The 11 Best Heaters of 2022

Heater – Buying Guide and Comparison

Keeping your family warm during the coldest days of the year is one of the most important investments for your family’s finances. Given this need, the ideal alternative to expensive integral heating systems are the practical and varied heaters, of which there are several types, varying mainly according to their energy source and heat propagation system. Among the best heaters, the Rowenta Comfort Compact SO2320F2 stands out, which stands out for its efficient and silent operation, helping you to rest without interruptions or annoying noises at night. If you are looking for a model that allows you to choose between two power levels of 1,000W and 2,000W, we recommend the Tristar KA-5039 heater.

The 11 Best Heaters – Opinions 2022

The heaters help us withstand the cold that sneaks into our room on icy winter days, providing a lot of advantages over the cumbersome traditional boilers, so a correct choice is key to acquiring a model that is fully functional for us. Below, we present a comparative list of the different types and models most chosen by users that will help you make a correct decision.  

bathroom heater

1. Rowenta Comfort Compact SO2320F2 Heater

The Comfort Compact SO2320F2 model from the renowned Rowenta brand stands out for its powerful and silent operation thanks to its adjustable power of 1,000W or 2,000W. With the Silence function, you can enjoy a pleasant temperature at a power of 1,200W and without annoying noises that disturb your sleep, since it produces only 44 dBA.

This versatile model is considered by many users as one of the best heaters of 2022, since it also offers a cold air fan function, so it will be an equally useful device, cooling your home on hot summer days.

This bathroom heater incorporates a practical thermostat that allows you to turn the device on and off automatically to maintain the same temperature in the room, directly collaborating in energy savings. On the other hand, the thermostat includes an innovative anti-frost device, which forces the heater to maintain a room temperature above 0 degrees Celsius.

You will be able to place this compact heater in small spaces such as a small table in the bathroom without any problem thanks to its dimensions of 21 x 17.5 x 27.5 cm and with the practical handle that it incorporates it will be easier for you to move from one place to another., since it weighs only 1.8 kg.

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2. Orbegozo SP 6000 Split bathroom heater

If you are looking for a wall-mounted bathroom heater that is programmable and offers good features, we recommend this practical Split model, as it is considered the best heater by some users due to its high-quality design and materials. It is manufactured with PTC ceramic heating elements that prolong the useful life of this device, complying with the IP-22 protection index.

With the use of this bathroom heater, you will be able to avoid temperature shock when you get out of the shower, by keeping the bathroom warm thanks to its two-level adjustable power of up to 2,000W. Also, it includes a cold air fan function that will allow you to use this device to cool the room in summer.

For greater comfort, this model includes a daily or weekly programming system that will help you by turning the heater on and off automatically when you need to use it. On the other hand, it incorporates a practical remote that will allow you to easily control it from a distance.

This model offers optimal performance and energy consumption, since it has a system that automatically stops the heater if it detects any variation in room temperature. Its approximate dimensions are 11 x 46 x 18.5 cm and it weighs 2.22 kg.

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Electric heater

3. Tristar KA-5039 Heater with electric fan

The Tristar KA-5039 electric heater stands out for its compact size and multifunctionality, offering the user the possibility of using it to heat the room in winter and cool it in summer thanks to its fan mode. This light, energy-saving electric heater is a practical and versatile alternative to traditional heaters, and is also suitable as an additional heater.

You can efficiently heat a small room thanks to its adjustable power 1,000W or 2,000W, which helps you keep energy consumption under control along with its adjustable thermostat that is responsible for maintaining the same temperature in the room to offer maximum comfort to the user..

Controlling this device is very simple thanks to its two dials located on the front for easy access, with which you can adjust the level of heating or ventilation to your liking. The fan optimally distributes hot air inside the room, allowing it to be heated quickly.

You can easily and comfortably transport this compact device thanks to its upper handle and its reduced dimensions of 12.8 x 22.3 x 26.1 cm, it will be very easy to place it in small spaces such as small tables. Also, it has a protection system that turns off the heater in case of overheating.

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4. Trotec Tds 20 R Electric Heater

The practical TROTEC TDS 20 R electric heater is considered the best heater of the moment thanks to its great power and high portability. With this device you can heat your room correctly and in a shorter period of time. This electric heater is an ideal device for use in poorly ventilated spaces, as it generates clean hot air and does not emit any type of toxic gas.

It integrates a practical thermostat that controls the flow of hot air and maintains the desired temperature constantly. This model allows you to adjust the temperature at three different levels, with a first level of only fan, passing through a medium level of 1.5kW and, finally, a high level of up to 3kW heating power.

To guarantee proper care of the internal components of the appliance and fan motor, it incorporates a thermal protection system against overheating that guarantees completely safe use and without the risk of accidents.

