Taurus Striker Mini – Traveler Reviews

Main advantage:

The small size of this device gives it the opportunity to move easily through hard-to-reach places, even going under some furniture to be able to clean everything properly.

Main disadvantage:

A disadvantage of this device is the capacity of its tank, because compared to other models, it only accepts 0.3 liters and may not be enough to take care of very dirty spaces.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This Taurus robot vacuum cleaner is a good value for money option, as it brings very good qualities considering its cost. Its technology and small size help to clean the most difficult corners of the home.

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Main Features Explained


This model may be called “mini”, however, this only speaks of its size, since its operation is similar to that of the large robot vacuum cleaners on the market. In addition, Taurus is a famous brand for its appliances and electronic devices, so this product has the quality that characterizes the company.

To start cleaning your home, all you have to do is turn on the appliance for it to start its journey. The robot will start to vacuum everything in its path and, after that, you can attach the mop included in the purchase and activate its special function related to this add-on to optimize cleaning. In this way, you will get shiny floors without further complication. 

It should be noted that this deep cleaning is not only limited to floors, since the robot vacuum cleaner has enough power to climb carpets and get rid of the fur of different pets. 

Likewise, you should not worry about the surfaces of your home being damaged, since the robot’s brushes are designed to be careful and not mistreat any type of floor. Also, if you have stairs or unevenness in your home, this will not be a problem either, since the artifact’s sensors will prevent it from falling in the middle of cleaning.


When it comes to choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner, what it looks like is not very relevant, since it is only a visual attraction that does not directly affect the ability of the device to do its job efficiently. However, when it comes to functional design, then it is worth checking every detail of robot vacuum cleaners.

In this case, the Striker Mini model has a modern and elegant look that combines bright red and black colors to stand out. That way you won’t lose sight of it. However, the most relevant aspect of the device, in terms of design, is its small and slim structure. The dimensions 23.5 x 23.5 x 7 cm give it an adequate size to reach where other robots cannot, achieving better results, as this device easily moves under furniture and other small spaces. This is complemented by its light weight, since its 1.8 kilograms facilitate its mobilization and storage after use.

At the top of the robot you can find its small control panel with the power button and, in addition, you can also access its dust container. The latter can be easily opened to throw away the dirt when the 300 ml capacity of the product has already been used.


This Taurus robot vacuum cleaner stands out for many things, such as its adaptability and good price; However, according to the different opinions of the buyers, there is another thing to highlight about the device, and it is the comfort of use that it provides in different ways. 

In this order of ideas, a quality that stands out is the level of noise generated, which is only 50 dB, to avoid bothering you while it is active. However, there are other aspects of its technology that are made to provide you with the security and comfort you deserve.

In this sense, considering that the power of the device is 850 W, the autonomy of 75 minutes is a very good feature, since it means that the robot will be able to take care of different spaces completely before its battery runs out, since it will clean everything at his step quickly.  

In addition, when the battery is about to discharge, the robot vacuum cleaner will start giving light warnings through its indicator so that you can charge it, preventing the battery from running out completely. When this happens, you will only need to take the device and plug it into any outlet until it is fully charged again. 

Another attractive point is that thanks to its energy efficiency class A++, you won’t have to worry about power consumption.

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