The 13 Best Air Conditioners of 2022

Air conditioners – Buying Guide and Comparison

Summer is the hottest season of the year, bringing with it high temperatures that can be unbearable both day and night, to the point where it is difficult for us to sleep. Air conditioners help us cool our home while having positive effects on our health, therefore, getting one of these systems is a very good idea. Among the most outstanding models is the Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF, which can provide an airflow of 9.7 m³/min, to cool down the room in a short time. In addition, it offers temperatures from -10 to +46 °C, which increases its versatility. If you prefer a model that allows you to rest comfortably at night thanks to its low noise level and has the function of hot and cold air to be able to use it all year round, we recommend the Fujitsu 3NGF8700.

The 13 Best Air Conditioners – Opinions 2022

Below, we present a complete list of selected and recommended products that we have prepared, taking into account characteristics such as quality, efficiency, design and market price, among others, so that your selection is the most appropriate to your needs.

Mitsubishi air conditioning

1. Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF Air Inverter

It is a Mitsubishi air conditioner that offers a cooling power of 2.5 kW and has a heating power of 3.15 kW. In this sense, it can provide an air flow of up to 9.7 m³/min, which provides optimal performance.

On the other hand, it generates a noise between 21 and 43 dB(A) depending on the selected power level, so it does not cause disturbances at night. It is important to note that it includes DC Inverter technology, capable of detecting the temperature inside the home to adapt the operation of the device according to your needs, which increases its efficiency.

This equipment offers an energy classification of A++, so it does not consume many resources and is respectful with the environment. As if that were not enough, it has compact dimensions to facilitate its installation in any space.

The best air conditioner must offer good performance and high-quality technology, like this model from the Mitsubishi brand. Let’s analyze its most important positive and negative aspects.


Multifunctionality: It can work as a dehumidifier and is capable of purifying the air, which increases versatility.

Flow: It offers a powerful flow that can reach up to 12 m away, to refresh the room faster in this way.

Temperature: Provides a temperature range of -10 to +46 °C to suit your needs.


Screen: It does not have a screen to display the set temperature, which makes it less practical when compared to other models.

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Fujitsu air conditioner

2. Fujitsu Split Air Conditioning Equipment

When we have to search the market for the best air conditioner, we are presented with many models to choose from, so we must pay close attention to their main characteristics.

The Fujitsu 3NGF8700 extractor unit has dimensions of 82 x 20.6 x 26.2 centimeters and the split 66.3 x 29.3 x 53.5 centimeters. The weight of the extractor unit is approximately 24 kilograms and the split 7.5 kilograms. The sound emitted by this Fujitsu air conditioner is reduced, so it will not interfere with the sound of your television in the room.

The Fujitsu air conditioning heat pump gives you the possibility of using this equipment throughout the year, regardless of the time or season, since it allows you to cool and heat the temperature of your room.

To acquire the best air conditioning of the moment, you must follow our recommendations, taking into account the following characteristics:


Versatile: The Fujitsu brand offers a versatile air conditioner that allows you to both cool and heat the temperature of a room.

Power: This model has a powerful motor that has a cooling power of 2,500 watts and a heating power of 3,200 watts.

Efficient: Its cold energy consumption is 0.53 kW and 0.67 kW in heat, therefore it obtains a good A/A energy classification.


Installation: One small detail must be considered, and that is that this model does not include the drain pipes, so they must be purchased separately before installing it.

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2×1 air conditioning

3. Termotek Airplus C9+12 Double Split Air Conditioner 

This 2×1 air conditioner includes a 9,000 BTU unit and a 12,000 BTU unit, allowing you to quickly create a comfortable space in your home, office, or business premises. In addition, each one produces a flow rate of 9.1 m³/min, enough to cool a room in a short period of time.

As for noise, these devices only generate 50 dB(A) when they are at maximum power, so they do not produce too invasive sound, thus allowing you to work, study or rest without causing discomfort. They also have Inverter technology, capable of automatically modifying the speed of the compressor to react to changes in temperature, increasing its efficiency and favoring energy savings.

On the other hand, the teams measure 90.5 x 35.5 x 27 cm each, so they do not take up too much space. In addition, they include remote controls to control each device independently.

It is normal to wonder which is the best air conditioner when looking at the variety of options available on the market. To help you decide, we invite you to carefully review the pros and cons of this product.


Kit: This package includes 2 air conditioners, 1 external unit to exhaust the air and 2 remote controls.

Performance: It has a 9,000 BTU unit and a 12,000 BTU unit to cool large rooms in a short time.

Oscillation: It can oscillate vertically and horizontally for better performance.


Installation: The equipment could present water leaks if they are not installed correctly, so it is recommended to hire a professional technical service.

