The 5 Best Bathroom Faucets of 2022

Bathroom Faucet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When equipping our bathroom, the faucet is still a main piece. An essential product that, thanks to the wide current offer, allows you to have all kinds of products adapted to the style of your bathroom and its decoration. However, it is still a good idea to look for products that are highly resistant, easy to clean and can be installed without complications. The Grohe 23342000 Start Edge model is one of the most interesting on the market. A product that responds to the traditional design of the usual bathroom taps, but with high-quality materials and a 5-year guarantee that helps you enjoy the product for a long time. Another interesting model is the Roca A5A3125C00 product., which also responds to the conventional format and helps you save water and energy, since it incorporates an aerator system, which reduces water consumption at any working pressure.

The 5 Best Bathroom Faucets – Opinions 2022

Within the current evolution of the systems that are part of modern taps, the bathroom tap is another product that has changed to be more elegant and effective. Something that complicates the task of knowing which is the best bathroom faucet of the moment, but in return it expands the options we have to decorate our bathroom. So, following our custom, we offer you some of the best bathroom taps of 2022, so you don’t worry anymore and you can choose the model that you like the most.

1. Grohe StartEdge Ref.23342000 Bathroom Faucet Set

Main advantage:

This model stands out for having a simple, elegant and minimalist design. It is made up of a long neck and a lever with upper and lateral movement that will help you adjust the quantity and temperature of the water.

Main disadvantage:

One of your buyers is not entirely satisfied with the design of the plug for the drain, since the mechanism can be left in plain sight and damage the harmony of the sink.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you want to give your bathroom a touch of elegance, Grohe faucets, like this model, can be a great purchase alternative if you want to invest in resistant, durable and attractive products.

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The bathroom faucets are the complement of the sink and the shower. Many would say that it is one of the most important details, since the attention is focused on them when using the services. If you need to acquire one for your home, the first thing you should take into account is the design; so you will know that it will combine with the style of your decoration.

Grohe is a well-known brand in Europe thanks to the quality and performance of its products. The 23342000 Start Edge model is a simple faucet, but with a modern style. It has dimensions of 9 x 4.8 x 14.7 centimeters and a weight of 1.46 kilograms. As commented by the manufacturer, the faucet has a relatively simple installation and a plug is included with the purchase to block the loss of water through the drain if desired.

The water opening and closing system is carried out by means of the upper lever that has the characteristic of being able to turn a little on each side and tilt; With this movement you will regulate the amount of water that comes out.


When you are looking for the most useful accessories for your bathroom, it is very important that you take into account what materials were used in its preparation. Since they will be in contact with water and humidity, we advise you to choose models that have finishes resistant to this.

And that is something you will get with the Grohe model. This bathroom faucet has a sturdy and reliable construction. In addition, it has the company’s patented finish: Star Light.

This finish is very similar to chrome and is designed to withstand scratches and dirt that may accumulate from daily use. Thanks to this, your faucet will be able to stay shiny and like new for much longer. Of course, do not forget to follow the cleaning instructions that recommend not using abrasive chemical elements such as solvents or acids to avoid damaging the finish of the tap.

temperature and installation

In order for a bathroom faucet to be able to offer you hot and cold water output control, it needs to be equipped with certain essential elements, such as hoses that can withstand high temperatures, ceramic cartridges, thermostat functions, etc.

In the case of this Grohe bathroom faucet, we are happy to tell you that, according to previous buyers, it is perfectly compatible with hot and cold water alike. Thanks to the lateral movements of its lever, you can adjust the temperature and water flow with little effort.

Regarding its installation, it has also been commented that it is very simple to carry out. The purchase of the faucet includes standard hoses along with the necessary sockets to connect them. You will only have to have a pipe wrench at hand to be able to secure all the connections and avoid water losses.

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2. Roca A5A6125C00 Single-lever Chrome

The Roca A5A3125C00 model is a single-lever faucet designed for washbasins or bidets, which allows for a very wide lower outlet. A product made of very elegant chromed metal, along with an interior aerator design, which helps you save water when using it.

The model incorporates a wide single-control arm, which allows you to easily adjust the pressure and temperature, also incorporating a chain hook.

A quality model that includes the power supply links and the hoses necessary for its assembly, which responds to traditional designs and standard measurements.

If we add an adjusted price to all this, we could be talking about the best bathroom faucet for value for money at the moment.

Among the cheapest bathroom faucets is the A5A3125C00 model from the Roca brand and its value for money has earned it a good position in our comparison, for this reason we invite you to get to know it in detail with our list of outstanding features and possible disadvantages.


Resistance: Because it is made with a chrome coating, it is water resistant and maintains its appearance for longer.

Water outlet: As it has a wide hole, it offers a comfortable water flow for sinks or bidets.

