The 3 Best Fleck Electric Water Heaters of 2022

Electric water heater Fleck – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Fleck electric water heaters have become a benchmark among consumers who want to always have hot water in their shower or bathtub. These products are recognized for the high quality of their materials, as well as their great electrical performance, resistance and durability in different conditions. In addition, they are attractive thermoses whose range adapts to all types of families. This is what happens, for example, with the Thermo DUO 80 model, which offers a total capacity of 80 litres, suitable for families. The DUO system allows it to be installed horizontally or vertically, while the front panel helps maintain control over its state of charge. An excellent product considered as the favorite of consumers. For its part, the DUO-5 50 modelIt has an intuitive LCD screen that is easy to use, with Soft Touch buttons and a Shower Ready function, which indicates when the water is ready for use. In addition, it can reach between 40º and 80º C, thanks to its 1500 W absorbed power motor.

Buying guide – What is the best Fleck electric water heater on the market?

During the winter season it is important to have equipment that allows you to enjoy water at a suitable temperature, whether in the shower or when washing dishes. For this reason, this guide has been prepared to buy the best Fleck electric water heater, where you will have the necessary information to help you select a model that suits your needs.


The capacity of the electric water heaters is one of the main points to consider when making a comparison of Fleck electric water heaters, so it is important to know that the DUO line has at least three sizes, among which are those of 50, 80 and 100 litres. These are considered as medium thermoses.

It is worth mentioning that the 50-liter thermos are recommended for a place where only a couple lives, the 80-liter ones are adequate to supply a family of 4, while the 100-liter ones are appropriate to cover the needs of a family of more of 4 people.

These equipments also have in common the maximum absorbed power, which is generally 1500 W, in addition, they include an auxiliary accumulator of 1000 W of power and work with 230 volts. The minimum temperature offered is 40º and the maximum is 80º C, so you can heat the water quickly.

Regarding the energy efficiency class, these water heaters are at level B, since they are respectful with the environment and generate less energy costs. In this sense, there are models that reduce heating time from 21% to 60%.


One of the best ways to know how much one of these models costs, if you want to buy one that is cheap and of quality, is by taking into account its functions. In the case of Fleck electric water heaters, they share their internal structure with a double accumulator, which manages to stratify hot water with cold water to make water heating cycles more flexible.

Among the main functions that these devices can have is the Rec Plus, which allows you to save up to 10% energy, because it has a microprocessor that memorizes your hot water consumption habits during the day, in this way you will only have it available when necessary and you can reduce energy expenditure.

Also, some have the Shower Ready function, which reduces the time it takes to heat the water for the first shower and tells you when it is ready to be used, thanks to its control panel. On the other hand, it has the ABS security system, which prevents a malfunction of the equipment through the self-diagnosis function and the ECT function. In addition, it is capable of obtaining great performance thanks to its electronic temperature control.


In general, the electric water heaters of the renowned Fleck brand have elegant and sober designs with simple lines. In this way, they are easy to integrate with the furniture in the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or any other area where they are needed. Likewise, they offer the possibility of being installed in two positions, either horizontally or vertically, in this way you can adapt them to the available space.

In this sense, its dimensions are quite discreet so as not to alter the aesthetics of the place, which is why most models are approximately 20 cm deep and 50 cm wide, the only difference is in their height, which depends directly on its capacity, but does not exceed 130 cm. Likewise, the installation of each model is carried out using the uniFleck universal support, which ensures compatibility.

On the other hand, some incorporate an intuitive LCD front screen, which has Soft Touch buttons to facilitate the activation of the different functions, such as on/off and temperature adjustment, they also have a temperature indicator light according to degrees, shower indicator ready and Rec Plus indicator.

The 3 Best Electric Thermos Fleck – Opinions 2022

1. Ariston Thermo Duo 80 Vertical Electric Thermo

main advantage

Its 80-litre capacity will allow you to always have hot water in the shower or sink, and at the ideal temperature because it has a double accumulator system to mix hot and cold water, considerably reducing waiting time.

main disadvantage

Some users report that the drain tap leaks at first, but after a few days it stops dripping.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This equipment can fully meet the demand for hot water for a small family, with its Duo system it allows a quick mix of hot and cold water to improve the heating phase and provide hot water in a short time, in addition to its compact and aesthetic design. an appliance that is pleasing to the eye and its installation is very simple.

