The 13 Best Softeners of 2022

Water softener – Buying Guide and Comparison

Softener equipment, more than a luxury, has become a necessity, since thanks to them we can eliminate the lime contained in the water, which gradually causes deterioration. So, if you have already decided to acquire one, you should investigate the operation and capacity of each model to get the one that suits you best. Water2buy AS200  is a compact piece of equipment that can be easily mounted in any area of ​​the sink with the help of a few connectors, thus offering you a level of daily water softening for families of no more than four members. In addition, its operation is compatible with salt in block or granulated type. Another good option could be the Honeywell FF06-1/2AA, a softener for use in the home, for water consumption not exceeding 500 liters per hour, whose use is convenient because it prevents corrosion, thanks to the fact that it filters particles and sediments, as well as saves water and energy, by providing a liquid natural.

The 13 Best Softeners – Opinions 2022

Nobody said that selecting a softener for your home was easy. For this reason, we have carried out an exhaustive search in the market to present you with some of the products with the highest positioning, together with a detailed explanation of their attributes and operation. If you want to know about them, then you should read the next section.

water softener

1. Water2buy W2B200 Water Softener

To get the best softener, you can review this model patented by the Water2buy house. It is an electronic device provided with a work force corresponding to 12 watts, a structure of 52 x 22 x 65 centimeters and a weight of 18.3 kilograms.

Its assembly is designed for the sink area, but you must take some precautions regarding space, to avoid setbacks with the adjustment of the hoses, as well as when removing the front cover to place different types of salt, either in block or crystal.

With this equipment you can decalcify a maximum of 1,250 liters of water daily, being an adequate amount for homes with a maximum of four people. In addition, it offers an automated cleaning mode that only requires 30 minutes to run. Additionally, you will find in the package of the water softener a guarantee certificate, an instruction manual and a valve with a ¾-inch connector.

The high quality standards used by the manufacturer for this equipment, its intuitive operation and quick assembly have made it a candidate for the best softener of the moment.


Format: The structure has compact dimensions, with depth, width, height of 52 x 22 x 65 centimeters and a weight of 18.3 kilograms.

Capacity: Regarding the capacity of the equipment to soften the water, you will have a maximum of 1,250 liters per day.

Cleaning: The cleaning process is favored thanks to the fact that the device has an automated mode, which runs in just 30 minutes.

Warranty: The warranty certificate incorporated with the purchase has a duration of seven years and, if you want your money back, you will have a period of 30 days.


Instruction manual: The absence of a Spanish version of the instruction manual is the only complaint found regarding this model.

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Salt-free softener

2. Honeywell FF06-1/2AA Miniplus filter with fitting

Those who are looking for a model with simple, but efficient properties to soften water, may be interested in knowing the specifications of this model, since it complies with these standards. 

The proposal is convenient to install in homes that do not consume more than 500 liters of water per hour and serves for the comprehensive protection of pipes and electrical appliances in the house. 

Thanks to its construction, it is suitable for all types of wiring, whether copper or per, and its installation in the main source for the water outlet is recommended. 

Likewise, it is convenient to reduce the action of corrosion since it filters particles and sediments, without reducing pressure. It does not require any type of maintenance, magnet or salts. The use of this device makes the water less polluted and aggressive for both the skin and the hair.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of this model, below we present its favorable and negative aspects. 


Installation: The installation of this model is quick and easy to execute with just a few simple steps.

Maintenance: This model does not require maintenance. It also doesn’t use magnet, salt, or chemicals, so it works simply. 

Function: It serves to protect pipes and appliances against sediment and corrosion, because it filters particles.

Uses: It can be used in homes with consumption of less than 500 liters of water per hour, which is a convenient level.


Spare parts: Finding spare parts on the market to replace some parts may be complex.

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electronic softener

3. Cptdcl Electronic water softener

With the CPTDCL electronic softener you can forget about all the inconveniences caused by extremely hard water in your home’s pipes and appliances. This model could be the best softener of 2022, since it has a simple design and compact dimensions so as not to take up space when installed.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this device is that it does not require maintenance, so you will not have to spend money on spare parts or maintenance materials. Its design and capacity allow it to work with copper and PVC pipes.

It is blue in color and its casing is made of aluminum alloy to ensure a long service life. As for its installation, it is quite simple, since to connect the cables you will only have to press the connector button, insert it and release it, then connect the equipment to the power outlet using the adapter and that’s it.

With an electronic softener like the one from CPTDCL you can enjoy water with less hardness and safer to consume and clean. Learn about its pros and cons here:


Design: It has a small size so as not to take up space and is made of aluminum alloy to keep it light.

