Taurus Babel RC Reviews

Main advantage:

This silent fan not only has a compact format, which allows it to be stored in any space, but it has also been provided with an ergonomically designed carrying handle, so that you do not have any inconveniences when moving the structure.

Main disadvantage:

After the start of the fan in the second or third speed, you could perceive a slightly annoying noise. However, everything will depend on the hearing sensitivity of each person.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this silent fan you will incorporate into your home a device with modern aesthetics, whose intuitive use offers three convenient programmable work modes and three speed levels.

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Main Features Explained

Mobilization and storage

When purchasing a fan, there are many aspects that must be evaluated, in order to have a better user experience when handling the equipment. Among these characteristics we can mention the method of mobilizing the device, especially since it is a device with a tower format. 

Likewise, there is the storage of the structure, since if the model has been provided with a traditional ventilation system, surely the person will want to save space in the room, storing the equipment during the coldest season of the year.

In the case of the silent Babel RC fan from the Taurus house, we can comment that, thanks to its vertical format with a compact body, light weight and an ergonomic carrying handle on the top, it is possible to carry the equipment from one end of the room to the other. the different rooms of the home. All this, without becoming an uncomfortable or exhausting task for the person. 

Likewise, you can store the fan in a corner of the closet, garage and even under the bed, without taking up significant space. This is because the structure is only 74 centimeters high, its circular base is removable and, as a whole, the product provides an average weight of 2.6 kilograms.

working modes

Although silent fans have the basic function of moving the air accumulated in a certain room to cool it, more and more brands are abandoning the conventions of traditional designs. In this way, these manufacturers are committed to incorporating cutting-edge technology into their devices, in order to improve the operability of the product and, in turn, expand the options when adjusting the flow of the air current. It is a series of characteristics that could perhaps influence the purchase price of the fan, but that, far from being an expense, means an investment.

This situation occurs with the silent Taurus Babel RC fan, which offers the three classic speed levels, adjustable with just one click. Likewise, there are the “normal”, “breeze” and “night” work modes, programmable through the LCD screen arranged in the upper part of the structure.

Thus, with the “normal” mode, you will get an instant cooling of the room, while the “breeze” mode provides a fresh, soft and constant breath. Finally, by selecting the “night” mode, it will be possible to go from a warm environment to one of greater comfort, to fall asleep without interruptions, since the reduced flow of air is completely silent.

Timer and workforce

The timer is a device for measuring electrical frequency, whose purpose is to regulate the connection and disconnection process for the start-up of a given device. All this, through programmable or pre-established time intervals, according to what is set by the manufacturer. In this way, it is possible to achieve considerable electricity savings, which your pocket and the environment will appreciate. In addition, the use of a timer is usually convenient to add useful life to the device, since its motor rests more than when it is started for consecutive periods.

In this sense, the Babel RC silent fan is no exception, since the Taurus house integrated a modern auto-off timer into the device. This means that the cessation of operation of the ventilation equipment can be programmed up to seven and a half hours in advance.

On the other hand, we have the working power of the motor, corresponding to 45 watts of power and with an electrical input of 230 volts, which together offer low energy consumption of an A rating, and which has earned it good reviews. All these reasons contribute to the equipment being valued as one of the best silent fans.

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