The 5 Best Corner Sofas of 2022

Corner sofa – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Sofas allow you to decorate different rooms in your home and have a comfortable place to enjoy in the company of your loved ones. Currently, many people choose corner models because they can be adapted to different spaces and, in addition, they have a modern style that gives the home a unique touch. Of course, when looking for a corner sofa, you should look at its dimensions and the comfort it offers you. Also, it is good to check if you can use it as a sofa bed. In the market. There are many models available, among which the Confort24 Orlando stands out. This corner-type model has a Chaise Longue format and is ideal for places where the space is not too large. Just the opposite happens with the BMF Infinity, with an L format of 3.1 meters long in each of them and offering up to six seats.

The 5 Best Corner Sofas – Opinions 2022

To help you get a good product, we have made a list of the best corner sofas of 2022. Remember to look at the level of comfort that they will provide you, also try to choose a product according to the decoration you have in your home and the space where you are going to install it.

1. Confort24 Orlando Hogar 3 Seater Sofa Bed

The Confort24 Orlando model is a Chaise Longue-type corner sofa, with which it is easy to take advantage of any space and turn it into a very interesting place to rest. For this, it has measures of 221 centimeters wide by 162 long, in the part of the Chaise Longue, as well as the usual height of 90 centimeters.

In this space we find three comfortable seats with an independent cushion for each one. We also have a bed structure, integrated in the two main seats, to rest better if you need it.

As an extra, the Chaise Longue area includes a comfortable storage space, where you can store whatever you want. A model that is finished off with a beautiful gray upholstery and a dual structure, which allows the Chaise Longue area to be mounted on the left or right, as needed.

Enjoy pleasant sensations thanks to the complete approach of this corner sofa, which we analyze below.


Structure: Its high-quality structure adequately supports the most complex use and has the right measurements to fit almost anywhere.

Reversible : The sofa is reversible, so you can place the Chaise Longue area on the left or on the right, depending on what you need.

Upholstery : Quality upholstery adequately withstands use and is easy to clean, without deteriorating over time.

Versatile: In addition to offering you the seating space, you can also convert the sofa into a bed, just by pulling the corresponding part.

Chest: This area allows you to store the small objects you need, thanks to the Chaise Longue approach.


Seats: This product only has three seats, compared to the five or six that include the largest and most spacious designs.

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2. Bmf 6 seater corner sofa

The BMF Infinity corner sofa is a great proposal if you have space to place it in your living room and you like to receive all your friends and family. We are talking about a product with no less than six seats, measuring 3.1 meters in each arm and 86 centimeters high, where you can enjoy pleasant comfort.

For this, the sofa has a very resistant structure, where we find details such as the base of undulating springs. The sandwich-type foams are supported on it, which mix two different foams to welcome each user in a pleasant way.

Regarding the exterior, the sofa is upholstered in synthetic leather with an elegant two-tone finish. In the part of the cushions, we have a dark gray color, while in the part of the base this color is light, thus generating an elegant contrast on the sofa.

If you are still not sure if this model is all you need for your living room, we will summarize its main features below.


Capacity: If you have room to place it, it is an ideal solution to accommodate all your family or friends, since it has up to six seats.

Style : The sofa has a very interesting two-tone upholstery, with the seating area in dark gray and the underside in white.

Comfort : The product has a structure of wave springs and an adjustable backrest, which provide greater comfort when sitting down.

Foams : The foams have been designed to give you maximum comfort during rest, with a double sandwich-type structure.


Leather: Although the upholstery leather is of good quality, it is synthetic and not natural. Something that takes away quality from the sofa, especially considering its price.

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3. Don Baraton anticrisis.net U-shaped sofa

It is one of the largest cornerbacks in this selection, so it can be a fundamental part of the home entertainment area for children and adults. In this sense, it is a good option for a family of several members. In addition, it has been manufactured with wood and chipboard, to provide a strong, durable and safe structure.

It has 2 large chests with an easy-open mechanism, so you can store different objects and thus make better use of the space in the room. Also, it is worth noting that it is available in two presentations, with the chaise longue on the right or on the left, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

It comes upholstered in durable synthetic fabric, with light gray headrests and base, while the armrest seats are dark gray. However, it is also available in a combination of brown and beige tones.

