The 10 Best Duvet Covers of 2022

Duvet Cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The function of the duvet cover goes beyond maintaining body heat in cold seasons and serving as a decorative element for the room, since thanks to its design and the manageability of the filling to contain, they allow the bed to be made quickly, in addition to be used throughout the year. Reasons why it has achieved great popularity, found in designs and dimensions for all tastes, such as the Ikea Rosali, a reversible cotton model with a pleasant floral print. Or, the Dreamscene DINO01, a colorful alternative for the little ones in the house.

The 10 Best Duvet Covers – Opinions 2022

The choice of a duvet cover should not be based only on how striking its pattern is, since many other qualities that complement its versatility must be taken into account. For this reason, we present below a varied and complete selection with the models that lead the preferences of many users.

Ikea duvet cover

1. Ikea Rosali 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set

This model could be considered the best duvet cover, since it reflects naturalness both in its design and in the material used in its preparation. It is a piece made entirely of cotton, which provides softness in contact with the skin and resistance to continuous use.

Characterized by its particular reversible format, with a predominance of red, pink and white tones, it allows the bed to be dressed in two completely different styles. So you can choose a floral design or a striped pattern. Add to that the addition of a matching built-in pillowcase.

On the other hand, this Ikea Rosali duvet cover has convenient dimensions to cover a single bed. In addition, it has an approximate weight of 798 grams, making it a light product if you want to take it to another place. And as an additional advantage it is easy to wash and dry.

This Ikea design is suitable for lovers of floral designs. We invite you to read some additional specifications.


Design: This duvet cover set features a very colorful floral pattern, which provides a natural and romantic decoration.

Texture: It is made of 100% cotton, so it provides a very soft texture that is pleasant to the touch.

Density: Its 144-thread construction allows it to be a fresh, breathable and resistant piece.


Cost: Although it provides good qualities, its cost can be considered a bit high.

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Children’s duvet cover

2. Dreamscene Duvet cover for children Polyester and cotton

This duvet cover model is aimed at children, given its design of different breeds of colorful dinosaurs that contrast on its white background, which represents a pleasant piece for the bed of little lovers of these animals. In addition, it can be used in both directions, since the reverse has a very casual striped print.

As for its composition, we can say that it is made of cotton and polyester, so this fusion of 56 Pick provides durability and softness for a pleasant rest. In addition to this, it is one of the cheapest in the selection, a quality that could make it the best price-quality duvet cover on our list.

On the other hand, the dimensions and weight of the Dreamscene DINO01 children’s duvet cover have been designed based on the ease of handling of its users, since it has a size of 137 x 198 centimeters and a light weight of 630 grams.

In the versatility and quality of this bed dress you could find the best duvet cover of the moment, that’s why we invite you to know its most outstanding qualities.


Reversible: It has the quality of being able to be used on both sides, allowing the presentation of the bed to be varied without additional investments.

Format: It has convenient dimensions to be used in single beds between 80 and 90 centimeters.

Washing: The maintenance of this duvet cover does not cause difficulties, since it can be safely washed in the machine.


Fabric: Your fabric may be fine. However, the degree of warmth is complemented by the filling introduced into it, benefiting its use at any time of the year.

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Duvet cover for 90 cm bed

3. Cotton ARTean GIVETTE Duvet Cover Bed 90

The Cotton ARTean Givette duvet cover for bed 90 cm comes to evolve the bedspreads by providing a model for fans of the constellations. For this reason, it is counted among the best duvet covers of 2022. Its design in gray contrasted with white stars fits in any room. In addition, a point in favor is that it is offered in various dimensions to adapt to different sizes of beds, expanding its range of users.

We do not want to forget to mention that its quality is appreciated in the density of its appearance, since it is a set made of 100% cotton percale fabric with 180 threads, which ensures its breathability.

In addition, it has satin finishes that provide extra softness when in contact with the skin, so rest can be pleasant and cozy. On the other hand, its hygiene must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain its qualities.

Cotton Artean offers this striking design with the highest quality in its fabric, so we invite you to see the positive and negative aspects of the product.


Finish: It has a smooth satin finish, so it is pleasant to the touch as well as providing elegance.

Anti-peeling: Its fabric has been treated to prevent the formation of balls or fluff that deteriorate its appearance.

Extra : It has an extra 40 cm in its length to benefit the adjustment by the foot of the bed, thus avoiding its displacement.


Closure system: This model does not contain closures, velcro, snaps or buttons that keep the padding in place.

