The 5 Best Desks with Bookshelves of 2022

Desk with shelf – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

A desk is the most common work tool found in any office. But to have an extra space where we have what we need at hand, we can rely on desks with shelves. In this segment, we find options such as the Eugad 0070ZZ desk with shelf. An elegant metal desk with dark-colored MDF wood planks, equipped with an industrial-style design and ample space both to work and to store what you need in your day-to-day life on the adjoining shelf. If you prefer something simpler, the Habitdesign Duplo model has a spacious design for the shelf and desk, with easy installation and good space for both work and storage.

The 5 Best Desks with Bookshelves – Opinions 2022

Although we usually have these elements separately, a desk with a shelf is a good way to save space in our office, especially if there is not much room to place furniture or if a normal shelf is too much for us. And it is that there are so many integrated designs that it is not difficult to find one that fits properly to have a little more space where we need it. You have the proof in this selection that we have made, which covers the most current designs and all kinds of designs.

1. Eugad Computer Desk 

The Eugad 0070ZZ model is a table that changes the traditional look of office furniture a bit. On the one hand, because it has an integrated shelf on its side with four shelves and good storage space. On the other hand, because it is presented in a dark color, both in the structure and in the planks, compared to the lighter colors that are usual. 

The result is a desk 120 centimeters long by 64 deep and another 120 centimeters high on the top shelf. A heavy-duty design that stands up to wear and tear, moisture and scratches without losing its good looks. In addition, it includes adjustable feet with which to keep the desk level and not damage the floor. 

For the rest, the product has a simple and durable assembly, thanks to the quality of the materials already mentioned.

Discover some outstanding details of this product, which will be very useful when making a purchase decision.


Structure: The metal structure of the desk offers considerable resistance when it comes to withstanding daily use.

Shelves: The four shelves expand the storage space, so you have everything you need close at hand.

Finishes: The dark finish changes the look of the product and is a good alternative to lighter furniture.

Legs: Adjustable legs help balance the desk and prevent damage to your office floor.

Assembly: The assembly is simple and versatile, being able to place the shelf on the side that you like the most.


Shelf height: The shelf is somewhat smaller than that of other models, staying its height at about 120 centimeters.

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2. Habitdesign 008314A Reversible Desk and Shelf

As its name suggests, the Habitdesign Duplo model is another interesting alternative if you are looking for a desk with a built-in shelf.

This beautiful white model places the shelf on the right side, with a total of four shelves and a height of 144 centimeters. However, the shelf can also be mounted on the left if you need it. On the desktop side, the total width is 120 centimeters with a depth of 53 centimeters.

A complete and easy to assemble model that, surprisingly, is among the cheapest options we have found, so you will not spend too much on your purchase.

If you are not sure which desk with shelf to buy but you want an option at a reasonable price, this model is suitable for both price and quality.


Shelf location : You can mount the shelf both on the left and on the right, as you prefer.

Finish : The white finish of its MDF wood gives the product an extra elegance, which makes it easy to mount it anywhere.

Space : Both the bookshelf and the desk offer ample space, making it easy to work comfortably.

Shelves : The shelf has four shelves with which it is easy to distribute your objects and keep them close at hand.


Support : According to some users, the manufacturer’s after-sales support leaves something to be desired.

Assembly: The assembly has some defects in the finish, as far as the position of the holes is concerned, although it does not seriously affect it.

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3. Adec Group Natural Table with Shelf

The Adec Group Natural desk with shelf is an interesting alternative to give a different look to any office or office. Compared to the traditional plain color design of these products, this model offers a nice mixed finish, where planks with a wild oak color decoration are joined with black structures. However, you have two other more classic combinations to choose from, if you prefer. 

Regarding its measurements, the shelf has a height of 225 centimeters by 65 wide, while the table area has a width of 148 centimeters, including the shelf, for that depth of 65 centimeters that we have mentioned. 

A product that also stands out for its resistance, thanks to the thickness of its planks and the very structure that supports them. So its durability is not a problem either, neither because of the use nor because of the load that you place on it.

Give a different touch to any room thanks to everything that this product puts at your fingertips.


Design: Its design breaks the classic trend of the usual products with an elegant industrial look.

Space: Thanks to the five shelves, it is very easy to have enough space to store what you want.

Thickness: The thickness of the boards adds extra strength to the structure of the product.


