The 5 Best Bathroom Rugs of 2022

Bath Mat – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bath mats have a basic function in any bathtub or shower, which is to prevent you from slipping in it and having an accident. But, in addition, they also help you to have better sensations in the shower, with the tranquility and security that you need when it comes to getting out of the bathtub with wet feet. That is why it is convenient to look for models that provide that security, such as the AmazonBasics AB-BBM-WH rug. A product made entirely of cotton of controlled origin, which gives you adequate security when moving and dries very quickly. Also attractive is the Rayen 2326 model, which with its dual system allows us to have it both inside the bathroom and outside, thanks to its rubber construction and its high resistance to drag, to give you good stability.

The 5 Best Bath Mats – Opinions 2022

The selection that we present to you in this section is made up of a brief analysis of those that are considered the best bathroom rugs of 2022 so that you can be aware of the aspects that make some of them a good investment. To be able to enter this category, the product must contain the essential characteristics to be a candidate for the position of the best value for money rug.

1. Lifewit Bath Mat Memory Foam Material

Main advantage:

Due to its structure made of memory foam and its super soft touch upper cover, this model manages to provide a very pleasant experience, which can even help relax your feet. In addition, it absorbs water and has a non-slip base.

Main disadvantage:

Some users may find it a bit long, especially if they are looking for a compact model; but for other people it could mean more comfort, so it is a feature that will be useful according to the dimensions of your bathroom.

Verdict: 9.9/10

For the comfort it can provide and because it dries quickly, this may be the best bathroom rug in our comparison.

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Although the main function of bath mats is to provide safety and comfort when getting out of the shower, the truth is that we are looking for a model that has quality finishes and that helps our bathroom look clean and pleasant. 

To meet these two priority needs, the model offered by the Lifewit brand is a rug made with an extra soft and velvety outer cover. In this way, it not only provides a soft and comfortable touch for your feet, which could be relaxing, but also offers an attractive visual texture, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

In addition, it should be noted that due to its gray color, it could be considered a neutral color that easily combines with different decorations.

Now, analyzing the finishes of the model, it should be noted that by providing a style of grooves, these give the model greater solidity, preventing it from losing its shape and its edges with seams make it resistant to use.

Practicality and finishes

Because this bathroom accessory is in contact with moisture, it is essential that it is made of materials that are absorbent, but also dry easily. In this aspect, you will be pleased to know that due to the nature of the materials that make up this rug, moisture enters the foam, but it is not retained in its fibers. Allowing it to be dry in a short time, so that it can be used again without problems.

Also, it should be mentioned that they are materials that are easily washed and are resistant to stains. So you can maintain the hygiene of the carpet without this task involving too much effort.

safety and comfort

As for the comfort that the mat can provide you, you will be pleased to know that thanks to its memory foam, standing on this accessory can be considered a very pleasant experience. This is because it has a density of 40D with a thickness of 2 cm, which allows the weight of the body to be distributed over the material, just like when you step on a relaxing shoe insole.

On the other hand, by including a non-slip coating on the back, you don’t have to worry about the rug moving while you get out of the shower.

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2. Rayen 2326.21 Bath Mat with Suction Cups

If what you are looking for is a mat that you can place both inside and outside the shower, you may be interested in the Rayen 2326 model. This product could be considered the best bath mat of its kind because it has built-in suction cups on the bottom base to hold firmly to surfaces. This, in addition to guaranteeing your safety, also guarantees stability so that you do not slip while you bathe.

It is made entirely of rubber, which is ideal for keeping in contact with water because it does not wear out easily. In addition, it offers good traction to be able to maintain balance.

It has dimensions of 90 centimeters long by 37 centimeters wide, which allows you to place it in bathtubs, showers, sinks or wherever you prefer. It also has holes throughout its surface to prevent the accumulation of water and that you can place it on top of the drain.

This model can be very interesting and of excellent quality, because it has been designed by the best brand of bathroom rugs and we want you to know its most important aspects so that you take it into account when choosing.


Fastening: It has suction cups at the bottom to have greater support both inside and outside the shower.

Durability: Its design in chub material gives it great durability. That is, you will be able to enjoy this rug for a long time.

