The 5 Best Air Fresheners of 2022

Air Freshener – Buying Guide and Comparison

To maintain a pleasant aroma in spaces, whether in the home, office or even the car, it is recommended to have an air freshener that allows you to enjoy pleasant fragrances that dissipate bad odours. If buying one of these products is in your plans, you need to know that there are many options on the market, each with a particular formula. Therefore, before deciding on a model, it would be helpful if you could make a comparison between the best. There are two models that are frequently recommended. The first is Air Wick Freshmatic, an air freshener available in several fragrances, each one natural and fresh with a residual effect, which remains in the environment for up to two months, gradually decreasing in intensity. Next is theCalifornia Scents F332, an air freshener recommended for placing in cars and available in a presentation of three units.



The 5 Best Air Fresheners – Opinions 2022

If you enjoy natural fragrances and want to keep spaces smelling deliciously fresh, it’s a good idea to have an air freshener that provides a fragrance that lasts. With the number of models out there, it can be difficult to make the right selection. For this reason, we have prepared a section with the attributes of the five models that lead user preferences.

1. Air Wick Freshmatic Complete Pure Air Freshener

For those who are looking for the best air freshener on the market, it may be convenient to pay attention to the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Air Wick. It is an automatic design with three levels of fragrance intensity. The aroma is expelled through a technological atomizer, which is activated periodically to maintain the environment with a lasting scent.

This design is made up of a discreet and elegant device that can be placed in any space in the home. Likewise, the device requires refill cans, which is where the product is contained, and each refill provides about 2,400 sprays.

The air freshener is available in more than five fragrances, each one with a fresh and soft aroma, being able to select between moon lily, summer delights, among others. The duration of the fragrance lasts up to 60 days, being recommended to be used in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms.

Air Wick Freshmatic is an air freshener with residual effect for about two months, being suitable for different spaces, hence it is recognized by many as the best air freshener of the moment. Therefore, it is convenient that you know its pros and cons.


Residual effect: The manufacturer has provided this air freshener with a residual effect formula that remains in the environment for approximately two months.

Automatic system: It is not necessary to activate the spray; It is only required to adjust the intensity and it will automatically dispense the scent every certain time.

Fragrances: This model is endowed with different fragrances with floral and fresh touches that make the home more welcoming.

Design: The air freshener is designed with a modern and discreet style that can be installed in any space in the home.


Refills: Although the fragrance is long-lasting, the cost of each of the refill cans is high.

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2. California Scents f332 Air Freshener Cherry

If to make a purchase you want to be sure of the quality and you are looking to make the selection among the best air fresheners of 2022, then it may be appropriate for you to pay attention to the properties of this model from the manufacturer California Scents.

The air freshener is available in a presentation of three units, with an aroma called ‘crowned cherry’ that stands out for having sweet and penetrating notes on the nose. The model is recommended for car. However, it can be used for closets, rooms or offices, because its effect will be the same.

It has a compact and reduced design, as it is a can with a slotted lid and a regulator through which the fragrance escapes. Each unit has a duration of about 60 days, although this depends on the temperature level, the aroma being stronger and longer lasting in cool environments and less intense under the summer sun. Its approximate weight is 99 grams.

California Scents is a strong candidate to become the best air freshener brand, for developing models like this one, whose fragrance is strong and long-lasting. Learn about its advantages and disadvantages here.


Fragrance: The manufacturer has endowed this air freshener with a penetrating and intense aroma, with sweet notes that keep the environment fresh.

Design: If you do not have much space to place it, you should not worry, because this model has a small and compact size.

Regulator: The air freshener is equipped with a regulator on the cap that covers the can, to level the intensity of the aroma.

Duration: The effect and duration of this air freshener are maintained for a period of 60 days, especially in small spaces and cool climates.


Presentation: The air freshener is presented in a pack of three units, but they all have the same fragrance.

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3. Ambi Pur Cotton Clouds Diffuser and Fragrance

For those wondering which is the best air freshener on the market, it is possible that this model from the European manufacturer Ambi Pur will help them answer the question. The model consists of a diffuser kit and an air freshener that emits the aroma. This fragrance is a replacement and, once it is finished, another brand liquid can be used.

The air freshener works through an electrical and technological system that reduces bad odors and provides a fresh environment. The aroma of this product is soft, adjustable at various levels and can last up to 80 days.

It is recommended to be placed in any room or space in the home, especially where bad odors are concentrated, as it not only dissipates them, but also eliminates and replaces them. It is available in various fragrances, from sweet, to citrus, marine and floral. Its use is simple, it only requires plugging in and it will start working.