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white duvet cover

4. AmazonBasics Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

If you are looking for a duvet cover for a 180 cm bed, in a white tone and that you can combine to provide clarity to your room, this alternative offered by the manufacturer AmazonBasics could be the right choice.

Although, it is also offered in a wide variety of sizes and soft colors to suit both individual tastes and any traditional decoration. An additional advantage is that it comes with two pillowcases, so they will be of great help if you have more than one cushion.

Focusing on its texture, we can see that the AmazonBasics white duvet cover feels pleasant to the touch, since it is made of 100% polyester microfiber, which not only provides softness but also resistance, quality, and breathability.

Qualities that also make it convenient to cover any type of padding regardless of the season of the year, providing the necessary protection to maintain body temperature.

If you need an elegant case with good finishes, this could be a good option. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult its positive and negative aspects.


Anti-wrinkle: Its fabric gives it resistance to wrinkles, so ironing is avoided.

Closure: It has a hidden button that prevents the filling from coming out easily, also providing a good finish on its contour.

Washing : Its maintenance is simple, since it can be put in the washing machine and tumble dried at low temperature.


Size: It is advisable to make sure that the dimensions cover up to the foot of the bed so that it does not slip out of place.

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Duvet cover for 150 cm bed

5. Simple&Opulence 100% Linen Duvet Cover Set

This Belgium linen duvet cover stands out for its breathable, durable construction and smooth texture. Reason why it is directed especially for those with delicate skin.

In addition, it presents a thread embroidery around its edge that gives it a touch of elegance and a small opening to insert the duvet. This, in turn, is provided with a button that forms a seal to prevent said filling from coming out easily, which is easy to assemble and disassemble.

On the other hand, the 150 cm Simple&Opulence YouthSky duvet cover for bed contains 2 matching pillowcases, which complement the bed dress.

In addition to this, it is also offered in other dimensions to meet the different space preferences of users. In relation to its cleaning, it is quite simple, since it can be machine washed taking care to use cold water and avoid the use of bleach.

Simple&Opulence presents us with this duvet cover with delicate details that you might like. Next, we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Presentation: It can be purchased for single and double beds, thanks to the fact that it is offered in different sizes.

Benefits: It has antibacterial, antifungal and allergic properties, which make it a safe product for the user’s health.

Certifications: It has the Oeko-Tex seal that guarantees that it is a textile free of substances that are harmful to health.


Padding: Although it offers good shelter qualities in cold and warm environments, it does not include the padding, so you will have to obtain it separately.

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6. Utopia Bedding Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

This bedding stands out for its microfiber fabric that makes it resistant to stains and the absorption of liquids. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, breathable, tear resistant and fade resistant. It should be added that it also prevents wrinkles and is very soft. So if you are wondering which is the best duvet cover, this model could meet all the requirements sought in it.

On the other hand, the Utopia Bedding EU0059 duvet cover for bed 105 cm is available in different sizes to suit different types of beds; each one with precise specifications. In addition, the three pieces that make up the game have zippers and ties at the ends for greater security. Now, if you are going to carry out its maintenance, it is recommended that you do not mix it with other clothes and wash it with cold water and neutral detergent to keep its fabric intact.

We invite you to read some highlights that this Utopía Bedding design offers you.


Fabric: The narrow microfiber weave gives it the quality of repelling any liquid to prevent the cover from getting wet quickly.

Zipper: It has hidden zippers that allow the filling and the pillow to always be in place.

Shades: It has 3 solid shades such as navy blue, gray and white, adaptable to the environment of any room.


Colour: A greater variety of colors could be included, as it is not offered in bright shades.

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260×240 cm duvet cover

7. Catherine Lansfield Stars & Stripes Duvet Cover

If you are a fan of a Stars and Stripes delegation or are looking for a modern duvet cover with colorful prints, this model will suit you perfectly, as its design highlights American tones. So it could be a good purchase option to complement the decoration of your room.

The feature that stands out the most is the material with which this duvet cover is made, since it is 100% cotton that provides softness, quality and safety, especially for those users prone to allergies.

On the other hand, the 260 x 240 cm duvet cover Catherine Lansfield Stars& Stripes comes in a range of sizes from single to kingsize, and each comes with two pillowcases, so you can dress up more than one and make your resting place cozier.

Catherine Lansfield could be the best brand of duvet covers, so read the positive and negative points of her model.


Design: It has a vintage design alluding to the colors of the US flag that provides style to any decoration.

2 in 1: It is a reversible piece, so just by turning it you can change the presentation of the bed.

Content: It comes with two matching pillowcases, which allows the bed to be dressed almost completely and complement it with the existing sheets.