Measurements: The measurements of this bath mat allow it to be located and used in different places in the bathroom.

Holes: The holes in this rug allow you to place it over the bathroom drain without water accumulation.

Design: Its design is very elegant and quite modern so that you can easily combine it with the different colors and textures of your bathroom.

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3. Warrah SD-1 Multi-Purpose Bath Mat

Making your bathroom look fun and safe at the same time can be a simple project if you choose a model like the one presented by the WARRAH brand, since by including cute aquatic characters in your rug patterns, you can add a touch attractive.

As far as its effectiveness is concerned, it should be mentioned that on its back it has numerous suction cups that adhere firmly to the surface of your bathtub, thus preventing you from falling while taking a shower. In addition, it can be very useful to motivate the little ones in the house to acquire healthy hygiene habits and bathe with pleasure.

In addition, its composition has dispensed with phthalates and has no unpleasant aromas, which adds comfort. While on the other hand, it is very easy to maintain the hygiene of the product.

We know that deciding which bath mat to buy is not an easy task, but perhaps if you have children at home this is the right model. Let’s take a closer look at its qualities.


Design: Due to its fun prints, it is a model that can be described as attractive.

Hygiene: The rug is 100% washable both by hand and in the machine, for greater practicality.

Suction cups: Because it includes this type of surface, it will not move, which adds safety to its use.

Materials: Thanks to the fact that it is made of high quality silicone, it is resistant and does not include toxic substances.


Prints: It may be that with frequent use the prints begin to lose intensity.

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4. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Bath Mat

AmazonBasics continues to add essential products to its catalog, which have good quality and attractive costs. To describe your bathroom rug proposal, we’ll start by mentioning that it’s a simple design, but because it has a memory foam core, it can provide comfort. 

In addition, it has a superior microfiber coating, which in addition to being very soft, resistant and thermal, also ensures that moisture is quickly absorbed into the interior when you get out of the shower, but at the same time it evaporates from its fibers without problems.

It should be added as an advantage, that it is also available in various shades, so you could find the one that matches the rest of your bathroom furniture and decorations. On the other hand, keeping the rug clean won’t take too much time or effort and you can even machine wash it.

We know that the variety of costs can be very extensive, but knowing the outstanding qualities of the cheapest rugs could help you finally find the model you are looking for.


Simplicity: Because it is a basic style model, it can go very well with any bathroom decoration.

Materials: Thanks to its microfiber cover and foam, this rug provides comfort.

Colors: The model is available in several shades to choose from, so you can find one according to your needs.

Non-slip: Its lower grid allows it to offer stability.


Washing: Although the manufacturer mentions that it can be washed in a washing machine, one user does not recommend it, but it is an isolated opinion among several positive ones.

Dimensions: Its size of 46 x 71 cm could be considered compact if you are looking for a longer rug.

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5. NiceEshop Non-Slip Absorbent Bath Mats

NiceEshop brings us an excellent option among the cheapest bathroom rugs. This model is one of the most versatile of our selection since it can be purchased in six different colors; beige, purple, light coffee, gray, brown, champagne and pink. This allows it to be adaptable to any bathroom decor you have. You can also find them in various sizes ranging from 40 x 60 centimeters, 50 x 80 centimeters, 60 x 90 centimeters and 50 x 150 centimeters.

This rug has a non-slip underside for added stability and a long microfiber top layer for softness and comfort. It can be cleaned with common vacuum cleaners and even washed in a washing machine with neutral type detergents.

It’s absorbent and moisture resistant and also maintains a comfortable temperature to step on when you get out of bed or go to the bathroom. However, it is not recommended to place inside the shower.

If your budget is not that high and you want to buy the best bath mat for 10 euros, we will detail the pros and cons of a model that may be the one for what you are looking for.


Size: Its size can vary so that you can select the rug according to the size that best suits what you are looking for for your bathroom.

Non- slip: It has a non-slip material on the bottom to avoid any accident when in the presence of a large amount of water.

Softness: On the upper part of the rug it has a microfiber material that will give you a feeling of softness and comfort.

