The 5 Best Anti-decubitus Mattresses of 2022

Anti-decubitus mattress – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To have and enjoy the comfort of an anti-decubitus mattress at times or situations that require this type of implement, it is necessary to make a good comparison that allows you to achieve the desired purchase. To help you, we have developed a research work that allows us to simplify the number of models that you must check, since we will mention the most interesting, complete, quality and best priced ones, so that you can take home the one that best suits you. to your needs. The first product that we can mention is the Queraltó SY400, made of PVC and nylon, capable of supporting a weight of up to 130 kilograms. In addition, it will give you great comfort and the possibility of cleaning it easily, without major complications, so that you can keep it for longer, with the same quality as the first day. Next, we can point out the Apex Domus 2 Plus 0907-199-001 model, whose features allow it to be adjusted to the patient’s weight to provide greater comfort and high durability.

The 5 Best Anti-decubitus Mattresses – Opinions 2022

People who must be in bed for long periods of time are at risk of pressure ulcers or bedsores. There are a variety of mattresses on the market specially designed for this problem, but which one to choose? Below we present the products recommended by our customers and prioritized by their rating to help you buy the best anti-decubitus mattress on the market.

1. Queraltó Nylon and PVC air anti-decubitus mattress

Main advantage:

This anti-decubitus mattress is made of top quality materials, specifically, PVC and nylon. These adapt perfectly to the morphology and weight of the patient. In fact, the mattress can support up to 130 kg.

Main disadvantage:

A user has commented that the anti-decubitus mattress makes a little noise, so it could be annoying for the patient when trying to fall asleep.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a product that stands out for the quality of its materials, capable of withstanding considerable weight and, furthermore, very easy to clean.

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Very comfortable and light

One of the most notable qualities of this product is the comfort it provides. The anti-decubitus mattress has dimensions of 182 x 80 x 12 cm and weighs just 3.6 kg. However, it can support up to 130 kg of weight. It is, therefore, a very light and comfortable article at the same time thanks to the alternation of the cells.

Specifically, it is made up of 17 individual cells, an essential feature in anti-decubitus treatment. This design allows the patient to feel greater comfort and pressure relief while lying on it. Without forgetting that it also reactivates circulation.

The comfort provided by this mattress is also due to the quality of the materials, as it is made of first-rate PVC and nylon. Its materials, thus, are not only very resistant and with a good finish, but also fireproof, so the patient will be totally safe.

Compressor included

This model includes a compressor, a detail that not all anti-decubitus mattresses have. Having this article, in this way, means that the patient will not have to constantly travel to the hospital and will be able to carry out the treatment in their own home.

Therefore, the existence of a compressor largely avoids possible injuries that could arise as a result of these movements of the patient. The compressor has dimensions of 12 x 26 x 10 cm and a weight of 1.4 kg. In addition, its installation is very simple.

It should be mentioned that it is little or not noisy, which means that it will not disturb the user’s sleep or the rest of the people who live with it. Its operation is very simple, as well as its installation, since it is enough to adapt it to the mattress and it will be ready to use.

Easy cleaning

An anti-decubitus mattress is a place where the user will spend most of the day, so it must always be in optimal conditions. It acts as a bed, so the logical thing is that it is a hygienic and clean place. This is not a problem with the Queraltó SY400 model, as it only takes 5 minutes to clean.

Its material is not only of premium quality, but also makes maintenance quick and easy. It is, therefore, an ideal mattress for the elderly or people who have just undergone surgery, since they will be sure that they will be lying down in a comfortable space with the proper hygiene conditions.

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2. Apex Domus 2 Plus Alternating Pressure Anti-decubitus Mattress

With a high capacity of 140 kg, this product is positioned as one of the best anti-decubitus mattresses of 2022, since it is made with excellent quality materials and its high performance favors patients who must rest in bed for a long time.