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Fleck electric water heaters or water heaters are very useful equipment, especially in cold seasons when taking a hot water bath is totally relaxing and necessary, which is why in every home or at least in most there is one of these. Capacity is the determining factor when choosing the right one for our home, since we must identify the actual water consumption to acquire the one that best suits our needs.

The Fleck Ariston Thermo Duo 80 has an 80 liter water reservoir, enough to supply a typical family of 4 members, this device has the ability to quickly heat water to a maximum temperature of 80ºC because it absorbs a total power of 1500W. In addition, the merger of the renowned companies Fleck and Ariston gives the consumer a guarantee of obtaining durable and resistant equipment to meet the demands of the vital liquid at the ideal temperature for the whole family.

Design and display

Acquiring equipment of this nature is an investment and that is why you care about choosing one that adapts to new trends in household appliances. Although it is not generally visible to everyone, the Thermo DUO 80 heater has a modern design combined in white with silver, with fine curves at the ends and can be adapted to any space either vertically or horizontally because it measures 49cm in length. wide x 27cm deep and 109cm high.

This thermos also has a built-in LCD screen with which you can adjust the hot water temperature, turn the heater on and off with the on/off button, as well as view the hot water temperature indicator and the Shower Ready mode that indicates when the water has warmed up enough to take a shower.

energy saving

Electric water heaters have conventionally been considered high-consumption appliances, and today, when more ecological and sustainable technologies have been developed, the Fleck Ariston Thermo DUO 80 at the forefront of energy saving has the REC Plus function incorporated, which through A microprocessor makes a record of the habits that exist in the home regarding the consumption of hot water and the hours in which it is used in order to save water and energy during the hours in which the tap is not turned on.

This function is activated and deactivated on the LCD screen that the heater has incorporated, so the user can save energy as many times as he wants. In addition, this microprocessor also fulfills the self-diagnosis function with which a code will be indicated on the screen if the equipment presents a problem or fails to solve it quickly, extending the useful life of the thermos.

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2. Fleck Duo Electric Thermo Efficiency BBM

It has a double accumulator structure, which offers a better distribution of hot and cold water. In addition, its vitrified titanium coating prevents corrosion and bacteria. On the other hand, it includes the new Rec Plus function, which memorizes water consumption habits to save energy, which is why it is considered the best Fleck electric thermos for value for money at the moment, according to some users.

In addition to being one of the cheapest in this selection, it has an intuitive LCD front screen that shows the temperature level and allows you to adjust it. Likewise, it incorporates an indicator for the Shower Ready function, which reduces the heating time of the water and indicates when it is ready for use, as well as an on and off button.

It is a multifunction equipment, which offers the possibility of installing it horizontally or vertically for greater convenience. It has a capacity of 50 liters and an absorbed power of 1500 W, offering a minimum temperature of 40º and a maximum of 80º C.

But if you still have doubts and want to know which Fleck electric water heater to buy, we present the most important pros and cons of this model, so that you can take them into consideration when deciding:


Power: It has an absorbed power of 1500 W at 230 V, which offers 5 temperature levels, starting at 40 ºC up to 80 ºC.

Structure: It has a double accumulator structure that makes a greater distribution of hot and cold water. In addition, it has a vitrified coating that prevents bacteria and corrosion.

Functions: The Shower Ready function reduces waiting time and indicates when the water is ready for use. Likewise, the Rec Plus function is capable of memorizing consumption habits to save energy.


Capacity: It has a capacity of 50 liters, which might not be the most appropriate for a family of 3 or 4 members. However, it is suitable for a couple.

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3. Ariston Thermo Duo 100 Vertical Electric Thermo

We wanted to close this list with a thermos with more capacity. The Fleck Duo 100, as its name indicates, has a capacity for 100 liters of water, with all the technological features offered by the brand. It has a double accumulator with a titanium vitrified coating and it is multi-position, so you can install it vertically or horizontally.