If you are looking for a multifunctional corner sofa, you may be especially interested in this model. However, it is important to review its positive and negative characteristics in more detail before making a decision.


Size: It is a U-shaped sofa with general measurements of 3.36 x 1.85 x 0.93 m, where the chaise longue is 185 cm long and the bed offers a surface of 278 x 132 cm.

Materials: It has been made with a solid wood and chipboard structure, while the legs are metal to withstand constant use. In addition, it is covered with resistant synthetic fabric of 285 g/m2.

Chests: Includes 2 chests so you can store objects of different sizes and thus save space at home.


Covers: It does not come with removable covers, which can be inconvenient for maintenance. However, the entire sofa can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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4. Confort24 Zurie Sofa Bed

If you want to make better use of the space in your living room, the Confort24 Zurie model is another interesting proposal. This sofa has a Chaise Longue-type structure, where it can comfortably accommodate up to 5 people, with the necessary seats and backrests.

This product has a very versatile approach, thanks to details such as the lower extensible area, with which the armchair can be converted into a 180 x 120 centimeter bed. It also includes two puffs on the sides, which give you extra comfort and are stored in the frame when you’re not using them.

As for your comfort, the interior of the sofa has everything you need to have a good feeling. Among these elements, there is a structure in pine wood and plywood with a resistant interior, based on foams of adequate resistance. An approach that is completed with an upholstery in gray polyester fabric, pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.

Expand the seating capacity of your living room or dining room through the approach of this Comfort 24 model.


Capacity: Thanks to its dimensions, the sofa offers you the capacity to accommodate up to five people, who will always be comfortable due to the quality of the product’s materials.

Convertible : This sofa can be converted into a comfortable bed simply by unfolding its structure, leaving a resting space of 180 x 120 centimeters.

Puffs : Two comfortable puffs are included in the sofa, which are stored inside the structure when you are not using them.


Colours: The manufacturer’s range of colors is scarce, so the only upholstery available is the one we have mentioned, in gray.

Headrest : It is missing to have a headrest in the main area of ​​the seat, to give an extra quality during rest.

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5. WRL Boston Modern Large Corner Sofa Bed

The Boston Modern model is a large-format corner sofa that can be converted into a bed, with which those who require more space will be satisfied. This sofa measures 316 centimeters wide by 182 and 170 centimeters respectively in each of its arms.

A storage area also fits into this U-shaped format, which in turn turns the product into a bed no less than 276 centimeters long by 140 wide. This section, together with the Chaise Longue part, has a spacious interior where you can store everything you need.

As for its materials, the sofa is made with a resistant structure. Something that is helped by a system of wave springs and quality foams, thus avoiding the sinking typical of lower quality options.

Enjoy a large space and a very original design with this WRL model, loaded with interesting features.


Materials: Its manufacture has good materials both in its structure and in its interior, including firm foams and quality upholstery.

Bed : The bed area is one of the largest on the market, with dimensions of 276 centimeters long by 140 wide.

Chests : The Chaise Longue and bed extension areas have a chest with a large interior space, where you can store everything you need.


Design: The U-shaped design is somewhat closed, so you will not be able to place a table inside this area, due to the little space available in it.

Measurements : It is not the most suitable proposal for small spaces, due to the large dimensions of the sofa.

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Buying Guide – What is the best corner sofa on the market?

If you want to select the right product, you need to know all its characteristics very well, otherwise you could choose a low-quality model or one that does not suit the style of your home. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buying the best corner sofa, through which we present some tips that will be useful when making your purchase.


If you want to make the right choice, the first step you must do is measure the place where you are going to install the sofa. Once you know this information, you can start looking for a product that has the appropriate dimensions for this room.

Likewise, when making your comparison of corner sofas you will find that there are models of different sizes; some measure 230 x 180 x 90 cm and, due to their dimensions, are suitable for small spaces, however, if they are very small they have a reduced number of seats. If your family is small this will not be a problem, however, if five people or more live in your house, then you will have to look for a model that has a greater number of available seats.

Other products are medium in size and measure between 235 and 245 cm in length. These adapt to different environments. Some have up to 5 seats and may be suitable for families with more than 4 members.

If your family is larger or many people visit you, it is convenient to look for larger sofas. In this sense, it is likely that those that measure more than 300 cm in length are better suited to your needs.