Installation: To install the cables, you will only have to press a button that will keep them connected to pressure.

Maintenance: It does not require maintenance or replacement of cartridges, being economical to use.


Settings: The equipment does not work with adjustment menus nor does it allow changes to its parameters.

Indicators: The LED indicators can be a bit confusing depending on the installation orientation.

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domestic softener

4. Water2buy W2B800 Water Softener

Water2Buy is a manufacturer whose products are widely accepted in the market, as is the case with this electronic model, which makes its way among its competitors to position itself as one of the best softeners of 2022.

Its casing has a robust format of 47.5 x 22.5 x 110 centimeters, to which is added a weight of 25 kilograms. The design of this domestic softener has a discreet aesthetic in blue, its assembly can be done under the sink and for maintenance it only requires a bag of salt or a couple of blocks of said mineral. In this way, the internal cleaning process of the equipment will be carried out with the help of its automated 30-minute function.

With regard to the filtering capacity of the device, we have that it is capable of decalcifying up to 3,680 liters of water in a period of 24 hours, a recommended amount for families of approximately 10 people. The process is fast, simple and silent.

With the long history and positioning of the Water2Buy house, it is not surprising that the products belonging to its purchase catalog are considered equipment from the best brand of softeners.


Capacity: The descaling level of the device is appropriate to filter a maximum of 3,680 liters of water, which is a sufficient amount of liquid for the consumption of 10 people.

Dimensions: This is a robust softener that has been produced in a 47.5 x 22.5 x 110 centimeter format, with the measurements corresponding to the height, depth and width of the structure.

Cleaning: The cleaning process of the softener will not be an inconvenience for you, since it cleans itself automatically in just 30 minutes.

Design: The case has a discreet white design with some dark blue details.


Accessories: The lack of some connection hoses for assembly has been a negative point commented on in the purchase portals.

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magnetic softener

5. Sanymax General Magnetic Antical

Sanymax’s SX200 is a magnetic softener that you can connect to your home’s pipe system to prevent lime deposits from forming that would later obstruct the flow of water, thus affecting the flow, even blocking it completely.

The descaling device has dimensions of 9.2 x 3.2 x 6.1 centimeters and weighs just 200 grams, making it easy to handle and install. Its capacity allows it to work with 1” pipes together with a maximum water flow of 3,200 liters per hour.

It is made up of a casing made of plastic that contains ceramic magnets combined with anisotropic ferrite magnetic cores, which will be in charge of filtering the water that passes through the softener connector. Another noteworthy aspect is that it has a class A+++ energy consumption category, thus avoiding generating considerable impacts on your electricity bill.

If you are interested in investing in a magnetic water softener, consider the advantages offered by the Sanymax option:


Design: It is a magnetic water softener with a compact size and light weight so that it can be easily installed.

Capacity: It can work with 1” pipes that allow a water flow of up to 3,200 l/h to pass through.

Materials: Its manufacturing materials are of good quality and reliable to guarantee good performance.


Time: It seems to take longer than other types of softeners to do its job.

Limitation: If the piping system is very extensive, it is recommended to use several softeners in order to notice the improvement.

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softener for home

6. Water Filter Man Ltd EcoPlus Water Filtration System

This model could be a good home softener, since its manufacturer guarantees a mineral removal effectiveness of up to 99.6%. The Water Filter Man Ltd system is made up of two containers where two separate filter cycles have been integrated. The first cycle is responsible for trapping all kinds of components, including heavy metals and chlorine, which will improve the taste of the water and its smell. In addition to this, the system stands out for having antibacterial treatments.

The second cycle is responsible for preventing the formation of rust, that is, the effect that excess salt has on the water in the pipes. Likewise, it also provides benefits for the rust that is already present in them.

All these details make this system the answer for some when they are asked which is the best softener, since it is responsible for offering much purer, safer and healthier water.

If you are interested in purchasing a water softener system that works with containers and several filter cycles, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this model:


System: It is a two-container system that works with different filtration stages to remove debris and minerals.

Prevention: It also prevents the formation of rust inside household pipes.

Treatments: The systems have treatments to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in their components.


Size: Due to its design, it has a considerable size and will take up more space than others.

Warranty: The warranty does not include the filter cartridge that is included with the softener.

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industrial softener

7. Uniprodo Softener Descaling System

If you are looking for a modern and easy-to-use model, this proposal from the manufacturer Uniprodo may be the most suitable on the market for your requirements, because it includes an automatic valve that does not need cumbersome configurations. 

In addition, thanks to its construction and mechanisms, it is a long-lasting softener that does not require maintenance, because it has automatic regeneration, with a resin volume of 15 litres. These specifications make it suitable for homes and businesses with a number of people between 2 and 8. It is also quite compatible, withstanding a pressure of 1.5 to 5 bars.

