The 10 Best Bookshelves of 2022

Bookshelf – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

To better organize everything that accumulates in our office, resorting to a shelf is an interesting solution. Products that come in a wide range of manufacturing materials, finishes, sizes and load capacities, depending on what you need. Thus, we can find everything from the elegant office shelving, light and simple, to the warehouse shelving, practical and with a high load capacity. Among the models that we have on the market, we find options such as the AmazonBasics SL-SUAM-117 shelf, which is suitable for all types of uses as it offers a very elegant chromed steel design and is capable of carrying up to 793 kilos properly distributed. Another interesting model is the Habitdesign 002255BO shelf, which offers a beautiful and practical design in the form of a ladder with shelves to store all kinds of objects.

The 10 Best Shelves – Opinions 2022

One of the pieces of furniture that can never be missing in an office is the bookcase. It does not matter if it is a bookcase, wall or corner shelf. In all these cases, the product will help us to better organize our documents, filing cabinets, tools and other office supplies that we have to have on hand every day. And although there is no clear winner of the title of the best shelving brand of the moment, the truth is that there are many interesting products, suitable for different budgets and with different finishes. Something that you can check in our selection of the best shelves of 2022, where we present products for almost all tastes.

Metal shelving

1. AmazonBasics SL-SUAM-117 Shelf with 5 Shelves

The AmazonBasics SL-SUAM-117 metal shelf is an elegant model that can be useful both in the office and in storage areas. For this, it has a structure with five mesh shelves, adjustable in height and with a resistant design.

In fact, each of those shelves supports a weight of 158.7 kilos for a total load capacity of 793.5 kilos. Enough then to be at the forefront in the fight to be the best shelf of the moment.

Another advantage of this metal shelf is that it does not require tools to proceed with the assembly thanks to its plastic closure system, with which it is possible to adjust the height of each shelf freely in variable heights of 2.54 centimeters. And to fit in with any setting, this shelf has been crafted from sleek, shiny chrome-plated steel, so it can be placed almost anywhere.

So that you know more about what many users have rated as the best shelf on the current market, we give you some more details about its functions.


Load capacity : The shelf has a load capacity of up to 793.5 kilos, distributed in 158.7 kilos for each of its five shelves.

Adjustable: To adjust each shelf to the height that suits you, the mounting hardware allows you to choose any height in 1-inch increments.

No tools: You will not need any tools to proceed with the assembly of the shelf.

Adjustable feet: The adjustable feet help you keep the shelf properly balanced, which improves its stability.

Finish: The chrome finish of the steel with which the shelf is made gives the product an extra elegance.


Assembly: The assembly must be carried out correctly, verifying that each shelf has been leveled and correct. Especially if you plan to load it a lot.

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ladder shelf

2. Habitdesign 002255BO Decorative Shelf

The Habitdesign 002255BO ladder shelf is an interesting solution to give your home a different touch and make better use of space. A product with a stepped design that reaches a height of 145 centimeters, also having the same maximum width, with a space that offers up to six shelves of different sizes in which to store all kinds of objects.

This ladder shelf has been made of chipboard with a melamine finish, which also comes from sustainable forests, which helps the environment. A product that is easy to install and assemble, offering a solid structure that will adequately withstand the passage of time and that is also easy to clean. And so that the shelf fits better into your environment, you can buy it in white or in Canadian oak.

Take advantage of any space with this practical shelf, which we analyze in depth below.


Wide: Its six shelves offer different spaces in which to store what you want.

Assembly: Assembly is not complicated and can be done in a short time.

Colours: The bookcase is available in white or Canadian oak.


Weight distribution: As with these products, proper weight distribution is key for safety.

Weight : The weight of the product is about 27 kilos, so it takes some work to move it once assembled.

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white shelf

3. VASAGLE LBC104W 4 Compartment Bookcase

If we talk about classic office furniture, the white shelf is one of the first that comes to mind. In this segment, the VASAGLE LBC104W white wooden shelf allows us to take advantage of small spaces and provide additional storage space in any room.