Cleaning: For the cleaning and cleaning of this rug you can use the vacuum cleaner or the machine to maintain it and keep it clean and free of germs.


Location: When giving this mat a location, you should know that you cannot use it inside the shower, but outside it.

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Buying guide – What is the best bath mat on the market?

Bath mats are highly recommended accessories to complement the decoration of your bathtub. This guide to buying the best bathroom mat will tell you which elements are necessary to take into consideration in order to invest in a good quality product. Likewise, the comparison between its characteristics, as well as its advantages and disadvantages can influence your decision when putting daily use into perspective.

Before getting carried away by how much a good bath mat costs, you need to know the benefits that these accessories are capable of providing. Bath mats can be classified into various categories; such as security and decoration. Depending on the type of bath mat you need, you can find a wide variety of models.

One of the advantages of a good and cheap bath mat is that it can be made of various materials and this allows very varied designs and colors to be applied to it. Thanks to this, you may be able to find the bathroom mat that best suits the decoration of your home so that instead of highlighting, it complements what already exists.

Another of its advantages is that having a bath mat inside the shower greatly minimizes the possibility of slips and falls, which is why in some homes they are essential for safety, especially if you have small children or the elderly. The combination of soap and water can even be deadly. Also, rugs that are placed outside the shower are usually designed to absorb water from the feet so that they can dry quickly to avoid slipping when walking with wet feet.

Many people also decide to buy bathroom mats to avoid touching the cold floor in the morning as it can be quite unpleasant and even lead to viral illnesses like colds.

What type of bath mat is best?

Regardless of the elements that made you decide to purchase a bath mat, we hope that the information contained in this space on our website can be useful for you to purchase a model that is both attractive and safe for you. We consider that managing the following characteristics is necessary to make the right decision:


The first aspect to take into account in order to choose the best bath mat on the market is its dimensions. A bath mat is usually placed inside the shower or immediately outside it and it is well known that the bathrooms of each home can be of different sizes. Therefore, knowing the dimensions of the bath mat of your interest before purchasing it can save you a lot of headaches.

Also, you must calculate the space that remains between the carpet and the edges of the shower or bathtub to allow a correct passage of water. And if it is a floor mat, we recommend you look at those models that can be placed around the toilet or at least, that do not get in the way since most bathrooms usually have the toilet very close to the shower and it can make it hard to accommodate later.


Now, we will focus on the materials. As mentioned above, shower mats can be classified into two types; those of water and those of drying. If you are interested in purchasing a shower mat, it is imperative that it has an anti-slip treatment that can allow you to bathe without the risk of slipping. Many models of shower mats have fastening pacifiers at their base to be able to stay in one position and not move with the passage of water. In addition, they can also have holes that prevent the accumulation of water.

If what you want is a rug for your bathroom floor, here you have more options since you can find them made of fabric, cotton, thick, thin, among many others. However, it is very important that you pay attention to the material of the lower base since it is very likely that it is in constant contact with water and if it is not made for this, it can be easily damaged.


Last but not least, carpet safety. Because a bath mat is placed on smooth floors, it is necessary that it has the necessary elements that help it stay in place. It can be very easy to slip on a poorly made rug and falls can be fatal in some cases, so we insist that you check whether the rug of your interest meets the aforementioned characteristics.

Likewise, it is advisable to take into account those bathroom rugs that have suckers to hold on to the floor or that at least have inferior fabrics that can create a kind of friction that prevents them from moving easily.

It is also good that you analyze what type of cleaning you can apply to the carpet to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria that can develop the presence of vermin of all kinds.

How to use a bath mat

One of the most frequented places in the house is the bathroom, which is why it tends to get dirty more quickly, especially because there is a lot of humidity. This explains why it is necessary to remove as much dirt as possible and for this there is nothing more effective than bathroom mats, which help prevent moisture from spreading throughout the place.  

where to put it

When it comes to putting a rug in the bathroom there are two strategic places to do it. The first place is at the exit of the shower. When you leave, you come soaked with water and although you can dry a large part of your body, your feet continue to be in contact with the water, so when you leave, remains will remain on the floor, wetting it. The second strategic place is at the foot of the sink. When washing, small splashes are produced that can end up soaking the area around the area.

