The 5 Best LED Spots of 2022

Spot LED – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

At present, we have thought of finding a way to give our houses a pleasant, colorful and well-lit style. For this reason, the different brands of light bulbs and lamps have dedicated themselves to designing models that do not allow excessive consumption of electricity, but, on the contrary, contribute to favoring the environment and giving some savings in monthly billing. In addition, the size of these bulbs has been reduced considerably and, therefore, they can be taken to places with very little space to achieve the desired lighting. The first model that we can describe to you so that you can make the right choice is the Philips 929001215233, which has a duration of 15,000 hours of operation, a power of 4.6 watts, an energy saving that you will surely appreciate when you receive the bill each month, while you will be contributing to the conservation of the environment and not to the extension of global warming. Another model that you can consider is the Greenandco 10x NZ-GU10-MCOB-7W, which may catch your attention thanks to its features. You can learn more about it by visiting and reading its specifications.



Buying guide – What is the best LED spot on the market?

Having an illuminated space is a necessity that cannot be postponed, especially if we carry out activities in spaces where sunlight does not enter, or during the hours when this natural lighting is not present.

Thus, the use of lamps and light bulbs has become an ideal option to illuminate any space, but in addition to this, LED lamps have been developed, which serve as a more profitable tool, due to all the advantages that their use represents, among them, lower energy consumption, less harmful lighting and saving capacity.

Review this guide to buy the best LED spot, taking into account the basic elements to consider before making your investment, based solely on how much it costs.

lumen power

In the comparison of LED spots, many factors are evaluated, for example, the most economical product is always sought, but one of the most basic is the power of the lumens. Let us remember that a lumen is the unit of measurement by which the level of light that a light bulb can emit is expressed.

So, it is estimated that an LED is equivalent to an average ranging from 60 to 90 lumens, depending on the type of bulb. The number of watts it has must also be taken into account, knowing that there must be a correspondence between both values, that is, the more watts, the more lumens, with the consideration that the watts will always be less and that is why the savings are given energetic.

light angle

Depending on the use that you will give to the LED spot, which you must already have more or less clear, you must weigh the angle of light that the bulb emits.

The angle of light will determine the level of illumination of each space or object; for this, the reference stipulates that an angle of 40 degrees is more focused, and will allow better visibility to objects or specific points of a place; For its part, if what you want is to illuminate an empty space, a room, a room or the like, you should choose a light bulb whose angle is at least 120 degrees, and if the area is too wide, it is advisable to implement several lamps or light bulbs.

color temperature

Color temperature is another factor to evaluate, and for this the type of environment you want to generate greatly influences, and even the climate in your city, because if you are in a place that is generally cold, you could use some type of warmer light and vice versa.

Thus, the temperature is given by the kelvin degrees that the bulb has, and depending on this you will have a warm white, which corresponds to about 3 thousand kelvin degrees, and is used in rooms or more closed spaces; cold white, which amounts to 5800 degrees kelvin and is recommended in areas where a lot of light is required; and, finally, a neutral or pure white, which corresponds to about 4500 degrees kelvin and can be considered a middle ground for semi-open spaces such as living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.


There are many materials used to make LED spots; Among them, glass is one of the most implemented, in combination with substances such as mercury.

However, what you should know about the resistance of the materials is that the denser they are, the longer the life of the lamp will be, although its price will probably also be, so you should also take this factor into consideration.

bulb life

It is known that LED bulbs last longer than conventional ones. However, you should know that they will not last forever, because despite the fact that the manufacturer says that they last 20 years, there are external elements that can make them stop working in less time. In any case, there is an average duration of 10 to 20 years.

This is calculated according to the hours of operation. Some indicate that they have about 50,000 hours, which would be equivalent to more or less 20 years, but this must also be compared with the warranty time offered and thus a more honest estimate would be obtained.

energy saving

Certainly, energy saving is one of the general characteristics of all LED spots; however, you should know that not everyone manages to save the same amount of energy. Keep in mind that there is an international energy saving classification, which goes through labels such as A, A+ and A++, the latter being one of the most valued on the market because it saves much more electricity.

