The 10 Best Bathroom Stools of 2022

Bathroom Stool – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bathroom stools are products with quite functional designs, which can help us to acquire a better posture on the toilet and to access high places. They are also useful for those who have suffered an injury and cannot shower standing up or to place some hygiene products and towels. For example, Kartell 4897B4 is a glass stool with an elegant design that highlights its round seat and stylized bases, which recall the style of the 19th century. But if what you are looking for is a children’s stool with a stepped, functional and safe design, Banmy BCA-007 may be the best purchase option.

The 10 Best Bathroom Stools – Opinions 2022

The models of stools are usually varied, as are the manufacturing materials, dimensions and additional functions offered, so when purchasing a product of this type, you should carefully review its main specifications. Below, you will find 10 bathroom stools rated among the best.

Methacrylate bathroom stool

1. Kartell 4897B4 Charles Ghost Crystal Stool

Kartell is a company of Italian origin, present in the home goods market since 1949. Its products are characterized by being functional, resistant and aesthetically attractive. For these reasons, it would not be surprising that this model is promoted as the best bathroom stool.

The structure has a clean and quite stylized cut line, which recalls the style of the chairs belonging to the 19th century. In addition, the product stands out for having detailed finishes in the joints of its four bases. The seat is circular and its anatomical shape, so you can sit with great comfort.

On the other hand, this methacrylate bathroom stool is 46 centimeters high, which won’t take up much space in the bathroom, but will give it a distinctive touch that everyone will notice. The bases incorporate black non-slip rubber bumpers for a better grip on smooth and wet surfaces.

This model has been recommended on many occasions as the best bathroom stool of the moment, but be the one who judges it yourself by reading its pros and cons.


Design: It is a transparent stool with an elegant design line, inspired by the 19th century.

Bumpers: The non-slip rubber bumpers built into the bases will prevent unexpected slipping.

Bases: Its three rounded and stylized bases give the design great stability.

Seat: The seat has a round and spacious format so that you sit comfortably.


Cleaning: It is important that you constantly clean the stool, since the material tends to get dirty quickly.

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2. Whoops! Transparent Shower Stool 010911217

This is a methacrylate bathroom stool belonging to the purchase catalog of the well-known manufacturer Joop!, designed to offer a resistant structure with an elegant aesthetic that easily integrates into any bathroom.

Among the aspects to highlight of the stool we have its spacious format of 42 x 47 x 30 centimeters, which are the dimensions corresponding to the width, height and depth of the product. Likewise, you will be interested to know that, thanks to the resistance of the 15-millimeter-thick acrylic material used for the construction of the frame, you can enjoy a maximum load of 150 kilograms. 

Said specification is convenient because the product can be used by people of medium and robust complexion without fear of deterioration. The structure is completely transparent, it has some stainless steel reinforcements on the surface and silicone on the bases to prevent unexpected slipping.

If you are looking for a stool with an elegant and resistant design, you can place this model among the first of your shopping list, because it has great attributes that we detail below.


Aesthetics: Its manufacture in translucent acrylic material gives it an elegant touch, which resembles the appearance of glass.

Load: You will not have limitations to use the product, since it has a maximum load of 150 kilograms.

Cleaning: You will only need a damp cloth to remove dirt from the structure.

Reinforcements: The stool offers great stability thanks to the built-in stainless steel reinforcements.


Material: Dirt may be more noticeable on this model due to the translucent condition of the material.

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Children’s stool for bathroom

3. Banmy Two-Step Kids Baby Stool

If you are looking for a product with high quality standards and positive purchase opinions, you should check out this model from the Banmy house, which has been recommended as one of the best bathroom stools of 2022.

For its manufacture, a robust white polymer was used, which will allow you to enjoy a resistant and stable structure, suitable for supporting a maximum load of up to 100 kilograms. In addition, some non-slip soft rubber coatings in a gray tone are incorporated, whose purpose is to provide the person with the necessary safety when stepping. 

Similarly, the lower area of ​​the bases has been provided with rubber bumpers that provide a better grip on smooth or wet floors to prevent overturning. Also, the design of this children’s bathroom stool has a convenient stepped format with a width, depth and height corresponding to 25.7 x 36 x 32 centimeters, respectively.

Banmy could become the best brand of bathroom stools and proof of this is this children’s model, whose pros and cons you will learn about in our next section.


Handles: A pair of side handles are incorporated to improve product handling.

Load: Its load capacity of 100 kilograms is suitable for children up to 10 years old and even adults.

Bumpers: On the bases you will find non-slip bumpers for a better grip on wet surfaces.

Design: The design is stepped, ergonomic and safe for the child to sit or reach high places.


Height: The height of the structure could be a bit low to be used by adults.

