The 5 Best Ionizers of 2022

Ionizer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In order to keep the environment of any room fresh and healthy, ionizers are an excellent tool. These products are responsible for absorbing the air and, through their filter and ionized system, eliminate any residue or dirt present. Among the most interesting products on the market, the  Palson Humilux model stands out, the favorite of consumers, which combines both the humidifier and the ionizer in a single product. All this with a very simple operation that allows you to configure the different intensity levels, as well as turn off the unit automatically through its built-in timer. Another product valued positively among users is the  PureMate XJ-1000EU, with silent operation and a compact design, recommended for the car or home, because it improves air quality through ionic technology, thus preventing the onset of diseases, by reducing smoke in spaces in 20 seconds.


Buying guide – What is the best ionizer on the market?

A home air ionizer is an electronic device that uses ions or negatively charged particles to cleanse and purify the air you breathe. The device produces negative ions that are incorporated into the air of the environment in which they are located and these ions adhere to the different pathogens or allergenic particles such as bacteria, microbes, smoke, mold, pollen, dust and, in general, all kinds of dirt. that can be found there. When they come together, they become a heavier whole that falls to the ground and is eliminated from the air, to make it healthier.

Air ionization is a simple process that is recommended for all people, but especially for those who suffer from asthma, allergies or any respiratory disease, as well as in environments with pets or smokers, as it helps keep the environment clean and fresh. air in closed environments, either at home or in the office. Now, there are many models of ionizers and, to help you make the right investment, we have created this guide to buy the best ionizer, highlighting the basic features you should look for in these devices.

The first point to recognize when making a comparison of ionizers is the power with which it works, which indicates the ability of the device to transform a rarefied and stale environment into fresh and disinfected air. Another point to highlight is the size, although in general they are small and compact devices. It is also convenient to verify that it is easy to use, preferably with automatic programming, and easy to move in case you need to move it from one room to another. Finally, do not forget to check what kind of maintenance you need and what is the cost and availability of filters or spare parts.

What type of ionizer is better?

In order not to get out of your budget, you should check how much the device costs before deciding to buy it and, to choose the best option, do not forget to also take into account the following basic characteristics.

power and capacity

Scientifically, the quality of the air we breathe in a mountain environment is almost 100%, but in the city it drops to 7% and inside our homes it is only 2%, so an ionizer can restore the balance ionic and remove most of the pollutants we breathe.

In general, an ionizer is an inexpensive device that consumes little energy, but it is necessary to verify which pollutants it acts on, checking the corresponding efficiency certificates. In any case, some of these ionizers produce ozone, which is a toxic gas in concentrations greater than 0.1 ppm, so it is an important value that should be checked.

Another quantity that should also be verified and that speaks of the capacity of these practical and useful devices is the total number of negative ions emitted per cm 3, which defines the area to be covered, a space that usually ranges between 15 and 75 m 2.

Design and functionality

In general, home ionizers are small and compact, so they require little space for placement, either on a piece of furniture or on the floor. In addition, they are characterized by having attractive shapes that can be integrated into any decoration.

They work with washable filters, which can be replaceable or permanent, and have indicators that let you know when it’s time to clean them. They also have automatic programs or timers so that they turn off automatically and, as their effects are quickly noticeable and long-lasting, this translates into greater energy savings.

However, if you prefer to leave it running all day, these devices have negligible power consumption and there are no contraindications for an excess of negative ions.

Ease of use and maintenance

The use of these devices is simple and intuitive and does not require special knowledge, generally it is only necessary to turn them on and let them work. Thanks to their compact shape and small size, they are easily transportable from one room to another. They usually have 2 or 3 operating speeds and are mostly quiet, at least on the lowest speed.

As we have mentioned, an ionizer can contain one or more filters, which may be washable, replaceable or not, depending on the brand and design. The highest-efficiency filters are typically HEPA-type filters that help remove up to 99% of the tiniest harmful particles. Regular cleaning of the filters is recommended to achieve maximum performance.

The 5 Best Ionizers – Opinions 2022

An ionizer is a household device that uses ions to clean and purify the air, making it much healthier. It is especially recommended for people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. If you are looking for an ionizer, here we recommend 5 of the most requested models.