How to wash the rug

Keeping your bathroom mat always clean is very important to prevent the appearance of mold if you have chosen a cloth mat or bacteria and germs if it is made of another material.

If you opted for a cloth or microfiber rug, to wash it you should put hot water in a container, which will help eliminate any bacteria that may have appeared during use; let it soak for at least 10 minutes. Next, pour in a little detergent and scrub the entire carpet with a soft-bristled brush, emphasizing the dirtiest spots. If instead you preferred a plastic or memory foam mat, you are required to follow the same procedure except that only cold water is used.

Remove mold from carpet

The appearance of mold in fabric carpets or similar materials is a big problem, since it will not only produce a bad smell in the bathroom, but it will quickly degrade it and cause problems if you suffer from asthma. To eliminate the problem you can use two methods.

The first is to dry the rug in the sun for 24-48 hours to ensure that you have removed any remaining moisture. Next, dust the areas where the mold has grown with a sufficient amount of baking soda and leave it to act overnight. The next day, spray the carpet with vinegar and scrub it with a brush. The second method is using more professional products such as fungicidal sprays that you can buy at any specialized store. Spray the carpet with the spray, let it sit and scrub it with a brush.

How to dry the carpet

For this you can also put it in the sun for 24 hours or until you consider that there are no more traces of moisture; never leave it outside overnight, as the dew will slow down the drying process. Another way to dry it is using a hair dryer; This process is effective and fast as long as the rug is not large.

The most popular brands

If what you are looking for is a soft surface to place your feet after a relaxing shower, you should know that, according to users, the best brands in the manufacture of bathroom mats are: Lifewit, Langria and Confort Home.

It is a well-known brand in the home furnishings industry. Lifewit has the objective of providing the best products on the market in care and decoration for the home. Its catalog is constantly evolving, offering quality items at affordable prices. Its products are characterized by avant-garde designs that add style to the decoration of your home without being too ostentatious.

Among all its lines of articles, the bath mats stand out, recommended to be placed at the exit of the shower and at the entrance of the bathroom.

They are made with non-slip materials that prevent falls when the floor is wet. In addition, its microfibers absorb water immediately and will provide good protection for your feet against slipping. They also work as a decorative element for your home, with their neutral and classic colors that will add elegance.

Lifewit Household has the best designers in the market to create products that meet the needs expressed by its customers. It has good reviews and is highly recommended among shoppers looking for a trusted brand to purchase their home care items.

This brand was born from the concern that people had when they did not get good quality items at reasonable prices, since most brands offered their products at very high prices. Langria is characterized by being an innovative brand in the creation of properties that combine style with comfort. Its products are designed to fit into any space in the home, being versatile and easy to use.

Currently, it has a wide catalog divided into different categories, according to the spaces in the home, such as living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, office, among others. Its bathroom line products are in high demand among buyers looking for modern accessories to decorate and personalize this important part of the home.

Includes shelves, individual trays and bathroom mats. Its rug models have foam trails that are soft and comfortable to the touch, while keeping the floor surface clean and dry. They also have absorbent cushions that facilitate the user’s stability when placed on them.

Langria, despite having been in operation for a short time, is recognized among the most popular shopping brands for household items, being recommended by users, who describe the high quality of its products.

It is another of the leading brands in the market and offers its products through different web portals where it shows its extensive catalog of items for home care. All of its products are characterized by being made with highly resistant materials, in addition to using synthetic microfibers that do not pollute the environment, being a brand linked to environmentalism.

Its bathroom rugs are one of its most praised products, since its surfaces are non-slip, which allows greater stability after a shower.

In addition, they have fibers that absorb water quickly, keeping the surface dry, but above all they are soft when in contact with the feet. Confort Home offers various designs and striking colors of rugs according to customer demands, as well as its products are multifunctional since they can be used in different spaces of the home.

Comfort Home has established itself in the market for the quality of all its items. Expert customers highly recommend the brand, ensuring a good purchase for a competitive price.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Croydex AN600231

Main advantage:

The Croydex model stands out among other bathroom mats for its absorbent capacity. According to users, its use means that there are no puddles where it is stepped on thanks to the materials with which it has been manufactured.