This not only represents a monetary saving on your service bill, but also a way of collaborating with the responsible use of resources to reduce the degradation of the planet. With this data you can choose which is the best LED spot on the market for you.

The 5 Best LED Spots – Opinions 2022

LED lighting, in addition to being efficient in terms of energy consumption, provides a warm and clear light that allows you to create a cozy atmosphere in any of your spaces. Below we show you the products recommended by our customers so that you can acquire the best LED spot on the market and invest your money wisely.

1. Philips 6 Led Bulbs Gu10 Crystal Spotlight

Main advantage:

If you want to buy a bulb by bulb, Philips offers you a set with a total of six LED spots so you can illuminate rooms, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, mirrors and more, without having to spend too much.

Main disadvantage:

One detail that you must take into account is that this model of light bulbs cannot be installed in dimmer sockets, since they could be damaged or simply not respond.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Philips LED spots maintain the level of quality and performance that accompanies its brand and are a great purchase opportunity for those who want to renew the lighting system in their home.

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If you want to light up your home or office in a discreet and elegant way, LED spots are a great alternative. These spotlights can be installed in sockets inside the ceiling, avoiding affecting the decoration and offering a pleasant and relaxing lighting style.

Philips offers you a set of LED spots that stands out among its competitors for being made up of a total of six units. With this number of bulbs you can easily illuminate between two and three large rooms without any problems.

They are also very useful in the kitchen, since they require a GU10 socket and this can be placed very discreetly between the cabinet boards so that you can illuminate the countertops. The complete pack has dimensions of 17.1 x 5.3 x 11.5 centimeters and a weight of just 372 grams so that it will not be difficult for you to transport it.


One of the main influencing characteristics in any type of lighting system is power. This factor almost entirely determines the quality of the light, since it dominates the brightness level and the amount of light produced by the bulb.

The set of Philips LED spots does not seem to disappoint its buyers in this regard. Each of the bulbs has a power of 4.6W equivalent to 50W compared to halogen. They have a brightness of 355 lumens and a useful life, according to their manufacturer, of approximately 15,000 hours of lighting.

Thanks to the power of each of the spotlights, the beam of light from the bulb will be able to cover large areas and, therefore, you will need fewer units in the same room. A very striking detail for the most thrifty customers who visit our website.


Other buyers consider the color of the light to be much more important, although this is mostly based on personal preference. Some people find that white light is not as cozy as yellow light, but others say that white light is better for reading and watching TV.

Therefore, it is important that you know that the Philips set produces white light. The description specifies that it is a warm level and its color temperature is 2,700 Kelvin.

As reported by buyers, the performance and light quality of these bulbs are quite good. They have a lighting angle of 36° so that you can install them with enough space between them without losing luminosity and, in addition, they consume much less energy than their halogen counterparts.

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2. Greenandco IRC90+ GU10 7W Spot LED

Among the best LED spots of 2022, the 10x NZ-GU10-MCOB-7W model from Greenandco stands out, a pack of 10 units with a power of 7W that will efficiently illuminate all your spaces while allowing you to save money on your electricity bills.

With an average duration of 20 thousand hours of use, providing a light beam angle of 50°, these spots do not generate any type of radiation nor do they use mercury for their operation. And if you are concerned about the temperature generated by this lamp, since it is an LED spot, it only reaches a temperature of 3000 K in warm white.

With a glass body, this LED has a GU10 type base. Customers who purchased this product express total satisfaction for having a simple installation and producing clear light for your environments at a low cost compared to other fixtures in this category. 

Before making the decision about which led support to buy, take into account if it is sold as a set, its efficiency and possible adjustments, among other characteristics:


Set: if you need more led supports, the Greenandco option offers you a set made up of ten units at an affordable and quite competitive price so that you can illuminate your home or office.

Lighting: the natural color temperature is 3,000K, being more than enough for the domestic or work environment, since they offer a good level of lighting for different activities.

Angle: The mount has a 50° beam angle, allowing it to cover a larger space compared to other models.

