The 5 Best Bathroom Shelves of 2022

Bathroom Shelving – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the spaces in our home where it is necessary to better organize the space is the bathroom. Having a place for our cosmetics, towels and other products is essential. Both to have everything in its place and to avoid accidents in a sensitive place like this. To achieve this order we have all kinds of bathroom shelves, with various designs and materials adapted to what you like best. Among these models we have shelves such as the SoBuy FRG28-WN model. A product that offers different configurations for its shelves and is made of treated bamboo to give it greater resistance to use. If you prefer something simpler, you can use the KES BGS3200S35 model, which has a chromed metal support and 8-millimeter-thick glass, offering high operating safety and good useful space.

The 5 Best Bathroom Shelves – Opinions 2022

When it comes to giving space to your bathroom, you will surely be interested in knowing which is the best bathroom shelf you can find. Furniture that makes it easier to organize your space as it suits you best, making the most of the available space. If you want to find the most suitable model, you just have to know some of the best bathroom shelves of 2022, which we present below and analyze for you.

1. SoBuy FRG28-WN Bathroom Shelf

Main advantage:

This product functions as a kitchen shelf, a bathroom shelf and a wall shelf. In addition, it allows you to organize your personal items and offers resistance to moisture.

Main disadvantage:

Some users express difficulty when installing the product, so it is recommended to be careful when tightening with screws so as not to damage the structure.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is functional and versatile, since it has a decorative design that adapts to any place. In addition, it is made of lacquered bamboo, so it provides greater resistance.

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This bookcase is characterized by its attractive and modern design. In addition, it provides a delicate style and a simple structure, but resistant at the same time. It has a versatile appearance, which can be adapted to any environment in your home, whether it is used in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and even as a library.

Its design is vertical, with two sides made of bamboo wood and the horizontal countertops are white. If you want to install it quickly, it has the necessary accessories, so you do not require professional help for its assembly.

On the other hand, its supports can be placed at different heights to provide a greater division and you can make different decorations. Also, you should keep in mind that it is a shelf designed to evoke nature in your home and to provide greater organization and visual tranquility.


This shelf has dimensions of 60 cm wide, with a height of 54 cm and 15 cm deep, which offers you to store all your household items in an organized way, since it has three divisions to classify small and large things.

It can support up to 25 kg, which allows you to store your objects without worrying about unevenness or deterioration caused by excessive weight. Also, you can use all three supports in a balanced way.

On the other hand, it is a product that provides lightness and practicality, since it weighs only 3.2 kg and can be easily placed on any flat surface, you can even use it to complement another shelf in your home, such as in the bathroom to organize your hygiene accessories, towels, among others.


It is a shelf made of bamboo and MDF wood, whose main advantage is to avoid humidity, because it is a natural insulator of water. In addition, it has a great tensile strength capable of supporting the weight of various objects, even while its structure is mainly light, for this reason, bamboo is used today to make various furniture and decorative designs.

It has high resistance screws to install it easily and offer greater stability, in this way you can adapt it to any surface. Likewise, thanks to its rigidity, it allows you to organize your personal objects according to your tastes, so you will not have to worry about space or the amount of things you place on it.

On the other hand, it is an easy product to clean, since you can maintain the care of the bamboo wood by simply removing the dust with a tissue. In this sense, with regular maintenance, the shelf provides great durability to use for as long as you want.

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2. KES BGS3200S35 Bathroom Shelf

If what you are looking for is a glass shelf for the bathroom, or failing that, a shelf where you can place all your toiletries, the KES BGS3200S35 model is a good proposal.

In this case, you have a bookcase with a single shelf, made of high-resistance polished glass and 8mm thick, mounted on two chrome supports that hold it and give the whole a greater elegance. Its installation requires the use of a drill, although the process is simple.

The glass surface measures 35 cm wide by 11.8 deep, offering a good surface to place what you need. A resistant, elegant, easy-to-use product that, thanks to its reasonable price, could also be considered the best value-for-money bathroom shelf on the market today.

