The 5 Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors of 2022

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Preventing risks at home is a smart measure to take better care of your family. Something in which carbon monoxide detectors help us, analyzing the air and alerting us to what we do not see, but which can pose a considerable risk to everyone. To achieve this, it is necessary to choose quality models, adjusted to what we have to detect and that maintain their reliability and detection capacity over time. For example, the Onliving C11-L offers a processing chip capable of precision and high sensitivity to CO. In addition, it has different light indicators in the front area to know the status of the device. Another model that could be useful to you is the Heiman HM-723ESY, which has a screen with LED light, to see the status of the air in the dark if you wish. Also, when the CO level returns to normal, the equipment automatically restarts.

The 5 Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Opinions 2022

If you are a person concerned about your health, that of your relatives and you have several devices that produce carbon monoxide such as burners, kerosene water heaters or you live near plants where elements such as oil, kerosene, wood or coal are burned, We present you a comparative guide with the best carbon monoxide detectors of 2022 so that you can live calmly but prepared.

1. Onliving Carbon Monoxide Detector 

It is a carbon monoxide detector with 5 sensors that are constantly taking data to indicate the level of CO in the air. In the event that the gas exceeds safe values ​​for humans, the device automatically emits an alarm that sounds at 85 dB. Thus, it can alert you to solve the problem in time.

It also has 3 colored LED indicators, green for normal operation, yellow for faults and red for alarm status, making it an easy-to-understand device.

As if that were not enough, it is easy to install, since you only have to place a pair of AAA batteries in the rear area of ​​​​the device and mount it on the wall with the screws included in the package, which favors practicality.

A CO detector can make you and your family safer. In this sense, it is appropriate that you carefully review the pros and cons of this device.


Display: It has a 3-digit LED display that shows the level of CO in the air in numbers.

Sensors: It has 5 sensors to detect carbon monoxide in 360°.

Indicators: It incorporates 3 indicator lights that let you know the status of the device.


Batteries: You may have to make an additional investment, since it does not include the batteries necessary for its operation.

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2. Heiman Carbon Monoxide Detector

This CO detector has a range of 30 to 999 ppm, so it will be very efficient in your business or home regarding its sensitivity. In addition, it offers various alarms, depending on the intensity of the contamination. For example, the alarm is activated 3 minutes after detecting 300ppm in the environment.

It has an LCD screen, which in turn has LED light, to see the data more easily. In addition to this, next to the screen it has the Test button, which is used to check the battery status whenever you want. Likewise, it should be noted that you can install it on the ceiling or the wall, according to your needs.

And, if you are concerned about the sound level of your alarm, we inform you that it is 85 dB at 1 meter, which is sufficient for kitchens, living rooms or small and large offices. 

If you are looking for a detector that is simple to use and install, this could be the one, so we present its most important positive and negative aspects in the following section.


Sensor: Thanks to its electrochemical sensor, it will detect low and high concentrations of CO without any inconvenience.

Alarm: It has various alarm modes and response times, for example, it activates when it has 3 minutes detecting 300 ppm in the environment.

Button: On the front, you can find a Test button, to check the status of the screen, as well as the batteries.

Autonomy: It works with 2 AA batteries, which come with the purchase of the product and offer a useful life of up to 5 years.


Smoke: It does not detect smoke directly, it can only be activated with abnormal concentrations of CO.

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3. Aouzea Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide 2 in 1

This detector offers 2-in-1 use as it can not only display carbon monoxide concentration, but also smoke levels, making it versatile and increasing home security.

In this sense, when the concentration of CO in the environment exceeds 100 ppm, an alarm is activated with lights and sounds that reach 85 dB. This also happens when the device detects smoke in the place. In this way, you can react quickly and open the windows to allow air to circulate in the space.

On the other hand, it offers a compact and attractive circular design, so it can be a decorative object wherever you decide to place it. It also has an LCD screen that lets you know the concentration of CO and smoke with numbers, so it provides easy reading.

Many think that Aouzea is one of the best brands of carbon monoxide detectors, so if you are looking for high-tech equipment, you should know the JKD-512COM model in depth.