Equipped with a powerful and compact compressor, which also does not make noise, this mattress has the property of regulating itself according to the patient’s weight to guarantee complete adaptation. For added comfort, a mattress cover with vapour-permeable properties and at the same time liquid-impermeable properties is included, which will always keep the patient cool.

As far as safety is concerned, this product has a guaranteed seal to prevent the passage of liquids that constitute an electronic risk, compromising the life of the patient. This mattress provides great relief to the client because it evenly distributes the pressure of the body.

When you don’t know which anti-decubitus mattress to buy, evaluate the size of the bed base and the specific needs of the user:


Capacity: The Apex model can support a maximum weight of 140 kilograms, a little more than other models mentioned above.

Compressor: with the use of the compressor, included at no extra cost with the purchase of this product, you will be able to inflate the mattress in just a moment and also maintain a constant pressure so that it does not fall apart during use.

Cover: the mattress has a cover that is impermeable to water so as not to be affected by liquid spills, although it is permeable to steam, which gives you the possibility of cleaning it when you need it.

Benefits: the design and weight distribution that this model provides helps improve blood circulation, prevent the appearance of bedsores and relieve pain in general.


Weight: The mattress has a weight of 4 kilograms and the compressor 1.8 kilograms, which adds up to a total of 5.8 kilograms to transport.

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3. Queraltó Air anti-decubitus mattress With compressor

If you write in your browser which is the best anti-decubitus mattress, one of the results you will get will be the Queraltó SY300 model. This mattress has 130 individual cells, which inflate and deflate every 8 minutes to adjust to the patient’s weight and the pressure points exerted on their body, to prevent the appearance of sores in risk areas.

This model tolerates a maximum weight of 100kg, it is also made of PVC with fire retardant properties, that is, there will be no risk of combustion if there is any electronic failure of the equipment.

The versatility of this product lies in the fact that it can be used on any bed, since it should only be placed on the surface of the mattress for daily use and the small compressor weighing just 1.4kg can be fixed to the foot of the bed using Some hooks included.

The variety of options and alternatives for the user could make Queraltó the best brand of anti-decubitus mattresses on the market:


Materials: the SY300 is made of flame retardant PVC, approved by the quality systems of the European regulations regarding safety.

Installation: it can be ready to use in just 8 minutes thanks to the air compressor that you will find together with the mattress.

Dimensions: it measures 200 x 88 x 7 centimeters when swollen to offer a large and comfortable space to lay down the patient.


Capacity: the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer is 100 kilograms per patient, which is slightly less than other anti-decubitus mattresses.

Noise: one or another user considers that the engine is a bit noisy, although it does not seem to be an aspect that bothers too much.

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4. Mobiclinic Mobi 1 Air anti-decubitus mattress With compressor

From the Queraltó family we have the best quality-price rapport anti-decubitus mattress, the SY200 model, which is one of the cheapest and like the previous product, has a maximum weight capacity of 100kg and quickly adapts to the patient with its inflation that alternates between its component cells every 5 minutes to ensure even distribution of air in areas that are prone to the formation of pressure ulcers.

As part of the SY range, this mattress is made of PVC, which has a high level of resistance, as well as being very practical when cleaning it.

This is the ideal product for patients with a long postoperative period and, once recovered, you can completely deflate the mattress, fold it and store it in any space due to its compact size and light weight of just 2 kg. The compressor is very quiet, plus a repair kit is included.

If you don’t want to spend too much, the SY200 is one of the cheapest, not to mention that it could also be the best anti-decubitus mattress for 40 euros today.


Cells: a total of 130 cells have been integrated inside that are responsible for distributing the weight properly for greater comfort.

Alternation: the air, thanks to the compressor, moves between the cells alternating pressure to avoid the appearance of scars on the skin.

Weight: It weighs just 2 kilograms, being one of the lightest models on this list.


Noise: it seems that the air compressor motor is somewhat noisy and can be bothersome when falling asleep.

