The 5 Best 4-seater Sofas of 2022

4-seater sofa – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the most used furniture in the home or office are definitely the sofas. If you need to have a spacious product where several people sit comfortably, then you can opt for a 4-seater. In addition, you can find them in different sizes to adapt them to your space and with interesting options to give them a versatile use. In case you don’t want to spend too much time analyzing models, we can recommend two options that might be of interest to you. For those looking for a practical and comfortable sofa, the Confort24 John model offers a comfortable chaise longue format with ample space and quality. In addition, it can be used in sofa mode or extended to become a bed. Another outstanding model is the Habitatetjardin London, a chaise longue made of quality leather with quality foam padding and a very complete approach when it comes to enjoying pleasant sensations.

The 5 Best 4-seater Sofas – Opinions 2022

We know that one of the best ways to choose is by analyzing options and knowing their characteristics, that is why we present you with a selection of sofas that could be considered as good and cheap, among which you may be able to find one that meets your expectations. It will also help you to review its most outstanding features to have a better perspective of what is for sale these days.

1. Comfort24 John Home Sofa Bed

When sitting in a group, it is always a good idea to have a comfortable space that is suitable for your needs. That is why we like the four-seater sofa Confort24 John Hogar. This model has a Chaise Lounge type design and some pleasant measures with which to comfortably accommodate everyone.

For this, it has a width of 263 centimeters by 161 in length in the Chaise Longue area, as well as a height of 96 centimeters. Regarding the bed, once unfolded, it measures 198 x 127 centimeters. As for its structure, it is made of pine wood, plywood and different textiles, with which to obtain a suitable finish and a simple level of cleaning.

As an extra, two bean bags are included in the seats, for when you need even more space to accommodate your visitors.

So that you do not lack data when evaluating this product, we leave you some details regarding what it offers you.


Structure : The structure is made of pine and plywood, with good quality and resistance.

Bed : This function adds more versatility to the design and generates a good-sized space, for when you need it.

Measurements : The dimensions of the sofa are adequate to enjoy good comfort when resting.

Reversible : The Chaise Lounge area can be mounted on the left or right, depending on your preference.

Puffs : If you want even more seats, the model includes two puffs, with which you can win two more seats.


Fabric: The fabric is made entirely of polyurethane, which is not one of the best options we have found.

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2. Habitatetjardin Leather corner sofa London

If you are looking for a product upholstered in natural leather at a good price, you can stop your search. The Habitatetjardín London sofa is a model upholstered in this precious material, with an elegant black finish that is very pleasant to the touch. This material covers a complete four-seater Chaise Lounge sofa, which can be used comfortably as a corner piece.

Added to its high quality exterior is a highly resistant structure, with zigzag springs and a foam of 28 kilos per cubic meter, which generates pleasant sensations and prevents you from sinking when sitting down. In addition, the backrests are reclining, so that you have the angle that best suits you when you sit down.

The model is finished off with legs that are five centimeters high, so that it is not difficult for you to clean under the sofa.

Enjoy the pleasant touch of natural leather with this beautiful sofa, which we analyze below to make it easier for you to assess if it is what suits you.


Natural leather : Its upholstery in natural leather is a pleasant surprise within what is usually usual.

Space : Its dimensions generate ample space to accommodate up to 4 people comfortably.

Backrests : The backrests are adjustable in inclination, for a personalized fit.

Support : The sofa also offers good firmness, thanks to its spring system and high-density foam.


Chaise Lounge position : This area cannot be changed, as it happens in other similar models.

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3. Comfort24 Zurie Sofa Bed

Continuing with the 4-seater Chaise Lounge sofas, we find the Confort24 Zurie model. This product has the classic design of these sofas, although improved with details such as the interior chest or the bed area. Two elements with which to gain versatility and make better use of space when it comes to resting.

This rest is also helped by the good structure with which the sofa is built, with a quality wood base where pine and MDF are mixed, a spring system with good resistance and a foam that is pleasant to the touch and that supports weight. with solvency.

As a finishing touch, the sofa has a very pleasant gray upholstery, which is not difficult to clean and offers a suitable touch in the different types of uses of the product that we have mentioned.

Rest or sleep comfortably on the soft surface that this sofa puts at your fingertips thanks to its efficient and quality approach.


