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Main advantage:

With this kitchen robot you will be able to prepare countless recipes thanks to its multifunctional system, capable of carrying out different tasks such as grinding, chopping, kneading, chopping, etc.

Main disadvantage:

Some users find that connecting via Wi-Fi could be easier, which can be a drawback. Even so, you can be a good kitchen robot to make your preparations.

Verdict: 9.5/10

The possibility of carrying out the preparation of various food dishes, as well as different desserts, is increasing, especially if you have at your disposal a kitchen robot like the Bosch MUM58720.

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Main Features Explained


A kitchen robot is capable of standing out among many available on the market, either because of the accessories it includes or also because of the functionality it offers to carry out different types of activities. That is why when choosing a particular model you should study each of its advantages, in order to deduce if it is really what you are looking for.

In this way, we present the Taurus Mycook Touch model considered the best kitchen robot for being multifunctional, that is, it would make it easier for you to make different kinds of dishes using a number of special techniques to cook comfortably. Among them are the act of grinding any food, as well as grinding it, kneading it, frying it and chopping it. You could also spray, chop, emulsify and of course steam cook using it, therefore, you would have a multitude of appliances in one.

On the other hand, this robot has 10 speeds in total so that you can use the one necessary for each type of food, you could also weigh the ingredients you need using the scale that it incorporates for greater comfort.

As we know, each dish always has a special secret that makes you enjoy it, therefore the Mycook Touch model would be a great ally to prepare different recipes, whether they include chicken, fish or rice, since you could cook all these foods easily in it.

According to the opinions of some clients, they have been happy to comment that this kitchen robot does not imply any type of complexity when it comes to its use, since everything is well described in the user manual. In addition, even its control panel through the screen that it incorporates is intuitive, so that even a teenager could use it to make simple desserts if they wanted to.

Cooking modes

Among other functions that this great robot incorporates, it is important to mention that it has two cooking modes, the guided mode and the normal mode being the same. In this sense, it is a product designed both for kitchen professionals and for those beginners who want to learn the best recipes, to surprise their loved ones during lunch or dinner.

By using the manual mode you will have the possibility to control both the time and the speed and temperature at which you need to cook your food. You could also innovate by creating new recipes. While using the guided mode, you will simply have to choose a recipe, put the ingredients in the container and then press the play button so that the robot itself configures itself in terms of time, speed and temperature and begins its cycle.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that it is a model with an efficient induction cooking system that could reach a temperature of 140º Celsius, to cook food properly. You can regulate this temperature at your convenience, depending on the recipe you choose, since some ingredients need less or more temperature to achieve their exact cooking point.

It should also be noted that you can cook on 4 levels if you wish using the basket, the jug and the two-level steam cooking tray that is included with the product. You could also create combinations depending on your requirements, whether you use the jug and the steamer at the same time or the basket and the jug.

Mycook Design and Application

During the search for the best kitchen robots available in the market to make your purchase, not only look at the price that the model that you like the most can offer you, but also in the practicality that it could provide when cooking to enjoy. of the richest dishes.

It should be noted that the Taurus brand has developed a great kitchen robot such as the Mycook Touch model, characterized not only by its multifunctionality and type of cooking, but also by offering you a Wi-Fi connection, to connect it to your Smartphone.

Without a doubt, it is an intelligent product that has technological advances capable of helping you in the kitchen whenever you need it. According to its manufacturers, this is a new limited version of kitchen robots, which has an Internet connection, multi-device connectivity, as well as easy interaction with Smartphones and tablets. In this way, you could have direct access to Club Mycook. where you will have at your disposal more than 6,700 recipes to prepare at home, as well as interaction with more than 45,000 people who share and create recipes every day. Also, this Club allows you access to quality content, where you can get medals and become a good chef by winning amazing prizes.

You can manage all this information through a touch screen that includes the kitchen robot, which in addition to making it easier to use to access the different places available in the club, allows you to configure it for each type of food. Likewise, its structure is made of high quality resistant plastic available in black while the container is completely made of stainless steel.

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