Elegance goes hand in hand with a good price when it comes to KES, which is why this could be the best bathroom shelf for 10 euros:


Materials: To ensure resistance and good quality, the shelf supports are made of zinc alloys. In addition, the product finishes are polished chrome.

Screws: This KES shelf is intended for use in the bathroom, which means that it is constantly exposed to water; For that reason, the fact that the screws are stainless steel gives it an advantage over other bathroom shelves.

Weight: The weight of this model is only 1.22 kilograms, which will make it very easy to move and install it.

Design: Its elegant design will match the decoration of any bathroom; additionally, for a clean look, the screws are hidden and do not clash with the design.


Space: The shelf only has 1 shelf, which makes it a good option for a few items, but an alternative that is not recommended for those looking for a lot of space.

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3. Songmics 85-305 cm Bathroom Corner Shelf

Among our selection, we also find the traditional bathroom corner shelf, represented by the Songmics BCB001A model. This product features strong PP plastic construction along with powder-coated metal tubes, which has good rust resistance.

This model also includes four shelves where you can place everything you need. A simple model, which also includes the mounting system of a telescopic bathroom shelf, being properly fitted to provide greater security, without the need to use tools or other elements.

It has a good resistance in each of its shelves, in which to place your bathroom things and even be able to hang towels without problems or risks. As an extra, the shelves are perforated, so that water does not accumulate if you place it inside the bathtub or shower.

If you are looking for height-adjustable quality in your next shelving unit, then there is no need to keep wondering which bathroom shelving unit to buy, as this is a great alternative for you:


Materials: The plastic of each of the shelves is polypropylene, a quality that makes them robust and stable; In addition, the metal parts of the shelf are resistant to rust.

Adjustable: To adjust it to the room where you will place it, this shelf has an adjustable height that goes from 80 to 305 centimeters.

Weight: The shelves are somewhat small in width, but they withstand the weight without any problem. The maximum load that you can place on each one is 3 kilograms and, considering that it has 4 shelves, the absolute maximum load is 12 kilograms, an adequate weight to place several products.

Space: This shelf has been made thinking of being a corner shelf, therefore, the space it takes up is minimal. However, if you do not want to use it as a corner, you can place it wherever you want without problem.


Instructions: Although the instructions are written in several languages, some users have commented that they are somewhat complicated, which makes it difficult to install the shelf.

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4. Deuba Telescopic Shelving Unit with 3 Chromed Steel Shelves

This telescopic bathroom shelf is a wide and spacious model, which includes two large poles and three adjustable shelves, with which you can adjust the available space to what you need.

This product has been made of high-quality chromed steel, so that it not only remarkably resists humidity and other aggressions present in your bathroom, but it also has a pleasant and quality image that decorates the environment.

It is a versatile product, easy to install as it has the telescope system, which avoids having to use tools during the assembly process, simply adjusting the guides to the floor and ceiling to leave the shelf firmly in place. A quality model, but that also stands out among the cheap ones that we have valued.

If you like classic-looking shelves, this Deuba model could be a very good option for you:


Height: The Deuba shelf has an adjustable height between 180 and 270 centimeters; you decide at what height to place it depending on what you are looking for.

Shelf size: The dimensions of the shelves are 60 x 20 centimeters, which gives you enough space to place the things you need.

Materials: This shelf is made of chromed steel that will give it the right strength and stability to support weight.

Adjustable: You can place the shelves of the shelf at the height you want depending on the things you are going to place on top or the design you like best.


Rust: Some people have commented that the shelf has rusted a little due to constant contact with water, for that reason, it is recommended to use this shelf in a place where water does not fall on it.

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5. SoBuy FRG160-N Bathroom Shelf with Basket

If what you are looking for is a bathroom wall shelf, but you prefer something different from the conventional, the SoBuy model FRG160-N is a good alternative. This model consists of a support system for the wall along with another for the floor, to give the product greater stability.

