The 5 Best Living Room Rugs of 2022

living room rug Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Living room rugs are a product that is not usually present in all homes but, when we decide to get one of them, we usually do it either for aesthetic purposes in our living room or because we need a soft and warm surface to step on. Depending on these needs, you will be able to find rugs with incredible and colorful designs, such as the one offered by the PHC a Checkered In Red Black model, a rug with bright colors, modern and up-to-date, whose maintenance will be comfortable and fast thanks to its materials. and that it has the Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate against harmful substances for greater peace of mind. Or the model Paco Home Cenefa Gris Negro, which has very resistant and durable materials that provide great softness and comfort to the living room rug, which with a sober but modern design will look good in any room in your home.

Buying Guide – What is the best living room rug on the market?

When we decide to buy a rug for our living room, we can do it for purely aesthetic purposes or to put it to good use on a daily basis. For this reason, it is necessary that you not only focus on how much one model or another costs, but on other important characteristics that will make a difference when it comes to finding a good and cheap living room rug that meets your expectations. For this reason and thinking of letting you know what are those characteristics that you should look at before making the decision, we have made this guide to buy the best living room rug always following your specific needs and thus achieving an adequate purchase.


If you are familiar with rugs, whatever their type, then you will know that there are many rugs made of various materials, from natural fibers to acrylics. One of the materials most used by manufacturers when making their rugs is polypropylene, a plastic-based material that is used for its great strength and durability and that, properly treated, will look like any other fiber on your rug. This material gives the rug a smooth, even look and can be thicker or thinner depending on your needs and design.

You can also find woven and natural fiber rugs, with pile of various sizes, depending on what you need, although this option is usually the most expensive compared to the others and its maintenance requires more effort and expense. Coconut fiber rugs, on the other hand, are easy to maintain, but are only suitable as an entrance mat, as these fibers are not usually soft.

Lastly, thanks to the awareness of recycling, rugs woven from recycled materials such as plastic have appeared on the market, offering good resistance and easy cleaning and, furthermore, they can be recycled again once they have fulfilled their purpose. useful life.

Of course, whatever the chosen material, take care that it has a non-slip base that prevents accidents when you step on it.

Choose, therefore, based on your specific needs and your preferences, depending on the use you plan to give the rug in your home.


Today, we can find a huge comparison of living room rugs in terms of their design, since there are for all tastes and budgets: more colorful or more sober and even children’s rugs, so that the smallest of the house also enjoy them.

The design is something very personal that is chosen strictly according to our preferences, but you can also choose depending on the environment and the type of decoration that prevails in your living room, so that the rug matches well with the decoration, thus forming a single set. In the market you can find, from the classic rug of all life with sober colors and classic motifs, ideal for classic and traditional environments, to rugs full of colors, patterns and drawings that are modern in style and that will look great in any modern and contemporary environment.

You can also find rugs designed especially for the little ones in the house, with children’s drawings, dolls and even imitating cities, roads or football fields. These rugs are usually soft and stable and you can choose the one that your children like the most or the one that you think is best for them.


One of the most important aspects is perhaps the dimensions of the rug, since one that is too large can be a hindrance and one that is too small will not properly fulfill its purpose. For this reason, it is convenient that, before buying, you make sure, approximately, of the measurements of the space in which you are going to place the rug in order to be able to choose the one that best suits that space.

In the market you can find from small rugs such as those used in the bathroom or to get out of bed, to large rugs that can cover a large part of the floor of your living room depending on its dimensions. So, first of all, stop for a moment and make sure if the measures that you had in mind in that model that you liked are sufficient or not.

Cleaning and maintenance

When we talk about cleaning a carpet, we immediately think of a vacuum cleaner. The truth is that, if the rugs are made of synthetic fibers, the fastest and easiest way to clean them is like this, with a vacuum cleaner, but not all models accept this type of cleaning. For example, natural fiber rugs, which need much more care and attention when it comes to keeping them clean and, above all, well cared for, or woven plastic rugs, which you can wash with a mop, a cloth and even with a hose if the you want for the outside of the house.