The heat will be correctly distributed throughout the room thanks to its fan with an air flow of 411 m3/h. On the other hand, this model weighs approximately 3.2 kg, being easy to move anywhere and manipulate using the handle that integrates in the upper part.

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Low consumption heater

5. Comlife Ceramic Electric Heater 1000W PTC

Among the cheapest models, there is this low-consumption heater that stands out for its compact size, ideal for personal use, considered the best price-quality heater by many users. On the other hand, you can regulate the temperature in three different modes: cold air ventilation, 650W and 1,000W.

This model sports a compact and modern design with a rotation angle of approximately 120 degrees, which guarantees a correct distribution of hot air throughout the room for greater comfort. It also has an ultra-fast heating system that allows you to reach the desired temperature in just two seconds.

The construction materials, such as ABS resin and PTC ceramic elements, are perfectly resistant to heat, which guarantees that this is a safe and highly durable product. With the minimum temperature, 80 degrees are reached and with the maximum, up to 113 degrees are reached.

The measurements of this compact device are 18.5 x 11 x 19.6 cm, so it is ideal to place it on the desk when you work or study without the risk of burning. It generates a noise level of 40 dB and weighs approximately 1.36 kg.

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6. Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Heater 2000W

If you still don’t know which is the best heater, we recommend you look at this practical and efficient model from the Pro Breeze brand, since it is considered one of the best models on this list because it is made with its ceramic heating elements, which provide more efficient operation than traditional heater models.

This model has a turn of up to 90 degrees of oscillation that guarantees a correct distribution of heat in your room if you place it in one of the corners. In the same way, it incorporates a useful thermostat that helps control the room temperature, maintaining the level of heat chosen for optimal heating.

This model offers great flexibility of use, since it allows you to choose between two different temperature levels, 1,200W and 2,000W of power, helping you to achieve a very pleasant level of heat in your room.

This device integrates a practical safety system that prolongs its useful life, guaranteeing correct use and without the risk of causing accidents, since it integrates protection against overheating and anti-tilt, which instantly turns off the heater in either case. Its dimensions are 18.5 x 15.5 x 26.2 cm and it weighs approximately 1.75 kg.

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ceramic heater

7. Nexgadget PTC Ceramic Heater 950W

If you still don’t know which heater to buy, we recommend you take into account this model from the NEXGADGET brand, which stands out for its speed and uniformity of heating, providing a very pleasant sensation of heat to the user and being very useful, especially in winter.

This model uses PTC ceramic plates, which makes heat production completely uniform throughout the room, achieving a more pleasant atmospheric sensation in just three seconds. On the other hand, this device has the ability to regulate the air flow automatically, which helps reduce energy consumption.

It has two heat levels and a cold air ventilation function that invites you to use this device at any time of the year, allowing you to choose between 800W or 950W of heating power. Also, it has a 90-degree turning angle that helps distribute the air inside the room.

It incorporates a noise reduction technology that limits the sound level to no more than 50 dB, allowing you to rest comfortably at night without disturbing noises that disturb your sleep. This compact model measures 13.46 x 13.46 x 20.8 cm and weighs approximately 1.10 kg.

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8. Onewell Portable Electric Heater 950W PTC

As for this Onewell brand ceramic heater, it can be said that it is a practical, efficient and resistant model thanks to its heating plate made of PTC ceramic, which has high efficiency working with heat, maintaining the temperature constantly. for much longer. In the same way, the high quality of the plates that integrates this product allows the heater to reach the desired temperature in just two seconds.

This practical model offers 3 operating modes: the first, with a power of 5W and blue light, works only as a fan. The second mode emits a dark red light, increasing its power to 800W of heat energy and, finally, the third mode, with intense red light, works with a power of up to 950W, ideal for small spaces.

It has a high level of protection and durability thanks to its ABS plastic casing that is resistant to high temperatures and its safety system that immediately stops the operation of the device in the event of overheating or overturning.

The oscillation range is 45 degrees that generates an amplitude of up to 130 degrees that helps to optimally distribute heat in your room. This heater works with a low noise level, so you can use it even while you rest because it generates only 55 dB.

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wall heater

9. Orbegozo SP5020 6500 Silver

If you are looking for a wall heater and still do not know which model to choose, we recommend this device from the Orbegozo brand, called by some users as the best brand of heaters today thanks to all the features and efficient operation it offers. This device has an adjustable power at two different levels of 1,000W and 2,000W according to your needs.

You will not have to worry about your electricity bill, since it will not be greatly increased thanks to the great energy efficiency that it offers, class A++, which will help you keep consumption under control. On the other hand, it includes an ideal cold air function to increase the humidity level of the room.

This model incorporates a practical remote control that allows you to control the heater remotely for greater comfort, which allows you to operate the device from the comfort of your sofa. It incorporates a complete protection system against overheating and a cold air fan function.

