Teka EWH80 Reviews

Main advantage:

The Teka EWH80 model is a vertical thermos with a discreet design, made of good quality materials and finishes so that you can enjoy its benefits for a long time, as well as use it on a daily basis.

Main disadvantage:

You may have to do some maneuvering when installing it, as the bracket’s anchors are closed, which has made installation a bit tricky for some buyers.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This electric water heater has what it takes to meet everyday domestic requirements, offering high-level performance and good water storage capacity.

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Main Features Explained


Design and materials

If you are looking for one of the best electric water heaters, some opinions agree that considering both the exterior design and the manufacturing materials are one of the best alternatives when evaluating the offers that the market has for you.

Teka is a well-known brand in the European market and offers appliances of good quality and performance, as well as some with an affordable price for your pocket. One of these products could be the EWH80, an electric water heater with a simple but practical design that you can handle very easily at home.

It has dimensions of 47 x 45 x 79.6 centimeters and weighs 25.8 kilograms, so you can probably install it yourself without the help of a specialist if you have basic DIY and plumbing skills.

As for its manufacturing materials, the EWH80 model stands out for having a structure made of stainless steel and, added to this, three layers of internal insulation to prevent the outside of the thermos from heating up when it starts up. This guarantees you a long service life and resistance so that you can use it with confidence for a long time.

power and handling

The next characteristic in order of importance for some users could be the power and handling of the electric water heater. As you know, most of the models analyzed are for domestic use, which is why you should choose a thermos that is easy to handle and that offers adequate power to heat water quickly.

When considering the Teka model, you should know that it has an enameled stainless steel resistance so as not to be affected by constant humidity, which will help increase its durability and you should not replace it too soon.

The equipment itself reaches a power of 1,500W with which you can heat the contents of the thermos in just a couple of minutes so that you can use the water to bathe, clean, cook or whatever you need.

In addition, you will be able to handle the equipment with relative ease, since the thermos has a manual thermostat system in the lower part where you can both turn it on and off, as well as choose the temperature of the water according to your taste or the utility that you are going to use. give. And if you want to make sure that the water will have the temperature you want, you can check it through its analog indicator.

Installation and capacity

Electric water heaters are intended to provide hot water for various uses in the home, however, in order to meet the needs of each member of the family, it is necessary that they have the necessary size to be able to store the amount of water required..

Therefore, if you need an electric water heater for domestic use, it is likely that the Teka model is a good alternative for you. This equipment has enough capacity to hold a maximum of 80 liters of water, either for emergencies or for daily use at home.

80 liters of water are considered enough for basic household tasks, whether cleaning or personal hygiene, so if at any time your water service is interrupted, you won’t have to worry too much.

Regarding the installation of the Teka brand electric water heater, one detail to consider is that it is a vertical installation equipment and, although its diameter is not excessive, you must take into account its height to be able to choose the most appropriate place to locate it. without forgetting that it must have access to water and electricity connections to be able to install itself as it should be. Although if you have a tall enough piece of furniture, you can hide it if you wish so as not to affect your decoration.

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