Tesa Assa Abloy R100B566E Reviews

Main advantage:

This single-point security lock offers you high security, 4 stars out of five within the manufacturer’s classification, with four high-level bolts and a practically inviolable security cylinder.

Main disadvantage:

The instructions included with the product are not very clarifying when it comes to assembly, according to some opinions in this regard.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A classic present in the door of many users, with which to avoid unwanted access to the home and achieve a level of protection similar to that of a 3-point lock, although in a simpler approach.

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Main Features Explained

lock type

The Tesa Assa Abloy R100B566E model is an efficient security lock, with which to have the necessary peace of mind when protecting all types of entrance doors or similar. Ideal for those who think that security is priceless. We are talking about a single-point type lock, which simplifies assembly and installation compared to three-point models, which are not only fitted from the side, but also from above and below.

In order to give you greater security, as corresponds to the fact that it is the best security lock of the moment for many users, it incorporates four side bolts, which are inserted directly into the door and that considerably hinder the process of “bursting” the door. door. The latch and the space for the opening handle are also included, which makes it easier to enter the house once we have opened it.

This design follows traditional patterns, in terms of measurements and dimensions, so the process of installing the lock is also easy. In fact, if you have a model from this manufacturer, you will not have to make many modifications to the door. A procedure for which the manufacturer accompanies the product with all the necessary screw elements, so that you do not need anything more than the tools to leave the product installed safely.

Additional security elements

To make the lock even more secure and resistant, this product incorporates other improvements, which are not always available to us. Among these options, we have a Tesa Assa Abloy T60 door opening cylinder, which uses special keys for closing and whose safety has been more than proven, as it is a classic cylinder in many products of this manufacturer. Obviously, the cylinder is accompanied by the necessary keys to access the interior, having a high number of adjustments when creating more secure keys.

A protective shield for the lock is also included, with which to prevent attempts to vandalize or burst the different internal elements of the lock. This escutcheon, from the E300L series, has also been made of high-strength steel. A material with a suitable thickness so as not to be easily drilled, in case of robbery and intrusion attempts more advanced than those who intend to use a simple lever to break the lock.

Manufacturing materials

So that you have all the necessary peace of mind when it comes to access control, this product incorporates high-level materials to give you even more security. Among them, we have the four bolts, made entirely of nickel-plated steel and with a thickness of 14 millimeters, which makes handling difficult. In line with what TESA security locks make available to us.

Something similar occurs with the entire main structure of the lock, made of high-quality enameled steel that does not deteriorate with use. However, it should be remembered that, despite its quality, we are talking about an interior lock, which does not get along with humidity from the outside and should not be installed in these circumstances.

Regarding its appearance, the lock comes in two different finishes, to choose between chrome and brass, depending on the one that best suits the decoration of your door. The best of all is that it is not accompanied by the opening handle lock either, so you can choose the one you like the most to adjust the whole set, decoratively speaking.

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