Gender: It may be more consistent with the male gender regardless of age, given the predominance of blue and the seriousness of the design.

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duvet cover 135

8. Familando Reversible Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

When it comes to bedding, we look for designs that can be used at different stages of life. Therefore, this design with dreamcatcher prints is suitable as a duvet cover for girls, teenagers or any woman who likes the bohemian style.

The versatility of the Familando AYM-239GE-DV 135 cm duvet cover is given by its reversible format. Hence, you will have two options to decorate your daughter’s room, either a dream catcher on a white background or delicate white feathers and stars contrasted with the pink of the cover, colors that additionally provide a touch of delicacy.

On the other hand, its dimensions have been well defined to cover a single bed, since it measures 135 x 200 centimeters, accompanied by a pillowcase of 80 x 80 centimeters. And since it is made of cotton, it not only allows it to be used with the appropriate padding at any time of the year, but it can also be placed in the washing machine and dryer at a temperature not exceeding 60 °C.

When asked which duvet cover to buy with a feminine design, this could be the right alternative. Therefore, we list below other features that characterize it.


Certificate: This duvet cover has the Oeko-Tex Standard certification, which provides prestige and the security of the quality of its fabric.

Composition: It is made of 100% cotton, so it provides softness on contact.

Closing system: It has button closures on its covers, so that everything stays in its place.


Pillowcase: The pillowcase may not adapt to traditional formats, so you must adapt it to your needs.

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flannel duvet cover

9. AmazonBasics Flannel Duvet Cover Set

This model could be convenient for you among the different products that our list offers if you are looking for a cheap duvet cover that also provides quality and prestige at a reasonable price. It is a bed dress made entirely of brushed cotton with a brushed finish that provides extra comfort and elegance. Likewise, thanks to the breathability and softness of this material, it can be used in any season of the year.

To complement its functionality, this AmazonBasics DS12-GRY-008 flannel duvet cover features a hidden snap button closure. Its function is to keep the filling safe inside and, in addition, it is accompanied by two cushion covers that form the efficient set to provide style and beauty in the room. In the same way, the manufacturer, thinking of satisfying the tastes and requirements of each user, offers this cozy game in different sizes and colors.

This model is valued by users as one of the cheapest duvet covers on the market. Next, we mention some of the features that characterize it and if there is anything to improve.


Breathable: It has a breathable fabric, so it adapts to changes from one season to another.

Shades: It has a wide range of colors and patterns, which is suitable for any decorative environment.

Weight: This duvet cover provides a weight of 155 grams per m 2, making it a light piece to handle.


Fabric: Although it offers good qualities, with time it can appear fluff and wrinkles.

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youth duvet cover

10. Dreamscene Unicorn Kingdom Duvet Cover Set

This design provides an enchanting and magical style, making it suitable for children’s bedrooms. It is a pink model with stars, castles, clouds and unicorns, which give a touch of tenderness to the environment of the room. However, it can be used on the reverse side and provide a more youthful style.

Continuing with the description of its qualities, the Dreamscene Unicorn Kingdom youth duvet cover is made with resistant and quality materials in a proportion of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Which have been carefully worked to provide softness, durability and breathability in contact with the skin.

In addition, its possibility of machine washing without any problem, saving you time and effort. Likewise, it should be taken into account that its dimensions fit a single bed, since it is 137 cm wide by 198 cm long.

Next, we mention some pros and cons that this duvet cover brings you for the princesses of the house.


Versatile: In addition to being reversible, allowing you to have two covers in one piece, it adapts to the different seasons of the year.

Print: It has a print alluding to unicorns and castles, so it will provide a modern look to your daughter’s room.

Raw material: It is made with a polycotton composition, which provides softness and comfort for the rest of the little ones.


Tone: The colors may not be as intense as in the images, however, it fulfills the desired function.

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Shopping guide

The duvet cover is the bedding piece that, with or without filling, allows you to have a cozy rest at any time of the year, in addition to quickly organizing the room when you get up in the morning. For this reason, the following guide to buying the best duvet cover seeks to detail the main qualities to take into account in this type of product.


This aspect refers to the three qualities that make up a duvet cover, such as the material, the fabric and the density, which directly influence both the level of softness and manageability, and how much the garment costs. Now, when it comes to material, it is advisable to opt for natural materials such as cotton, since it is pleasant to the touch, breathable and safe for both the environment and health. However, you can also find duvet covers made of different proportions of cotton and polyester or microfiber, materials that offer flexibility, lightness, warmth, among other qualities, thanks to the technology applied to this type of fiber.