As you can see, the way to clean a rug will depend on its materials and design, so it is convenient that before buying, you make sure of the type of cleaning that the chosen model will require.

The 5 Best Living Room Rugs – Opinions 2022

If you want to give your living room a cozy touch while having a useful accessory for you and yours, you will surely like the idea of ​​including a living room rug in this room where we spend several hours a day. If you are not satisfied with too cheap rugs of dubious quality and you want to know which is the best living room rug and the one that best suits your decoration, we suggest you take a look at our selection of the best living room rugs of the moment, rugs for all tastes and styles, as well as for all budgets among which you can choose the best living room rug for your stay.

1. Paco Home Profiled Design Rug

Main advantage:

Made of 100% polypropylene, this coquettish rug not only provides interesting comfort wherever it is placed, but it is also a material that is easy to clean and maintain.

Main disadvantage:

Some users confess to being disappointed with the size of the rug, as they expected it to be larger. The good news is that there are several sizes to choose from.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A brightly colored rug that offers an original touch to any room. The good quality of its materials provides maximum comfort during the day thanks to its soft and pleasant touch.

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unique design

Certain rugs serve to bring more warmth to the home, but this one, in addition, manages to give a different and cheerful touch to the environment. This is achieved thanks to an original design made up of red, black, gray and white squares, ideal for the living room.

The rug measures 60 x 100 cm and is also available in various sizes to fit any room in the home. Several users highlight that it is a product with a very good finish and, in addition, it dresses a lot.

Sometimes, to change the style of a room it is not necessary to renew the furniture or make large investments and it is enough to modify the small details. With a rug like this one from PHC, it may be enough to give a renewed air to that room where you felt that it lacked a little life.


One of the strengths of this rug is its texture. In addition to design, an appropriate texture is essential for a rug. It is useless for it to be very pretty and striking if it is rough. In this case, it is made of 100% polypropylene, a material that stands out for its enormous resistance and hardness.

Various users allude to its great thickness and, in addition, maintain that it is fluffy and soft. It belongs to the category of short-pile rugs, specifically 13 mm.

Due to its materials and characteristics, it is a suitable product for underfloor heating. In this sense, it is very pleasant to walk barefoot on it, since it provides immediate comfort. It should also be mentioned that this rug has the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate, which ratifies the non-use of harmful substances for its manufacture.

easy maintenance

Due to the type of material and also because it has a short pile length, this rug offers easy maintenance. The cleaning of this class of articles is very important, since, otherwise, mites could accumulate and it would cease to be a hygienic area. For this reason, one of the details that users pay attention to when purchasing a rug is that it be easy to maintain.

This is the case of this product, which can be vacuumed without much effort whenever the user wants it. In this way, the rug will always be perfect and clean and there will be no problem stepping on it with bare feet or with the little ones in the house playing on it. Not surprisingly, there are users who claim that even with a broom the carpet will be radiant in seconds.

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2. Paco Home Design Rug for Living Room

If you are looking for the best living room rug, this living room rug could be an option. In addition to being one of the cheapest you can find, it has a modern and sober design, with an ecru center and a frame formed by semicircles in white, gray and black tones, colors that will look great in any room, since its style It goes well with both modern and classic furniture.

It is made entirely of polypropylene, which makes it very resistant and has a pile length of 8 mm, which is why it is considered a short-pile rug.

It also has an approximate weight of 1,300 grams per square meter, which makes it very light to be able to move it when we need to clean. In addition, this material repels dirt, so its maintenance will be very simple and fast.

The Paco Home rug is the possible best living room rug for 30 euros on the web, below we explain its most important characteristics in detail.


Variety: It is important to mention that the same model is available in a variety of sizes to choose from, so you will surely be able to find a product that suits your space.

Material: It has been conceived based on high-quality materials that offer resistance to use and durability, such as polypropylene.

Comfortable: Since this is a fairly soft rug with 8mm pile length and an approximate weight of 1300g/m2, the end result is a fairly comfortable surface.

