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Main advantage:

The versatility of this vacuum cleaner is determined by its lightweight design and the different cleaning options it offers with its accessories. Consequently, various types of surface can be vacuumed with good performance and suction power.

Main disadvantage:

Removing the hairs on the brush can be a complicated task, and some prefer to use scissors to make the process easier. However, the fact that the accessories are removable is a favorable aspect for cleaning. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a low-priced, high-performance broom vacuum cleaner with functional accessories, powerful motor and ergonomic design, suitable for daily use.

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Main Features Explained

technology and design

Broom vacuum cleaners use cyclonic technology to generate an air current with enough force to suck up dirt and deposit it in a container. In this sense, the Taurus Ultimate Lithium has improved this design to incorporate a filtering system inside the cyclone, efficiently separating dirt, dust and mites from the air. With this modification, it is possible to optimize the performance of the appliance.

For its part, the use of HEPA filters favors the separation of mites, dust and other allergens so that the air in your home is healthier. This system is fully washable, thanks to its removable format. 

Regarding the handling of this device, the ergonomic design of Taurus prioritizes a light weight of just 2 kg and manageable dimensions of 21.5 x 22.5 x 107 cm. Likewise, the handle with a soft-touch grip favors its use, reducing fatigue after cleaning. An aspect that many housewives appreciate in their opinions, since other family members can be involved in household chores. 

And when it comes to appearance, the Taurus Ultimate Lithium is the best broom vacuum cleaner for its elegance, with an attractive red design, so you can clean the house in a modern style, forgetting once and for all about the old wooden brooms.. 

utility of accessories

With this model you are going to acquire a vacuum cleaner at a low price and with all the necessary accessories to take advantage of its power and keep your spaces well sanitized.

First of all, we must mention the Turbo Brush, a motorized brush, suitable for cleaning tiles, carpets, wooden floors and other materials with excellent performance. The 180° swivel joint allows this brush to access tight and dark spaces, an aspect favored by the lighting incorporated in it, so you can see all the dirt and take advantage of its suction power to remove it.

Second is the 3-in-1 attachment, which serves as a furniture brush, upholstery brush, and crevice tool. These accessories are easily assembled and disassembled, thanks to the One Touch system that with a single click allows you to place the appropriate accessory for each surface.

On the other hand, we must mention the versatility of this vacuum cleaner that can also be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner, thanks to its compact design, being ideal for cleaning furniture or car seats.

Likewise, the hygiene of all these elements is a simple process, since you can disassemble them to wash them and let them dry, including the HEPA filter, which will help you maintain good performance of the vacuum cleaner. Similarly, the 650 ml dirt container can be easily emptied with a click, preventing you from coming into contact with dirt.

battery and stand

Like other broom vacuum cleaners, the wireless design of this model is its hallmark, so its operation is determined by a 22.2V lithium battery, light, interchangeable and fast charging. Consequently, with just 4 hours, the device will be fully charged to offer a range of up to 40 minutes, plenty of time to vacuum your house. 

Thinking about the comfort of users and being able to store this vacuum cleaner strategically, Taurus designed a wall bracket that you can fix in a place that is easily accessible to the whole family and place the appliance there. Simultaneously, this bracket allows the battery to be charged while the vacuum cleaner is on it.

As for how to know when to plug it into the charger, the vacuum cleaner comes with a power indicator so you can check the battery level and make the most of the available charge. 

All these qualities, combined with the value for money offered by this product, position it as one of the favorites among users. Well, it has good features, an efficient design and a fairly competitive cost compared to similar models. 

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