Taurus Bapi 900 reviews

Main advantage:

This Taurus blender has 900 W of power for high performance, fast grinding and an efficient shake, being able to choose one of the 20 speeds with the electronic selector, as well as the Turbo function that maximizes the force of the shake.

Main disadvantage:

This model does not include accessories, mincers or interchangeable rods, so its use is limited to grinding food in the measuring cup, suitable for preparing emulsions, mayonnaise and other mixtures in small quantities. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

This is a very efficient blender with its 900 W power to process small amounts of food, suitable for those looking for a compact and functional unit. 

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Main Features Explained

High power and technology

The functionality of food processors is measured by the level of power they possess, and hand mixers are no exception. Due to their ease of use and good results, these utensils have become popular today, becoming one of the essentials in any home. 

For this reason, the renowned Taurus brand has designed this simple model, but with high performance that stands out, mainly, for having a high power of 900 W. 

This amount of force can be regulated, in turn, in 20 speed levels, selectable with an electronic selector, easy to use and with which it will not be necessary to stop the operation to change the speed, because it can be done with the mixer on. 

All this power is fully exploited thanks to Taurus’ patented technology: Turbo Rotation System, which consists of creating an air loop that lifts the pieces of food or ingredients between the blades to be crushed, sucked and crushed again.

It should be noted that this process takes place in a clean and safe way, since the anti-splash design of the hood prevents food or liquids from being dispensed outside the measuring cup.

Design and materials

Considered one of the best hand mixers, the Taurus Bapi has a traditional stand-up design with a bayonet system, made of brushed 18/10 steel to ensure greater strength and durability, as well as an elegant appearance that remains despite use. frequent.

As for handling, its ergonomic design facilitates grip during use, also favored by the soft-touch finish. We cannot fail to mention that the plastic body protects the motor of the blender, keeping it well sealed.

Regarding the mounting system, it is a very easy-to-use mechanism, since you only have to turn the base to separate the motor body from the foot and thus be able to completely wash the steel bayonet, and you can even use the dishwasher to a deeper clean.. 

On the other hand, and if you are worried about the feeling of fatigue after using this blender, you have to know that the chances are very low, since it weighs only 1 kg, a manageable design and a non-slip handle so that its use is easy. easier than you imagine, managing to prepare mayonnaise, creams, crush ice and other ingredients in a short time and without any effort.

Quality and price

According to the opinions of the users who have purchased this product, the support of the Taurus trajectory is evident in the power and quality of the materials in this blender; however, there is another aspect that stands out and that is the design of the blades that favor the grinding of the hardest ingredients.

Regarding the noise of the motor, several users affirm that it is reduced and totally tolerable, so it can be summarized that it is a product with a very efficient quality-price ratio, since its value is affordable to different budgets, its performance is efficient. and the durability forecast is very high.

In conclusion, the investment in this product will be worth it to facilitate many tasks in the kitchen, from the preparation of a sauce for tapas, to the emulsion of a dressing for the Caesar salad or the preparation of a delicious gazpacho, the possibilities and recipes you can do with this device are numerous. 

Additionally, Taurus offers a set of accessories that you can purchase to take advantage of all the power of the Bapi 900 and expand its usefulness with other implements. 

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