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daikin air conditioner

4. Daikin Air Conditioning Axc35b R32 

Due to its competitive price and high-end properties to generate a fresh environment, this air conditioner presented by the manufacturer Daikin has adequate performance, being versatile and including a double filter to improve air quality, since it can absorb small particles and eliminate the bacteria. 

In addition, this model has been equipped with various modes to select from “comfortable sleep”, “powerful” and “timer”. Each of them has attributes that affect the temperature and sensation of the environment. In the case of the timer, it is possible to program with the control at the time indicated for 24 hours. 

Likewise, it has the possibility of being controlled by means of a WiFi control by an application for Android and Apple, which is not included. Similarly, this proposal, available in white, can air-condition areas between 21 and 27 m 2, with a cooling power of 3,400 W and a heating power of 4,000 W. During its operation, it emits a sound of 19 dB.

This alternative has several attributes that we have summarized so that you can analyze them in the form of pros and cons.


Modes: The model has several modes that improve the temperature in the rooms, depending on the needs, highlighting among them the timer, sleep mode and Powerful.

Inverter: This equipment is versatile and can be used in cooling or heating mode, with high energy savings.

Power: It is powerful and suitable for air conditioning rooms between 21 and 27 m 2.

Filter: It is equipped with a double filter to purify the air and prevent the proliferation of bacteria.


WiFi control: WiFi control is not included and is an option at an additional cost.

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Inverter air conditioner

5. Hisense Air Conditioner New Eco Easy 12000 TE35YD01 R-32

The Hisense brand presents this model of air conditioning that has efficient and versatile operation because it is of the inverter type, so that its compressor alternates speed so that the temperature is as desired in the rooms. 

In addition, this model is equipped with a heat pump, as well as a dehumidifier, so it can be suitable for both cooling and heating, depending on the needs. Its power is 12,000 BTU, with class A++ energy efficiency and it is charged with R32-type ecological gas. 

Due to its design characteristics, it is a convenient model for wall installation and is equipped with a sensor in its control that is capable of detecting the temperature to provide a more comfortable environment, with a cooling capacity of 25%. Also, it is equipped with Smart mode and its control mode is simple.

If this model has met some of your expectations, now it only remains for you to know its pros and cons to determine if it is efficient.


Power: It has a power of 12,000 BTUs, so it is suitable for large rooms.

Sensor: It has a sensor that can capture the ambient temperature and thus adapt that of the equipment to cool or heat, depending on the case.

Inverter: Its inverter technology allows the compressor to alternate speed to achieve a more comfortable environment.

Ecological: It complies with two ecological characteristics, as it is of A++ consumption and uses R32 type gas.


Installation: During installation, care must be taken not to hit the structure because it is delicate.

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LG air conditioner

6. Lg 599392031 Comfort split air conditioner12

This LG Split-type air conditioner is a very energy-efficient product that has an A++ rating, which will allow you to maintain a controlled electricity bill.

This device stands out for being super quiet, so you can use it while you sleep at night. Also, it includes a practical 24-hour timer that will help you control the use of the device, turning it off after the programmed time. On the other hand, this device integrates a practical remote control that facilitates its use from the sofa or bed.

Thanks to its practical air outlet, the device optimally distributes the flow within the room, so that you can enjoy a perfectly air-conditioned environment. It also incorporates an antibacterial filter and a dehumidifier function that protects the well-being of users. Its dimensions are 83.7 x 30.2 x 18.9 cm and it weighs approximately 8.5 kg.

Most brands have incorporated efficient antibacterial filters and this model stands out for its level of air protection.


Efficiency : This air conditioner has an A++ energy rating in cooling and A+ in heating mode.

Safe : This model includes a practical double antibacterial air filter that protects users from possible respiratory diseases.

Timer: Thanks to its practical timer, you can program the operation in automatic mode for up to 24 hours.

Comfort: You can rest comfortably even with this device on, thanks to the low noise level it generates.


Heating: If you are looking for a model that shares the same energy efficiency in both heating and cooling, we recommend another model on the list.

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Air conditioner without outdoor unit

7. Olimpia Splendid Unico Aair 8 HP Air Conditioner

This powerful dual-function air conditioner without an external unit with 1.8 kW of cooling and 1.7 kW of heating offers optimal activity to heat your room quickly, making it a highly energy-efficient air conditioner.

This air conditioner stands out for not having an outdoor unit, so there are only two holes on the outside of the place where it is installed, one for suction and the other for air expulsion.

Among its programmable functions, the ventilation mode stands out, which allows you to cool the room without much electricity consumption, and the dehumidification function, which will help take care of your well-being and that of your family. Also, you will be able to rest peacefully and without interruptions thanks to the low noise level that it generates of up to 27 dB.