Life: finally, it is highlighted that they have a useful life that can last a maximum of 20,000 hours of continuous use, avoiding extra expenses to replace them in a short time.


Units: some buyers have had problems with units that arrive in poor condition, having to replace the entire set.

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3. Uplight GU10 Spot LED,Equivalent 50 60W halogen

LED spots are capable of giving a normal space a special touch with their lighting style, which is perceived as elegant and warm. If you need a set to make light installations at home, Uplight has an alternative that might interest you.

Its pack offers you a total of 10 LED spots of 5.5W each, which can generate a brightness level of 600 lumens and a warmth of 3,000 K, very suitable for domestic use. In addition, their construction is of good quality, using plastic to isolate the aluminum inside the casing, which makes them safer to use.

The positioning of the LED bulbs in the product is also highlighted, as this allows the device to offer a lighting angle of up to 120°, to make the best possible use of the power of each one.

Before choosing the LED spots with which you are going to equip your home, it is important that you take into account the positive and negative aspects of each available alternative:


Set: With the purchase of this set you will get 10 LED spots with which to illuminate rooms, corridors, entrances and more, as well as having some spares if you have any left over.

Materials: Each spot is made of resistant materials designed for your safety, so that you can install them with complete confidence.

Lifespan: They offer a long lifespan, so you can use them for several years before needing to replace them.

Consumption: They have a low energy requirement, considering the consumption category that was granted to them: A+, allowing them to be used without worries.



Flicker: When the light level of the bulb is brought to a minimum, using a dimmer, the light may flicker a little while the brightness intensity stabilizes.

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4. Philips 45725200 LED Spot

If you are looking for the best value for money LED spot, our users recommend this Philips model. At individual cost, it is an excellent investment to illuminate spaces or public areas such as corridors, lobbies, spotlights, illuminate portraits, among other places that require focused lighting.

These spotlights are designed to be the replacement for 35 and 50W halogen lamps; They are popular for their efficient power consumption and low cost, which does not affect the brightness intensity. The best thing about these spots is their long useful life, which reaches an average of 50,000 hours, so their value for money stands out.

In addition to the GU10 type base, this model is compatible with a series of lamps, so it can be a replacement for them. Choosing the right product to illuminate your spaces is not as easy as it seems, so we invite you to discover the final product on our list of recommendations.

This mount is a great option for those who don’t want to spend too much, as it’s among one of the cheapest in this selection:


Power: it is one of the most powerful supports on this list, since it reaches an incandescent equivalence of 50 watts.

Efficiency: however, it is economical and has the A+ category in energy efficiency so as not to cause excessive expenses.

Life: Philips stand has one of the longest lifespans: 50,000 hours of continuous use.


Unit: however, this option is made up of only one LED support, so you will have to purchase several if you want to illuminate large spaces.

Price: although it is the cheapest alternative among those mentioned, by including a single support, depending on your needs, it can be more expensive.

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5. Vicbola GU10 LED Bulb 5W Equivalent 50W 500Lm

This Vicbola brand set could be what you are looking for to customize the lighting in a space or room within your home.

When you purchase it, you will find 2 5W LED spots that can replace normal 50W bulbs when used in white, since it is their most intense light mode. This leads us to mention that the spots have an RGB system, through which you can control the tone of light in various colors.

For this, the product includes a remote control from where you can control details about its ignition, lighting power, light tone and even active time, thanks to a practical timer.

Reviewing its durability, you will be able to enjoy an approximate 25,000 hours of useful life within the normal parameters of use, allowing you to enjoy them for a long time.

If you have doubts about which model would suit you, now you can learn more about the Vicbola model:


Pack: In this Vicbola brand pack you will find 2 GU10 socket LED bulbs that you can easily use at home.

Colours: In addition to turning on in white, the bulbs are also capable of lighting up with an RGB system, so you can choose the tone that you like the most.

Consumption: The installation of the bulbs will have almost no impact on the electricity bill, since they consume little energy to work.

Remote control: You can control the intensity and change the colors of the bulbs from the comfort of your bed using the remote control that comes with the set.