This white shelf, which due to its price and characteristics could well be the best value for money shelf in our selection, measures 121.5 centimeters high by 40 wide and 24 deep, being suitable for organizing objects of adjusted size, although it also supports the placement of books or filing cabinets not very large.

To do this, it has four shelves whose height can be adjusted from 20 to 32 centimeters, depending on how you want to organize yourself. An option located among the cheapest of the moment and very suitable to take advantage of space.

If you are looking for cheap shelves, we leave you some more information about this Songmics model and its characteristics.


Measurements: This model is suitable for taking advantage of small spaces, with measurements of 121.5 centimeters high by 40 wide and 24 deep.

Design: This white wooden bookcase has a traditional finish, easily fitting into almost any setting.

Adjustable height: The height of the shelves is adjustable, so you can choose a difference that goes from 20 to 32 centimeters in height.

Skirting board: The skirting board of the shelf prevents dust from accumulating under it, while giving it an additional touch of elegance.


Assembly: It is necessary not to tighten the screws excessively as this can cause the wood to deteriorate.

Adjustment: Some users comment that the holes are not aligned as well as they should, which can also complicate the assembly process.

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wooden shelf

4. VASAGLE Oak Wooden Bookcase with Cubes and Shelves

If you are one of those who prefer a wooden shelf to organize your objects, you will find an interesting product in the VASAGLE model. This spacious bookcase-type shelf allows you to place your books and other heavy objects thanks to a resistant structure in which open spaces are combined with closed spaces.

In total, there are eight spaces available in its structure of 97.5 centimeters high by 100 wide. It also offers a small plinth at the bottom, which prevents dust from entering the bottom of the shelf. And to top it off, this wooden shelf offers you simple assembly and a quality finish, so that it looks elegant in any room where you want to place it.

Organize your space comfortably with this practical shelf, whose most outstanding features we present below.


Spacious: Its eight shelves offer a comfortable space to store books and other objects comfortably.

Additional fixing: Includes an additional fixing element, which gives greater security to the set.

Plinth: The six-centimeter bottom plinth prevents dust from collecting under the shelf.


Height: It is not a particularly tall model, so if you need a shelf that covers more of the wall, another model may suit you.

Background: Only two of the eight spaces have a background, so an object could fall from the back.

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wall shelf

5. Frank Natural Wall Shelf

If a wall shelf is what you need, the Frank Natural set of three shelves can be a good alternative. These shelves can be installed aligned or separately, depending on what you need and in any case offering a good space in which to place objects that are not too heavy or bulky.

However, the quality of the fixings included in the product are not a problem, neither when assembling the shelves, nor when using them.

A product that, as its name suggests, has been made of natural wood with the same finish and with a careful design where there is no lack of veneered elements and treated edges, both on the visible side and on the side that will not be. Some shelves that, as a finishing touch, have decreasing measures with widths of 42, 34 and 26 centimeters, as well as depths of 9.8 and 7 centimeters respectively, while maintaining the height at 10 centimeters.

Take advantage of any wall and gain space with this set of shelves, which we analyze below.


Materials: This wall shelf has been made with high quality wood and a beautiful natural finish.

Brackets : The brackets offer good quality and easy mounting on any type of wall.

Installation: The shelves can be placed together or separately, being versatile in terms of installation.


Weight: Although the materials are of quality, it is not advisable to overload the shelves, for safety.

Size: According to users, the shelves are rather small, so it is convenient to verify that their measurements fit into your decoration project.

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corner shelf

6. Modo24 THIMBLE-7W Tubular Shelf

The Modo24 DEDAL-7W corner shelf is another smart solution that you can use in your office. This shelf sits directly in any corner, offering ample storage for organizing small items or mounting a product display, among other options. Something that helps the load capacity of each shelf, 50 kilos, which does not limit the use.

Each of these shelves has a length of 56 centimeters from each end to the center bar, with a distance between shelves of 33 centimeters. A model that fits properly in any decoration, thanks to the black finish of the bars, which fits very well with the imitation wood shelves.

A wide product that is not complicated to assemble either, maintaining adequate stability during use as long as everything is well tightened.

