The 5 Best Corner Sofas of 2022

Corner sofa – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to take advantage of your living room area with a layout that guarantees more space and at the same time provides comfort, as well as a striking decorative environment, then you should buy a corner sofa. Before deciding on a model, it is convenient that you can compare the available options and identify the one that suits your needs. With the number of brands and designs on the market, it is very important to know the opinions of other users. Thus, several models are positioned among the favorites, but there are two that are frequently recommended. The first is the BMF WERS_81_GP, which has a classic and very elegant design, also available in different finishes in both fabrics and leathers and colors. Thanks to its structure, it offers high comfort, including elements such as wave springs or its high-resistance foam. Simpler is the Intex 68575EP model, which has a practical design that stands out for being inflatable, with extra-wide valves and a velvety upper part.

The 5 Best Corner Sofas – Opinions 2022

A corner sofa is a convenient option for those who want to save space and want a comfortable piece of furniture that completes the decorative design of the home. If your plan is to buy one of these, you should know that there are different models on the market, each with their respective advantages. Despite the diversity, there are few that enjoy the approval of users. Therefore, we present the models that lead the preferences.

1. BMF Corner sofa

The BMF WERS_81_GP corner sofa is an interesting traditional product, with which to take advantage of large spaces and have up to five very comfortable seats. We are talking about an L-shaped sofa with a length of 3.10 meters in each of the arms, finished off with a backrest 86 centimeters high.

The sofa is made of quality materials, such as solid wood or high-quality synthetic leather, depending on the finish we choose. In this case, we are faced with a model with traditional cut white synthetic leather upholstery, although the brand’s catalog also includes fabric options, if you prefer them.

What does not change is its interior, made of high-density foam and springs that provide adequate support when sitting down. Therefore, it is ideal to make the user experience comfortable.

We analyze this sofa in detail, so you know what its most outstanding points are.


Construction : The model has high quality materials, which give the product adequate resistance.

Capacity : The sofa has capacity for up to five people, with its corresponding space.

Springs : The included springs give the piece more stability and comfort when sitting down.

Sandwich Format: This type of foam increases firmness when sitting on the sofa.

Finish : The finish is very elegant, with a certain traditional cut and many options to choose from.


Dimensions: It is a large solution that requires a lot of space for its assembly.

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2. Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

If you are looking for the best price-quality corner sofa, then this could be the right model for your needs, as it is the cheapest in our selection of recommended products.

This sofa from the manufacturer Intex has a practical and unconventional design that stands out for being inflatable. It is equipped with a large two-in-one valve, which facilitates and reduces the inflation and deflation time.

The sofa model has a neutral and elegant design, serving as a decorative element for different spaces, but it is recommended for outings to the countryside or as a terrace sofa. It is made with high-grade strength and quality materials such as vinyl.

To provide greater comfort, it is equipped with a velvety and waterproof upper layer. This sofa has a weight of 13 kilograms, so it is portable and has the capacity to support about four people.

This model could be attractive for savers, since it is one of the cheapest in the selection and, possibly, the best corner sofa for 290 euros:


Inflatable: If you want a sofa to use from time to time, you may be interested in this model, since it is inflatable and you can easily store it when you do not want it to take up space in your home.

Design: Although it is inflatable, this sofa offers ample space to sit down to rest, since its dimensions are sufficient for several young people or adults at the same time.

Texture: Another aspect to highlight is that the external texture of the sofa is velvety, guaranteeing greater comfort whether to rest, sleep or sit down to talk.

Valves: On the other hand, it has a 2-in-1 valve for both inflation and deflation and this one is wide, so it will be easy for you to connect the pump and also remove the air when you want to store the sofa.


Pump: However, you should not overlook the fact that you need a filling pump, otherwise it would take too much time and this pump must be purchased separately.

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3. Angulo Interiores 3 seater corner sofa

To obtain a quality model, you need to search among the best corner sofas of 2022. Thus, you should not lose track of this versatile model from the manufacturer Angulo Interiores that has a spacious and modern L-shaped design.

This piece of furniture fulfills a decorative function, it is elegant white, with careful finishes and a minimalist appearance that will make it combine with any space. In addition, it is a comfortable and durable sofa.

It is a corner sofa, with an estimated number of seats for 3 people, although this number is higher due to the incorporation of the chaise lounge. However, the buyer will be able to choose between at least six different colors, if he so wishes.