Deciding which air freshener to buy can be a challenge, as there are many brands, designs, fragrances, and even diffusion systems. Among all of them, the Ambi Pur Nubes de Cotton usually stands out. Therefore, you should know its advantages and disadvantages.


Duration: The formula has a fresh and intense aroma that eliminates bad odours, knowing that each refill can last up to 80 days at intensity level two.

Refill: Once the air freshener runs out you don’t have to worry, you just have to install a refill and the device will continue to work.

Regulation: The model has a design with an adjustable diffuser that allows you to dose the intensity of the fragrance in five levels, to improve the aroma of the environment.

Diffusion system: Thanks to the fact that this air freshener works with electric current, the aroma that is released is more penetrating and of greater range.


Consumption: The device heats up during use, which is why it consumes a lot of energy.

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4. Glade J307132 Sense & Spray Automatic Air Freshener

Glade is a reference brand when it comes to air fresheners and on this occasion, we have the J307132 model for you, a device capable of emitting automatic spray, so you can not worry.

This product has a size of 12 x 6 x 18 centimeters and weighs 100 grams showing a discreet and easy to combine decorative style, a quality that allows you to have it in the room without distracting attention.

To work, it makes use of an automatic pulsation system that activates the spray can dispenser that is installed inside. This can be done based on motion sensor activation or adjustable timer. These elements, in turn, help to save product, thus extending the useful life of the replacement can.

This Glade-branded product has positive features that could tip the odds in your favor:


Sensors: The equipment has a motion sensor that will help activate the spray only when there are people in the room.

Automatic: You can set it to emit the spray every 20 minutes automatically.

Button: You can use a special button in case you need to apply the air freshener manually.

Fragrance: The purchase of the equipment is complemented by a bottle of fragrance, so you can use it immediately.



Spare parts: Before buying this product, you should consider the price of the spare parts, since they can be too expensive for some budgets.

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5. Boles d’olor Sachet perf.Children

For whom an economic cost is the main reference when making a choice, this model from the manufacturer Boles d’olor may be the right option, since it is the best value for money air freshener, being one of the cheapest and the most accessible of our selection.

This air freshener has a classic and simple design, with a traditional system to dissipate its soft and delicious aroma. It is available in various fresh fragrances with citrus, sweet and floral notes. Fruits such as tangerine, orange, lemon and lime are incorporated into its formula, as well as species of lavender and rosemary.

It is recommended to be placed on shelves, cabinets, rooms or any closed space. Its size is similar to that of an A4 dimension sheet. It has a design that includes a hanger, so it can be hung to dissipate odours. It also serves as a humidifier, mixing the content with water and vacuuming.

Boles d’olor Sachet is an air freshener that offers versatility of use and high quality standards at a low cost, being one of the cheapest on the market. Here are its main positives and negatives.


Design: The air freshener has a practical design that resembles an A4 size sheet, with a hanger that allows it to be hung.

Fragrance: Although it has an enveloping aroma, this fragrance is not strong, but soft and non-invasive, being suitable for drawers with baby clothes.

Versatility: It can be placed in closed spaces or remove a little content with water and heat it to take advantage of its humidifying action.

Notes: If you enjoy citrus aromas, this model is endowed with a formula that incorporates natural, fresh and fruity balms.


Shelf life: As indicated by some users, this air freshener is designed to offer a fresh fragrance for a few weeks.

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Aromers Air Freshener Mikado 100 ml Lotus Flower Aroma

The Mikado model from the manufacturer Aromers is one of the most recommended air fresheners by users, for having features that make it stand out. It is an aromatizer with a versatile mechanism and design that is distinguished from most models.

The air freshener is made up of a case with a 100 ml bottle with a lotus flower aroma and 10 sticks made of 25 cm long rattan wood, through which the fragrance is released.

It has a simple and easy-to-use mechanism, the intensity of the fragrance can be regulated by removing or adding wooden wands, as well as moving them every couple of days. The model is made in Spain, with an intensely fresh aroma that mixes with the rest of the environment to reduce bad odours, even eliminating them. Due to its size, it can be placed in any space of the house.

There are several standards that reflect the quality of a product. The Aromers Mikado air freshener is positively valued by buyers for its intense aroma and competitive price, but you can analyze its main attributes and disadvantages for yourself.


Design: If you want to go out of the conventional, this model has an atypical design that incorporates a scented bottle and channeling wands.

Consumption: Due to its design, this is an aromatizer that is consumed slowly, but it emits a pleasant aroma.

Presentation: The air freshener includes a case with a 100 ml fragrance bottle and several wands that can be moved periodically.

Fragrance: This air freshener is endowed with an intense and fresh fragrance that dissipates bad odours.


Location: Even though it is a small size model, the wands are tall. This can easily cause it to tip over and the product to be lost.

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