Easy cleaning: Due to the resistant nature of the manufacturing material, it is a very easy-to-clean item that repels dirt and after a simple vacuuming it looks like new.


Presentation: The only inconvenience found is that after buying the rug you will receive it at home in a rolled package and when you place it on the floor the corners are raised, to solve this you will have to put some weight on said corners.

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3. T&T Design Economy Living Room Rug with Trim

With an original design with semicircle motifs and a beige brown color, this living room rug is one of the most convenient that can be found on the market, because its dimensions are 160 by 220 cm, which makes it practical to give more style to the rooms of the home. 

This alternative from the manufacturer T&T Design has been made of 100% polypropylene, so it is resistant and of quality, in addition to having a standard fabric and the length of its pile is 9 mm, so it is soft, while its weight is 1350 grams per square meter. 

Also, thanks to its construction, it is a robust mat that repels dirt and is easy to clean with foam or special powder for carpets. For greater ease, it is delivered rolled up, so that to place it it is only necessary to open it on the floor.

This model from the manufacturer T&T Design is one of the most recommended on the market, but you can judge it yourself by knowing its pros and cons.


Design: The rug has a modern and practical design due to its size, which enhances the decorative style of the rooms.

Color: The color of this alternative is brown with beige, tones that are integrated and denote elegance for the areas of the home.

Construction: The construction of this rug has been made with polypropylene, so it is resistant to wear.

Softness: The piles of this rug are 9 mm, so it is soft and pleasant to the touch if you are barefoot.


Protection: This rug is shipped from the factory with a transparent plastic that does not properly protect the product, so that the protection is not efficient during its transfer.

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4. Aufell Artificial Rug, Faux Fur

Those looking for a living room rug that is aesthetically pleasing and of quality can check out this alternative from Aufell that is made of faux fur, made of artificial wool.

Due to its dimensions of 60 cm wide by 90 cm long, this option is compact and convenient to place in any room or place in the house, such as game room, living room and bedrooms, giving a modern style to the decoration.

The rug is made of artificial animal wool, so it is soft. It is offered in the colors white, gray and pink, so it can be placed decoratively anywhere in the house. 

Due to its materials, this model is easy to clean, since it can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, with cold water and neutral detergent. In this way, the piles of the carpet will be soft. In addition, its properties are antiallergic.

If you are interested in purchasing a living room rug model that is suitable for its quality, design, and softness, you can review the pros and cons of this alternative in order to make an informed decision.


Construction: The rug is made of artificial wool, with 100% polyester, which provides resistance.

Design: The model has a modern and elegant design that is available in white, making it suitable for any area of ​​the home.

Softness: Due to its softness, this model is suitable for direct contact with the skin, because it does not hurt and is pleasant. 

Hairs: The hairs that make up this rug are fine and soft, about 8 cm long each, which improves its texture.


Wear: After some time of use, it is possible that the hairs of the carpet begin to fall out due to wear.

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5. Paco Home Modern Velor Living Room Rug

With a simple and traditional design, the following gray living room rug will look wonderful in any environment, whether classic or modern, thanks to the sobriety of its design and its beautiful gray color interspersed with cream, making it suitable for any room.

It is made of polypropylene, with a pile height of about 11 mm and about 2,300 grams per square meter, which makes this rug a robust and resistant model that will also be very easy to clean thanks to its materials.  

The best thing is that you have a whole range of sizes available so you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your salon.

If after reading all the purchase options analyzed today you are still not sure which living room rug to buy, we have left a very attractive option for last with the Paco Home model.


Material: 100% made from high-quality materials such as polypropylene, it is a synthetic fiber product that is highly resistant to use and the passage of time.

Comfortable: The pile of the rug is 11 mm long and the weight is approximately 2300 g/m2, which leaves us with a product that is comfortable and fluffy enough to play on the floor.

Variety: It has a wide variety of sizes to choose from, surely among its 11 combinations you will be able to find a model that suits your requirements.

Non- slip: It also has a non-slip base that prevents possible accidents at home.


