Tell them goodbye to chemical products with these simple cleaning tips

Many of the products that we use to clean our homes represent a danger to the health of the family, since they can cause respiratory diseases, dizziness and skin damage, in addition to generating a great environmental impact. This is why it is worth reviewing which are the most ecological and safest alternatives.

If we think about insecticides, degreasers, polishes, air fresheners and even more common compounds that we use daily at home, such as bleach, we can say that all these cleaning products have some degree of toxicity. In reality, we also do not know if we are properly disinfecting some crucial areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms, so the health of our loved ones may be compromised.

On the other hand, we must take into account the cost of money that the purchase of these products represents, as well as the level of pollution they generate in the environment. Here are some tricks to suppress odors, remove dust, clean windows and remove grease without using harmful chemicals. 

Try steam cleaning

The use of the steam cleaner is the alternative par excellence when it comes to thoroughly cleaning our house. The operation of this device consists of heating water in a small boiler inside and then expelling the steam at high temperatures and with a lot of pressure. This cleaner usually includes a hose and some accessories to direct and control the steam jet. In this way, it allows a deep hygiene of the home.

If you want to clean the tiles and tile joints, you just have to put water in the tank and use the brush-shaped nozzle. You do not have to use special disinfectants, since the heat of the steam kills fungi, germs and bacteria. In the same way you can clean the toilet, siphons, showers and drains, in order to maintain bathroom hygiene in a very practical and ecological way. 

In the kitchen, you can use the steam cleaner for many cleaning tasks, since the hot steam is capable of removing embedded grease from the countertop, without the need to use toxic substances. Plus, you can use the hose to clean windows, the hood, and other hard-to-reach areas that tend to collect grease when preparing food.

Now, even if you have the best vaporette of the moment (here you can find some options to buy), it is important that you consider the security measures, since it is a device with a certain degree of danger that requires concentration and attention during its use.. 

Remove grease with baking soda

Some of the strongest cleaning chemicals are those we use to remove grease, so it’s worth paying attention to the properties of baking soda. For example, if you want to remove the dirt accumulated on the walls of the oven, you can use a cup of baking soda and add a little water, stirring until you create a whitish paste. The procedure consists of applying the mixture on the most stuck fat and rubbing with a sponge and then leaving it to act overnight.

The next day, you can use a damp cloth to remove the paste with the grease and if you have complicated parts you can put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on these areas. You will notice that the vinegar foams with the bicarbonate, as if it were soap.

Enjoy a naturally scented stay

When the bad smell persists in an area of ​​the house, many times we are willing to use certain aerosol fragrances, which disguise the odors for only a few minutes, so they do not solve the problem, but end up causing allergies, in addition to the impact environmental. However, there are some more effective and at the same time cheaper alternatives. 

The first thing in this case is to identify what is causing the bad smell. Many times the solution that seems simplest is the most appropriate, therefore, it is convenient to let enough air into the place, opening all the windows. This will also prevent vapor buildup that causes dampness and mold. You also have to clean all the surfaces where there may be accumulated dirt, for this, a good idea may be to use water with baking soda. 

Once the site is clean and ventilated, you can boil water in a pot and add the aromatic herbs that you like the most. This natural vapor will leave the atmosphere scented. It is possible to complement this process with incense or candles that, in addition to smelling good, can reduce stress and improve mood. However, it is important that all the products you use are of natural and ecological origin, without harmful substances.

Disinfect surfaces with vinegar

For many years, advertisements have sold us innumerable products to eliminate viruses, bacteria and other organisms that affect our health. This is why we have forgotten that we have a powerful disinfectant in the pantry and without the drawbacks that common detergents have. It’s about the vinegar.

Vinegar comes from the fermentation of alcohol, but it is a different substance, since it contains around 5% acetic acid, which is well known as a bactericide. Therefore, you can spray with a spray bottle on any surface you want to clean, such as the kitchen, all the elements in the bathroom and other places in the house. You can use a damp brush, sponge or cloth to remove dirt and then apply plenty of water. One of the advantages over bleach is that vinegar is non-toxic, does not damage fabrics, and leaves most surfaces shiny.

Some ingredients that you can mix with the vinegar are baking soda, lemon juice, and biodegradable soap. Also, you can improve the smell with some natural flavoring. What you should never do is mix vinegar with other chemical compounds such as bleach, since dangerous gases with serious health effects can arise.

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