The 10 Best Terraces in Seville

Relaxing on a terrace in Seville while eating and drinking with friends or family can be a good option to spend a different day. In this sense, there are different places in the city to enjoy good gastronomy and a musical atmosphere, all under natural lighting.

The terraces have become the favorite place to spend pleasant evenings. In this sense, most Spanish cities have a wide variety of terraces, as is the case of the municipality of Seville in the province of Andalusia, where you can find terraces in streets, squares, parks, among others. In this way, it is possible to see the sun go down while you taste a special dish or drink a cocktail in the company of friends. For this reason, we have made a list of 10 of the best terraces in Seville.

1. Terrace of the Hotel Inglaterra

The elegant terrace of the Inglaterra hotel has an area of ​​200 m² and can accommodate up to 100 people. In addition, it offers an impressive view of the city, since it is located in the historic center of Seville . Among the services offered by this place are dinners and cocktails accompanied by cold dishes under the cloak of the night and to the sound of good music. Also, you should know that it is possible to reserve this space for the celebration of private events.

2. Pura Vida Terrace

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Seville with a terrace among the inhabitants, since it offers an exceptional view of the Giralda and the Cathedral, which increases its attractiveness. In addition, it has performances and live shows to encourage people and provide a unique experience. Among its most popular services are breakfast, brunch, snacks and dinner, as well as a wide range of cocktails.

3. The Gourmet Experience El Corte Inglés

In the Corte Inglés Shopping Center you will find some of the most popular restaurants with terraces in Seville. In this way, it is also home to The Gourmet Experience, a place with different spaces that offer all kinds of gastronomic experiences , including a wine cellar with tasting on special days. Also, in this place it is possible to enjoy lunches, dinners and drinks in an environment of live music. Also, you can buy a wide range of wines and other well-known liquors. For added appeal, it offers panoramic views of the center of Seville.

4. We’re up!

One of the most recommended terraces for dining in Seville is ¡We are upstairs!, a two-level structure that is located in the Casa Romana hotel, so it offers an impressive view of the city. Likewise, it allows you to enjoy delicious cocktails accompanied by delicious Andalusian tapas to the rhythm of music played live by a DJ.

5. Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia

On the rooftop of this bohemian-style hotel located in the Alameda neighborhood, you will find one of the most attractive terraces to eat in Seville in the area. It stands out mainly for its rustic and historic architecture with privileged views. Therefore, it can be an interesting place to have dinner and a drink.

6. ENA by Carles Abellán

This is the tapas bar located in the highest part of the famous Alfonso XIII hotel. It stands out mainly for providing Gourmet food . It also has creative architecture and is a comfortable place to rest after a long day of walking around the city. In this sense, the outdoor terrace is furnished in a lounge style that contrasts with the traditional Andalusian architecture of the hotel.

7. Slavic Space

Espacio Eslava is a tapas bar with attentive and friendly staff that provides fast, high-quality service, giving the impression of being in a Gourmet restaurant with an extensive menu. In addition, it is an affordable place that has dishes from €3.2. To increase its attractiveness, it offers the possibility of eating on the terrace or inside the premises.

8. The Chinaware

This small restaurant is located on Calle Regina, just behind the Metropol Parasol , a popular spot for tourists. At La Cacharrería guests can choose to dine indoors or outdoors on the terrace. In addition, it has a wide variety of food options, including low-cost juices, sandwiches and fruit salads.

9. Rafael Ruiz Restaurant

Located just outside the city center, Rafael Ruiz is a restaurant specializing in tapas. Among its dishes, the chicken in mushroom sauce, the potato salads with shrimp and the tomato and sardine toast stand out. It is important to mention that the portions are large to satisfy anyone’s appetite. On the other hand, its interior has a wooden ceiling and terracotta floors, but its real attraction lies in the outdoor terrace, very suitable for those who want to eat outdoors.

10. Mariatrifulca

The Mariatrifulca restaurant is known both for its gastronomy and for its wonderful terrace, since it allows you to enjoy dinners with views of the Guadalquivir, the Triana Bridge and the most emblematic buildings of the city of Seville, which is why it is one of the destinations of most visited tasting, both by tourists and the inhabitants of Seville.

Among the many cities in Spain, Seville stands out for having a wide variety of Gourmet restaurants that offer an optimal gastronomic experience. Likewise, among the favorite places of the Sevillians are the restaurants with terraces, which offer a unique and different experience from the others, thanks to the fact that they offer privileged views over the city, which generate an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment. 

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