It has the Shower ready function that lets you know if the water is ready for the shower, and the REC function of its intelligent electronic thermostat that allows you to save energy.

It also features a submerged shielded resistor for long life. Its LCD technology front screen will keep you informed of its operation and the safety valve will prevent accidents.

The Fleck Duo 100 has a maximum absorbed power of 1,500 W and its dimensions are 27 cm deep, 49 cm wide and 127.5 cm high. Remember, Fleck thermoses are robust and quality devices, therefore they are very resistant to corrosion.

When thinking about saving and taking a good product home, we leave you the pros and cons of the best electric water heater for 250 euros, according to the recommendations of the clients.


Accumulator: It has a double accumulator with a titanium vitrified coating, with an incredible capacity of 100 liters of water.

Durability: These teams must be resistant for daily use; This thermos offers you a submerged armored resistance inside, offering you a long useful life.

Heating: Reduces up to 60% the time for heating the water for the first shower, thus minimizing energy consumption.

LED screen: Here you can monitor the equipment as it indicates the temperature of the water (adjusting it to your liking); the available amount of water, among other options.


Delay: For some users, the water takes a while to reach the desired temperature; That is why we recommend checking the connections well during installation.

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Ariston Thermo DUO 80 Vertical Electric Thermo

The latest from Fleck is its DUO thermos system, that is to say, they have an innovative double-accumulator internal structure that allows a better mixture of hot water with cold water and greater flexibility of the heating cycles, which is why it manages to reduce the waiting time for heating the first shower up to 60% compared to a conventional thermos.

This is one of the best Fleck electric water heaters currently available with a medium capacity and size (490 x 270 x 1090 mm) but with all the technological advantages of the brand.

When the electric water heater has heated enough water for a shower, the “Shower ready” indicator lights up. The accumulators work independently, which in turn minimizes energy consumption. With the REC function active, this DUO water heater can heat only one accumulator to reduce the user’s energy consumption. This means that it is kind to the environment and helps you reduce the amount of your electricity bill.

Although it has compact dimensions with a minimum depth of 27 cm, the Fleck Ariston Thermo DUO 80 reaches a maximum power of 1,500 W. This is an intelligent thermos that allows optimal water stratification.

When there is enough hot water for the first shower, the resistance of the main tank stops. Subsequently, the resistance of the auxiliary accumulator comes into operation.

It is a product that has great support in the opinion of users, which makes it stand out as the best fleck electric thermos of the moment. Next we will give you the specifications of this product.


System: This equipment has inside a DUO system, double water accumulator, one for cold water and the other for hot water that work independently.

Capacity and size: It has a capacity for 80 liters of water, its dimensions are 27 x 49 x 109 cm, obtaining a weight of 26 kilos.

Installation: Depending on the space you have, you can install it vertically or horizontally; taking into account that you must fix it well to avoid future problems.

Screen: It has an LED screen where you can see the temperature of the water, the operation of the equipment, the amount of water available; among others.

Security: It has a technological system and a safety valve preventing equipment malfunction, giving you the necessary security.

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How to use a Fleck electric water heater

For many it is necessary to have hot water at home, since after a long day at work nothing relaxes better than taking a hot shower for a few minutes, releasing all the tensions of everyday life.

Similarly, there are seasons of the year, such as winter, when we require a device capable of heating water in a simple way. But for this to be possible, you need to carry out a correct installation, so you must learn how to use a Fleck electric water heater in a few steps.

Adapt the installation space

You must install the equipment in a place that is easily accessible to you and the whole family; so they can program and fill it with ease. Likewise, it is important that the selected space does not generate complications when accessing the main drinking water pipe, allowing connections to be made properly. A highly recommended place is the bathroom, but this is a decision that you will have to make depending on the dimensions of the thermos.

Make the assembly

You can mount the equipment both horizontally and vertically, depending only on the model and the aesthetics you want to give it. To start, you will have to make some holes in the wall with the help of a drill, being necessary to fix four metal reinforcements to the surface with the help of some screws.

Remember to pull them to check their resistance. Now, on the newly installed parts, you will have to anchor the metal ends of the tank and secure them by screwing in the fasteners; in this way you will avoid any type of detachment when adding the weight of the water.