1. Palson 30542 Ultrasonic Humidifier-Ionizer

Acquiring an ionizer – humidifier may be the ideal option for you to feel more comfortable when resting. These devices are capable of providing the environment with the presence of ions and moisture necessary to improve the functioning of the respiratory system, which will help you sleep at night and wake up refreshed.

The Palson Humilux ionizer – humidifier has its presence in this selection because it has four levels of steam emission, in this way you can activate the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

The Humilux also integrates a practical timer with automatic shutdown that allows it to function almost natively, that is, you can leave it on overnight without worrying about overheating.

Also, as an extra bonus, this model has a low intensity light to promote sleep and relaxation at night so that you can fall asleep like a baby and if you don’t like it, you can also turn it off.

Likewise, this Palson model can be considered as the best ionizer for 50 euros, you should not miss the pros and cons that you will find below:


Multifunction: this equipment is not only a purifier with ionic technology, but it can also be used as a humidifier, fulfilling a double function with the purchase of a single product. You can make use of both functions separately.

Timer: it has a programmable timer with which you can configure the intervals between which the equipment will work and that can vary between 2 hours, 8 hours and up to 12 hours, turning off automatically when the cycle is complete, avoiding overheating of the equipment, in case you forget to turn it off.

Adjustable steam: you can control the level of cold steam that it is capable of emitting, being able to define four emission levels depending on the size of the room and even the climate in it, being possible to choose a low, medium, high or low level. maximum.

Capacity: given its function as a humidifier, it includes a tank with a capacity of up to 5.8 liters, which is why it has dimensions of 38 x 27.8 x 19 centimeters, and a weight of 2.2 kilograms. However, it indicates the water level and turns off as a safety method if it runs out, lighting up the “no water” option to let you know why it stopped.


Instruction manual: Users claim that the included instruction manual is very simple, and that information is missing from it.

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2. PureMate XJ-1000 Ionic Air Purifier and Ionizer

If you want to buy an ionizer that works efficiently, then you might be interested in this model from the manufacturer PureMate, because it is suitable for eliminating bad odors from smoke, mold, and bacteria from different spaces. 

This model has a compact and lightweight design, so it is portable and can be used in the car or at home. During use, it does not emit sounds because it does not have a motor. There is also no need to replace the filter and cleaning is easy. All this, because it has been equipped with the latest generation ionic technology.

In addition, it has a power of 16 watts and an estimated consumption of 3.4 watts, making it economical and efficient in reducing respiratory diseases, since it eliminates smoke in just 20 seconds. Within its technical aspects, it has a coverage of 15 m 2 and its weight is 0.75 kg. In addition, it includes a wall and car adapter to facilitate installation. 

This model from the manufacturer PureMate is efficient and practical for different uses, so it is recommended to review its pros and cons. Therefore, we present them below.


Coverage: This air purifier is efficient to cover areas of 15 m 2, with an ozone concentration between 0.015 and 0.045 ppm.

Design: The model has a portable and compact design, weighing only 0.75 kg, so it can be easily moved around the house or car. 

Technology: This purifier incorporates state-of-the-art ionic technology, so that it does not emit annoying or disturbing sounds. 

Oxygen: This model is suitable for generating negative ions and active oxygen, thus purifying the air to make it cleaner and healthier. 


Instructions: The instruction manual for this air purifier is imprecise and limits its proper use.

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3. Pro Breeze Mini Air Purifier

This ionizer is presented in a minimalist design with dimensions of 12.5 x 12.5 x 13.5 centimeters, which will allow you to save space in the place where you place it.

Additionally, this product is 3 in 1, since it is capable of purifying bacteria, dust particles, pollen, odours, smoke and pet dander with its negative ion generator system, so if you suffer from allergies you can be peace of mind having the team nearby. Its radius of action is 11 cubic meters per hour, allowing you to enjoy purified air almost at all times.  

On the other hand, it includes a blue LED light, which is not annoying for the eyes and will allow you to have clarity at night, making it ideal for you to place it in your room or in your children’s room.