Vibration – Also, some recommend putting the compressor on the floor or at the foot of the bed, as it vibrates when turned on.

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5. Aerocare Anti-decubitus Mattress with Compressor Tx-Unit

We end our list of recommendations with the Aerocare compressor anti-decubitus mattress, one of the cheapest models available on the market, which satisfactorily fulfills its function of preventing the appearance of ulcers, and in the case of patients who already had bedsores, it has helped the healing of them.

This mattress includes a small, but powerful compressor, which is very quiet and does not interrupt the rest of the patient or caregivers. Our customers express their satisfaction with the Aerocare, as it represents a smart investment for its benefits to patients who must spend a lot of time in bed.

Made of PVC, this mattress is cleaned in a short time, which is extremely important to avoid infection of the patient with incipient bedsores. It is important to make your choice of mattress based on the patient’s needs, and the Aerocare is easily adaptable to assist in medical rest, avoiding complications.

The use of an anti-decubitus mattress can bring many benefits, especially to people who suffer from a condition that does not allow them to get out of bed very often or at all:


Compressor: Aerocare’s has a fairly compact compressor in comparison, allowing you to position it out of the way.

Quiet – Users are quite satisfied with the level of noise it produces and indicate that it is not disturbing to sleep.

Adjustments: the intensity of the compressor can be adjusted to better adapt to the needs and weight of each patient.


Rigid – One of the buyers indicated that the PVC is more rigid than in other models, which makes it a little less comfortable.

Color: you should know that this model has a pink fabric that can be easier to get dirty than other darker colors.

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Queraltó Air anti-decubitus mattress Nylon and PVC

Many patients require bed rest for several weeks or even months, and one of the main complications is bedsores.

Queraltó developed the solution for this serious problem with the SY400 model, considered by our users as a candidate for the title of the best anti-decubitus mattress of the moment, since it has a high level of compatibility for almost any type of patient with its maximum capacity of 130 kg..

Made of high-quality PVC and nylon, the SY400 measures 182 x 12 x 80 cm and should be used on a conventional mattress for support. And with 3.6 kg of weight it is one of the lightest on the market, so it will be very easy to take it with you in any eventuality, since it includes its compressor that does not make annoying noises, is easily installed and can be attached to the feet of the bed for greater comfort of use.

In addition, this mattress is easy to maintain to optimize patient hygiene.

The SY400 can take the position of the best anti-decubitus mattress of the moment, thanks to its design, performance and manufacturing quality:


Compressor – One of the main positives of this model is that it includes an air compressor that can be kept at the foot of the bed to stay out of the way; also, it seems that it is quiet enough and does not disturb at night.

Cells: the SY400 mattress is made up of a total of 170 internal cells designed to relieve pressure in the key points that are most affected when lying down, in such a way that the risk of pressure ulcers is minimized.

Materials: another advantage is that it is made of a combination of PVC and nylon, very strong and durable materials that are also very easy to clean if necessary. As a curious fact, the SY400 is flame retardant, which prevents it from igniting in flames in the event of an accident.

Capacity: This model can distribute the weight evenly, so it is capable of supporting a maximum of 130 kilograms without problems and, weighing only 3.6 kilograms, you will be able to carry it where you need it with ease.

Dimensions: its dimensions are 182 centimeters long by 12 centimeters high by 80 centimeters wide, which provides a full square in any bed. Thus, the person who sleeps or rests in it will have enough space to find his favorite position.

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Buying guide – What is the best anti-decubitus mattress on the market?

Pressure ulcers represent the main complication suffered by patients who must spend a long period of bed rest such as the elderly or people who suffer accidents that completely impede their mobility.

There are a variety of mats or covers on the market that help control this situation, preventing the appearance of sores by filling them with water, air or special foam so that the pressure exerted by the bones on the skin is evenly distributed.