Adjust the water inlet connections

Take a high-density PVC plastic T and fix it with screws at the water inlet of the device; This will help you to then screw both the drain tap and the overpressure hose into it.

Make sure that the material of the evacuation tubes and the connectors used in both inputs have resistance to temperatures not lower than 80 °C; This way you will prevent them from giving in to the heat and you will have to replace them.

fill the thermos

It is necessary that, when filling the container for the first time, you do not use it immediately, since the equipment contains residues due to manufacturing and transfer defects. For this reason, you will need to open the faucet, put water inside it and then empty it; this way you will clean it quickly. The second filling that you do will have the appropriate liquid that will be destined for daily use.

Connect the power cable

Extend the power cord to plug it in. If you do not have the necessary length to access the power supply, you must use an extension.

Schedule the operation

Turn on the device by touching the power option on the touch screen. If the installation was done horizontally, then you have to start by adjusting the direction of the screen. To do this you must hold down the “REC” and “MODE” keys for five seconds. The next step is to set the time automatically, requiring you to press the “SET” button for three seconds.

Also, just by pressing it you can record the preselected temperature for the shower water. In addition, the REC Plus function memorizes the consumption patterns that are most repeated in the home and the specific time, so it will help you reduce energy consumption during certain hours of the day.

The best Fleck brand

Electric water heaters are an excellent tool with which you can have hot water for your shower, your kitchen and any other task that you need it for. These thermoses have a high-quality system, with adequate power to save energy and that you can make the most of the water outlet system and its heat. For this, it is always advisable to choose quality models such as the Fleck thermos, which we analyze below.

Although the Fleck brand is currently part of the catalog of the multinational Ariston, the company has its origins in Barcelona back in the 60s. This birth takes place precisely in the year 1955, in which it begins to sell its first shower thermos for to be able to heat water and put aside the traditional butane heaters.

A product that would be well received in the market and that would be accompanied by the first electric pressure water heaters back in the 1960s. A system and an evolution that would lead the company in the 1970s to become the leader in the national market and to bet by innovative systems such as the RILSAN-based boiler coating or magnesium anodes that improve product protection.

In the Olympic year of 1992, the company entered the Ariston group, while maintaining its brand and its commitment to quality. A commitment that allows it to offer today products such as the DUO thermos, with an electronic control system, or the EYRE heat pump, which reduces 75% of energy consumption by generating hot water for your shower or heating.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to empty a fleck electric water heater?

Emptying a fleck electric water heater is an easy and comfortable task to carry out. Likewise, it won’t take much of your time, since you only have to follow four fundamental steps to complete said action. Thus, the first thing you will have to do is disconnect the thermos from the electrical network as a safety method to avoid any inconvenience.

Later, it will be time to close the stopcock of the domestic network so that the thermos does not continue to supply water. In this way, it is ideal to empty the thermos with the already cold water, so you will have to open the hot water tap from the wash or the bathtub as you see fit. Finally, you will only have to open the drain valve and that’s it.

Q2: How to change the resistance of a fleck electric water heater?

The resistance of a thermos is responsible for transforming electrical energy into heat, in this way it is possible to have hot water in the shower or in the kitchen. However, when the thermos stops heating, this only means that the resistance could be failing, so considering the idea of ​​replacing it will be the most appropriate. In this sense, the first thing you should do is disconnect the thermos from the electrical network to work safely and appropriately.

Next, you will have to unscrew the back cover to be able to access the resistance of the thermos. Only in this way will you be able to remove the cables from it, some of which are usually attached to two fastons, therefore, you will only have to unscrew them and pull the resistance until you manage to remove it satisfactorily. Finally, you would only have to place the new resistance and reconnect everything as from the beginning.

Q3: Which is better, Fleck or Cointra electric water heater?

Everyone has a special taste for different brands available on the market, however some are better than others, therefore when choosing between a Fleck or Cointra electric water heater there are those who say that Fleck is better and cheaper, since it offers different designs with an appropriate level of quality and capable of guaranteeing safety, energy savings and precision during its operation. However, it is all a matter of taste.

Q4: Which is better, Fleck or Junkers electric water heater?