If you are looking for an ionizer to purify the air and that is also affordable, we recommend you consider this model.


Compact: It is small in size, so you can place it anywhere without taking up much space.

Practical: You can connect it to an electrical network or to a computer to start working.

Price: It is one of the products with the lowest price on the list, so you can buy it by making a small investment.


Noise: When in operation, the equipment emits noise that can be annoying.

Flimsy: Its casing is flimsy, so it is not capable of withstanding falls.

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4. Bionaire BAP1700 3 Speed ​​70W

When you are looking for the best air ionizer on the market, it is logical to find a Bionaire brand model. The BAP1700-I-065 model is a tower-style air purifier that works with a double filter system, an easy-to-clean, reusable pre-filter that traps dust and dirt particles, and a high-efficiency HEPA filter. efficiency, which eliminates up to 99% of dust and pollen (particles of up to 2 microns) present in the air, also helping to reduce smoke, mold spores and pet dandruff.

The ionization function releases negatively charged ions that bind with positively charged particles in smoke, dust or pollen to form large particles that are easily trapped by filters. It works effectively in rooms of approximately 74 m² and has a timer of up to 8 hours.

Being able to be considered the best brand of ionizers due to its long history in the home market, it would not hurt to review the pros and cons of this Bionaire model:


Filters: includes two long-lasting HEPA filters, internationally recognized for their efficiency in absorbing and retaining mites, dust, or other debris found in the environment. Also, there is no need to constantly change them. The equipment notifies the moment in which the filter must be cleaned, whose cleaning is very simple.

Timer: you can program the timer of this purifier with a maximum time of up to 8 hours, and with a minimum of 2 hours. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t make much noise when it turns off automatically after the cycle is complete.

Adjustable: the purification power can be adjusted to three levels, depending on the size of the room, since it is recommended for rooms with a maximum of 74 square meters, covering more ground than previous models.


Noisy: it can become noisy, especially when it is at the highest powers, the low power being the most recommended at bedtime, as it does not sound excessively.

Lights: Users consider that the LED lights included in the device can be annoying when sleeping, because they are very bright and cannot be turned off without unplugging the purifier.

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5. PureMate XJ-1000 Silent Air Purifier & Ionizer

Among the cheapest products of the best ionizers of 2022 we get another model of the PureMate brand, the XJ-1000. This model, like the previous one, eliminates smoke, odors, bacteria, mold and neutralizes the harmful effect of toxic gases, keeping the air fresh and clean. This helps in relieving asthma and other respiratory ailments, and even improves your mood and boosts a good mood.

In the same way, it is a silent device, without a motor and without filters to change. It works with ionic air circulation technology, and you only have to periodically clean the electromagnetic plates located inside.

This model has a wall and car adapter, making it perfect for use in the home or office, or inside the car, efficient for use in closed spaces of up to 15 m 2.

On the other hand, if you still do not decide which ionizer to buy, then do not rule out the pros and cons of this PureMate and review them below:


Filter: this model does not need to be replaced as far as filters are concerned, since it includes magnetic plates that are responsible for purifying the environment and when they require cleaning, you just have to remove them, clean them and put them back into operation, avoiding further damage. disbursements.

Adapters: includes two adapters so you can use this purifier at home or even in your car, it is also possible to regulate the power between a high and a low level, depending on the room whose air you are going to purify or if you are in the car.

Dimensions: weighing only 0.75 kilograms and measuring 20.5 x 12.5 x 7 centimeters, you can place or take this purifier with you wherever you need, as long as you do not exceed the coverage limit of 15 square meter.


Operation: in some cases, users consider that the device does not eliminate odors, nor do they feel a change in the environment after a period of use.

Instruction manual: on the other hand, its instructions are in English and are not very informative.

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How to use an ionizer

When we are at home or in our workplace, we want a clean environment free of any agent that can affect our health. To clean the air we breathe, ionizers use electricity to produce negative ions and thus clean the space where we are of dirt and annoying odors.