Versatility: It is capable of detecting carbon monoxide levels and smoke concentration.

Installation: The package includes a pair of screws to mount on the wall and hang the equipment.

Alarm: When the safe limits of CO and smoke are exceeded, the device emits a strong alarm of 85 dB.


Instructions: Instructions may be in English. However, you can write to the manufacturer to request the Spanish version.

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4. Honeywell 1901504901 XC70-EN Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Honeywell model XC70-EN carbon monoxide detector is one of the most compact in our comparison guide. With dimensions of 10.8 x 7.4 x 5 cm and a weight of 159 grams, it is made of white plastic, includes a 1 lithium battery and works easily as placing it on its plastic support activates the button. ignition.

This model works with a chemical cell that makes you forget the use of batteries, its useful life is up to 6 years. Install it and forget about having bad times or unnecessary tragedies, the Honeywell XC70-EN will provide you with security in your home, since there are numerous domestic appliances capable of producing carbon monoxide without us realizing it and its symptoms are the same as those of a common cold (nausea, dizziness, headache, lightheadedness).

This device is capable of detecting high concentrations of CO in your workplace if you are exposed to work with continuous gas operation.

We also now bring the positive and negative features of this product that we can describe as the best carbon monoxide detector, according to the users’ opinion.


Installation: This product can be installed very easily and you do not need to run to a specialist.

Battery: It has a battery included with a 7-year warranty that does not need to be changed frequently, so it saves money and at the same time gives it good autonomy.

Indicator: It has a green light indicator that indicates when the equipment is in operation to know that you are under the safety of this equipment in case of fire.

Operation: This model begins its operation once the platform that the equipment brings is embedded in it.


Manual: For some users, the manual is incomprehensible since it is only in English and does not have the translation to be read in Spanish.

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5. X-Sense SC07 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is a 2-in-1 detector, since it not only detects CO, but also smoke, thanks to its electrochemical and photoelectric sensors. In addition, the operation of both sensors is carried out independently, for greater efficiency and precision. Likewise, it has a 360-degree detector ring, that is, it does not have blind spots, which improves safety in the place where you install it.

In addition to this, it has a lithium battery whose autonomy is 10 years, so you can enjoy the detector for a long time.

In another order of ideas, it comes with an indicator LED light, which changes in three different colors. Yellow informs you that there is an error in the device, red indicates high concentrations of smoke and CO, and green informs you that it is working.

These are the most important pros and cons of the X-Sense SC07 detector. Perhaps it is the product you are needing to protect your business or home.


Sensors: This small detector has photoelectric and electrochemical sensors to read smoke or CO levels 24 hours a day.

Battery: Unlike other battery-powered detectors, this model uses a lithium battery that provides up to 10 years of battery life.

Screen: It has an LCD screen where you can see the status of CO by ppm and the battery level. Also, below it has a button to check the status of both things.


Smell: It has a plastic smell that could be annoying for some people, but this goes away with time.

Power off: It would be nice if this detector could be turned off for those times when the user wants it.

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Buying Guide – What is the best carbon monoxide detector on the market?

There are various news about suffocation due to inhaling carbon monoxide. As family individuals and concerned about the safety of our loved ones, the need arises to strengthen the levels of protection in the home and avoid minor incidents such as poisoning, even the most lethal such as death. Thinking about events of this type, we have created this guide to buy the best carbon monoxide detector and thus be one step ahead of any eventuality that could alter the normality with which our lives unfold.

Why buy a carbon monoxide detector?

It is essential to do so if for us the safety of the family as well as its well-being come first. Any incident can affect daily events, from forgetting to have left the stove burners open or not having turned off the gas heater while taking a shower. There are various factors that could occur; our duty is to double security at home even when we are not in it.


In fact, when we sleep is when we are most insecure. We do not know what can happen and if we spend the night in a poorly ventilated place where, in the event of a leak, the amount of gas could accumulate, it is most likely that we will be the protagonists of the body of events in the press the next day. Obviously, this is an event that we never want to happen, a “sweet death” is not in anyone’s plans.