As if that were not enough, thanks to the built-in timer, you can program the automatic shutdown with a timer of up to 8 hours. The approximate dimensions are 19.5 x 52 x 12 cm. Also, it sports an elegant silver design that will fit perfectly well with your modern decoration.

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10. Argoclima Chic Ceramic wall heater

This wall heater offers great functionality thanks to its two heating modes and ventilation option, with which you can use this device at any time of the year. The maximum power that this model reaches is 1,000 W and the heat level can be adjusted in eco or comfort mode depending on the degree of heat you want.

It incorporates a practical LED screen that allows you to observe the temperature level and other characteristics at all times and includes a useful remote control to control the heater from a distance.

This device will look great in your home or office, as it features an ultra-thin silver design and a tempered glass front panel, which will fit perfectly with elegant and modern decoration.

You can adjust its automatic operation to turn on and off according to your desired schedule, either daily or weekly, so that you can achieve more efficient operation adapted to your daily routine. To guarantee correct and prolonged operation, it incorporates a security system that protects the device in the event of overheating.

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Orbegozo heater

11. Orbegozo FH 5008 Electric heater

Among the cheapest and most efficient models is this practical Orbegozo heater with a compact and lightweight design that can heat the room in less time. It has a maximum power of 2,000W and allows you to choose between two heating levels and a ventilation function, making it a useful device in any season of the year.

It incorporates a practical thermostat that regulates and helps maintain the level of heat chosen, turning off the device when the temperature rises or turning it on when it falls, significantly reducing power consumption and prolonging the useful life of the device, since it protects it against over heating.

Its reduced dimensions of 12.5 x 29 x 24.3 cm and light weight of approximately 1.3 kg allow you to comfortably carry this heater anywhere you need its utility.

It incorporates a practical LED indicator light on the top of the device that will allow you to see if the heater is on and working without having to get close. This device has the IP21 protection index, being a model suitable for bathrooms.

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Shopping guide

When it comes to your well-being and comfort, there is no excuse to choose the best accessories and buying a new heater for your home or office is a significant investment for any pocket. For this reason, we want to help you choose the most economical and functional model for you, so we have prepared a guide to buy the best heater of the moment. We recommend you take our suggestions into account and compare heaters and their functions before choosing your favorite model.

adjustable power

As in any comparison of household appliances, power is one of the most important characteristics that you should not overlook. If you are thinking of purchasing a heater for your home, it is very necessary that you pay attention to its power, since it is the one that is responsible for starting the device, supplying energy that will later be transformed into heat.

There is a table with which you can calculate the necessary power that will make it easier for you to choose the right model for the size of your room, therefore, it is important to know where you are going to install the heater before purchasing your favorite model.

The compact and portable heaters are presented with approximately 600W, while the most powerful and large models work with powers of approximately 2,000W. Taking this into account, it can be calculated that for a floor without thermal insulation in urban areas, about 97 W/m2 of power is suggested on the coldest days of winter.

Also, it is highly recommended that the device allows the user to adjust the power or temperature according to their personal needs and, to promote electricity savings, since while you reduce power, you reduce energy consumption.

Security and thermostat

A very important aspect that you must take into account when choosing a new heater is the level of protection and safety it offers users, so that you guarantee correct use and without the risk of an accident. It is recommended that you have certain safety protocols and have the approval of global and European regulations regarding the manufacture of household appliances.

The internal elements must have special protection and be made of materials resistant to high temperatures, so that the device offers a long service life and does not release toxic gases due to high heat.

These devices also use security systems that prevent possible serious accidents such as short circuits and fires, taking care of immediately stopping the operation of the heater in the event that it suffers from overheating, overvoltage, tilting or falling.

Finally, one of the most common and efficient security elements is the thermostat, which works very well as a protection system while helping you reduce electricity consumption. These devices regulate the level of temperature you chose along with the temperature of the environment, keeping it constantly level, controlling the unnecessary increase or decrease of heat inside the room.

Design and control

Considering that the market is full of models of heaters for any need, before asking how much it costs, you should consider the design of the heater so that it is fully functional. It is also important to know how you will use the device and where you are going to place it so that you can choose between a compact and portable model or a Split-type wall-mounted model.

It is important to know that the compact models have a reduced power compared to the Split models, however, they allow them to be easily transported and placed comfortably in small areas thanks to their reduced dimensions.

In either case, these handy appliances often feature an easily accessible control panel that usually provides very intuitive operation for users. In some models, this panel incorporates a display or screen that allows viewing of the temperature and other settings at all times.

Currently, brands have been incorporating new and modern technologies that improve the user experience significantly. In this sense, there are more and more devices that incorporate a practical remote with which you can control the heater from the comfort of your home.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean the heater?