Choose the place where you are going to place the ionizer

Although the ionizers can be placed anywhere in the house, it is very important that this space meets some conditions. Ionizers have a capacity of space to cover per cubic centimeter. Check the capacity of your ionizer and place it in a place that does not exceed the measurements for which it has been designed. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get completely clean air.

Another condition for the ionizer to work properly is not to place it near soft and absorbent surfaces, since contaminants can be produced that tend to adhere to these surfaces. You should also keep the ionizer fan grill away from the wall, as well as other electronic devices, as it may affect its operation.

Configure it according to your need

Ionizers usually have at least three speed levels that are easy to program to suit your need for use. If you don’t have an effective understanding about the level you need, please read the instructions for use of the ionizer; there you will always find the indications to configure it properly.

Always perform proper equipment maintenance

Ionizers use filters to trap the particles and agents that negative ions release from the air. It is very important that you maintain these filters so that they continue to fulfill their function, since they trap up to 99% of the particles that are in the air and as they accumulate on their surface, their performance decreases.

Ionizers often have filters that are washable, replaceable, or permanent, so you should clean them regularly so you can enjoy a truly clean environment.

To clean it, use a damp cloth so that the particles do not go back into the air. Washable filters should be treated with mild soap and water; You should let them dry for at least one night. You must do the same procedure with the fan grill, since harmful particles for health also accumulate there. If you continuously use the ionizer, you should do this maintenance once a month.

The most popular brands

Choosing a good ionizer to place in our home or office may not be as easy a task as one might think. There are different sizes, powers, designs and also, the general characteristics and operation of these equipments vary according to the brand that manufactures them. We have compared the different characteristics that are part of this type of device with the opinions of many users on the internet. We are going to briefly analyze the three brands that distribute this type of product, Puremate, Klarstein and Prozone.

This German company is one of the brands distributed by the also German Chal-Tec, which was founded in 2005 and since then has given much to talk about in the area of ​​home appliances, as of 2014 the company had a expansion that has positioned it with greater strength on the European continent and in various parts of the world.

The Klarstein brand specializes in the manufacture of products for the home such as electrical appliances, some of them for the kitchen and others for the home in general. Its products are characterized by an elegant and impeccable design, as well as being durable, which is why they have received good ratings among users.

In the case of ionizers or air purifiers, the Klarstein brand stands out among others for the design and high quality of the materials with which these devices are manufactured, so that they are quite reliable and durable.

Today, the company has offices in Germany, Hong Kong and London, from which it conducts business.

Puremate is a brand of Taiwanese origin that specializes in manufacturing household and kitchen products such as kitchen aids, irons, weight scales, and air purifiers.

The air purifiers that the company manufactures are characterized by having an elegant design and being quite durable at a low cost. All this has made these products one of the most sought after and valued by users worldwide. At present, the company is in frank expansion, as it has offices in different parts of the world such as London, from where it carries out its commercial operations with the entire European continent.

This North American company, founded at the end of the 1970s by the physicist Ron Barnes, in the city of Kansas in the United States, specializes in developing technology that contributes to the purification of fluids, air and surfaces. It is recognized for its extensive advances in the field of water purification at an industrial and commercial level, through methods that have proven to be safe and efficient.

For several years this company has been working hand in hand with industries to solve different sanitation and purification problems, which has made it one of the most important companies in this field.

Prozone products and technology are found almost everywhere in the world through drinking fountains, cisterns, water treatment plants, aquatic systems, food processing plants. Ionizers or air purifiers are one of the products that this company sells and markets the most. Despite having a greater impact in the industrial area, it also reaches homes and offices directly through this type of product.

The ionizers or air purifiers manufactured by this brand are sold around the world and receive very good ratings from users and office companies. They are characterized by being quite efficient in the purification process, without generating too much noise and with pleasant designs.

Currently this brand is located with its main office in the United States in the city of Huntsville in Alabama, from there it distributes its products to different parts of the world, mainly Europe and Latin America.

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Miniland Humiplus Advanced Humidifier

Another good option as an ionizing humidifier product is the Miniland Humiplus Advanced model that cleans and purifies the air in an integral way, with cold steam, relative humidity percentage selector and constant steam flow.