We can go a step further to avoid eventualities of this type, as long as we buy a carbon monoxide detector. Our health and comprehensive protection are a compelling reason to do so, because it is not only about suffocation; In the worst case, an explosion can occur due to simple carelessness.


The carbon monoxide detector is a device that is used to announce by means of an alarm that there is an excessive concentration of the gas somewhere, a substance that is not visible to the eye, but that is discovered thanks to its particular smell. If we make a comparison of carbon monoxide detectors, we are looking for an effective one that meets our expectations and, above all, provides us with security in its operation.


Most carbon monoxide detectors are small and battery-powered, with durability extending to over ten years (depending on the brand). This device does not have to occupy a large space, it is useful and does not require a lot of money for its purchase, that is, it is economical. Before asking how much it costs, we must reflect on whether our safety and that of our family has a price.

detector types

There is a very marked difference between what is the carbon monoxide detector and the smoke detector. Smoke rises, so firefighters recommend placing it in high areas, such as the ceiling or walls. For its part, the carbon monoxide detector is more complex; it is recommended to install it near the cylinders, pipes and gas heaters, away from places frequented by children or pets.


We can buy the cheapest and most accessible carbon monoxide detector on the market, as long as we ensure its continued functionality, by reviewing both its battery and the chemical it contains, which is used to determine when large amounts of gas are concentrated. To cover all areas of the house, we can acquire several devices and, through a strategic location, be safe and confident in safety and accident prevention, because only then can we define which is the best.


The maintenance of carbon monoxide detectors requires, in addition to checking their batteries and the efficiency of their functions, cleaning the slots through which a gas leak is announced of impurities, since they can fill with dust. and have any unwanted obstructions that interfere with detecting gas concentrations.

Other recommendations

It is important to verify the functionality, just like when we used to check if there was a signal on the television by moving the house antenna while another person indicated if it gave a picture. Basically, the carbon monoxide detector must be tested by passing a little gas so that it sets off its alarm so that another person located at a safe distance can hear the noise produced by the device.

Likewise, we can have the areas of our home ventilated for the free transit of gases that could be lethal and that in one way or another affect our health. Leaving some cracks or doors and windows open during the day is also a way to help prevent carbon monoxide from accumulating in our home and, of course, close gas-powered appliances properly.

How to use a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detectors today are being used by most homes as well as in offices, since, with the installation of these tools, they achieve a high percentage in terms of preventing accidents due to gas leaks or unhealthy levels of contamination that can be mild and sometimes very lethal, which can cause death by inhalation of carbon monoxide. These are the reasons why we will offer you some recommendations that will allow you to use and get the most out of a carbon monoxide detector.

easy to install

One of the main characteristics of a good carbon monoxide detector is that its installation is very simple. You can do it yourself without any complications unless the instruction manual urges the presence of a specialist. Most of these tools incorporate their accessories, such as: screws and plug anchors that facilitate their installation.

They provide security

With the incorporation of a good carbon monoxide detector in your home or office you will have the full security that your alarm will activate, because they incorporate electrochemical gas sensors sensitive to the presence of CO, which will alert you if there is smoke or carbon monoxide. carbon.

Can be located anywhere

One of the fundamental aspects that you can find in a good carbon monoxide detector is that you can place it in any part of the home or office without presenting any problem, since these products are compact and very light.

They are versatile

One of the positive aspects when you have a carbon monoxide detector in the home is its versatility, since, apart from detecting and alerting the presence of carbon monoxide in the air, it also allows you to see the concentration of other gases that can generate some risk of danger in your home.

They are state-of-the-art tools.

When you have a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detector in your home or office, you will be able to know, through the incorporation of the LCD screen, the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air; In addition, by means of it, it will allow you to verify the operating status of the device and the possible errors in its operation.

Confirm the proper functioning of the product

When you want to verify the good condition of your carbon monoxide detector, you will not have any problem checking it, since most of these designs have an instant activation button. It is important that you confirm the proper functioning of your equipment at least once a month.

Durable batteries

Another fundamental aspect when you use a good carbon monoxide detector in your home is that it will not stop working for many years, since they have batteries with durability that last for more than ten years; This will allow you to save some money.

