The 5 Best 50 Liter Electric Thermos of 2022

50 liter electric water heater – Buying Guide and Comparison

An electric water heater is a good ally during the winter season, because it allows you to have hot or warm water when you shower. Its popularity is quite marked, so when you start to review the different shopping lists, you will find a wide variety of models that differ with respect to their specifications. Teka 42080050 is a good option for those who want a device with intuitive operation, since it only has two switches to turn it on, turn it off and adjust the temperature. In addition, it incorporates a thermostat for power regulation and a thermometer with which the exact temperature of the water can be monitored. But if you need a thermos capable of recording your daily consumption habits, then Ariston 3626190is the one to help you enjoy low power consumption.



The 5 Best 50 Liter Electric Thermos – Opinions 2022

When purchasing a 50-litre electric water heater, you will have to carefully review the quality indicators of each of the models in order to bring the one that best suits your needs. Here are five recommended products.

1. Teka EWH50 Electric water heater for vertical installation

With so many models on the market, finding the best 50-litre electric water heater can be a bit complicated. However, this model belonging to the Teka house will probably capture your attention from the first moment, with all its advantages.

Its white casing has width, depth, and height dimensions of 45 x 47 x 56.7 centimeters and a weight of 19.1 kilograms, making it a compact and lightweight product that you can easily manipulate when assembling. In addition, the interior has been enameled for greater durability.

Its power is 1500 watts, it has low power consumption and incorporates a thermostat that regulates the temperature between 30 and 75 °C. Operation is intuitive via a pair of rotary switches, indicator lights and a front thermometer.

Some mention that this model may be the best 50-liter electric water heater at the moment, because it has an elegant, resistant design and great power.


Dimensions: Its compact format offers dimensions corresponding to 45 x 47 x 56.7 centimeters.

Reservoir: The water reservoir provides a maximum capacity of 50 liters, being an adequate amount for two people.

Operation: For its operation you will only need to use the pair of switches for turning on, off and temperature regulation.

Power: The electrical power of the thermos offers you up to 1500 watts, making it possible to enjoy various temperature levels.


Assembly: Because the equipment does not include hoses for its assembly, you will have to make an extra investment and purchase them separately.

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2. Ariston 3700509 Thermo Electric 1800 W

This model from the Ariston house is considered one of the best 50-liter electric water heaters of 2022, since it has great attributes such as its high-end power corresponding to 1800 watts.

In addition, it offers low power consumption, intuitive assembly with the help of a set of built-in tools and a power cable with a 230-volt input. The structure has a format of 37.3 x 35.3 x 83.7 centimeters and weighs 18.1 kilograms.

It is important to refer to its operation, which is characterized by being quite simple, through a small control panel accompanied by a couple of LED indicators. Similarly, it offers a work mode that records your usual consumption habits, thus adapting to your usage needs.

If you want to take with you the best brand of 50-litre electric water heaters, then do not hesitate to check out this model with the Ariston quality seal.


Power: The 1800-watt power of the thermos corresponds to the high end of its category.

Format: You will be able to handle this thermos with total comfort when installing it, since its format is just 37.3 x 35.3 x 83.7 centimeters.

Reservoir: Its containment capacity corresponds to 50 liters of water, suitable for the consumption of a couple of people.

Accessories: The manufacturer incorporated a small assembly kit made up of some supports, a safety valve and hoses.


Packaging: Some people have complained that the poor packaging of the thermos has caused some dents in the structure.

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3. Fleck Duo Electric Thermos 50 l

Once you verify the specifications of this product, your doubts about which is the best 50-liter electric water heater will be reduced. Its structure with double accumulator has dimensions of 57 x 33.5 x 88 centimeters, weighs 21.7 kilograms and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

The voltage input corresponds to 230 volts, its energy consumption efficiency is classified B and the control commands for on-off are intuitive. In addition, it incorporates an intelligent thermostat with which you can adjust the temperature.

A particularity of the equipment is that it has a vitrified titanium type coating, so you will not have to worry about corrosion or deterioration, since it is a highly resistant material.

To find out which 50-liter electric water heater to buy, you must carry out an exhaustive search, so we recommend you save time and review the pros and cons of the following model.


Reservoir: With this equipment you will enjoy a double accumulator with a capacity of up to 50 liters of water.

Design: The case has an elegant design in white, quality finishes and the possibility of mounting it vertically or horizontally.

Dimensions: Its width, depth, and height dimensions correspond to 57 x 33.5 x 88 centimeters, making it a compact unit.

Resistance: Due to the incorporation of a vitrified titanium coating, you will not have to worry about corrosion.


Assembly: The equipment does not incorporate assembly accessories, being a disadvantage commented on the web.

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4. Cointra TNC Plus Thermos 1500W 50L

This model belonging to the Cointra catalog could well be the best value for money 50-litre electric thermos, considered one of the cheapest. The case has a vertical, robust and minimalist design in white. In addition, it has been provided with an IPX4 splash protection treatment for greater durability.

Its compact format is 45 x 47.2 x 57.8 centimeters and weighs 65 kilograms. The working power corresponds to 1500 watts, the current input is 230 volts and annually generates a low consumption of 1426 kilowatt hours.

It is important to mention that the on and off switches are integrated, the noise level is 15 decibels, which represents a low level, and the thermostat reaches between 30 and 75 °C.

The computer case offers pleasing aesthetics and intuitive operation. Best of all, it stands out in the market as one of the cheapest.


Dimensions: Its structure has measurements of 45 x 47.2 x 57.8 centimeters, being a fairly compact thermos.

Power: The working power of the device is high-end and reaches a maximum of 1500 watts.

Noise: The equipment generates a noise level of 15 decibels, being considered a thermos with quite silent operation.

Resistance: The manufacturer incorporated an IPX4 protection treatment against splashes into the casing, thus avoiding the rapid deterioration of the thermos due to humidity.


Instruction manual: The indications printed in the instruction manual may be insufficient for some people.

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5. Ariston Thermo Duo50 Vertical Electric Thermo

Ariston is a renowned brand that competes with others such as Junkers and brings a 50-litre electric water heater to the market, designed to be installed vertically or horizontally. Its casing is white, it has some silver details, it has IPX4 protection and it adds an LCD screen to program its operation.

The dimensions of this structure are 27 x 49 x 80 centimeters and it weighs 20 kilograms, making it easy to handle. The power is 1500 watts, it works in conjunction with a 230 volt power input and the maximum pressure level reaches 8 bars.

It is important to remember that the connection system was made of ABS polymer, a safety valve is attached and the on-off mechanism is integrated.

This model of 50-liter electric thermos has achieved the acceptance of buyers due to the high quality standards of its materials and simple operation.


Resistance: The incorporation of an IPX4 treatment in the casing will avoid worries about deterioration due to splashes of water.

Format: You can fix the thermos in any space without bothering, since it has dimensions of 27 x 49 x 80 centimeters.

Power: The working force of the thermos is 1500 watts and will allow you to enjoy a maximum temperature of 80 °C.

Pressure: The maximum pressure for the water outlet is established at eight bars.


Flimsy: According to some comments, the connections are flimsy and deteriorate easily, requiring replacement.

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