Design: Its design offers a large area to rest, both in conventional mode and in sofa bed format.

Chest: The Chaise Lounge area can also be used as a chest, gaining space to store whatever you want.

Puffs : Includes two puffs, which fit into the structure of the sofa and offer two additional seats that do not get in the way when you do not need them.


Assembly: The product requires assembly that, without being complicated, does take some time.

Backrest: The backrests of the sofa are fixed, so it is not possible to adjust their inclination.

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4. Hogar 24 Clic Clac Sofa Bed with Storage Chest

If you don’t want to spend too much and are looking for a cheap four-seater sofa, you can take a look at this model from Hogar 24. We are talking about a dual-type product, which you can use both conventionally as a sofa and as a bed.

In both cases, the sofa has adequate measurements, 190 centimeters long by 90 high and 80 wide, which increases to 125 centimeters wide in bed mode. In this space, it is easy to accommodate four people comfortably, also having an interior chest, where you can easily store everything you need.

The deployment system is easy to use, it is enough to separate the sofa from the wall to proceed. For the rest, the sofa has padding appropriate to what is required, as well as upholstery in three colors to choose from, so that it fits better into your environment.

Let’s know some more information about this complete clic clac sofa bed, with which to gain space and comfort in your home.


Measurements: The model has measurements of 190 centimeters wide by 90 high and 80 deep, suitable to accommodate 4 people.

Chest: It is possible to raise the entire seat area, thus having a large chest to store whatever you want.

Simplicity: This is a simple product, with a reasonable price and online quality that is adequate to what is expected.


Armrests: The sofa lacks side armrests, although this allows you to gain space when sitting down.

Opening : Due to the opening system, it is necessary to separate the sofa from the wall to proceed with the unfolding.

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5. Chance Furniture Oslo Sofa Bed

The Chance Furniture Oslo model is a pleasant rarity within the market segment we are discussing. And it is that, at first sight, the product would pass for being a nice traditional cut four-seater sofa, which is perceived in details such as the finish of its quilted upholstery or the beautiful brown fabric that finishes it off.

However, this product has the format of a sofa bed, so it is enough to unfold the backrest area to have a good space to rest.

A large area in sofa mode, with dimensions of 90 centimeters deep by the same height and 210 centimeters wide, where four people can comfortably be seated or almost any user in sofa mode. It expands to 210 x 108 when opened in bed mode.

A sofa that is finished off with a click-clack opening, which saves time and complications. Change the style of your home with this elegant 4-seater sofa, which you can turn into a bed when you need it.


Appearance : Its design completely changes the appearance of the product towards a classic cut approach, which is not common in today’s market.

Opening : The click-clack opening system makes it much easier to leave the bed ready to rest when you need it.

Firmness : Both the foam and the internal structure of the sofa offer a very pleasant finish with adequate firmness when resting.


Armrests : The armrests are fixed, which can be annoying when resting for taller users.

Legs : The support legs can be improved, both in their design and in their finish, which reduces the stability of the whole a bit.

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Buying guide – What is the best 4-seater sofa on the market?

Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a sofa, because it is usually a key piece in your living room and will be used very frequently; This leads to the fact that it must meet many qualities to be considered adequate.

To help you, we have tried to briefly gather what should be, from our point of view, the most important attributes that this type of furniture could have and we offer you our guide to buying the best 4-seater sofa.


As we mentioned, we cannot ignore the fact that the sofa must look good in the place where you are going to place it. You will find a wide variety of trends among the options on the market, which can range from the most alternative models to proposals regarding shapes, with bright and striking colors.

But there are also those that base their appearance on designs that we can define as classic, but in all cases it is important that it matches the style you want to create and harmonizes in color with the rest of the furniture.

Its measurements, on the other hand, are also important, a 4-seater sofa is generally large and must be adjusted to the size of the place so as not to restrict access or limit the mobility that you will have in the room. Analyze especially the width, depth, and if possible, draw a line that you can erase on the place where you will place it.

Later, check that the rest of the furniture you have is not less than a meter away from this line. This will help you have a clearer vision of how it affects that you can move from one place to another easily and how the space would be organized having the sofa in that location.

tapestry type

The texture of the armchair has a great importance in the perception of comfort that it offers and helps to make the environment cozy or practical. At this point, the use for which the sofa is intended has a lot to do with it.