Likewise, it is an efficient equipment for the flow of water of 2.9 cubic meters per hour and works with a 12 V power supply, as well as with a power of 3.3 W, for a working temperature range of between 1 and 39 °C. Its construction is robust, with a plastic casing and it is equipped with an LCD screen.

This model has additional specifications that we have summarized in the following pros and cons. 


Use: Its use is simple because it has an automatic valve that does not require configuration.

Power: It has a power of 3.3 W for water flows of up to 2.9 m³/h, with a resin volume of 15 L, which is a favorable capacity.

Design: It has a design with an LCD screen and a white plastic casing that combines visually.

Kit: This is a complete kit that, in addition to the main part, includes hoses, nuts, clamps and gaskets, to achieve an efficient assembly.


Delicacy: It must be treated with care and delicacy so that its operation is not damaged.

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volumetric softener

8. Pentair Fleck Water Softener

With this Fleck volumetric softener you can enjoy 22 liters of previously purified water for you to use as you wish. The system works with a stainless steel bypass, which will extend the useful life of the other components and will not show signs of wear due to humidity, along with an anti-overflow float that will prevent the tank from exceeding its capacity.

In addition to this, the Fleck brand softener includes with its purchase a digital controller that is equipped with an LCD screen where you can change the operating configuration of the system, as well as determine the schedule of some vital actions in case it does not suit you. the one that comes from the factory.

And, although it may seem a bit tall, the tank is slim, so you can place it in a corner so that it does not get in the way and thus make better use of the available space in your house or apartment.

Fleck has for you a quite practical and useful monobloc water softener for domestic use. Learn about its most notable positive and negative aspects below:


Design: The tank is tall, but thin so as not to take up too much space, and you will always have 22 liters of purified water available.

Controller: Work with a digital controller that will let you change some parameters regarding its performance.

Bypass: The bypass is made of stainless steel to increase its resistance and useful life.


Usage: Please note that it is designed for home use for few people.

Backlight: Unlike other controllers, this one does not have a backlight on its screen.

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Hydrowater softener

9. Hydrowater. Uf-0205-04 Water softener 35lt

The Hidrowater Uf-0205-04 softener is an automatic system that applies its treatment through the resin to obtain the ionic change and eliminate the hardness of the water.

This model of osmosis softener is made up of two containers made of blown polyethylene that makes them light, but durable and resistant. The bottle of the first container is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester, which guarantees a long service life.

It can be managed through its digital programmer with which you can enjoy customization functions, as well as forced regeneration frequency for when you want to apply maintenance to the softener system.

It has a connection for 1” pipes and can work with a water flow pressure of between 2.5 bar and 6 bar, being suitable for domestic and office use. In addition, its capacity with respect to hot water is at a maximum temperature of 40 °C.

This Hidrowater brand option has advantages and disadvantages that could be of interest to you to make a good purchase decision:


System: It is a two-container softening system to guarantee a more efficient and perceptible purity.

Pressure: The 1” connections of the containers can withstand a water pressure of a maximum of 6 bars.

Programming: With its digital programmer you can activate the forced regeneration when you need to clean the system.


Capacity: For its price, its 35-liter capacity may seem small.

Space: Being two containers, it takes up more space than with simpler and more compact systems.

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Shower softener

10. WinArrow No Pollution Replaceable High Output

If you need to install a shower softener, consider this WinArrow model, as it is capable of removing heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium and nickel from your water, as well as chlorine, bacteria, ammonia and pesticides, which increases its degree. purity and safety for use and consumption.

The equipment has dimensions of 8.5 x 8.5 x 11.7 centimeters and weighs 363 grams. It has a chrome finish that will slow down oxidation wear and extend the life of the product.

It is indicated that it is easy to install, since the softener works with ½” universal connections so that you do not have problems when placing it in your shower.

Regarding the benefits provided by washing yourself with purified water, there are the reduction of dandruff, itchy skin and eczema. On the other hand, washing your hair with residue-free water will improve its aesthetics and you will notice it with more life and shine.

In case you want to install a softener in your shower, consider what the WinArrow model offers you:


Design: This equipment has an attractive, modern design with good finishes so you can take advantage of it.

Installation: It is easily installed thanks to its ½” universal connections.

Benefits: In addition to offering numerous benefits for the skin, it also provides advantages for the improvement of capillary health.


Utility: It is designed for the shower, so it is not suitable for the entire plumbing system.

Elbows: It would be good to include elbows in case the connection is close to the faucet.