Air system: Its system that injects air into the water flow helps save the use of this liquid.

Compatibility: Since it has a chain hook, it can be used for sinks with a stopper.


Cleaning: It may happen that in places where the water contains a high concentration of minerals, frequent gentle cleaning is necessary, to avoid the deposit of salts that can deteriorate the appearance of the faucet.

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3. Bonade Modern Waterfall Bathtub Faucet

Within the bathroom faucets not everything is sinks. We can also talk about shower faucets such as the Bonade DC900 model. This product combines the bathtub faucet and the shower faucet or telephone, to have a complete set.

The model is made of brass with a bright chrome finish, which offers an excellent image and is very easy to clean. The single-lever mixer is light and easy to use, and is accompanied by a selector with which you can change the discharge from the tap to the hose.

In the case of the bathtub faucet, this also has a waterfall format outlet, which allows changing the way in which the water is presented and its outlet. An elegant and simple model with a standard installation and that will accompany you for a long time.

Because of its variety of items and designs, many would consider Bonade to be the best bathroom faucet brand. On this occasion, it presents its DC900 model that we invite you to know in detail for its analysis.


Set: Provides a complete shower set with which you can equip your bathroom for comfortable use.

Use: Due to its easy-to-use mixer, it is easy to select a pleasant temperature for the shower.

Installation: Thanks to the fact that it has standard type terminals, it is easy to carry out its assembly in most of the pipes.

Finishes: It offers resistant materials in its manufacture and with a beautiful exterior contemporary design.


Hose: The length of hose provided may be too short for some users looking for more freedom to use the waterfall.

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4. DP Faucets Single-lever basin faucet silver color

Among the bathroom taps we also have cheap and traditional models, such as the DP Grifería Naranjo model.

This long-standing product is ideal for any sink in your home, with a considerable outlet arm and a single-lever base that allows you to mix the water easily.

It is a quality model, made with a chrome-plated brass body and a ceramic cartridge, which prevents dripping over time.

The product is accompanied by a hose with which to mount the equipment, including two 35-centimeter hoses to obtain a basic installation.

An economical and interesting model to renew your taps without having to spend too much. We present below the pros and cons of the model that could be the best bathroom faucet for 20 euros given its characteristics.


Materials: Because it is made of chrome-plated brass, it is resistant to daily use and cleaning is very simple.

Ceramic cartridge: Its anti-drip system with ceramic cartridge is efficient in avoiding such common inconveniences that generate unnecessary water consumption.

Set: Includes fixing accessories, support and metal hose for installation.


Measurements: The installation accessories are 3.8” so it is important to verify that they are compatible with the pipe and acquire the adapters if necessary.

Sound: Some consider that it is not a very quiet faucet.

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5. M Mehoom Waterfall Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

With this bathroom faucet you will not only be able to easily regulate the output of the water, but you will also be able to adjust its temperature level, according to your needs of use. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer incorporated into the product a convenient switch that is easy to control through the monolever.

Regarding the body of the product, chromed brass was used, which prevents the appearance of corrosion in the structure and provides a bright finish. Likewise, a system of valves built in ceramic is incorporated, with the purpose of reducing the risk of leaks and, therefore, taking care of water consumption. In this way, it is possible to save money on monthly billing.

In addition, the design of the faucet was designed so that the water outlet is a waterfall type, while the integrated three-layer filter traps impurities. Thus, you will have a smooth and clean water flow.

With this M Mehoom faucet you will enjoy a product with high quality standards, which will give the bathroom a distinctive touch that everyone will notice when entering.


Valves: You will be able to save significantly in terms of water consumption, thanks to the ceramic valve system incorporated into the faucet.

Instruction manual: In the instruction manual you will find the detailed step by step of the assembly process, so you will not have any inconveniences to carry out this task by yourself.

Monolever: The lever has an ergonomic design that is easy to handle, with which you can adjust the temperature of the water, as desired.

Manufacturing: The tap offers stability and resistance to oxidation, due to its chrome-plated brass construction.


Filter: If the water in your area is too dense, the filter built into your faucet may not completely remove impurities.

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Grohe StartEdge Ref.23342000 Bathroom Faucet Set

If you are looking for the best bathroom faucet of the moment, the Grohe 23342000 Start Edge model may be a good option. A model with a traditional cut and with current materials, which allows you to adapt your bathroom to the new times.

We are talking about a single-lever design product with which you can easily mix the water and obtain the pressure and temperature you need. This model is made of high quality stainless steel, which offers a very elegant shiny finish for your service.

It has conventional measurements, so that you can install it anywhere, without the need for great complications. And so you don’t worry about the passage of time, the model has a 5-year guarantee and a ceramic cartridge inside that prolongs its useful life without leaks or problems.

After knowing the pros and cons of this model, you may be of the opinion of several users who qualify the Grohe brand Start Edge model as the best bathroom faucet currently offered on the market.