If you want to make the most of the dead spaces in your office, this corner shelf is all you need.


Resistance: Despite its appearance, the shelf is capable of supporting a load of up to 50 kilos on each of its shelves.

Capacity : This corner cabinet offers you ample space, with a distance of 56 centimeters from the end of the shelf to the central bar.

Elegance : Thanks to the black finish of its bars, the rounded profiles of its shelves and its wood-like appearance, the product adds extra elegance to any environment.


Assembly: Although the assembly is not complicated, it does take a long time, since it is necessary to assemble a good number of bars and shelves.

Total height: The total height of the shelves is 210 centimeters, so smaller people may have some difficulty accessing the highest shelves.

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modular shelving

7. Songmics Modular Wire Cabinet with 16 Cubes

This shelf is made of powder-coated iron mesh with PP and ABS plastic joints, making it a sturdy structure that can withstand heavy weight and continuous use. For greater versatility, it has a fixing system so you can place it on the wall and save space.

In this sense, it has dimensions of 123 x 31 x 123 cm, which allows you to place it in any space. Likewise, it offers 16 grid compartments that measure 30 x 30 x 30 cm, suitable for storing clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, among others.

As if that were not enough, at the time of installation you can position the grids in the order you want and create personalized structures, thus allowing you to adapt the design to the space and the type of decoration. Similarly, it is available in white or black presentations for greater versatility.

To keep the space organized, it is necessary to have furniture that offers multiple compartments, such as this Songmics brand shelf.


Versatility: It is possible to modify the order of the grids to assemble structures of different designs, which provides greater versatility.

Materials: It is made of iron and powder coated, while the connectors are made of plastic to promote strength and stability.

Capacity: Each compartment has a capacity of 10 kg to place a large number of objects.


Paint: The paint could come off easily, so it is advisable to take special care when incorporating the connectors.

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cube shelf

8. VASAGLE LBC24WT 8-Cube Bookcase

The cube shelf, like the VASAGLE LBC24WT model, has become one of the latest novelties to organize the space of our home. This specific model offers us a total of eight cubes, in a 4 x 2 distribution, with measurements of 30.5 centimeters in height and width, as well as 28.5 centimeters in depth each. This allows you to place books and all kinds of objects inside without the shelf suffering.

And it is that its boards have a thickness of 1.5 centimeters and a professional finish, so that both its appearance and its resistance are more than considerable. In addition, since it does not include legs, the shelf can be placed both vertically and horizontally, which gives you another extra versatility when it comes to locating it in the way that suits you best.

Let’s know some more information about this shelf and everything it offers you to make the most of your space.


Space: The shelf has eight different spaces with measures of 30.5 centimeters high and wide each.

Quality: The shelf has 1.5-centimeter-thick planks and high-level finishes.

Dual mode: This shelf can be placed both vertically and horizontally, depending on your needs.


Assembly: The assembly requires some specific, common tool, but it is not included in the product.

Fixing: If you want to mount it vertically with some weight, it is convenient to add a fixing to the wall, for safety.

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Other products

9. Futtal Kovona KO-FUTTAL-12060A Metal Shelf

Mainly designed for use in warehouses, the Futtal Kovona KO-FUTTAL-12060A shelf is an industrial model with which you won’t have to worry about the load you place on each shelf. And it is that each of the four shelves of this model has the capacity to support up to 250 kilos of weight, offering a total effective load of one ton.

This high capacity is based on a structure made of high-quality and resistant steel on which the MDF wooden boards are mounted that adequately support the product. In addition, the two independent shelves are easy to adjust in height, so you can adjust their position to suit your specific storage needs.

And if you are concerned about safety, thanks to its anti-cut folds on all profiles, you will have extra peace of mind when using and assembling the shelf.

IF you do not know which shelf to buy, but if you are clear about what you need in a high-resistance model, this model will surely be of interest to you.


Resistance: Each shelf of this product supports a weight of 250 kilos, for a total load in service of one ton.

Manufacturing materials : The product combines a steel and MDF wood construction, which adequately supports the weight and does not deteriorate over time.