The most popular brands

If you intend to maintain a good level of security in your home or office, a carbon monoxide detector cannot be missing from your belongings. In this space we will give you a brief summary about three of the most recognized brands in this category:

X – Sense is a brand founded by young graduates of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The operations of this company are focused on the development and creation of various security systems focused on detecting smoke and carbon monoxide.

One of the promises of X – Sense is that all its equipment and devices are manufactured and tested within the same facilities under the supervision of engineers and other trained personnel. With this, they intend to guarantee better performance and, therefore, greater security and satisfaction for their customers.

The use of smoke detector equipment is within the laws of many countries for businesses, homes and establishments in general in order to guarantee the integrity of people and their neighbors.

The X – Sense teams maintain a harmonious design line, being mostly white with the occasional red detail in addition to the brand print. This makes them discreet pieces of equipment that won’t draw too much attention or clutter with your décor.

Their carbon monoxide detectors have batteries that last up to 5 years and even have LCD screens that will show you information about the amount of gas in a room.

Honeywell is a US-based company focused on manufacturing consumer products, services, engineering, and aerospace systems.

Honeywell’s origins date back to 1885 when Albert Butz patented a temperature regulator and alarm for ovens. Thus, Butz Thermo – Electric Regulator Company was born. In this way, Butz was able to take his invention to new levels and give rise to what is now known as the thermostat.

By 1898, the company was acquired by WR Sweatt, changing the name to the Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company. The new operations were aimed at obtaining the patent for the first electric motor.

Mark Honeywell was a young entrepreneur who founded the Honeywell Heating Specialty Company and it would merge with Butz’s in 1927. This laid the foundation for what is now one of the most important companies in the United States in the area of ​​alarms, regulation and security.

Among its most popular products are digital thermostats to control the temperature of the home, fans of different types and sizes, allergen removers and air purifiers, among many others. This only on your domestic line.

The headquarters are located in the city of Morristown, New Jersey, United States.

Kidde was founded in 1917 by Walter Kidde, an inventor who developed one of the first integrated smoke and carbon dioxide detection systems. The company’s growth continued in those areas and today it is one of the most respected brands in the world of security.

The first Kidde equipment was designed for use on ships, although later new inventions were patented that would maximize its versatility of use so that it could be installed in different places. By 1925 they had already managed to install a security system in a common building.

Kidde products can be found in different places such as family homes, schools, offices, shopping malls, among many others, and help prevent tragedies through the early detection of dangerous gases.

As an interesting detail, some of its products have lithium batteries capable of lasting entire decades, so you don’t have to be aware of replacing them from time to time.

In addition, they are also suppliers of firefighting equipment, so their goods can even be used by social and community services such as firefighters.

Kidde’s headquarters are located in Mebane, North Carolina, USA.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

X-Sense CO03B

Main advantage:

It works correctly. It is a device that simply follows its start-up to the letter so that there will be no permanent leaks in the air, but rather they will be detected by this device. This translates into greater safety and protection of our comprehensive health and that of the whole family.

Main disadvantage:

Its instruction manual does not come in Spanish, but is in another language, which makes its installation and start-up complicated. In the manuals, there is generally relevant information about the functional aspects of the artifact that, as it is used, we will be able to learn about and take advantage of in our favor.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The X-Sense CO03B model satisfactorily meets the deepest needs of users who want to provide comprehensive protection to their family. Its sensor quickly detects the appearance of CO in the air and informs through its alarm that it will work for a long time. It has three buttons, with their respective colors to indicate its evolution, and its screen also allows us to see details of interest.


This model features an advanced technology electromagnetic sensor, providing superior detection of airborne threats. When carbon monoxide is present in the air, this model will detect it early in the event of excessive accumulation.

In the presence of CO with a volume greater than or equal to 30-300 parts per minute, the sensor of this model of carbon monoxide detectors will activate its alarm. It has a large screen with backlight with which it is possible to see the evolution of its start-up at any time of the day or night. The memory with which it is integrated allows the storage of the highest CO concentration indexes since the last time it was restarted.


