The 5 Best Desks with Drawers of 2022

Desk with drawers – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

If there is something that cannot be missing in an office, in a youth room or even at home, it is a desk. But given that the desk alone can fall short, perhaps the best thing is to have a set with a desk and chest of drawers, where we have additional space to store everything we need and always have it at hand. It is what we can find in products like the Piranha PC5b desk. This desk has a compact format but full of space, where we have a drawer, space for the tower or keyboard tray. Another attractive model is the hjh Office Stella 673951 desk with drawers.. A versatile product that barely takes up space but that offers you a large number of shelves, in addition to three drawers, where it is much easier to organize your workspace and have everything at hand.

The 5 Best Desks with Drawers – Opinions 2022

When it comes to organizing our office, a study room or any other work area, it is key to have a well-planned space adjusted to our needs. And although the conventional desk is the most common solution to equip ourselves, having additional drawer space where we can store what we need will always make us more efficient. That is why it is so important to search until we find the best desk with drawers, adapted to our needs and the available space. A task in which we offer you some outstanding products among which, surely, you can find the ideal product for you.

1. Piranha Trading PC5b Wood Effect

If you are looking for a desk with a chest of drawers with a traditional design and with various spaces to better organize yourself, the Piranha PC5b model is an interesting proposal. This desk measures 120 centimeters wide by 55 centimeters deep in which all the spaces you may need to organize your things are distributed. Spaces in between we have one for the computer tower, a keyboard tray, the oversized top shelf and a few extra spaces.

We also have the chest of drawers, with two drawers and a certain height, in which you can store everything you need and always have it at hand. As for its finishes, the desk comes in a beech-colored exterior, although you have four other finishes to choose from, ranging from white to black through two different shades of walnut. Ideal for you to choose the one that best suits your tastes.

To make it clearer which is the best desk with drawers that you can find, we leave you some more details about this Piranha Trading model.


Compartmentalized : The space offered by the desk is distributed between a large table top, two drawers, space for the tower, a keyboard flag and other spaces where you can place everything you need.

Legroom: Unlike other desks, the legroom is comfortable and fully open for added comfort.

Finish : The beech color finish gives the product a special point of elegance, making it easy to fit it into almost any decoration.


Measurements : The measurements of the product are 120 centimeters wide by 55 long, resulting in something smaller than other models on the market.

Configuration: It is not possible to change the side of the chest of drawers and the space for the tower, so you must be clear if this configuration is the right one for you.

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2. hjh Large Computer Desk with A4 Filing Cabinet

Among the desks with drawers that we have analyzed, the hjh OFFICE STELLA 673951 model is one of the most versatile in terms of space. Specifically, this model has up to six additional spaces to the main board to place everything you need. Among them, we have space for the monitor, the computer tower, the keyboard and three other spaces for any use.

Obviously, it also has a large chest of drawers, with three drawers, in which you can also store what you need and thus organize the space to your liking. A large space, with measurements of 137 centimeters wide, 60 deep and a height of 89 centimeters in its highest element, which is the monitor tray. All this presented in a bright white color with the chest of drawers in walnut, which adds a nice contrast to the desk.

For those who want to have everything in its place and have enough space to store everything, let’s take a closer look at what this spacious model has to offer.


Space distribution: This is one of the most versatile models in terms of space, having all kinds of spaces where you can place what you need at all times.

Materials: The table’s manufacturing materials are robust and resistant, also having one of the lowest formaldehyde emission levels on the market.

Chest of drawers: In addition to offering good interior space, the chest of drawers area has exposed walnut panels, which give it a nice contrast against the white that predominates in the product.


Lower shelf: The desk has a shelf placed in the leg area which can be annoying for some users.

Assembly: Precisely due to the completeness of its structure, the assembly process is also more complex than that of other models, and the instructions must be followed by heart.

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3. Amazon Movian Skadar 3-Drawer Desk

This desk is part of the new Amazon brand called Movian, so it has a modern design, with a robust structure, durable and at the same time easy to install. In this sense, it has been manufactured with German engineering and advanced construction techniques that make it a high-quality piece of furniture.

It measures 140 cm wide, 55 cm deep and 77.5 cm high, with the knee area measuring 92 x 71 cm, thus providing enough space to place office items but also allowing you to move your legs comfortably.

It has three large drawers that you can install on the left or right depending on your needs and has a maximum load capacity of 40 kg. On the other hand, you must take into account that the desk has been made with manufactured wood and weighs 36 kg.