Adjustable height: The two central shelves can be adjusted in height, so you can organize this space as you see fit.


Assembly : The assembly of the shelf is done with a hammer, literally, so you must do it carefully so that everything is installed correctly.

Humidity : Some users comment that the shelf is not properly prepared to be mounted in very humid environments or outdoors.

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10. Homfa 6 Cube Wall Shelf

This practical and functional shelf has 6 cubes or modules and has dimensions of 60 x 23.5 x 180 cm, which makes it suitable for organizing any space in your home or office, allowing you to store a wide variety of objects, such as books., files, crockery, towels and liquors.

It is made of high quality MDF wood chipboard to give strength and resistance to its structure, in addition, it is respectful with the environment. Similarly, it offers a classic style finish in light oak, which you can easily harmonize with the decoration of the place and is easy to clean.

On the other hand, it is an easy-to-assemble shelf, so it is only necessary to follow the instructions and use the included screws. As a safety complement, it has a wall fastening system to prevent it from tilting due to weight.

When you are looking for a quality shelf, you must make sure that it is made of resistant materials and that it has the appropriate dimensions for the space. For this reason, it is worth reviewing the characteristics of this model:


Materials: It is made of MDF wood chipboard, which gives stability and firmness to the structure.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 60 x 23.5 x 180 cm, making it suitable for housing different objects comfortably.

Security: It has a security system to fix it to the wall and prevent it from tilting or collapsing.


Instructions: The instructions are a bit confusing, although the furniture is very easy to assemble and includes the necessary screws.

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Shopping guide

The bookcase is a fundamental piece of furniture both in our home and in our work. A product with which to make better use of the space and have everything at hand, whether they are books, documents, tools or decorative objects with which to give a pleasant touch to the room. To make it easier for you to find the perfect model for you, we leave you our guide to buying the best shelf, with practical tips so that finding a good and economical shelf is a simple task for you.

shelf type

The first thing we should ask ourselves when buying a shelf is what we need. And it is enough to take a look at any comparison of shelves to verify that we have at our disposal all kinds of products, designed for different uses. So let’s see some of the most common designs and their applications.

Among these models, book shelves are one of the most common. Some shelves in which it is easy to place books and other heavy objects safely. Shelves with a resistant structure and an elegant design, which makes them suitable for installation anywhere.

If we want something more resistant, the storage shelves offer ample space, a highly resistant structure and the capacity to support loads that can reach 1,500 kilos, to store anything without problems.

But there is also space for smaller shelves, such as those that help us make better use of the small corners of any room. Among them we have the corner shelves, suitable for gaining storage without taking up too much space in the room. Or also wall shelves and hanging shelves, very interesting for all kinds of rooms, including bathrooms or kitchens. It’s all a matter of searching, because even for the most specific needs there is a certain shelf.

Manufacturing materials

Another interesting aspect when looking for a shelf, as well as knowing how much it costs, is the one that has to do with its manufacturing materials. These materials determine both the resistance and the rooms in which each shelf should be installed, so it is also something that should be taken into account.

Most of the current shelves are made of wood, generally chipboard with a melamine finish. This material is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices and almost any room where humidity is not present. This leads us to bathroom models, which are generally made of plastic or metal material, properly treated to withstand the humid and warm environment of this room.

As for the heavy storage shelves, they can also be metal or mixed, with metal structures and wooden shelves or shelves. In any case, we are talking about high-strength materials capable of carrying heavy weights without problems. And as for metal shelves, wood and plastic are also joined by glass, which, although not the most frequent, can also be useful in this regard.

Assembly and installation

IF you are already clear about the type of shelving you are looking for, its materials and dimensions, all that remains is for us to take a look at the process of installing the product. A process that should always be comfortable and simple, obviously within what the structure of the product itself requires.

In the wooden models, this assembly is usually done using lag screws and screws, which are the ones that hold the different elements of the structure. Something that allows the assembly to be neither too complex nor very laborious. The models with a back panel do require a little more work, due to the number of nails that they usually need to keep them in place.