You must consider that to carry out its installation you will have to have a fairly large area, since these latest models take up a lot of space.


Apart from looking at how much one of these sofas costs, you need to consider the level of utility that you can give it.

Sofas are a meeting point in your home, as family and friends can gather there to watch a movie or simply chat about any topic. If you want to enjoy these moments to the fullest you will have to make sure they are very comfortable.

Also, depending on their design, they may be the main center of attention in your living room, garden or terrace, as corner sofas are suitable for narrow spaces.

There are also some models that you can extend and turn into a bed, on which one of your guests can sleep comfortably.


Even when you are looking for a cheap sofa, you should look at the type of materials that have been used in its preparation, as this way you will have an idea of ​​the quality of each model.

Ecological leather is one of the products used in its production. It is a material with a uniform texture that does not have the drawbacks of natural leathers, for this reason, it is highly durable and provides the sofas with a considerable level of resistance.

Microfiber is also often used to cover sofas, a good quality synthetic fabric that resists wear and tear. In addition, thanks to its texture, it allows them to have a more elegant appearance.

Eco-leather is another of the materials used to make the upholstery for these products. It is a fiber made with remains of skin, cotton or latex and its finish is very similar to that of leather, but it is more resistant.

In addition, to make the seats and backrests more comfortable, manufacturers often make them with different types of foam, for example, one of them is polyurethane, which is soft and flexible, therefore, it provides a good level of comfort. comfort.

They also usually use HR foam, which provides firmness to the sofa, resulting in a fairly ergonomic product that provides adequate comfort.


You must also define which sofa to use in your home. If you want to install it in the living room, you should look for one appropriate for interior spaces; This type of sofa has a minimalist, modern and elegant style so that it adapts to any type of decoration.

For the terrace, the balcony or the garden it is convenient that you use outdoor sofas. These models are made of materials that are resistant to weather changes, such as aluminum and rattan.

Due to the durability they have, you can leave them outside your home and you will not run the risk of them deteriorating.

How to use a corner sofa

The sofas are undoubtedly a decorative element for your home that you can even share with your loved ones and friends in total comfort. In addition, it would give a touch of modernity to the space where you decide to place it.

In this way, once you have chosen the right sofa for your home, you should have the right information to help you carry out a really easy and fast unpacking and assembly process.

Likewise, it would be vital that you take into account some suggestions on its location and maintenance so that you can enjoy your new sofa for a long time without having to incur additional expenses.

Unpack the corner sofa

Undoubtedly, to unpack your new corner sofa you will need the help of someone else, because as it is a product with such large dimensions, the most appropriate thing is that they can remove all the packaging material comfortably. Likewise, being able to move it from one place to another will require great care and delicacy so as not to damage its structure.

In this way, the first thing they should do is carefully remove the packaging material available on the sofa, avoiding the use of sharp objects that could cause irreparable damage to it.

If the model you have purchased comes completely disassembled, the most appropriate thing would be that as they unpack it, they can place each piece in a place that is easily accessible and close to the space where they are going to assemble it, to make the process faster. and confortable.

Locate the ideal space for installation

Locating the ideal space where to position your corner sofa will be a fundamental key to giving your home the elegant touch you need, since it should be noted that, depending on the dimensions of the sofa, you will be able to place it comfortably either in your living room or living room. of visits.

In addition, the space must be large so that you can carry out an assembly and distribution process comfortably and without any inconvenience.

Proceed with the assembly

To carry out a comfortable, fast and safe assembly process, the first thing you should have at hand will be the instruction manual, even more so if the model you purchased has been supplied to you completely disassembled. In this way, locate the steps to follow in said manual so that you can join each piece correctly.

As for its distribution, you should choose the most comfortable way of use for you if your sofa allows it, since some models come with an ideal default position to place in a corner and without the possibility of organizing according to your style due to the design used in it.

Do a proper treatment every so often

Due to the constant use that you will give to your corner sofa, it will be necessary to give it a proper treatment to keep it looking new. Thus, you should avoid the use of certain cleaning products since they could cause some damage to the upholstery of your sofa.

In this case, the best thing to do would be to use an ideal vacuum cleaner to remove the amount of dust that can lodge in it or, failing that, a dry tissue if the upholstery is synthetic.

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