It has a digital hygrometer that allows the relative humidity to be adjusted automatically to the desired value, keeping the room at an ideal humidity level, by default at 55%.

It also includes a remote control as a remote control and has hot steam, optional screen shutdown, timer with programming of up to 12 hours and autonomy of 18 hours at maximum speed, without the need to recharge the water tank, ideal for night use.

To ensure your peace of mind and the appropriate protection of the device, for greater durability, it has an empty tank indicator and automatic disconnection due to lack of water.

Also, even though it is not one of the cheapest ionizers on the market, we suggest you review the pros and cons mentioned below:


Multifunction: like the previous model, the Miniland Humiplus Advanced is both a humidifier and an ionizing purifier, thanks to which the air in your rooms will not only remain clean, but will also be at a suitable humidity level that does not affect the respiratory tract, especially considering that it includes a digital hygrometer.

Levels: you can configure the amount of steam that the equipment emits in three levels, which can be hot or cold. Due to its function as a humidifier, a tank is necessary, which in this case has a capacity of 7 liters, and when it is empty it warns and switches off automatically.

Timer: includes the option to program the timer with a maximum of up to 12 hours of continuous work. In addition, it has a remote control so you can control the equipment from wherever you are.


Dimensions: it has dimensions of 36 x 22 x 35.5 centimeters along with a weight of 3.1 kilograms, which is why it is considered large for users, and may be inconvenient for small rooms.

Loss of water: since the tank is filled from below, when turning the device, sometimes there is a loss of water, or after a period of use, puddles form under the equipment.

Klarstein Vita Pure 2G

We start with what we have considered the best quality-price ionizer of our selection. The Klarstein Vita Pure 2G is a purifier that eliminates 99.97% of all the impurities present in the air, thanks to its quintuple filtering system (pre-filter, HEPA filter, active carbon filter, UV lamp and ionizer) to clean areas between 20 and 40 m2.

With this purifier you can combat strong odors, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, microbes and bacteria, effective for allergy sufferers and all those who like to breathe clean air. It also has a compact and slim shape (41x32x16cm) so it can be easily integrated into any room.

It has 3 speeds, a timer with 3 options (2, 4 and 8 hours) and produces a noise level of just 50 dB, so you can adapt its use with total comfort.

PureMate XJ-2000 Silent Air Purifier

Another option worth mentioning as the best ionizer is the PureMate XJ-2000 model that Airpur markets. It cleans the air effectively, eliminating smoke, odors, bacteria, mold and other allergens, also helping to neutralize the toxic action of harmful gases, in rooms up to 28 m2.

This is an extremely silent device, since it does not have a motor, but works at 2 speeds, with ionic technology of air movement through electromagnetic plates, allowing energy savings while offering you fresh and clean air, which is useful in homes with pets, smokers or people with allergy problems.

The XJ-2000 is compact in size and features a filter that does not need to be replaced. The plates are very easy to clean and it also has an automatic operating cycle for greater comfort.

Now, for more details on the best ionizer of the moment, you can review the following pros and cons of the equipment:


Coverage area: this equipment is capable of purifying an area of ​​up to 28 square meters, so its use is suggested in small rooms or rooms that do not exceed this limit for adequate performance.

Filter: another of its advantages is that its filter does not need any type of replacement, you simply have to remove its magnetic plates, clean them and place them again to continue with its correct operation. That is to say, you will save one or another euro with the acquisition of this ionizer.

Dimensions: it has measurements of 30.5 x 18.3 x 9.7 centimeters, accompanied by a weight of only 1.3 kilograms, so you can place it in the area you prefer without it getting in the way.

Silent: the Airpur XJ-2000 is designed under silent technology, hardly noticing the time during which it is turned on.

Operation: its main function is to eliminate any germ or bacteria found in the environment, purifying the air and preventing respiratory diseases in both children and adults by emitting up to 60,000,000/cm³ of ions. In addition, it is capable of reducing the smell of tobacco in the area where it is used, making it a good option for people who smoke or who have a family member who smokes.


Timer: It does not include a timer, and therefore it is recommended to use an extra one to be aware of the time that the device has been on.

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