A versatile model with three shelves of different sizes, increasing as we go down, which are completed with a basket 30 cm deep, 31 wide and 38 deep in which to leave your dirty clothes so that they do not get in the way or bother you. soil.

This model supports five kilos of load on each shelf, with depth measurements ranging from 16 to 26 cm of the deepest. A suitable model, therefore, to distribute your things as you need it.

It is not the cheapest alternative, but being a SoBuy bathroom shelf, it could be said that it is a very good quality product, there are even those who consider it the best bathroom shelf of the moment:


Basket: In addition to being a bathroom shelf, this product comes with a basket, a very practical additional accessory. You can use it for dirty clothes or to store towels; In addition to that, it is removable so you can wash it or put it in another place.

Maximum load: This bathroom shelf model is made of fir wood, which gives its structure strength; Thanks to this, each shelf can support a maximum weight of 5 kilograms.

Levels: To give you more space to place your things, the shelf has 3 storage levels and each of them is removable.


Raw wood: Although for some users it is an advantage, for others the fact that the wood comes in its raw form makes it have a very simple design, therefore, they have taken the task of varnishing and painting.

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SoBuy FRG28-WN Bathroom Shelf

The SoBuy FRG28-WN wooden bathroom shelf is a versatile product, with which you can have all kinds of configurations thanks to its three shelves that are easy to position as you see fit.

This bathroom shelf has been made of bamboo, which repels water adequately and also has additional protection that prolongs its useful life. A complete kit with all kinds of configurations and a measurement of 54 cm high, 60 wide and 15 deep, where you can store everything you need and well organized.

It is also accompanied by the necessary elements to use it as a bathroom wall shelf, which offers you even greater versatility in its assembly. A nice model that you can configure as you see fit and that, due to its characteristics, could well be considered the best bathroom shelf of the moment.

SoBuy has managed to rank in lists of best shelves more than once, for that reason, it can be said that this brand is becoming the best brand of bathroom shelves today:


Supports: If you want to install it as soon as you receive it, then you can do it without any problem, since the necessary supports and materials for the installation are included, which means that you will not need to buy anything additional.

Materials: This shelf is made of bamboo and, having the properties of this material, the shelf is protected against moisture because it repels water.

Load: So that you can have everything you need without worry, the maximum load of the shelf is 25 kilograms.

Versatile: Its beautiful design makes it suitable for the bathroom, kitchen or living room; It all depends on the use you want to give it.


Screws: Some people have commented that the screws do not fit perfectly due to the fact that the wood is somewhat soft, which can cause problems in terms of the stability of the product.

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Buying Guide – What is the best bathroom shelf on the market?

When it comes to organizing the space in our bathroom, we have all kinds of products with which to easily organize all our toiletries. Products such as bathroom shelves, which, thanks to their wide range of materials and models, allow us to customize the space as we like.

To make it easier for you to choose the most suitable model, you just have to follow the advice in our guide to buy the best bathroom shelf according to your space and needs and you will know what to look for to choose the ideal product for you.


shelf type

When we decide to buy a shelf of this type, the options are multiple as far as types are concerned. Something easy to check if we take a look at any comparison of bathroom shelves. Therefore, it is easy to choose the model that you like the most or that interests you the most depending on the configuration of the space you have available in your home.

Among these types of shelves we have the traditional corner shelves, suitable for placing both in the bathtub or shower area and in general, which makes it easier to take advantage of these spaces to put what you need. You also have shelves or small wall shelves, suitable for making the most of the small spaces you have in the bathroom.

If what you need is something larger, all you have to do is resort to wall models, both in their conventional design and in their telescopic format. Products with greater capacity to place your things with ease.

The telescopic format models are easier to assemble, since their poles are placed directly on the ground and on the ceiling, while the wall-mounted ones are mounted in a conventional way, with plugs and screws according to the different designs. Therefore, it is easy to find the one that best suits your needs.

Manufacturing materials

Within the different shelving models that we have at our disposal, we also find products based on different materials. Something that influences how much the shelf costs, but also the resistance and the image of the product. Within the different existing products, the most common materials are metals, plastic, glass and wood.