Price: It should be noted that this is not one of the most affordable purchase options, nor one of the cheapest rugs on the list.

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Paco Home Profiled Design Rug

If you want to know which is the best quality-price rapport rug, this model may be worthy of that position. This PHC rug has a beautiful and modern design in red, white and different shades of gray to black squares, as well as other details that make the set a modern and striking option for your living room.

It is available in multiple sizes that you can choose depending on the specific needs of your room and has very bright and intense colors.  

It is made of 100% polypropylene acrylic fibers that make this rug a model that is very resistant to both use and cleaning, and is also very easy to maintain.

It has a hair thickness of about 13mm and an approximate weight of 2,850 grams per square meter. An option, within the range of short-medium pile living room rugs, more than interesting.

The PHC model is described by many as the best living room rug of the moment for being one of those products on the internet capable of combining good quality and good prices at the same level.


Variety: The article is presented in an impressive variety of sizes to choose from, among its 7 sizes you will surely find the one that adapts perfectly to your space.

Materials: The manufacturing material is polypropylene, a synthetic fiber capable of offering great resistance to use and comfort.

Maintenance: Due to the quality and high resistance of the raw material, it is an easy-to-maintain product that you can vacuum and clean whenever you feel like it.

Comfortable: Above all, it is a very comfortable and soft living room rug thanks to its long pile of approximately 13 mm and its weight of 2500 g/m2.


Design: Despite having a beautiful design in intense black, red and grey, a greater variety of combinations is missing to adapt the product to other decorative styles.

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How to use a living room rug

Today, there are countless decorative products for the home, but even if trends change and time passes, rugs will always be a very important and decorative element, which will also give an elegant and cozy touch, either to your bedroom, bathroom or living room.

And it is that it will not only allow you to decorate, but also to visually separate or distinguish the different environments of your home. In this way, you need to know that, more than a simple rug, this product usually provides an acceptable level of aesthetics and functionality to your home.

Choose where to place the rug

In the case of a living room rug, you will have to determine the appropriate space to locate it, even more so if your home is one of those that have large rooms. Likewise, you will need to take into account that a rug must always be centered on something, that is, if it goes in the living room, it is best to center it with the sofa.

Take the corresponding measures

Considering the available space in your living room, in order to position a rug, would be ideal, because sometimes people often make the mistake of not taking into account the size of the available space with respect to the size of the rug.

In the case of the living room rug, it could be wide, so that you can place your furniture and coffee table, without it losing prominence, since it should be noted that, to a large extent, the rug will be the center of attraction.

Likewise, experts recommend that, when placing the carpet, you take into account the distance from the wall, that is, that it is not less than 50 centimeters nor more than 1 meter away.

Make sure the rug matches the room

Once you have decided on the place where you will position the rug, you will need to take into account such an important detail as the style and the tones that it may have.

The rug should have a striking style and its colors should help complement your decoration, so that you can recreate a totally harmonious, comfortable and attractive environment.

In the case of patterned rugs, you should take care that the colors of this fit perfectly with the tones of your walls, cushions, furniture and decorations, in this way you will avoid giving way to a totally out of place environment.

keep the carpet clean

It will always be necessary to give the carpet proper maintenance; Although this task may sound a bit tiresome, you should not overlook it. And it is that just imagining that you can find difficult stains or a large amount of dust will make you want to run away.

That is why we advise you to give it a good cleaning from time to time and what better than having a vacuum cleaner, ideal for sucking up as much dirt as possible. On the other hand, when it comes to stains, if your carpet is of high quality, you will be able to wash it easily, without having to worry about possible damage that you may cause.

The most popular brands

It is curious how a product as simple as a living room rug is capable of renewing this room in seconds. These items are not only very useful from an aesthetic point of view, but also suitable for providing the comfort and warmth that are sometimes lacking. Living room rugs are available in endless sizes, patterns and shapes to suit the needs of every home. In the market we can find numerous brands that are dedicated to the manufacture of these products, but we want to highlight three companies: Paco Home, T&T Design and The Rug House.