However, there are certain aspects and characteristics that must be taken into account before choosing the cheapest product. That is why we invite you to read this guide to buy the best anti-decubitus mattress on the market, with the basic information you must handle to make a smart investment.

mattress types

There are different types of anti-decubitus mattresses on the market, of which three are specified: air, water and viscoelastic foam. The former are currently the most popular; They are made of flexible PVC and work with a compressor that fills the cells inside the mattress to regulate the pressure in the areas of greatest risk.

The water ones, on the other hand, are made of vinyl or polyurethane and sealed to prevent water leaks. Although they are very comfortable, they are rarely sold today because they are very heavy. Lastly, there are those made of viscoelastic foam that regulate blood circulation and control excessive sweating problems, adjusting to the patient’s weight and temperature.

Of these three types, the air type is the most economical, easy to use and with excellent results.


If when making a comparison of anti-decubitus mattresses you have decided on an air mattress, it is extremely important to identify the maximum capacity of the product, that is, what is the maximum weight of the patient that it is capable of resisting without compromising its operation.

The low-end ones have a capacity of 100 kg and as you look at other models, you will find mattresses for patients with a maximum weight of 180 kg, but basically the weight range is between 100 and 200 kg. That is why you must identify the weight of the patient who needs the anti-decubitus mattress to acquire the most appropriate and resistant according to this measure.


In the case of air mattresses, it is advisable to acquire dynamic ones, since their anti-decubitus effectiveness is much greater because they include a small compressor that inflates and deflates the internal cells or bubbles of the mattress every so often to change the pressure points. of the patient’s body, thus preventing bone density from causing skin ulcers.

Also, this mechanism works effectively for patients who already have bedsores, helping to heal faster with medical treatment. Before asking how much it costs, it is necessary to review the characteristics of the compressor, since it must be small, manageable and, above all, silent, so that it does not affect the rest of the patient or members of the household or caregivers.

It is also good to choose compressors that have a fastening system to fix them to the bed and prevent them from falling or ending up breaking.


The materials with which anti-decubitus mattresses are manufactured are varied, but due to the need for antiseptic procedures for this type of patient, the material must be easy to clean. PVC, for example, is one of the most recommended, because it can be easily cleaned.

What’s more. It is important that they include a breathable lining or cover that allows sweat to evaporate and that is waterproof at the same time to prevent the passage of water in the event that any liquid is spilled.

On the other hand, it is important that your anti-decubitus mattress is easy to store, because considering that the patient will recover soon, you must be able to completely deflate your mattress, fold it and store it without taking up much space.


In the case of dynamic air mattresses, it is equipment that must be permanently connected to the current, therefore they must include a type of protection to prevent fires or damage to the patient in the event of electronic failures.

If you choose a PVC mattress, you must make sure that it has a fireproof coating, that is, that they are not incendiary. On the other hand, the sealing of these mattresses must be guaranteed so that no liquid passes into the electrical mechanism and damages it.

It is also important that it includes a repair kit, so that you can fix your mattress yourself in case of punctures to extend the life of the product. All these aspects are relevant so that you can find the best anti-decubitus mattress on the market, which adapts to the needs of the patient to guarantee your purchase.

How to use an anti-decubitus mattress

For those specific moments where it is required to lie down for long hours or full days, it is good to have an anti-bedsore mattress that provides greater comfort for the patient to rest or rest, as well as being able to support a good amount of weight, to have he for a long time use. These are the reasons why we will offer you a series of recommendations after the article, which will allow you to use your anti-decubitus mattress.

when to use them

When some people are sick, they may spend a long time without being able to get up. This fact exposes them to the appearance of bedsores in the parts of their body that are in contact with the mattress for the longest time.

That is why anti-bedsore mattresses have been designed, so they should only be used in these situations. They should not be used as a replacement for common sleeping mattresses.

I install correctly

Anti-decubitus mattresses have two elements: the mattress and a compressor, which may seem complicated to you, the truth is that it is not. No further experience is required to install your anti-decubitus mattress.