Starting with the latter, bamboo wood is one of the most used today. Partly because of its properties when it comes to resisting humidity and the temperatures of the bathroom, but also because of its quality and elegance in your bathroom. As for plastics, these are usually accompanied by metal or are made entirely of this material. They are usually resistant, although the finishes are not usually as good as in other products.

In relation to metals, these products are usually made of stainless steel with a chrome finish, which gives the product greater resistance and a better image. Something that improves the image of the shelves of this material, while offering remarkable resistance.

Finally, we cannot forget the glass, present in some products, which must always be safety or with a good thickness and that gives a good elegance to your bathroom. Therefore, the options to choose from when looking for a good and cheap bathroom shelf are many and varied, so you can bet on the one you like the most.

Shelving installation and maintenance

As a last aspect to take into account, it is necessary to talk about both the installation and the maintenance of the rack. Starting with the assembly, if you are looking for the easiest model to assemble, you will find it in the telescopic products, which do not need tools or anything else, since these bars are firmly placed both on the ceiling and on the floor.

Nor do the hanging models require installation, which are placed directly on the partition, allowing you to have everything you need at hand without problems. On the other hand, we also have models that are mounted on the wall, for which you will generally need a drill, plugs and screws. However, all the hardware is usually included with the product so you don’t have to worry about missing something.

Regarding maintenance, in general it does not go beyond cleaning the shelf with the appropriate products for its material and little else. In models that have a more complex installation, wall or structure, it is worth tightening the screws from time to time, especially if they have a high weight load.

In any case, take a look at the instructions in case the product you are evaluating has any specific maintenance needs that you are not aware of.

How to use a bathroom shelf

One of the places in the house that we always try to keep organized is the bathroom, because there we have a large number of things, such as cleaning supplies, personal care, makeup and towels, in addition to being a place for shared use by both adults as well as children, bathroom shelves being very appropriate to maintain order and organization in this area. This time we will give you some tips on how you can use your bathroom shelves efficiently.

Arrange shelves harmoniously

If your bathroom is a good size, place shelves that match the furniture, as there are sink units that include a shelf or columns of the same design and material, which highlights the harmonious aspect of the space. But if you don’t have these shelves, you can use a bamboo shelf and give the room a more personal touch.

Shelves above the toilet

A very effective alternative to take advantage of the bathroom space is to use the surface above the toilet, where a wrought iron or brass shelf could be placed, although if you prefer something more personal, you can choose to place a simple glass shelf or of melamine with its supports, providing additional space to place toilet paper or some towels.

Take advantage of the corners

All the spaces you have available in a bathroom can be useful to maintain order, so take advantage of the corners and place angular or corner shelves, which you can get in various designs and colors.

built-in wall shelves

You can also take advantage of the spaces between partitions to place shelves, which can be made of chipboard or glass, depending on your decoration preferences, but they are ideal for using the interior space of the shower and storing everything from towels, bath gels, shampoos, among other items.

In the same way, you can take advantage of the wall in the highest areas or the space you have in the shower or in the bathtub, using vertical organization shelf systems with coat racks, modules with doors and shelves, ladder-type shelves being a great option that are fixed to the wall.

Baskets and boxes that simulate shelves

Although if you do not want to use classic shelves, you can opt for baskets that fulfill this function, hanging them from the wall, which will give the room a more aesthetic air and you will have a large additional space to store makeup, cosmetics, body creams, among others. articles.

The drawers on the other hand, are very comfortable and have versatile uses, so you can use those models without straps to give the impression of a cleaner image, with simple and light mechanisms.

Take advantage of the space between the shower and the entrance door

This is one of the spaces that we pay little attention to, especially if our bathroom has a small space, it being best to maximize all the places that serve us to store things, so take advantage of this space and place small details so as not to overload the bathroom. stay.

Always remember to try to maintain balance and harmony in the design of your bathroom, so the shelves you use must comply with this principle, and also must be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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