Taurus Babel RC Reviews

Main advantage:

This model has an innovative remote control that allows you to turn it on, turn it on and configure its functions without having to get out of bed, making it practical to use. It also incorporates a timer so that the fan is active only when necessary.

Main disadvantage:

The sound can be a bit uncomfortable for some people, especially at night, but keep in mind that its acoustic power is only 58.9 dBA, which does not mean a high level of noise.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It offers 45 W of power that allows it to work with 3 different speeds, in this way, you can use it according to the heat level. In addition, it has 3 modes of use to offer greater versatility, Normal, Breeze and Night mode to rest peacefully.

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Main Features Explained


It is a fan of the renowned Taurus brand, specialized in satisfying the needs of the home for more than 50 years, which largely guarantees high performance and the best quality. This device offers a power of 45 W, so you can keep any room cool while saving energy. It also has 3 different speed levels to use according to the need of the moment.

In this sense, it has a fairly low power consumption for a product of this type, positioning itself as a class A device within the energy efficiency classification. In addition, it has a voltage of 240 V, which you must take into account when connecting it.

Its motor is ultra resistant, so you can use it for long hours without affecting its durability. It is important to point out that this is a silent operating device, since its sound power level is only 58.9 dBA, which means that the noise will not be greater than that of two people talking normally, so it will not be invasive in the room.


It offers 3 operating modes with different intensity levels. Normal mode is the most powerful, indicated to refresh the environment in a few seconds. Then we find the Breeze mode, equally efficient to counteract the heat, but with the advantage that the air comes out softer, in this way, it is not annoying on the skin during prolonged use. For its part, the Night mode may have the least intense flow, but it is the most appropriate to have a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

It has an option that allows you to make an oscillating movement, turning from one side to another to improve air circulation in the room. Also, you should know that its range is greater than traditional fans, with a rotation of up to 180° to provide full coverage, which is why, according to the opinions of some users, it is the best fan of this type.

Another innovative feature of this equipment is its timer function, which is programmable to run for up to 7.5 hours continuously. When these hours pass, it will turn off automatically to save energy and guarantee the lowest energy consumption, especially at night, when the temperature usually drops and it may be convenient to save energy.


Its design is defined by being modern and attractive, since it has a tower or column structure, which is easy to place in any room without attracting too much attention. In addition, it has a height of 75 cm and a weight of only 2.6 kg, which makes it easy to store and install in small spaces.

It incorporates an ergonomic handle located at the top of the fan, which provides greater practicality to transport, in this way you can take it without much effort to the place where it is needed in your home. If you are looking for one of the most innovative fans today, then you should know that this model has an LCD screen that tells you the speed, timer information and the selected operating mode.

As if that were not enough, in the upper part it has a compartment that allows you to place and remove the remote control, in this way you can modify the fan settings more comfortably, especially at night if you want to stay in bed. Also, you can get it in its presentation without a remote control that has a slightly more affordable price, however, the functions of this could be a little more limited.

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