This sofa has dimensions of 243 cm long by 89 cm high and a width of 95 cm for the sofa, while for the chaise longue it is 61 cm.

Not being sure about which corner sofa to buy is more common than you think, so these online comparisons are usually highly reviewed before investing:


Design: It is a modern corner sofa that will be easy to combine with the decoration of your living room, since its lines are attractive and it has a lot of padding.

Style: Another of its advantages is that it is a chaise longue, so it has a small divan to lie down comfortably.

Colors: You can choose the fabric in up to six different colors to satisfy your taste.


Time: A detail to consider is that a minimum of 40 days is required for the manufacture and shipment of this sofa.

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4. Confort24 Orlando Hogar 3 Seater Sofa Bed

When it comes to looking for a corner sofa, we can turn to the chaise lounge. These products, among which is the Confort24 Orlando, offer an expanded traditional sofa design with an extra area to place your feet and lie down peacefully.

This is the approach that this model follows, also having a very simple deployment system, which allows you to use the sofa in bed mode if you wish. Perfect if we consider its good dimensions, 220 centimeters wide by 160 long, up to the chaise lounge area, topped with 86-centimeter high backrests. In addition to the bed function, the product also incorporates a chest in this last section, where you can store what you need.

A sofa made with the usual materials, with a plywood body, polyurethane foam of different densities, zigzag springs and a polyester fabric finish.

Add more versatility to your home thanks to the complete approach of this integral model.


Chaise Longue: This design offers planning with great comfort, with standard measurements.

Dual mode: The sofa can be used in both conventional mode and bed mode.

Chest: The Chaise Longue area incorporates a spacious chest, to store what you need.


Upholstery: The upholstery is made of nylon and polyester, being improvable in terms of its appearance and finish.

Rigidity: The rigidity of the lateral areas can be somewhat annoying if you are tall and use the bed format.

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5. DecoInParis Convertible panoramic corner sofa

With this corner sofa from DecoinParis we turn the product upside down, by combining this type of approach with a Chaise Lounge on the other side. A version that expands the spaces when it comes to resting, thus offering a room to comfortably accommodate all your family and friends.

Specifically, the sofa measures 350 centimeters wide, while the two sides are 205 centimeters, the one for the sofa, and 155 centimeters for the Chaise Lounge. In addition, it is convertible into a comfortable bed of 290 x 125 centimeters, just by unfolding a small part.

An integral design made with high quality materials both in its structure and in its upholstery, finished in black fabric and synthetic leather. A very complete sofa with which to provide space and elegance to any room.

Having a sofa with a large space is easy, thanks to the large size options that we have on the market.


Versatile : We are talking about a corner sofa with a chaise lounge that can also be converted into a sofa bed.

Space : Thanks to its design, it offers ample interior space, in any of its modes of use.

Materials : The sofa has quality and high resistance materials, which increase its durability.


Configuration : The configuration is fixed, with respect to the sides of the sofa, and it cannot be changed.

Dimensions : It is obvious that it is not the most suitable solution for places where there is not much space.

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Buying guide – What is the best corner sofa on the market?

If you are going to buy a corner sofa as a decorative and functional element for the home, due to its saving of space and comfort, you should know that there are a series of elements that should be considered. If among the options you have seen you feel confused and do not know what to take into account to choose, we offer you a guide to buy the best corner sofa, in which we explain the basic characteristics that you must know so that your purchase is successful.

Number of places

Making a comparison of corner sofas is a successful way to get a good model, but you must include in this contrast the number of seats that the sofas in question have.

That is, before selecting it is convenient that you verify the number of people who will be able to sit comfortably in the piece of furniture and analyze if it adapts to your needs. The sofa market is constantly growing, as there are more and more manufacturers incorporating different models.

For this reason, you can get from furniture with capacity for three or four people, to larger ones that are designed for a greater number of places, between six and eight people. Frequently recommended models are usually those that have capacity for a number between four and six people.

design and colors

Although it is true that the quality of a corner sofa cannot be defined by its designs and colours, it is also true that it is a decorative element that will have an important weight in the style of your home.

Beyond being good and cheap, when selecting one you should think about how this piece of furniture will combine in your home and how it will be integrated with the rest of the decorative elements, to achieve an environment that looks harmonious. Otherwise, you may have a decorative mix that will visually take up space.