Intensity: A detail that you should know about these LED spots is that the maximum power can only be used when they are turned on in white, since, if a color is turned on, the brightness intensity decreases.

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Philips 6 Led Bulbs Spotlight Gu10 Crystal

With a light output of 4.6W, this fixture is highly appreciated as it provides good lighting with the finish of a halogen bulb. The colors provided are warm, which allows you to create a pleasant environment without worrying about changing the light bulb, since it has a long useful life that reaches 15,000 hours of use.

Customers say that this spot is ideal for home lighting while at the same time making efficient energy consumption to allow savings of 80% on electricity bills. Made with a composition of glass and other synthetic elements, customers agree that this pack of 6 bulbs is not one of the cheapest spots, but it is an efficient and quality product.

Many users claim that they resemble halogen bulbs in appearance and function, so they serve as replacement bulbs. 

It is not surprising that Philips has what could be the best led support of the moment, given that its products are of good quality and very durable:


Set: the first aspect to highlight about this LED support is that it is sold as a set that includes a total of six units, ideal for installation in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, corridors or any space you want to illuminate.

Power: each bracket has a power of 4.6 W, with which you can illuminate important areas in your home in a discreet, modern and attractive way to combine with decoration and architecture.

Colour: all supports are equipped with white light bulbs, which are more pleasing to the eye as well as not producing as much heat as yellow light bulbs, maintaining a more pleasant temperature in the room.

Efficiency: you should not worry too much about the power consumption of this product, since its energy management gives it the A+ category in energy efficiency, being economical and performing well.

Life: The average lifespan of this mount is about 15 years or 15,000 hours of continuous use, offering a long lifespan so you don’t have to invest too soon in a replacement.


Adjustments: a detail that you should not fail to consider is that they do not allow the regulation of the intensity of the light.

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How to use an LED spot

Today the interior decorative market is booming in terms of lighting. For several decades, brands have created lamps of different sizes and designs that adapt to the user, especially seeking coexistence with the environment, being designed to consume less energy.

In addition, they offer better lighting quality for the different spaces of the home or office. For those first-time buyers of LED spots, we recommend following the steps below for optimal use of them.

Buy the lamp that best suits your needs

Currently there is a wide variety of LED lamps that seek to replace traditional light bulbs that consume excessive energy. The first thing you should take into account is where you are going to place the spot; so you can choose the model that best suits your lighting needs. Many online stores show avant-garde creations of lamps to give style to your home, so you just have to choose the one you like the most.

Prepare the place where you will place the spot

After buying your ideal lamp, it is time to prepare the place where you will install it. If it is a recessed LED spot, it is necessary that the ceiling is clean, without dirt around it to ensure a good circuit connection. If it is a table lamp, it is important that the support surface is resistant to the weight of the lamp and that it is installed near an outlet, avoiding forcing the extension of its cable.

Remove the old bulb

Once the place is clean, proceed to remove the previous lamp or bulb very carefully, preventing the electrical connections from moving, affecting the electricity circuit. Wait about half an hour before installing the LED light.

Install the spot

These modern lights are very easy to install, but delicate to handle. Follow step by step each instruction described in the manual; this ensures you have a successful installation without risk of damage to the circuit or the lamp.

Assemble the necessary pieces

In case your lamp is a table or not recessed in the ceiling, join each piece to assemble the base of it. Check that the package has all the necessary accessories to assemble your lamp; if not, contact your seller and demand a new one.

Verify that the current arrives correctly

At the end of the installation of your spot, carry out simple tests to see if the electricity really arrives adequately. Turn the device on and off repeatedly, noting the intensity and brightness of the light. It must be striking, illuminating a large part of the surrounding space; In addition, it should not be a constant annoyance for people’s eyes.

Change light panels when needed

Like any item, it has a limited lifespan. The more use the spot has, the greater the wear of its functions, so you should check the status of the panels and if they deserve a replacement to continue using your favorite lamp.

