In order to eliminate all that clutter, look for an ottoman to store all those things inside and you will leave the upper part free to enjoy an aperitif.


Functional basements and garden sheds

When we do not have a good space in the basement or in the garden shed, the storage of our sports equipment, construction tools, gardening and others, could be solved with some practical items.

Hanging shelves. Use the lower part of the beams to take advantage of extra storage space. To do this, you must have some baskets or racks, which easily fit the dimensions of the gaps that remain between the beams.

Backstage. Cycling is an excellent alternative to stay fit and active. However, it is not denied that bicycles take up a lot of space in your home. In this sense, the most practical thing is to use a frame attached to the wall, to mount it and free up space.

Despite the fact that your home is somewhat small and bothers you when it comes to storing your belongings, do not limit yourself from enjoying every corner with your family. On the contrary, look for options that allow you to take advantage of it, by hiding, hanging and organizing all those things that you have in plain sight.

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