Deciding between a Fleck brand electric water heater or a Junkers brand could be a very difficult task to carry out, since both brands have qualities highly valued by thousands of users. A clear example is that Junkers thermoses have a modern design capable of fitting into any space depending on the model you choose. They are also comfortable to use and keep in perfect condition to meet your needs.

These mostly allow you to install them both horizontally and vertically, while their electrical resistance is totally protected from possible damage caused by the available lime in the water. For their part, Fleck thermoses are available in different capacities so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

They are also easy to install and put into operation so that you can enjoy all their qualities. As for its advantages, some thermoses have a sheathed ceramic resistance that is very easy to maintain. In addition, the brand offers you a guarantee. In this sense, both brands have a lot to offer. Everything will always depend on your needs.

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What is the best Fleck electric water heater on the market?

If you need a new thermos because the one you had no longer heats the water enough, pay attention to this article in which we will mention which are the best Fleck electric thermoses on the market today. It is not just about choosing a cheap electric water heater, but it must be able to meet your needs. But first let’s see why we prefer the Fleck brand when making a comparison of electric water heaters.

Fleck is one of the most recognized Spanish brands inside and outside the country. Fleck is a specialist in products for the production of domestic hot water (DHW). Founded in the 1950s, it is still synonymous with quality and guarantee. Fleck is the biggest reference in electric water heaters for both professionals and users.

Since 1992, Fleck is part of the Italian company Ariston Thermo Group, an international leader in DHW and heating equipment. According to the opinion of those who have one of these water heaters in their homes, the union of these two companies ended up positioning the Fleck electric water heaters as one of the best in the world.

But before we show off our exclusive selection of Fleck electric water heaters, let’s think about some key features to consider when making a comparison. For example, it is important to know where we are going to install the electric heater and how much space we have. After this, you have to know the number of people who are going to use it, from there we can get two basic characteristics such as the size and capacity of the thermos.

It has been said that a person uses around 50 liters of water a day and that of these, 30 liters refer to the use of domestic hot water, this means that for a family of 2 to 4 people, the ideal option would be a thermos electric Fleck 100 liters.

But if you live alone or as a couple, an electric water heater that doesn’t take up much space, but works well and the water reservoir is enough for you, your partner or guest, will probably suit you. If this is the case, a minimum capacity of 50 liters is recommended, which is just enough for two people to take a shower. A good intermediate capacity could be 80 liters, which is enough for more than two people or an unexpected visit.

Next, we present this small selection that we have made with great care so that you consider one of the best Fleck electric water heaters when making a comparison.

Thermo DUO 50

If you are looking for an even smaller thermos for one or two people, this may be your best option. This Fleck electric water heater has practical dimensions of 490 x 270 x 800 mm, has a double accumulator and a very small depth of 27 cm. It is also multi-position, that is, it can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on the space you have at home. It has a capacity of 50 liters ideal for singles or couples.

It has a front LCD screen that keeps you informed of the water temperature through its electronic thermostat and a Shower ready indicator that alerts you when the water is ready for the shower.

With a maximum absorbed power of 1,500 W, it reaches a temperature of 80 °C and has a maximum operating pressure of 8 bars. For greater durability, it has a submerged armored resistance and a safety valve that prevents accidents.

Another of its advantages is the design, the Fleck Ariston Thermo DUO 50 has a very nice exterior appearance in silver with an elegant LCD display screen. And as if that were not enough, its installation is very simple thanks to its standard G ½ input connection.

If you are looking for a smaller thermos, we present you the details of the Thermo DUO 50, giving you the opportunity to discover another example of the best brand of fleck electric thermos.


Capacity: It is a thermos with a capacity of 50 liters ideal to be used by a single person or a couple at home.

Heating: You have an internal thermostat to control the temperature of the water and a shower ready indicator that tells you when it is ready for the shower.

Power: It has a power of 1500 WATTS, reaching a water temperature of 80º C.

Installation: It is easy to install allowing you to place it horizontally or vertically, it has a standard ½ water inlet connection; withstanding a maximum pressure of 8 bars.

Space: You must bear in mind that it will take up little space when installed since its dimensions are small, because it only measures 80 x 49 x 27 cm, its design being very compact.

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