Size: It is a faucet 15 cm high and 9 cm long, so it is considered compact.

Materials: Made of high-quality stainless steel, it offers durability and resistance to the passage of time and constant exposure to water.

Anti-drip system: Thanks to the fact that it has a ceramic cartridge in the internal mechanism, it reduces the problem related to drips.

Finishes: Since it has a StarLight chrome exterior, it is resistant to scratches and is easy to clean.

Convenience: It allows you to select the water temperature in a simple way with its handle and the internal mixing system.


Arm length: Due to the fact that it is a short arm faucet, it is advisable to verify that it is compatible with the type of sink that is going to be used.

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Buying Guide – What is the best bathroom faucet on the market?

When it comes to equipping our bathroom, the wide range of bathroom taps allows us to choose a piece of almost any type, which matches any decoration. Today’s models are high quality and resistant products that allow you to cover all your needs. So that you know how to make the most of this offer, you can follow the advice in our guide to buying the best bathroom faucet, in which we tell you the keys to knowing what you should look for.

Type of faucet and functions

Any comparison of bathroom faucets must be divided into the specific applications of each of the faucets that we see. Because it is not the same to have a faucet for a bidet than one for a bathtub or a sink, for example. So this is the first aspect that we are going to analyze within our guide.

Among the most common faucets we have the models for washbasins. This faucet usually has a tight arm, so that it can pour the water properly. Among these models, it is convenient to choose one that adapts to the size of the washbasin opening. Something similar to models for bidets, which must also have the appropriate design to pour water correctly.

Our last stop is in the bathtub, where we distinguish bathtub, shower or mixed faucets. In the case of bathtub faucets, these show a lower outlet spout to fill the bathtub or whatever you need. In showers, this is replaced by a hose that allows the water to be poured properly. And the mixed models are obviously the ones that combine these two functions. The wide variety allows you to choose the one that suits you best.

product materials

The offer of bathroom taps that we currently have has improved to offer better resistance, but also to be able to have formats that fit in any decoration. Even if we are talking about a cheap bathroom faucet, it is possible to find quality models with materials such as chrome-plated brass and other products of recognized resistance.

And it is precisely chromed metals that are one of the most common materials in this type of taps. They have the advantage of always offering a bright image, good resistance to rubbing and hardly require cleaning. A material that is currently offered with guarantees of up to 5 years as a sign of its quality.

If we are already looking for something different, we can evaluate the taps that join metal and glass in the pouring area as it happens in some bathroom taps. Or even find vintage taps made of copper or similar materials, with which you can give a different touch to any bathroom. Be that as it may, it is again key to check the quality of the product, so that it lasts as long as possible.

Product installation and maintenance

As a last question within what has to be with bathroom faucets, we will give you a review of the installation and maintenance of it. A key issue, regardless of how much the faucet costs, because if the product is poorly maintained or the installation is complicated, it will surely end up costing us a lot of trouble.

On the installation side, it is advisable to look for models that follow the standards corresponding to traditional taps in both measurements and connections. This avoids having to mess around to be able to connect it to the house pipes. Do not forget to check that the product includes all the necessary elements for assembly or you will have to buy them separately.

Regarding maintenance, the most normal thing is to bet on models with ceramic cartridges, which come to replace the shoes that were used in the past. This avoids dripping and offers a much higher duration in this aspect. All this without forgetting the cleaning of the faucet or the maintenance of the aerator, which are also issues that should be looked at before the purchase.

How to use a bathroom faucet

When we equip the bathroom of our house, the faucet is an essential element; It is important that we have a faucet that is easy to install and clean, as well as being resistant and offering good features. That is why in this article you will find a set of recommendations that will allow you to learn more about your taps, in order to get the best out of them.

easy to install

One of the positive features of having a good bathroom faucet is that you can install it yourself without the need to hire third parties or spend a lot of money paying a technician. It is important that you have a wrench and a roll of Teflon, because the other accessories are included in the tap.

Fit the faucet, tightening the nuts well with the wrench, wrap the rocks of the hoses that carry the water flow with Teflon. Once you have finished this procedure, you should open the stopcock to check if there is no water leak through the connections. If everything is fine, you can enjoy your taps.

ceramic cartridge

When you have a bathroom faucet that has ceramic cartridges, you will be able to control the flow and temperature of the water with simple movements, either up or down. You will also save water, since by using a faucet with ceramic cartridges you will avoid wasting it.

Take care of your bathroom faucet

Cleaning the bathroom is a fairly frequent task; It should be clarified that it is important to have an impeccable bathroom, but taking care of each of the elements that make it up. In order to keep your faucet sparkling and to keep it in good condition for a long time, some attention should be paid to its maintenance.