Main disadvantage:

Users comment that the biggest drawback of this product is that it takes a while to dry if it absorbs too much water. However, they claim that this does not affect their efficiency.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Its absorption capacity provides the user with safety when getting out of the shower, avoiding dangerous accidents due to slipping. Its texture provides comfort underfoot and its dimensions make it easy to clean.

Materials and safety

For any bathroom mat, it is imperative to have an anti-slip system that can allow people to bathe without the risk of slipping. The combination of water and soap can be fatal, so the mats used to get out of the shower are designed with the aim of absorbing the greatest amount of water that slips off the body and preventing the user from suffering an accident when slip off.

To provide this security, the Croydex mat is made from non-slip materials. It is also viscoelastic, a quality that according to its buyers prevents dangerous accidents caused by slippery floors and wet feet. Its high-quality material also provides great softness to the touch, wearability, and weight cushioning, which has been quite pleasing to users.

In addition to this, it features a high-quality memory foam for extra comfort underfoot.


A bath mat is usually going to be placed outside the shower or bathtub and it is well known that the bathrooms of each home can be of different sizes. Therefore, it is necessary that the dimensions of the rug strategically match the size of the bathroom, so that there is no problem with it.

Likewise, the space that remains between the carpet and the edges of the shower or bathtub must be calculated to allow the correct passage of water. The Croydex is manufactured with a dimension of 80 x 50 cm, which makes it suitable to be placed outside the shower. This is because it allows to cover a large extension of the floor and thus guarantee greater security. Its dimensions also help it fit into the average bathroom size, making it functional for most users.


Among the advantages offered by bathroom mats is that they can be made of various types of materials, which opens the doors to design, comfort and decoration. Therefore, this allows a wide variety of designs on the market to find the bath mat that best suits the decoration of your home.

With its simple unicolor design, the Croydex rug adapts to any decoration in a discreet and harmonized way, in order to blend in with its surroundings so that instead of standing out, it properly complements what already exists. Finally, the design also makes it easy to clean and dry, which is liked by many users.

Norcho NC 0236

The NC 0236 bath mat from Norcho could be the ideal choice for those looking for color options. This model can be purchased in four different colors; white, khaki, pink and green so you can combine it with your bathroom decoration if you wish.

The NC 0236 is made up of a rubber body covered on top by microfiber, this makes it non-slip and safe as well as soft and comfortable. One of the advantages of this type of rugs is that they can be placed both in the bathroom and in any other corner of the house, they are even ideal for the entrance or the living room.

In addition, this particular model can be purchased in various sizes ranging from 80 centimeters long by 50 centimeters wide and 120 centimeters long by 80 centimeters wide so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs..

Haven’t made a decision? Can’t find the right model for your needs? Not sure which bath mat to buy? Take a look at the pros and cons of the model we describe below.


Material: It is made of rubber material and covered with microfiber to have high resistance and durability.

Non-slip: Its lower part is non-slip, which allows you to use it with greater peace of mind because you must be careful when stepping on water.

Softness: The top of the rug provides great softness and comfort, even when you need to stand barefoot on it.

Size: It has been manufactured in different sizes so that you can select the one that best suits your tastes and needs.


Measurements: Different users have stated that the measurements of the products received do not coincide with those presented in their characteristics.

egomarket 0001

An option among bathroom rugs that are ideal for the smallest of the house could be the 0001 from Egomarket. When it comes to children, it is very important to take all necessary measures to ensure their safety and the bathroom should be one of the highest priorities.

This bath mat is made of PVC to add extra traction. It has suction cups on the bottom to be able to secure it to the ground and, in addition, it has a hollowed-out base to adhere as well as possible. It has dimensions of 69 centimeters long by 39 centimeters wide, more than enough for the use that a child would give it.

As for its appearance, the 0001 has a very fun design in bright colors that your children may like. It can be placed both inside and outside the bathtub since it does not have odors or toxic elements that could endanger the health of the little ones.

In addition to knowing the most expensive and most recognized models, you can carefully read the details of other cheaper bathroom rugs that may not have anything to envy to other designs.


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