As for the metal models, the latest trend is for them to be assembled without tools, so that all you have to do is fit the different supports so that the shelves are attached. In any case, the process must be done carefully, so that the fastening is firm and the shelf is level. And in the wall models, always check that the product includes the screws and that they are of quality. In case this is not the case, you can always buy reliable plugs and screws, with which to give extra security to the assembly of the product.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to hang a bookshelf?

When we buy a wall shelf or a hanging shelf, it should include both the supports on the shelf itself and the necessary hardware elements, so that we will only have to mark the holes in the wall, drill them and place the fixings.. It is important to check that these plugs and screws are of adequate quality for the weight that we plan to place and, if that is not the case, it is advisable to acquire other compatible ones that give us extra security to avoid accidents.

Q2: How to make drywall shelf?

To make a plasterboard shelf on a wall, it must be ready and in good condition. The first step will be to trace the structure of the shelf on the wall and then proceed to place the different profiles that will hold it. These profiles are placed with plugs and screws on the wall, so you must drill the corresponding holes.

Next, you will have to cut the plasterboard sheets to the corresponding size and fit them on the supports, without forgetting to screw them correctly. The assembly concludes with the installation of the fronts on the front part of each panel. The finish is executed with paste for joints, which hides the separations, as well as the corresponding painting of the whole set.

Q3: What precautions should be taken with a ladder rack?

The main precaution that we must have with a shelf in the form of a ladder is to carry out a correct distribution of the weight. These shelves follow the same structure as a ladder, so the base is wider than the top.

It is precisely on this base that we must place the heaviest objects, since if we place these on top of it without enough weight underneath, it is likely that the shelf will deteriorate prematurely or even accidentally tip over. Something especially important if we plan to use the shelf to separate rooms or if it is not attached to a wall.

Q4: How does a bookcase that turns into a table work?

Shelves that become tables are currently a more experimental product than one for daily use. These shelves consist of a mobile structure in the area of ​​the outer supports of the shelves that can rotate, aligning all the shelves vertically when in shelf mode, but also horizontally, to place the product in table mode. The advantage is that the objects on the shelves do not fall, at least as long as the folding and unfolding are executed carefully.

Q5: What does a honeycomb shelf consist of?

The honeycomb shelf is a type of shelf in which the shelves do not have the usual square or rectangular shape, but have a hexagonal shape. This adds a different touch to the decoration of any room and can even be practical, as is the case with some wine rack shelves that follow this design. However, it is not the most suitable for placing objects that must be supported on the sides, such as books.

Q6: What is clad-rack shelving?

Clad-rack racking is a type of special racking that is generally used in industry and logistics warehouses. This type of racking has a high resistance to weight and loads and even allows handling palletized loads, for which they have measures and spaces designed for this purpose, which allow warehouse forklifts to pass through their structure.

Such is its scope that, in some cases, these racks even form the structure of the storage warehouse in which they are located.

Q7: How should a bookcase be?

A bookcase should be spacious but also solid, the latter being more important than the former. And it is that the space will depend, in part, on the size of the books that we place on it.

But since a set of books is usually quite heavy, if we place them on shelves that do not have adequate resistance, we can end up having problems. For this reason, it is advisable to bet on bookcase-type shelves, cube shelves or, failing that, high-resistance shelves that adequately support the weight.

Q8: How to remove a plaster shelf?

To remove a plaster or plasterboard shelf from a wall, it is best to use a saw or similar. The idea is to remove it from the wall by cutting each piece from the rest, so that we can easily remove them by pulling them.

It could be done with a hammer blow, but this is more laborious and will also generate a greater amount of dust and dirt. Once the structure has been removed, it will be necessary to remove its supports from the wall, proceeding then to repair any imperfections that may have occurred and painting it completely, to achieve an optimal finish.

Q9: How should a wine rack be?

Currently, there are all kinds of wine racks on the market, which allow us to store bottles both vertically and horizontally. However, the shelves and bottle racks mostly allow these bottles to be placed horizontally, to improve their conservation.

What is important is that the rack has spaces that prevent the bottles from rolling or fa

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