Paco Home is a German company responsible for dressing homes thanks to the more than a thousand items it sells. It is aware that textiles are an essential part of interiors and, therefore, it has focused on offering the best in this field. It should be mentioned that Paco Home not only designs and manufactures its own rugs, but also distributes them.

The collection of this German firm includes a large assortment of rugs for each room, both long-haired and short-haired, for corridors, etc. It is a company that provides textile solutions tailored to customers.

The sustainability and quality of its articles are two of its distinctive characteristics. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that all its articles are accompanied by the Oeko-Tex quality seal, a labeling system that guarantees that each rug has been made in a sustainable way and free of harmful substances.

The concept raised by T&T Design is unique and exclusive. Many manufacturers from all corners of the world work for this Belgian brand, supplying articles of the highest quality. The company covers all areas and details of the home, from the necessary utensils to complete a kitchen to all those elements that will contribute to optimal rest in the bedroom.

T&T Design does not have a long history in the market, since it was founded in 2002, but this time has been enough to identify what the needs are in homes and to be able to provide solutions. The company began its business with the sale of kitchen batteries, although it has now expanded its range of products.

Mattresses, garden furniture, living room rugs and a long list of items make up its collection. All of them are unique design pieces that cannot be found anywhere other than T&T Design. The result is homes that exude style and perfectly match the personality of their owners.

The Rug House is a UK based company that specializes in rugs. In its catalog it is possible to appreciate an extensive range of these items for all tastes and rooms in the home.

Of course, they also have a great selection of living room rugs in all styles: modern, more classic, faux fur, leather, goatskin, wool, etc. The options are very diverse, although the common denominator to all of them is the extreme quality.

The Rug House, thus, is a magnificent alternative for those users who are looking for a natural fur living room rug. Some of the most popular are those that are made of sheepskin, either British, Icelandic or New Zealand.

Not in vain, what distinguishes this brand is not only its amazing designs, but also the exclusivity of its raw materials. Even in its catalog there is also room for reindeer rugs, an interesting option for the most sophisticated homes.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Green Decore Psychedelia Ecological Rug

If you are one of those who likes to take care of the environment in your day to day life and prefers ecological and recycled products, this rug is for you.

It is an ecological rug, suitable for both indoors and outdoors, which is made entirely of 100% recycled plastic materials, making it an environmentally friendly option and completely recyclable once its useful life is over.

Thanks to its materials, it is resistant to moisture, mold and UV rays, so its bright colors will not be affected by the sun if you decide to put it outside. Its cheerful and daring zigzag designs mix white with three colors that you can choose from to give a fun and fresh touch to any environment.

And the best thing, it is reversible, so you will change your decoration style in a moment. You can comfortably wash it dry or wet and even with the hose without fear of it breaking.

Green Decore is a brand that many describe as the best brand of living room rugs on the market.


Materials: Made from recycled plastic, it is an article that respects the environment and is completely recyclable.

Adaptable: It has an adaptable design that can be used both indoors and outdoors, since it is resistant to moisture, mold and UV rays.

Quality: It is an article that is easy to clean with a damp cloth and in which the colors do not wear out even over time.

Reversible: It is a reversible rug that you can use on both sides and that allows you to change the decoration of your living room in an instant.


Price: You should take into account that it is a somewhat expensive item.

Goodid Football Children’s Living Room Rug

If you need the rug in your living room to become a safe play area for the little ones in your house, the Goodid children’s living room rug will become an option that the whole family will love.  

And it is that it has a unique and fun design in the shape of a rectangle that imitates a soccer field, with its grass, its lines and bands and even its goals that will delight the smallest of the house and that invites them to play. about her.

As for the materials, it is made of nylon, a soft and wear-resistant material that is thick enough to keep your little ones’ skin protected from the coldness of the ground.

Its lower part is made of rubber, a non-slip material that prevents accidental displacement of the mat while walking on it. In addition, thanks to its materials, it will be easy for you to clean it and keep it always ready, so that your children can spend hours playing on it.

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