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ATH softener

11. Ath RoboSoft 20 120e low consumption water softener

This ATH electronic water softener has been made with high-end materials to provide a long useful life, as well as incorporating advanced technology that will allow you to enjoy efficient operation.

The format of the ATH softener equipment is robust, the design has quality finishes and aesthetically the white casing denotes great elegance. For its elaboration, a combination of polyethylene with a blowing technique, fiberglass reinforcements, resin and polymer for food use was used for the interior of the device.

The structure has a salt deposit together with an LED indicator, which will alert you when the mineral level is low. Likewise, it incorporates a filter to prevent the passage of impurities, an automatic cleaning function each time the regeneration of the descaling cycle starts and a valve with adjustable water pressure between 2.5 and 8 bars. The direct current supply is 220 volts and works with a transformer.

RoboSoft 120 E is a model of water softeners developed by the ATH house, incorporated into the market to offer efficient operation, with an attractive design, resistant casing and automated cleaning.


Pressure: The pressure of the valve incorporated in the equipment can be regulated from 2.5 to 8 bars, depending on your needs of use.

Power: The electrical consumption made by the softener is equivalent to 24 watts, being quite low.

Casing: For the manufacture of the casing, high-end materials were used both externally and internally, thus offering a resistant product with a long useful life.

Cleaning: In order to guarantee good performance of the softener, an automatic cleaning mechanism with low salt consumption has been incorporated.


Dimensions: There are those who think that the size of the softener is a bit robust, so it will take up space at the time of installation.

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Other products

12. Classeq ws12-sk Manual water softener

So that you can enjoy pure water in your home and prevent both you and your family members from being affected by the effects of limescale present in untreated water, we invite you to consider the WS12-SK.

This product presented by Classeq comes in a cylindrical structure made of stainless steel, which provides protection against rust and corrosion, as well as it will withstand impacts. In addition, it measures 18 centimeters in diameter and 52 centimeters high, so it will not take up much space in the place where you install it.

Additionally, it uses an ion exchange filter with granulated salt to prevent the passage of limescale, so you and your family can enjoy clean water without having to worry about illnesses or your clothes being affected by stains caused by excess lime.

This Classeq product is made for domestic use, so if it is of interest to you, we invite you to evaluate its pros and cons.


Materials: It is made of stainless steel, so you will not have to worry about rust or corrosion.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 12 liters, being enough to enjoy drinking water.

Filtering: It uses an ion exchange filter that traps the lime present in the water. 


Weight: It is recommended to install the equipment on a base or directly on the ground so that the weight does not damage the piping system.

Filters: It does not have a system that allows you to know when to place a new filter.

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13. De’longhi Ecodecalk Universal descaling liquid

When you start your search for the best value for money softener, you will find this salt-free product developed by De’Longhi among the main options, which also appears among the cheapest.

It is a descaler for coffee makers, which will quickly eliminate the limescale accumulated in the appliance, after pouring into it the measure of liquid indicated by the manufacturer. Then, you must start a work cycle of the equipment, thus obtaining immediate results that will lengthen its useful life and significantly improve efficiency. As you can see, the process is simple and safe, since it is a compound of ecological origin, which will not deteriorate the material of the structure or irritate your skin.

Regarding the presentation of the product, we have a practical 500-milliliter plastic container, suitable for carrying out a maximum of four decalcifications. The cap is screw-top and on the label you will find both indications and recommendations for use.

If you want a product that quickly and easily removes the limescale that has accumulated in your coffee maker, then this descaler could be the best purchase alternative for you. In addition, according to buyers, it is positioned among the cheapest.


Packaging: The bottle used to contain the descaler has a safe design made of soft white polymer.

Content: The product has 500 milliliters of content, which is an amount designed to carry out a total of four descaling sessions.

Use: The process of using the product is very simple and will not take up your time, since you only have to pour a measure of the descaler into the coffee maker and activate a work cycle.

Instructions: On the container label you will find detailed instructions about all the steps to follow to use the product and obtain the expected results.


Aroma: Despite being an ecological product, the descaler has a slightly strong aroma.

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Softener Accessories

Salt for softener

Water2buy 25Kg salt for softener

When it is time to change the salt in your softener, we recommend the Water2buy product, since you will get a total of 25 kilograms of crystals in a single purchase, so you will have more than enough for the maintenance of your equipment.

This salt for softener has a composition of 99.8% pure sodium chloride, which generates the desired and expected effects in the equipment. It has a high solubility, to be able to generate pure brine and it is also ecological, thanks to the fact that it is capable of evaporating.

On the other hand, it has the European regulation certificates that guarantee safety during consumption, so you can use it with confidence.

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softener filter

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