Tegui T-71U Reviews

Main advantage:

The main advantage is that it can be easily converted into a replacement unit thanks to its easy installation and few requirements, offering a practical and eye-catching alternative to doorphones.

Main disadvantage:

It may be that, for the taste of some buyers, the maximum volume level reached by the earpiece of this intercom is somewhat low and it is difficult for them to understand what is being said in the intercom.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The option that Tegui offers you in intercoms has a good value for money, as well as a practical and useful use both for you and for your neighbors.

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Main Features Explained

team design

When you live in a building with a single entrance for all visitors, it can be inconvenient not having a way of knowing who has come to come out and open the door. In these cases, various opinions consider the intercoms to be a good alternative to avoid having to go to the entrance.

On this occasion, we present the T-71U model, a universal serial telephone-type intercom, which you can install at the door of your residence to communicate with your visitors before letting them pass. This will increase the security of your home or your building considerably, avoiding visits from strangers or strangers to the place.

The goalkeeper has dimensions of 24 x 6 x 9 centimeters and weighs just 99.8 grams, so you will not have to make any major modifications to install it. It has two buttons: one to unlock the door and another to use the auxiliary function in case the phone is shared.

Visually, the equipment has a simple design, since it looks like a home phone, even with the handset connected by a curly cable. It is white in color and the casing is made of plastic with strong, durable and reliable finishes for both first time installation and replacement.

Features and settings

If you take into consideration aspects such as the functions that the intercom can perform, as well as its configuration and customization capacity, it can help you get the most out of the money invested, in addition to providing you with a tool that will help you save time. and work.

Bearing this in mind, some users could consider the Tegui T-71U model as, possibly, the best intercom, since, in addition to having a loudspeaker and a headset, so you can decide how to communicate with the person in your input, it also has a configuration system for regulating the audio. Thanks to this you will be able to change the volume level of the peripherals in case you do not hear clearly enough.

In addition to this, this Tegui doorman stands out for being able to be used as an intercom or as a buzzer, that is, instead of ringing like a telephone, a particular bell will ring that will notify you that someone is outside. This way you will be able to know when the person you are waiting for has arrived and verify it through a window before letting him in.

If you prefer to use it conventionally, it will function as a telephone to make free electronic calls to the equipment it is connected to within the property. 

Utility and installation

As has been indicated, the usefulness and benefits of this type of intercom can be used to save time, effort and also increase security in your residence. Therefore, before choosing which model you will take home, do not forget to evaluate the utility and installation requirements.

T-71U is an intercom that can be used as main or auxiliary intercom due to the configuration system with which it works. In addition to this, if you are going to install it to replace an old one, it is said that the adaptation work is relatively simple due to the universal design of the equipment.

Also, the purchase of the equipment includes all the necessary elements for its installation on the wall, so that you do not have to spend money on buying screws, washers or fasteners.

On the other hand, if you want to use another type of wiring for the connection between the handset and the intercom, the standard one can be easily replaced by the one of your choice if you want to increase the robustness and durability of the equipment in general.

In terms of utility, it is an advantage for many buyers that this model is compatible to work with equipment from different brands, so that you do not have compatibility or connection problems between them.

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