It provides appropriate protection for all members of the family, this guarantees that we will be protected against any gas leak that occurs at home. It has an alarm that activates automatically once it detects the presence of carbon monoxide in the air. It has a sound that exceeds 85 decibels, which will wake us up even if we are asleep or if we are away from home.

Its battery allows guaranteeing a life possibility of the device much greater than expected, which will be able to respond to the protection needs that are wanted at home. Its battery is 9 volts, being an alkaline battery it will provide a useful life and correct operation.


It presents a simple installation, it has all the corresponding accessories so that its start-up is done without problems. The installation can be done individually, without the need to pay an expert unless you want it that way. It has two screws and two dowel anchors included.

It is easy to maintain so that its functionality and efficiency are optimal for a long time. It is enough to do a weekly test to make sure that it meets the expectations of taking care of our family while we sleep. In its manual are the complete installations to make it work.

Kidde KID10SCO Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide detectors are products with which to give your home extra security, thus avoiding the risks of poor combustion of stoves, heaters and other elements.

Products such as the Kidde KID10SCO model, which also has a dual function that also includes a smoke detection system, which reduces the risk of fire.

This model features a conventional design, with a high-precision electrochemical sensor that triggers the alarm when the concentration exceeds safe limits.

An alarm system with voices, although in English, that alert us both to possible risks and when it is necessary to change the product’s battery.

This alarm has an intensity of 85 decibels, which makes it more audible, even if you are not near the product. A complete design, suitable for wall or ceiling mounting, also including the necessary fastening parts for it.

So that you know more about this model, we present the detailed characteristics of this product, belonging to a manufacturer that some consider to be the best brand of carbon monoxide detectors of the moment.


Smoke detector: In addition to being able to detect dangerous concentrations of CO in the home, it also detects smoke, serving as a fire alarm.

Low battery warning: The model includes a low battery alert, which notifies you through its LED, but also with a specific sound alert.

Alarm level: The different alarms have a power of 85 decibels, so that they are easily perceptible from any room in the house.


Instructions: This model does not include instructions in Spanish, so the process of use and assembly is somewhat more complex.

Maintenance: Following the line of these products, it is necessary to carry out periodic tests on the equipment to verify its correct operation.

X-Sense CO03B Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide has become one of the silent killers present in most cities around the world, as it is invisible and odourless. The X-sense CO03B is a state-of-the-art electromechanical sensor that detects early carbon monoxide buildup from 30 to 300 parts per minute.

It gives you and your family greater protection, since the noise it produces is capable of waking up anyone who is in a deep sleep, its screen provides visibility at any time of the day and its integrated memory keeps the CO counter from its last reset, and adds a Reset button that silences false alarms.

Its installation is simple, it only needs 2 screws and two wooden anchors that are included in the package, and its maintenance only requires a weekly test.

It has a manual with fully explained instructions. Additionally, it includes a 9-volt alkaline battery and is designed to provide long battery life. Its dimensions are 14 x 6.1 x 14 cm, which makes it perfect to place anywhere in the house or office without attracting attention.

Here we will mention the positive aspects of the best carbon monoxide detector of the moment, according to buyers, for you to consider before making the purchase of that detector you are looking for.


Advanced: It has great advanced technology that allows you to easily detect the accumulation of carbon monoxide in your home or office.

Alarm: It has an alarm sound that is loud enough to be heard even while everyone is sleeping at home, so its alert system is efficient.

Installation: Includes 2 screws and 2 plugs to be installed on the wall very easily without requiring a technician or specialist.

Battery: Includes a 9V battery that can be easily replaced and will last a long time thanks to the design of the equipment.

Screen: It has a well-lit screen that can be seen even in low light in the area where it is installed.

ElectroDH – 50,603

Currently, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are the lowest on the market. Among other things because today we have dual models that can detect both elements. But above all because the most advanced detectors can even detect gas leaks to give you even more security.

This is what the ElectroDH 50.603 model offers us, which in addition to detecting carbon monoxide, can detect gases in the environment whether they are propane, butane or natural gas. To do this, it incorporates a double sensor system that measures each of these elements separately and with high efficiency.

This makes the equipment a suitable option for installation in areas suc

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