It is recommended not to wash the faucet with any type of abrasive cleaners, it is even recommended to avoid vinegar; the most appropriate way to clean it is using a neutral soap, rinse with plenty of water, then dry with a soft cloth.

Take advantage of your design

Bathroom faucets are no longer just a functional element; now these come in a very wide range of models that makes them a decorative element. Take advantage of the design of your bathroom faucet and give a modern, classic, contemporary or extravagant touch to your bathroom, whatever your bathroom faucet is, make it part of its decoration.

Take advantage of its benefits

Nowadays, bathroom faucets usually have several types of water outlets, especially those for showers, therefore you can enjoy water in the form of a waterfall, rain, jets with a certain pressure at specific heights.

They even have hoses, also known as telephone type, that allow you to give localized showers in the area of ​​the body of your choice; These types of hoses are especially ideal for when you don’t want to get your hair wet and you want to keep your hairstyle without having to give up a good bath.

The most popular brands

Taking care of our hygiene is essential to stay healthy. One of the necessary implements for this is the bathroom faucet, which accompanies the sink and allows the water to flow through the pipes to the outside. If you want to have a quality faucet, you should know the most outstanding brands in its manufacture, which according to users are: Grohe, DP Grifería and Cornat.

Technology, quality, sustainability and design are four main values ​​that distinguish this European brand. It is known as one of the leading suppliers in the international market for sanitary fittings and accessories. Its constant innovative spirit has led the company to obtain more than 240 quality awards, which guarantees the proper functioning of all its articles. Although it was founded in Germany, Grohe has reached more than 130 countries around the world, being the preferred brand of the most demanding customers.

It stands out as a brand that brings elegance and simplicity to its designs. Thanks to a great team of experts, each of its products is developed using the best technology on the market. The authenticity of the company is reflected, since all its products are manufactured exclusively in its factories in Germany.

Its bathroom faucets are patented with avant-garde designs that deliver the best quality during use. In addition, the brand has a catalog of measures to guide the customer in the selection of their tap. The company has good reviews on websites, making it trustworthy for first-time buyers looking for top-quality items.

DP Grifería is one of the largest Spanish importers of sanitary products such as taps, sinks, showers, faucets, hydrotherapy, hydromassage, shower enclosures, among others. It is characterized by having an extensive group of experts in Asia, who develop their products with the best technology of the moment.

The brand works mainly through its website, where it offers its different products divided according to the area of ​​the bathroom. The faucet is the section that is most in demand, since its unique and avant-garde designs attract the attention of first-time buyers who are looking for good quality and original designs. Their bathroom faucets are made of stainless steel which increases their durability. In addition, they have an easy-to-install system that facilitates their location in the bathroom.

Currently, it has subsidiaries around the world, highlighting its sales in Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and France. The most specialized buyers are satisfied with the good quality and attention of the brand, being highly recommended.

Among the list of best options is also Cornat. It is one of the most popular brands in internet sales thanks to its reasonable prices and frequent offers that attract people’s attention. It has more than 50 registered items in its inventory that are available in a large number of countries, which makes its distribution worldwide possible.

Although it has little history in the current market, it has gradually increased in popularity due to its innovative and classic designs that attract the attention of the most demanding customers. Its catalog includes everything from simple taps to toilet covers.

Cornat is characterized by being an avant-garde brand, with a constant spirit of innovation that has positioned it among the most recommended brands by people. Also, it is proud to work together with ecological brands to reduce the environmental impact, by using reused materials. If you are looking for a reliable company with competitive prices, this is a good option to invest money in superior quality items.

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Auralum Modern LED Bathroom Basin Faucet

One of the latest novelties to hit the market is the bathroom faucet with light, which comes in models such as the Auralum NVT-102 faucet. This model is based on a waterfall faucet with a metal body and a glass base through which the pouring occurs.

This glass area incorporates a thermal sensor that offers us information on the temperature of the water through a color system. This system lights up to avoid having to use water that is too cold or too hot.

The product has a conventional mixer, with a ceramic cartridge to maintain its quality. And as always it is completed with the necessary elements for installation within the conventional system.

Knowing the highlights that this model offers you can help you decide which bathroom faucet to buy. Here we present its advantages and if there is something in the model that could be improved.


Light: It has a lighting system that changes color according to the temperature of the water it pours, so you can avoid burns.

Materials: It is made of copper with a silver chrome exterior, materials that offer durability for frequent use.

Assembly: Since it offers an installation set with standard measurements, the assembly is easy to carry out in almost any washbasin.


Discharge system: One of the users thinks the discharge channel is very large, which can cause splashes, but it is an isolated opinion among the many satisfactory ones of the model.

Battery replacement: In order to maintain its lighting operation, it is necessary to be aware of changing the batteries, however, due to its low energy consumption, this replacement does not have to be done too often.

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