The most popular brands

Lighting plays a leading role in the new interior and exterior designs, both for residences and offices, companies, restaurants and nightclubs. For these purposes, LED lamps have become the best option, not only because of the finish they offer, but also because they consume little energy, which contributes to environmental balance and economic savings when it comes to paying the monthly bill. For those who are interested in incorporating this type of lighting into their environments, here are three of the best brands on the market.

Lamp manufacturer since 1891, Philips is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to lighting. Founded by Gerard Philips, this company was born as a family business, since in the beginning it was supported by his brother Anton and his father Benjamin Frederik David. The manufacture of lamps was its main business, until Philips decided to grow in the thriving electronics industry, where it later ventured creating radios, spotlights and televisions.

It survived the Second World War and thus began its expansion process, first to Belgium and then to the United States, although its headquarters are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After more than 100 years of experience in the world of household appliances, Philips is one of the brands of guaranteed quality and preferred by many, thanks to the wide variety of products that make up its catalog of services.

Among them are the traditional lamps, its main product, among which are the incandescent, halogen and LED types, going through articles for personal care, home, health, baby care, up to modern lighting equipment and accessories for cars, that offer practical solutions to all situations of daily life.

This is a German company, located in Munich, specializing in the manufacture of lamps and light bulbs, as well as the installation of modern indoor and outdoor lighting systems. They are specialists in lighting living rooms and bedrooms, with comfortable and functional styles. They work with very advanced technology, so the products they offer are of high quality and durable.

Its extensive catalog of products and services is classified precisely by the places it is capable of lighting. Thus, it has a wide offer for interior lighting, which includes recessed spotlights, fixed and pendant ceiling lamps, ceiling spotlights, underfloor lights, wall lamps, table lamps, while for outdoor lighting it offers outdoor light reflectors.

Also, it offers the lighting mirror style, which includes LED strips, fairy lights, landscape lighting and alarm clock light and of course all kinds of LED bulbs. For this reason, BK Licht is one of the options to consider if you are thinking of renovating the lighting systems in your home or office.

Created in 1906, Osram is one of the largest manufacturers in the lighting industry in the world. It is based in Munich and its product range is based on semiconductor-related technologies such as infrared or laser.

Its product portfolio is divided into six large areas, which include lighting services for all types of vehicles, indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as light control systems, support for the use of invisible light, such as infrared emitters, detectors and sensors. Within the range of digital lighting, Osram includes its wide variety of lamps, type LED, halogen, fluorescent and incandescent.

Also, it provides solutions to macro users such as those included in the entertainment sector, who require specific lighting options, much more professional, such as cinemas and theaters. With its wide variety of solutions in the different areas of light, Osram is, due to its high technological quality and great innovative capacity, one of the brands to take into account when it comes to solving and improving people’s lives in the current era. digital.

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Shine Hai Gu10 50W LED Bulbs

To find out which is the best LED spot, it is necessary to make a comparison of products and review the energy consumption of the spotlights. In the case of Shine Hai spots, our clients recommend it for saving up to 90% on electricity costs on your bills.

This pack of 6 bulbs stands out for its easy installation; Made with an aluminum socket, they are safe to replace halogen bulbs, generating a pleasant and warm light for your environments and spaces, without any health risk, because they do not produce UV radiation.

The functional design of this product is determined by the quality of its materials; It also has a 40° diffusion angle that helps create environments with shadows by combining the lights to our liking and adjusting the brightness. Customers highlight that the spots do not generate any type of noise and that they have a proven durability of up to 36,000 hours.

Even if you are not sure which could be the best brand of led brackets, taking into account the opinions of previous buyers can give you an idea:


Set: the Shine Hai model is purchased in a set of six led support units so you can install them wherever you want.

Design: they have fins around the bulb, through which a ventilation flow is maintained to reduce the accumulated temperature.

Warranty: the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty in case of poor performance due to factory defects.


Light: One of the users is not satisfied with the color of the light, indicating that it is not completely white, but a little yellowish.

Settings: you should know that the intensity of the lighting cannot be regulated in any way.

Cmyk GU10 LED Bulbs 120° Angle

For those who need a pack of 6 LED spots, CMY

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