Taking into account that these devices accumulate dust and dirt found in the environment, as well as the remains that are released due to high temperatures, obstructing the passage of air, it is very necessary to clean the heaters frequently. In any case, an air compressor is necessary to carry out a deep and optimal cleaning. You should proceed to clean the pilot and the burner, which is where the dirt accumulates with the compressor.

Q2: Which is better to use, heater or air conditioner?

To know if it is better to use a heater or an air conditioner, you need to know your needs and the use you are going to give the device, since each one has a completely different function. While the heater produces hot air ideal for use in winter, an air conditioner is indicated for hot summer days. However, there are currently models that offer a double function, so they are an ideal alternative and will be very useful all year round.

Q3: Why does the heater make noise?

It is very common to hear strange noises coming from the heater after some time of use. These noises are produced for several reasons, frequently by the air that is accumulated, moving between the circuits and radiator tubes. Noise can also be generated by the movement of water or by the expansion and contraction of the pipes due to temperature change.

Q4: Where to buy a heating cable?

You will not have to worry in this case, since the market currently has a complete range and models of cables available to the user, varying the type of insulation between fiberglass, mineral and metallic, among others.

The manufacturing material affects the electrical conductivity and resistance of the product, so some models offer constant power to the heater, as well as the possibility of self-regulating the current or even greater resistance, while others are a bit more simple and generic.

Q5: Why does the heater turn off when I turn it up?

If the heater turns off automatically when the temperature rises, it is most likely due to a misconfiguration of the thermostat, bearing in mind that these devices regulate the temperature chosen by the user and maintain it, taking into account the outside temperature.

In this way, if an increase in the chosen limit temperature occurs, the device will proceed to turn off automatically. On the other hand, electric heaters often incorporate a protection system against overheating which, as in the previous case, automatically stops operation when temperatures are not allowed.

Q6: What is better, heater or radiator?

Mainly, you have to know the difference between a heater and a radiator, since each model works in a very different way. In the case of heaters, they heat internal plates or resistors which in turn directly heat the air that passes through them.

The air, with its temperature already high, rises by convection, heating the room in a shorter period of time. These devices are suitable for small rooms such as a bathroom or kitchen. On the other hand, radiators are indicated for larger rooms and, although they take longer to heat up, they manage to maintain the heat in the room for longer.

Q7: Which heater is more efficient?

There are several types of heaters on the market that vary depending on the technology they use. We can find gas heaters, heat pumps or Split heaters, electric models and, finally, infrared heaters, considered to be the models with the lowest consumption and most efficient, since they have reduced consumption by up to 60% while maintaining the same efficiency. energetic.

Gas heaters are also considered low consumption but, unlike infrared models, they consume the oxygen in the room. And there are also solar heaters, which are an interesting option to consider, especially if you want to save energy.

Q8: How to fix the electric heater?

Heaters are appliances that accumulate dust and other particles that can eventually cause bad odors and irreparable damage. To ensure the life of these devices, routine maintenance must be performed, but in the event that you need to completely repair an air heater, the first thing you should do is open the device, after confirming that it is disconnected.

Check that the cables are in good condition and working properly. If necessary, you will have to replace the cable completely with one of higher conductivity and resistance. Then, proceed to thoroughly clean the entire interior of the device.

How to use a heater?

Heaters are very useful devices that will help us cope with the intense cold in winter or if you live in a cold city, so that we avoid colds and other respiratory conditions. There are even compact models designed to withstand humidity, being ideal to install in a bathroom, as they help us avoid the great shock of temperatures when getting out of the shower. Given so many different models on the market, we have developed the following guide, with which we want to help you, explaining in detail how to install and use a heater correctly.

Organize what you need

Before starting to install and use your new heater, we recommend that you remove everything from the box and take the time to read the instruction manual in detail, as well as check that you have the necessary tools for installation in case you are a Split model or that requires an assembly. If your model is portable, on the other hand, you can easily place it in small spaces or even on the floor, taking care that it is previously cleaned and away from flammable products.

clear a table

Proceed to find the place where you are going to install the heater. If you are going to place it in the room, we recommend placing it near a window, so that, by heating the air, the window helps by blowing it evenly into the room. However, by having built-in ventilation systems, you will be able to locate the heater even in rooms without windows or bathrooms. It is very important that the surface where you are going to place it is completely flat and solid.

Connect the device

It is necessary that the device is placed near a power outlet to avoid the use of extension cords. After placing it in the place of your choice, connect the device to the power outlet, making sure that it has power. Also, it is recommended not to connect the device to outlets that already have several appliances installed to avoid damage due to short circuits.

adjust the thermostat

After connecting it, you must proceed to adjust the temperature level you want. First of all, if your model incorporates a thermostat, proceed to turn on the heater and set the desired temperature on the thermostat using the controls or remote control, if applicable, so that it helps you regulate and maintain the desired temperature in the room.. On th

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