This model stands out for its design without an external unit, so only two openings will be seen on the facade of your house so as not to break the aesthetics and design.


Programs: Includes a series of special programs, among which the ventilation and dehumidifier mode stand out, which improve the user experience significantly.

Silent : This device incorporates a system that reduces the minimum sound pressure of up to 27 dB, ideal for use at night.

Control : You can turn this device on and off remotely and from the comfort of your sofa or bed thanks to its remote control.


Price : If you’re on a budget, you’ll need to look elsewhere, as this air conditioner has one of the highest costs on this list.

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Panasonic air conditioner

8. Panasonic Air Conditioning UZ50VKE 4300 Fr R32

With an energy rating for cooling of A++ and several modes for versatile operation, such as inverter heating and comfort, this Panasonic model is a favorite among users, because it improves the thermal sensation and reduces air pollution, by retaining dust particles in your purifying filter.

In addition, this model is available in an elegant white colour, is equipped with a remote control and a rotary compressor, which provides a cooling capacity of 4,300 Fg/h, while for heating its average is 4,640 Kcal/h..

During its operation, this equipment is silent, since in sleep mode it only emits a sound that does not exceed 20 dB. Regarding its consumption, in the case of ambient cooling it is 1.65 kW and for heating it is 1.58 kW, so it is economical.

Before making a decision, we recommend that you review the positive and negative aspects of this model, to analyze whether it is the right one. 


Control: It has a remote control that facilitates the control of the equipment in its different functions.

Design: It has an elegant and modern design in white, which integrates with the decorative aesthetics.

Modes: According to convenience, it incorporates various operating modes to generate both heat and cold.

Capacity: It is powerful because its cooling capacity is 4300 Fg/h.


Consumption: The consumption of the equipment in cooling mode may be slightly higher, so it is recommended to use it sparingly.

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small air conditioner

9. Fujitsu ASY 35 Ui-LLCE Air Conditioner

IF you are looking for a small air conditioner with a good working and functional response to cool and heat the air in your room, we recommend this practical model from the Fujitsu brand that, thanks to its power of 0.73 kW/h, achieves a range of cooling of 720 m3/h.

This model presents great energy efficiency, achieving a high rating in both functions, with an A++ classification in cooling and A in heating. The internal unit, in its maximum operation, generates a noise level of up to 43 dB.

You can comfortably install this Split model on the wall thanks to its 66.3 x 82 x 29.3 cm measurements. This model includes a remote with which you can use this device remotely and from the comfort of your home. It also incorporates a filter that will keep the air clean.

IF you are looking for a compact Split air conditioner model, ideal for air conditioning your room in case of cold or heat, this model may be the one for you.


Efficiency : This efficient model incorporates a great energy classification of A++ for cooling and A for heating.

Inverter : It has inverter technology, which guarantees more efficient operation and consequently lower consumption.  

Filter: This model incorporates a filter that will keep the air in the room clean.


Range: The product cannot efficiently heat very large rooms, so you should choose a more powerful model if you have a large space.

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Daitsu air conditioner

10. Daitsu S0422577 Air Conditioning As18Kidc Db Split 

This Daitsu air conditioner can perform automatic vertical swing, which helps distribute the air evenly. In addition, it allows you to turn off the indicator lights partially or completely. In this way, it is possible to sleep without interruptions during the night.

On the other hand, it has the Turbo function, capable of increasing the cooling power to increase the performance of the equipment. In this sense, it offers a power of up to 5.20 kW to provide temperatures from -15 to +24 °C, so it can be used throughout the year.

It is important to highlight the I Feel function, made up of a sensor that can change the configuration of the device automatically according to the temperature of the room, which can improve its efficiency. As if that were not enough, it only generates 49 dB(A) of noise so as not to cause any inconvenience.

If you want an air conditioner that does not cost a lot of money and is easy to use, it is best to get to know this device in more detail.


Speeds: It offers different ventilation speeds to select the option that best suits your needs.

Timer: It has a timer to set a 24-hour operating schedule, which can bring you more convenience.

Dehumidification: It has a dehumidification function to reduce the humidity of the environment.


WiFi: Does not include the necessary interface to control the device wirelessly through the WiFi network. However, the package includes a remote control.

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Other products

11. MundoClima MUPR-12-H9A EFIMARKET Air Conditioner 

Enjoying pleasant sensations during the summer is easy if you get the MundoClima MUPR-12-H9A air conditioner. We are talking about a high-power product with a cooling capacity of 3,000 frigories. So it is ideal for large rooms, such as living rooms and dining rooms. 