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4. Keeper Non-Slip Stars Step Stool

For many, this could be the best value for money bathroom stool, aimed at a child target with an age range of 2 to 10 years. Its ergonomic design has a special curvature that adapts to the shape of the toilet, while the four bases provide a secure grip on the tile or any other type of floor. This is because these parts have been provided with non-slip rubber bumpers.

The structure was made of robust, lightweight polymer, with a pleasant soft touch and free of BPA. In addition, it is a completely washable material, so you can expose it directly to water and even apply detergent with the help of a sponge without fear of damaging it. 

Statically, this children’s bathroom stool is white with gray stars, so it could capture the interest of the little ones and has a height, width, length of 14 x 28.5 x 40.5 centimeters that makes it adaptable. In addition, it supports an adequate maximum load of 80 kilograms.

Among the cheapest stools for children, this aesthetically pleasing design stands out. Here you can find out more details.


Safety: You won’t have to worry about unexpected slipping because the bases incorporate rubber bumpers.

Design: The curvature incorporated in the upper contour of the structure allows a correct fit to the toilet. 

Cleaning: You can wash the stool with soap and water as often as you like, thanks to its 100% polymer construction.

Platform: It is a stool with a wide surface so that children can stand up comfortably.


Floors: It is possible that the structure can slide on very smooth floors such as parquet.

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Plastic bathroom stool

5. Lomos Folding Bathroom Stool Vital

It is medically proven that the posture when sitting on the toilet can significantly affect our intestinal flora, so the use of a stool is recommended so that the legs can be positioned at an angle of approximately 35° with respect to our torso. In this way, we can avoid constipation, hemorrhoids and flatulence, among other conditions.

In this sense, a product that could answer which is the best bathroom stool is this model, which has an ergonomic design aimed at both adults and children. 

The structure has a height, depth and width format corresponding to 17 x 22 x 41 centimeters, which is spacious, but you can reduce these dimensions thanks to the built-in quick folding mechanism. Thus, when storing it, it will not take up much space in the bathroom. In addition, this plastic bathroom stool offers a non-slip surface and bases for greater safety.

With this stool you will achieve a correct posture for your legs, which will improve the intestinal flora. Next, get to know the main details of the product and clarify your doubts about which bathroom stool to buy.


Cleaning: It is a completely washable stool due to its synthetic manufacture.

Surface: You will have an anatomical and non-slip surface so that you can position your feet safely.

Storage: You can easily store the product thanks to its folding design.

Bumpers: Rubber bumpers are incorporated into the bases to prevent slippage.


Height: It is possible that the height of the stool is not the right one for you, since each person has different body characteristics. For this reason, it is advisable to verify the measurements before the purchase.

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6. Toyma 0535/10 Bathroom stool

Toyma is a Spanish brand with a history of 39 years, during which it has been dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of products aimed at our bathrooms, kitchens and homes in general. Its main objective, as its slogan indicates, is to provide “intelligent solutions” that improve people’s quality of life.

An example of this is this plastic bathroom stool, capable of offering an ergonomic, stable and safe surface for you to sit on during the shower or place any bathroom product on it. 

In addition, due to its robust and high-end 100% polymer construction, you can use the stool outdoors, whether on the patio or terrace. Also, its three bases have been provided with non-slip stops for a better grip on any surface.

With this model you will have a stable and durable structure, the positive and negative aspects of which we present below.


Safety: Rubber bumpers on the bases provide a good grip on any surface.

Cleaning: Due to its polymer manufacture, you can wash the product under the tap without damaging it.

Reinforcements: Some reinforcement pieces are incorporated that enhance greater stability.

Design: The body of the stool has a stylized cut line with three bases and a round seat, so that it harmonizes with your decoration.


Seat: If you use the stool to sit on during the shower, it is likely that the seat will be a bit slippery, so you should take your precautions.

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Wooden bathroom stool

7. Soges Solid Wood Bathroom Stool

The bathroom stools belonging to the Soges purchase catalog are highly attractive products that adapt to different rooms and give them a distinctive touch. Therefore, it is not surprising the positioning acquired by this model, whose structure has a stylized, functional, ergonomic design and a series of detailed finishes in each of its parts.

The structure has been built in solid bamboo wood, so it is an absorbent, antibacterial, resistant, highly stable and sustainable material. In addition, it has a pleasant soft touch and a natural tone that is visually pleasing. 

The four bases of this wooden bathroom stool have a convenient length of 44.5 centimeters, while the length-width dimensions of the surface correspond to 47.5 x 26 centimeters. In addition, a convenient lower shelf is incorporated so that you can place some cloths or any bathroom product.

The design of this stool with two levels is quite functional, since you can use it as a chair and to place some small objects. More product details below.


Lower shelf: A lower shelf is incorporated so you can place your slippers, a cloth or some bathroom products.