Sides: The product does not have sides, so you must be careful with what you place on the shelf.

Tightening: It is key to perform a correct tightening of all the elements, as well as to check it from time to time, for safety.

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4. COMIFORT T08B Desk with Shelf

If you have a great need for space, the COMIFORT T08B model offers you one of the highest shelves of the models we have analyzed.

Specifically, this product has a structure that is 120 centimeters wide by 52 centimeters deep and 72 centimeters high for the writer, which grows to 144 centimeters for the shelf. Enough to have everything well stored and close at hand while enjoying a large work area.

All this in an elegant product made of white melamine, with a simple assembly and that will not take up too much space in your office.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of current desks with shelves, the truth is that this Comifort model could well belong to it.


Materials : The cabinet is made of high-quality melamine panels with a beautiful white finish.

Shelf measurements: The shelf has a conventional size of 144 centimeters in height, offering ample storage space.

Assembly : The product is accompanied by a video with assembly instructions, to make everything even easier.


Center shelf space: Due to the product’s characteristics, the shelf located at desk height loses some of its space.

Fitting of holes: Some users comment on certain discrepancies between where the holes should be and where they really are, although it does not affect the assembly too much.

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5. Samblo S-9904 Desk with Melamine Shelf

Designed for those who do not want to spend more and are looking for the best value for money desk with shelf, the Samblo S-9904 model is a compact and efficient proposal.

A desk with measurements of 100 centimeters wide by 50 deep and 75 high, finding a bookcase with three shelves located on one side. This shelf can be mounted on the left or right, depending on your preference, to give you greater versatility.

A complete and also elegant model, thanks to its combination of natural-colored wood with the white panels that form part of the upper area and the smooth leg.

If you are looking for cheap and quality desks with bookshelves, this Samblo model will surely be of interest to you.


Reversible installation : When executing the assembly, you can place the shelf both on the left and on the right, as you prefer.

Space : The model offers adequate work space without taking up much space in your office, so it is a good proposal where space is scarce.

Computer assembly: If you want to use the product as a computer table, just leave a shelf unassembled on the shelf to have the corresponding space.


Finish : In view of some comments, it is advisable to check the finish of the panels, since they tend to deteriorate or should have an improved appearance.

Instructions : There is also some comment that the assembly instructions have certain errors that can make the process more complex than it should be.

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The Abitti 37147 model is another firm candidate to be the best desk with shelf in our selection. A model that does not extend the space in height but in width, with an L-shaped structure where we have two separate areas.

One of them offers us a large space to work, while in the other we find shelves and drawers where we can organize what we need in our daily work.

All this in a product that shows a resistant construction and a beautiful finish, which gives a special touch to any area in which we install the desk.

If when deciding which is the best desk with shelf of the moment you prefer spacious and elegant models, this product has almost everything you are looking for.


Spacious : It is one of the most extensive models in terms of storage space, with shelves and drawers in which it is easy to place what you need.

Finish : Its wood finish is very elegant and dresses any room where you place the product with class.

Adjustable installation : The mount can be adjusted from left to right or from right to left, to make it easier for you to find space for the product.


Dimensions : The desk has an L format and takes up a lot of space, so you should check beforehand if it fits in the available space in your office.

Assembly : Due to its characteristics and functions, the assembly process of the model is somewhat more complicated than that of a conventional desk.

Homcom ES920-0160731 Office Dispatch

The Homcom ES920-0160731 model is one of the featured products among the best desks with shelves of 2022.

A complete product that combines a large work area with a shelf on various levels and formats and a chest of drawers where you can store what you need. All this in a structure made of white lacquered metal with MDF boards, and can support a maximum weight of up to 40 kilos.

A piece of furniture with measures of 133 centimeters wide by 55 deep and 123 high, so having all the space you need is really easy.

If you are looking for the best desk with shelf of the moment, this model has many advantages to take that prize.


Space for your PC : The equipment includes space to place your PC tower comfortably.

Layout : The desk has room for just about anything you need to store, from small items to filing cabinets.

Load capacity : This equipment supports a load of up to 40 kilos of weight in total.

Drawers : In addition to the available space, the product also has two drawers to store smaller objects.

Elegant : The white finish of the metal area blends nicely with the natural color of your wood.


Assembly : Due to its structure, it is necessary to take into account the specific needs of the assembly and take it easy.

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