A cooling that does not imply a high energy consumption, since the equipment has an A++ class energy rating. For more efficient operation, functions such as night mode, the programmable timer or the iFeel function are included, which adjust the behavior of the air according to the temperature measured by the device. 

And when winter comes, you also have the heat pump, so that heating your home during the cold is just as easy.

Cooling large rooms is easier thanks to the large cooling capacity offered by this equipment.


Power : The device offers you a power of 3,000 frigories, suitable even for rooms of a certain size.

Functionality : The air has functions such as turbo mode, night mode, timer or the iFeel system.

Self-cleaning : The equipment incorporates a self-cleaning system with which to simplify maintenance tasks.


Dehumidifier: Although it seems strange, the equipment does not include the dehumidifier function that is common in these products.

Mounting kit: As usual, you must add an installation kit to your shopping list.

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12. Ferroli Monosplit Diamond Air Conditioning 

It is a high performance air conditioner, as it provides a cooling power of 3.5 kW and heating of 2.6 kW. For this reason, it can be used both in summer and winter to air-condition the room according to your needs. In this sense, it is appropriate to use it in your home, office or commercial premises.

Also, it is a silent device, since the indoor unit only generates 53 dB, so it is not annoying to rest at night or concentrate during working hours.

For greater practicality, it includes an interface to connect the device to a WiFi network and control it through your mobile phone. In this case, it is only necessary to download the free Ferroli application to access all the functions of the air conditioner.

If you want a cheap and good quality device to air condition the environment, then it is convenient that you review this model in more detail.


Savings: It has an A++ energy rating when cooling and heating, so it consumes less energy than other appliances.

Technology: It incorporates Inverter technology, capable of keeping the temperature of the room constant to make better use of resources.

Performance: It offers a range of 40 to 45 m², so it provides good performance.


Sound: External equipment can generate up to 65 dB, so it is recommended not to install it near rooms intended for rest.

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13.LG C12AWR Air Conditioner 

This LG brand air conditioner has a cooling power of 1090 W, enough to cool small rooms in a short time and efficiently. It can also generate up to 1260W to provide a flow of warm air, which is very useful during the winter.

To facilitate its maintenance, the equipment has a self-cleaning system that can eliminate internal humidity, favoring the proper functioning of the device. Similarly, it has the Jet Cool function, capable of increasing the speed of the fan and cooling the room through a powerful air flow, which improves performance.

It also offers the innovative NEO Plasma air purification system, which incorporates a filter developed by LG to eliminate microscopic contaminating organisms, which provides a cleaner environment.

Achieving a comfortable temperature in the room is possible if you have a high-quality air conditioner, like this model. Let’s learn more about its main features.


Purification: It incorporates a plasma purifying filter, which can provide cleaner air.

Resistance: It has an anti-corrosion structure, which increases resistance and prevents damage caused by moisture.

Design: It offers a minimalist silver design, which allows you to adapt it more easily to the decoration of the room.


Remote control: The remote control has several buttons, so it could be difficult to use if you do not have experience with this type of device.

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Accessories for air conditioners

air conditioning ducts

Eyepower 15209

If you are looking for an economical and efficient alternative for ventilation that is highly durable and resistant, while allowing efficient operation of your air conditioner, we recommend this ventilation hose for heaters, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

This air conditioning hose is made of aluminum and polyester, reinforced by a spiral of steel wires, which guarantees that it is a product resistant to high temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees Celsius and highly durable. It has a length of 10 meters and a diameter of 100 millimeters.

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Johnson-Airwell 4385fr

This is one of the best alternatives in ducted air conditioners, since it is an excellent model in terms of operating efficiency and economy to cool your home. This practical ducted air conditioner is an ideal device for distributing the air produced by central air conditioning systems throughout the home.

Thanks to its inverter motor and rotary compressor, this device adjusts the speed of the compressor in such a way that the cooling power is adapted to that required, for which it obtains a high energy rating, reaching an A++ classification.

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Shopping guide

If you are one of those who live in a hot city but love having a cold house like a fridge, you will understand very well how important it is to have an efficient air conditioning system in your home, which keeps your family cool and protected. We want to help you in the arduous task of choosing the best and cheapest model, so we have prepared a brief guide to buying the best air conditioner detailing the most important features that you must take into account when buying one of these appliances.

Power and efficiency

Among the main characteristics that you must take into account when choosing a new air conditioner is the power, since it largely determines how efficient the device is in reaching the desired temperature, as well as using the energy resource. This point is very important, especially if we are aware of the environment or if we are just looking to reduce our electricity bill.

To determine the power that the device needs to have in a way that works for you, it is essential to know the BTUs that the cooling unit offers. For this reason, it is very important that it incorporates energy efficiency technology and does not generate high consumption. The compan

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