Manufacturing: The bamboo used is an absorbent, resistant and sustainable material, in addition to providing a pleasant appearance to your bathroom.

Seat: You will be able to sit comfortably due to the ergonomic curved design of the seat.

Use: According to the manufacturer, this stool can be used both in the bathroom and in the garden or terrace.


Assembly: You will need to carry out an assembly process, which can be confusing for some.

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Tatay bathroom stool

8. Tatay Lombok Shower Bench

This Tatay bathroom stool has managed to capture the attention of buyers in the different shopping portals, since it has an attractive white design. The finishes are quite detailed with regard to the joints, as well as the carving technique applied to the surface. In this way, an effect similar to that of a series of wooden slats is created. 

Likewise, the straight cut line of its four bases is noteworthy, in whose lower area you will find a non-slip rubber coating, whose purpose is to improve grip on smooth and wet floors.

On the other hand, there is the spacious format of the stool corresponding to 38 x 29 x 41 centimeters and made of polypropylene. This is a synthetic, washable and resistant material. In fact, such is the stability offered that it can support up to 130 kilograms of load without breaking or deforming.

Tatay presents us with this stool with an attractive design in white for indoors or outdoors. Learn about its main advantages and disadvantages below.


Load: Thanks to its manufacture in polypropylene you will enjoy a stable structure with a capacity of 130 kilograms.

Use: You can use the product outdoors, as it has protection against ultraviolet rays.

Bases: Non-slip rubbers are incorporated in the bases for a better grip on wet surfaces.

Finishes: The finishes are quite detailed and resemble a series of wooden slats.


Openings: The design has some openings in specific areas through which water could seep into the bases if we are careful.

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Folding bathroom stool

9. Stark Multi-Purpose Folding Stool/Step with Handle up to 120 kg

This is a folding bathroom stool that will help you save space when storing or transporting it, but it will also allow you to save a little money, as it is one of the cheapest in our selection. 

Its synthetic structure has a maximum load of up to 120 kilograms, so it can be used by people with a robust complexion without any inconvenience. While on the other hand, the seat of the stool has a practical size.

High-end plastic was used for its manufacture in order to provide users with a stable and highly resistant product, but at the same time quite light and washable under the tap without fear of deterioration. 

Aesthetically, the structure combines blue and gray tones, which give the design a discreet touch that is easy to adapt to the room. In addition, in the upper area you will find a couple of holes that serve as handles to improve grip when moving.

Those who are looking for a folding bathroom stool with a discreet design, should check the specifications of this model.


Load: The stool can be used by people with a robust build, as it can withstand a load of up to 120 kilograms.

Folding: You can save space when storing the stool due to its practical folding design.

Grip: Thanks to the pair of built-in handles on the top, you can easily transport the structure.

Cleaning: Due to its plastic construction, you can clean the stool with soap and water.


Seat: The seat area is likely to be a bit cramped if you plan on standing on it. However, it will depend on each person.

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bathroom storage stool

10. Relaxdays Bathroom Stool with Storage Space

This is a model aimed at bathrooms with limited space, since it offers two products in one. It is a stool designed so that you can place dirty or clean clothes or any type of small objects inside, while on the outside it has a removable cushion so you can sit comfortably. In addition, aesthetically it has a stylized and quite modern cutting line.

The structure of this bathroom storage stool has been made of black ABS polymer, which is a moisture resistant material, so you can wash it with water, soap and a sponge, to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, mold or mildew. bad smells. 

Its format is 56 centimeters high, with a width – depth corresponding to 36 centimeters, which is equivalent to a convenient storage volume of 28 liters. It also highlights the presence of a handle for greater practicality when handling the product.

This is a stool with a functional design and elegant aesthetics, whose pros and cons you can analyze below.


Design: Its design is completely functional, so you can use it simultaneously as a stool and a laundry basket.

Cleaning: You will not have limitations to clean the structure, since the ABS polymer used is washable.

Volume: The interior of the stool has a volume of 28 liters, which will allow you to store a large number of clothes or objects.

Cushion: Thanks to the built-in cushion in the seat part, you can sit comfortably. 


Inner bag: The stool does not incorporate an inner bag, but you can add one to improve hygiene.

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Shopping guide

Bathroom stools are structures with a smaller format than that of a conventional chair, whose main purpose is to provide an auxiliary seat in the bathroom. Likewise, it could be used to help children reach the sink or to place cloths and shoes. Everything will depend on the selected model, as well as the quality of its materials. Therefore, we must be quite selective and review the quality indicators one by one. Here is a short guide to buying the best bathroom stool, which we hope will be useful to you.

Design and materials

Both the design and the type of material are two aspects that must be evaluated in any comparison of bathroom stools, since the use and durability of the product will depend on them.