If it is an office, a sofa in imitation leather could be more convenient, since it is easy to clean and does not require too much maintenance, while for a living room, one with a soft texture such as textile fibers may be more welcoming.

Perhaps the cover of the sofa makes an important difference in affecting how much it costs, but its advantages can compensate this detail. So, analyze your preferences and look for one according to your needs, considering that in any case maintaining its appearance is not a complicated project, it is resistant and helps you to be comfortable.

Also keep in mind that in the case of sofas with a textile fiber cover, it will be important to vacuum them frequently to control the amount of dust that adheres to the fabric.


In general, sofas tend to be furniture with a firm density seat, as this can give adequate support to your body to properly relax muscles when sitting.

So you can be comfortable even if you spend a considerable period of time in it. We invite you to check this feature when you analyze models to add to your comparison of 4-seater sofas and, if you are looking for greater softness, take it into account. So you can have the rest you need.


Unlike what happens with chairs and armchairs for one person with respect to the weight they must support, a 4-seater sofa has to have greater resistance, since in the best case it must carry around 200 kg.

That is why it is convenient that, if possible, you know if it has been provided with a solid structure that allows it to be stable and among the most used materials, wood can be a good option that provides robustness to this type of furniture.


At this point we will focus on talking about those aspects that make a sofa can be used in different ways. For example, you might be interested in one with the option to convert into a bed, which is practical if you occasionally have visitors and do not have an additional room for this purpose. Just check that the mechanism to make the adaptation is simple to carry out.

On the other hand, there is additional furniture to the sofa that is included in the set such as divans, cushions or poufs. These can help you rest in various postures to also relax your legs without having to opt for a recliner. These accessories are generally mobile pieces and you can accommodate them where they are best for you and make combinations with the rest of the furniture.

How to use a 4 seater sofa

A sofa is a fundamental element in our home, in it you can spend movie afternoons, relax on Sundays, read a book, have those moments that make you recharge your energy, but if that piece of furniture is a 4-seater sofa, it will be more comfortable for you, your family and guests. On this occasion, we are going to give you some decorative tips on how you can use a 4-seater sofa.

with a retro style

If the decoration of your house has a retro style, you can complement it with a vintage 4-seater sofa with oval shapes, inspired by the elegance of the 40s of the last century, with inclined opening in the legs and with neutral colors, to give it a simple yet refined look to the living room.

Also the chest of drawers can give you an interesting retro style, thanks to its leather upholstery that integrates with any decoration, its classic British shape, the edges with buttons and those comfortable rounded-looking armrests, will highlight the vintage appearance. Of the stay. In addition, it is a resistant, timeless piece of furniture and as it ages, its worn appearance intensifies the style.

With chaise longue design

The chaise longue sofa with an L-shaped cut is currently in fashion, a piece of furniture designed as a long chair, legs in a classic style and that has a comfortable divan-type part that is used to lie on it and relax. It can be found with different colors and upholstery that you can adapt to the environment of your home and you can complement it with a decorative table, rugs and cushions to make the environment more comfortable.

So if you have enough space in your living room, this is a great decoration option, because it is comfortable and you can opt for models with a removable footrest, which you can adapt to your needs.

For minimalist styles

If you prefer the simple and practical, you can opt for a sofa with a minimalist design, ideal for a spacious living room, thanks to its straight lines that inspire luxury and comfort. You can place it in black or white and make a contrast on the walls with an opposite color, and this will highlight your room with a touch of elegance, simplicity and modernity.

Taking into account that the sofa is the main piece of the room, another minimalist option that you can consider is to combine a large modular sofa with neutral colors, with a modern center table, a piece of furniture that serves to place a television and some decorative shelves. All this set will give a modern touch to the room, accentuated by the minimalist concept of the room.

As room divider

Thanks to its large size, this type of 4-seater furniture can be used to divide the living room from the dining room, when both places share the space in the house. To do this, you can place the sofa in such a way that the back of the piece of furniture serves as a divider with the dining area and arranged parallel, so that it does not hinder the passage to the exit or entry of light through the windows, creating an appearance harmonic and pleasant for both spaces.

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