As for the fabric, percale could be the most convenient, since its basic fabric facilitates perspiration and provides resistance. Although, if you are looking for extra softness and ease of ironing, satin would be the other option to consider. Finally, it remains to observe the number of threads, where it is convenient that they have 200 threads or more, since the higher the number, the smoother they will be.

However, this does not mean that covers with a lower density lack good qualities, since if we look at a comparison of duvet covers, most have values ​​below this number, offering quality, softness and good characteristics.


This quality is very important to take into account before purchasing a duvet cover, even more so, when most come with a matching bottom sheet for the mattress and its respective pillowcase. A design that does not fit the measurements of the bed can cause discomfort and appear visually inadequate. For this reason, most manufacturers include both the dimensions of the bed and the mattress in their presentations. All that remains is to identify what measures are required so that even the task of making the bed in the morning is favored.


In terms of design, there are them for all ages and tastes, from the matrimonial models loaded with elegance and touch due to their discreet tones, to the youthful duvet covers with great colors or prints adjusted to the personality of each individual. Although there are also suitable ones for the little ones in the house, whose colors and figures are aimed at developing their independence and security.

It is important to highlight that this product mostly has reversible formats to provide versatility to the most demanding users, who like continuous change and apply it in all areas of their lives. For this reason, the fact that a duvet cover has this advantage, being also good and economical, is an added value that benefits its acquisition even more, since it allows the bedding to be varied, reducing costs.

On the other hand, the sets of duvet covers that incorporate snaps, velcro or zippers are the most recommended, since in the first place they prevent the fillings inserted in them from getting out of place, in addition to providing a better finish by not perceiving the characteristic opening of this type of bedding. Similarly, if you have a bottom sheet, it must have elastic bands in its corners to prevent it from moving from the mattress and allow you to always keep the bed made.


As it is a product that is daily exposed to bodily contact, whether personal or from all family members and even pets, its washing is mandatory and must be done frequently, to avoid not only acquiring bad odours, but also that its aesthetics deteriorate due to stains caused by sweat, dust accumulation and unexpected spills. For this reason, it is best to opt for models that can be machine washed and that can also be placed in the dryer.

Similarly, there are duvet covers whose fabrics have been subjected to treatments to prevent the appearance of mold, bacteria and mites; This is very common in this type of product due to its high density. What contributes in a certain way to its hygiene, the user’s health and, therefore, that its maintenance is carried out for more distant periods.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a duvet cover?

The first thing to consider is the time of year, since its versatility allows it to be used with padding of different weights according to the drop in temperature. And even without it for the hot season. Once the previous point has been defined, all that remains is to enter the selected fill, for which there are different procedures left online that facilitate this task. Afterwards, he stretches out on the bed, which has previously been dressed with a matching bottom sheet.

It is best to shake the cover daily, when making the bed, to keep the padding well distributed and allow air to circulate, which will help keep it free of moisture and bad odors until it is time to wash it.

Q2: How to make the bed with a duvet cover?

Remove the cushions, pillows, bedspreads and other accessories or clothes that you usually wear during your rest from the bed, to give yourself space and facilitate the task. Then, air the duvet cover while you dedicate yourself to organizing the sheet or game that you have on the mattress, although you can also shake it vigorously to also distribute the filling. Finally, it remains to extend the cover on the mattress again, smooth it with your hands and incorporate the decorative elements.

Q3: How to iron a duvet cover?

You must have a flat and wide surface or, failing that, the common ironing table. Because it is a large piece, it is necessary to carry out the task slowly and depending on your skillful hand.

Place the cover between the table and your body, placing the upper part on the surface, once the iron has passed (maximum 100°C), move it to the right or left to complete this first section and let it fall on the opposite side of the table. table and the procedure is continued until it is completely smooth. It should be noted that not all duvet covers can be ironed, since their fabrics can shrink due to the action of heat, so the label should be checked.

Q4: How to clean a duvet cover?

The first thing is to remove its filling, which by its nature does not require frequent washing and if it is done, its maintenance is more careful. Once the cover is empty, it is placed upside down, because in this way the risk of damaging its colors, prints or embroidery is avoided. It is then introduced into the machine so that it can carry out the work at a temperature not exceeding 40°C without bleach. Finally it is dried at room temperature under the shade.

Q5: How to put filler in a duvet cover?

There are several techniques that housewives and experts in bedding and home have currently implemented. However, it is the user’s decision to use the one that is easiest for him, especially if he does it alone. The most common is to place the cover on the bed and turn it so that the upper seams (header) along with its corners are visible. The padding rests on these and is held by letting the cover fall over it until it is completely covered. All that remains is to shake, smooth and close.

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