Acquiring a desk with drawers can be the solution to organize all the office supplies in your home or business. Let us analyze this model in more detail.


Size: Its dimensions are 140 x 55 x 77.5 cm, so it provides enough space to organize office items.

Design: It features a modern German design and is available in 2 options; with an oak finish and in white with a concrete effect.

Chest of drawers: The chest of drawers can be installed on the right or left depending on your needs.


Weight: Due to its robust construction, the desk weighs 36 kg, so it is not very light.

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4. Piranha Trading PC28g Desk

When it comes to making better use of space, corner or L-shaped desks are a good proposition. And if you need a model that also includes a chest of drawers, the Piranha Trading PC28g model is all you need. This beautiful desk has a design with a total work surface of 150 centimeters wide by 140 long, in which it is easy to distribute everything you need.

For this, you also have the chest of drawers with three drawers, with the last one being double height, for when you have to store larger objects. A simple model with a reversible assembly, so you can change the side you want to change the chest of drawers to make everything easier. This chest of drawers comes in a beautiful graphite black finish with chrome handles, which add extra elegance to any environment where you place it.

If you still don’t know which desk with drawers to buy but you are interested in a corner model, learn more about this product in case it might be of interest to you.


Reversible assembly: The assembly is reversible, so you can place the chest of drawers on the side that suits you best.

Elegant finish: Its graphite black finish gives the product a special touch of elegance when placed in any room.

Space: This corner desk with drawers offers you a work surface that is 150 centimeters wide by 140 centimeters long, and is also fully operational.


Assembly : Although it is not too complex, it is true that the assembly process is somewhat laborious so it is advisable to arm yourself with patience to do everything well.

Available space: Due to its large dimensions, it is highly recommended to verify that you will have space to place it and move once it is placed.

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5. Habitdesign 004604BO Reversible Computer Table

If you want to change from the usual designs, with wood finishes, the Habitdesign 004604BO model is an interesting alternative. This white drawer desk has a different finish but is just as practical as conventional models. Its surface offers measures of 138 centimeters wide by 60 deep, including the 37.7 centimeters wide that the drawers have.

This chest of drawers has three separate drawers, with two regular size and one double size, to store folders, documents and other larger objects. On the other side, two circular feet are responsible for maintaining proper stability when the product does not move during use. A simple model that is also among the cheapest, so the product would be close to being the best desk with drawers for value for money of those that we have selected.

Let’s analyze some more details about this model, located within the segment of cheap desks with drawers currently on sale.


Workspace: The board measures 138 centimeters wide by 60 deep and 76 high, thus giving you enough space for everything you want to do.

Chest of drawers: The chest of drawers has three 37.7-centimeter-wide drawers and a double-height drawer, where you can store the most voluminous objects.

Color : For those who don’t feel like looking at conventional wood finishes, this

Product comes in a nice white color.


Metal legs: The lateral metal legs take up a little more space under the tabletop, compared to other models with smooth and squarer legs.

Assembly: It is important that the legs are positioned correctly to prevent the desk from becoming “limp” or uneven.

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These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Habitdesign 0C4625Z Office Table with Drawer

To change a bit of style, we analyze below the Habitdesign 0C4625Z model. Unlike other products that we have already seen, in this case we are talking about a desk with drawers, although in one piece. A common and more practical configuration for those who do not need so much space. In this case, the table measures 138 centimeters wide by 67 deep and 75 centimeters high, in line with other models on the market.

A large space in the lower part of which is the chest of drawers, with three drawers and separated from the floor, where you can store everything you need. This chest of drawers also leaves a small upper space that we can also take advantage of for the storage of what we need. It is finished off with a beautiful chestnut finish on the different boards and gray tones on the sides, offering a remarkable elegance and seriousness.

We analyze in detail this model from what, for many users, is the best brand of desks with drawers at the moment.


Table-type design: Its table-type design offers us a wide work surface with an auxiliary drawer unit, unlike more compartmentalized models.

Finishes : The finishes of this desk are professional, both in the different shades of wood and in its rounded shape in the different elements of the table.

Assembly : Assembly is relatively simple following the included instructions, also obtaining a stable and quality finish.


Back panel: The product closes with a back panel, which can be annoying for users who are taller or who like to stretch their legs.

Use with PC: In case you want to use a PC on this desk, you will need additional space to place the tower, since the desk does not include it.

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