Among the bathroom stools with the highest positioning are those with one-piece low bench-type structures. There are also models that add a step to the design, which can be used by children to reach the sink or toilet.

On the other hand, the larger stools with more elaborate finishes stand out. Also, you will find articulated structures that can be easily stored. Regarding the subject of the manufacturing raw material, the different brands usually use polymer as the main material, since it is resistant to humidity, washable and soft to the touch.

Similarly, wood is another of the industry’s favorite materials due to its great aesthetic properties, sustainability and durability. In addition, there are the combinations of glass with metal or polymer, which give the designs an elegant and sophisticated touch to combine in any modern bathroom.


Some of the models of bathroom stools require prior assembly, as this has been established by their manufacturer. Due to the fact that these are slightly more robust and even larger structures than the one-piece designs, there could be a significant increase with respect to how much the product costs.

In any case, if you have opted for this type of bathroom stool, you will have to pay attention to the moment of its acquisition and try as much as possible to incorporate all the tools and elements necessary for its assembly. In this sense, we refer to reinforcements, screws, nuts, safety rubbers, among others. In this way, you will not have to invest time and money looking for these elements on the web or physical store to acquire them separately.


The safety offered by any product that we are going to acquire is of great importance, so bathroom stools should not be the exception. Thus, when starting the selection of a piece of equipment of this type, you should check the level of stability that the structure is capable of offering. In this way, we will avoid any incident associated with the use of the stool.

If the product design is collapsible, then it is important to check that the built-in mechanism has a locking system so that the structure does not open or close unexpectedly when in use, transport or storage.

Finally, we must emphasize the issue of landslides that are usually as common in an area as the bathroom. In this sense, no matter how cheap the stool is, it must incorporate non-slip rubber on its bases. If not, you could buy them separately or place a mat under the structure to prevent movement.


Bathroom stools are products that are in direct contact with moisture, so if they do not receive a constant cleaning treatment, they are usually quite prone to generating mold and bacteria. Therefore, it is important that the model to be purchased is easy to clean.

In this sense, synthetic and glass designs are the easiest to clean, as they can be washed under the tap with a soft sponge and detergent. You can also dry them with a cloth to prevent moisture buildup.

For their part, models made of wood and metal may require more care. This means that you should constantly clean them with a dry cloth to remove moisture and accumulated dust. Similarly, it is prudent to periodically apply a special product for these materials to the structure, to help clean them without damaging the surface, restore their natural appearance and create a protective film on them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bathroom stool?

To start using a bathroom stool, it is important that you remove all the packaging paper with which the product has been covered. In this way, you can proceed to carefully check that each of the parts of the structure is free of scratches, breaks or any other type of deterioration.

Some stools require the placement of safety rubber bands on their bases, which have been included in the purchase package. Also, other designs incorporate folding parts, so you will have to pay attention to make use of said mechanism. Afterward, it’s a good idea to place the stool in an area of ​​the bathroom that doesn’t interfere with people’s traffic, but is close at hand for use when needed.

Q2: Why does a bathroom stool slip?

The stools are structures that are usually in the bathroom, on whose floor it is inevitable to find traces of moisture. In this sense, the use of the stool could be a bit risky if we are not careful enough when selecting the product.

This is because the bases of said structure must incorporate a non-slip rubber coating, which is capable of providing a good grip on any type of smooth, tiled or wet floor. This way, you won’t have to worry about the stool unexpectedly slipping while you’re on it, which would be dangerous.

Q3: How to clean a bathroom stool?

The cleaning of the bathroom stool will depend on the manufacturing material used for said structure, since each raw material has its own needs. For example, if you have a plastic stool at home, you can clean it thoroughly under running water with the help of a soft sponge and detergent.

If the equipment is made of wood or metal, the best thing to do would be to rub a damp cloth over it to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Similarly, you can use a specialized product that creates a protective film on the surface.

Q4: Which is better, plastic or wooden bathroom stool?

Both the plastic and wooden stools offer great benefits such as an adequate level of resistance and durability. In addition, depending on the finishes provided by the manufacturer, you can enjoy designs with really attractive aesthetics in both cases.

Of course, wood is a natural and sustainable material that is stronger than plastic, while the latter is quite affordable due to its low cost. In any case, either of the two products are good options, which will depend on the taste of each buyer.

Q5: How to restore a wooden bathroom stool?

If you have a wooden stool at home and you want to restore it, you will like to know that it is not a complex task, but that you can carry it out by following a few simple steps. The first thing you should do is sand the entire structure with special abrasion paper for wood.

After you have finished wearing down the remains of varnish, or smoothing out the existing imperfections on the surface of the structure, you will have to apply a wood sealer or colored paint, depending on the aesthetic you want to project.

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