You can get a wide variety of designs and colors. Among the colors, the most sought after are usually neutral and sober tones, which denote elegance and open up light, due to the contrast with the tone of the walls.

In relation to the design, this also varies, knowing that there are simple ones and others that are more elaborate. You can select between conventional models and others for dual use, which can be converted into a bed or have drawers to improve the organization of the home.

Manufacturing materials

If to decide on a model you want to know how much a corner sofa costs, then you need to analyze the materials that were used by the manufacturer to make the product, since this is usually a benchmark that determines the final price.

The higher quality the materials, the higher their price. On the contrary, if the materials are simple, their value decreases. For example, a sofa covered in leather or genuine leather will be much more expensive than a faux leather one.

The same goes for the structure, because a model that incorporates solid wood will have a strong and durable foundation, while one that adds MDF wood will be a bit flimsier and therefore cheaper.

The models fit different budgets and styles. You can even get some designs made of vinyl that are inflatable, which although they are not conventional sofas, they fulfill the same function.


The weight of a corner sofa is a characteristic that is linked to the manufacturing materials, because according to which ones are used, its weight will be greater or less. There are light materials that have a high degree of resistance, while there are other stronger ones that end up resulting in a heavy piece of furniture.

A lightweight sofa will be able to move from one place to another, which is convenient if you tend to constantly change the style of your home. In this case, a heavy one will make the task of moving it complicated. On the other hand, heavy sofas have eye-catching designs and can be assembled in a specific place, so moving them is only possible with the help of other people.

According to your tastes, you can also get extra light models. Inflatables are usually convenient for trips, field trips or temporary stay houses and their weight does not exceed 15 kilograms. Meanwhile, the conventional ones weigh between 40 and 130 kilos.


Before selecting a corner sofa model, it is convenient that you are clear about the space in the home where you will place the furniture, because according to this you can get a model with a size that adapts to a specific place. If you have a small room, the sofa may fit, but it will make the area look less spacious and it won’t be easy to move around.

Now, if you have a large space, it is appropriate to buy a model that is large, becomes the focus of attention and integrates with the rest of the decorative elements in the room.

How to use a corner sofa

With a corner sofa or corner furniture you can cover a large space in your living room, or you can occupy that corner that you did not know how to use and turn it into a reading or rest center. Similarly, if you have a small house, a corner sofa will give you the feeling of spaciousness by having more free space. To give you an idea of ​​how you can use a corner sofa, take a look at these tips that we present to you.

With practical shelves

You can use a large modular sofa in an earth tone that can blend in with the floor and walls in perfect harmony, replacing the arms with practical shelves that in turn add style and elegance to the decoration. The important thing is that there is uniformity in the colors, without many ornaments, which give the room a sober and formal appearance.

in small spaces

If you have a small living room, you can opt for a two-seater L-shaped sofa on each side to fit the corner, preferably without arms to lighten the furniture, supporting both sides against the wall.

Since this sofa is such a large piece of furniture, it is advisable to opt for light colors so that the environment is lighter and you can integrate it into the combination by contrasting the decoration with neutral tones, the idea is not to overload the room.

You can also place a square table designed with a wooden top and black iron legs, a delicate rug and an eclectic-style floor lamp to give it a more chic touch. Or if you prefer the room to look more collected, choose a round table. But in any case, keep in mind that there should be a reasonable space between the table and the sofa so that people can sit comfortably.

to separate environments

This type of corner cabinet is perfect for dividing two areas in the same room, because thanks to its L-shape, you can use the short side of the cabinet as a divider from the dining room or kitchen, if that is the case. You can also place one of the sides towards the wall and leave the other part free, and in this way you will be giving an air of separation, leaving an open space in the room.

For loft-like environments

In the case of large loft-type rooms, you can use a corner sofa in the middle of the room, which is the center of attention of the room, avoiding contact with the walls. In this way, you will be creating two different environments in a single room and thanks to its height, you can have better visibility of the entire space.

Another variant of this decoration with a corner sofa in the middle of the room, is to take advantage of the back by placing a wooden piece of furniture with the same L shape but lower, which integrates evenly into the room, giving the feeling of having a shelf and sofa in a single piece of furniture, you can even create a space as a desk.

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