In principle, you must unpack the mattress; Check for any damage before beginning installation. If it is damaged, make a claim at the store where you bought it. If it’s okay, spread the mattress out on the bed where you’re going to put it. If the mattress model you chose has fastening tapes, use them to fix it to the bed.

Next, hang the compressor from the bed rail, making sure the hangers are vertical. Connect the compressor to the mattress and turn it on. It regulates the air according to the weight of the person who is going to use it.

Clean your mattress regularly

Hygiene is very important in all areas of human life; hence, cleaning tasks are frequent, especially there are sick or convalescent people, which is important to avoid contagion. Anti-decubitus mattresses are easy to clean; this allows them to be kept clean, so that no type of dirt or bad odors accumulate on them. However, it is advisable to review the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep it clean and in good condition.


In general, these anti-decubitus mattresses are quite resistant; however, the resistance goes hand in hand with the quality of the materials with which the mattress is made. To keep it in good condition and extend its useful life, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s suggestions, when it is in use it must be well supported and if it is not in use, place it in a place where it does not bend or lose its shape.

weight it supports

In most of these mattresses the maximum bearing weight is quite high. However, it does not hurt to know the weight limitations of the anti-decubitus mattress that you have, since once it has to be used, you will not be acting on false expectations, but with clear references of the maximum weight to be supported.

The most popular brands

The demands of our daily lives can lead to severe health problems if they are not treated in time, such as the dreaded skin ulcers, which are generated by the accumulation of pressure in an area of ​​the body. Therefore, it is important that you have a good surface to relax your muscles when necessary. If you’re not sure which anti-decubitus mattress to buy, take a look at the most popular brands according to buyers.

With more than 115 years of experience, Grupo R. Queraltó is an international company dedicated to the production and distribution of quality medical equipment and orthopedic products.

Since its inception in 1898, it has been ranked among the best brands in more than 30 countries around the world, thanks to its constant innovation and good customer service. Currently, it is managed through its web portal that offers hundreds of medical products for both families and professional use. Among its most outstanding items are easy-to-handle wheelchairs, walkers for the elderly and mobilization cranes.

However, it also has an exclusive line of anti-decubitus products that help in the comfort of people when they are in bed. In addition to being a recognized manufacturer, it works in the same way in the distribution of high quality products from the main leaders in the medical market such as Sunrise, Elite Bags, Nopa, Mobiclinic, Invacare, among others.

It all started in the year 1990, when Daniel Lee founded Apex Medical in Taipei, Taiwan. Since then, the company has reaped fruits thanks to its spirit of professionalism and state-of-the-art technology.

The company is dedicated to the creation and supply of medical equipment corresponding to four major branches of health: respiratory therapies, treatment of pressure ulcers, technical assistance and electromedicine. Apex’s mission is aimed at improving people’s quality of life, offering value-added products along with a good level of quality that exceed customer expectations. Starting in 2004, the company settled in Bilbao in order to expand its distribution horizons to countries in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Over the years, Apex has won awards of excellence that attest to the cutting edge of its medical supplies. It has more than 50 medical patents that certify the safety and commitment to its customers around the world. Therefore, it can be ensured that their products are among the best in the market, since they have favorable prices compared to other brands.

In the 1970s, the Spanish population began to present complaints about constant pain in different areas of their body that produced small lumps on the skin, the so-called “pressure ulcers”. Since 1990, Aerocare has been working on unique lines of specialized items to improve circulation and relieve pressure in people’s bodies.

The brand works under the tutelage of Talexco SL, which begins to supply alternative support surfaces on the market. Aerocare created a unique pressure relief system, using the circulation of warm air through anti-decubitus mattresses that help reduce body pressure. Its mattresses and cushions are characterized by having the best medical technology, to change the support points throughout the treatment.

Each of its products has recommendations for hospital and home use, offering good results. Their good online reviews encourage novice buyers to purchase their items.

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