The 5 Best Metal Shelves of 2022

Metal Shelving – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

Compared to wooden or plastic models, which sometimes do not support as much weight, metal shelving is the appropriate storage solution when it comes to heavy loads. The good thing is that, thanks to its quality, this product can house everything from work tools to heavy filing cabinets, including computer equipment and other objects with a good weight and volume. Simply choose the shelving model that suits you best to have adequate storage space and, in many cases, adjustable. It’s what we get with the AmazonBasics SL-SUAM-6 bookshelf. This elegant black bookcase has three shelves with a load capacity of 113.4 kilos each, in a product that is assembled without tools. If you are looking for a piece of furniture with more shelves, the modelRhino Racking Nyger Seed offers 5 height-adjustable shelves and does not require additional tools for installation, which increases practicality.

The 5 Best Metal Shelves – Opinions 2022

Metal shelving is the basic tool for storing large loads or volumes of objects in a simple way. It doesn’t matter if they are file cabinets, spare parts, computer equipment or books as long as you can decide which is the best metal shelving you can find to cover that need. And although the title of the best brand of metal shelving at the moment is still vacant, the truth is that in our selection of products you will find some proposals that could well win that award for their manufacturer. All designed to make it easier for you to decide which metal shelving to buy for your office, your business or any other need you may have.

1. AmazonBasics SL-SUAM-6 3-Shelf Bookcase

Within our selection of the best metal shelves of 2022 we find the AmazonBasics SL-SUAM-6 model. This black metal shelf is made of high-quality and resistant materials. Enough to support a weight of 113.4 kilos on each of its shelves, as long as that weight is distributed correctly.

In addition, the shelf can be adjusted to your liking, with a free height installation in intervals of 2.54 centimeters for each shelf. A process in which you will also enjoy its assembly without tools, which makes the assembly and adjustment of the shelf even easier.

And so that you do not worry about the passage of time, the resistance of its materials make it suitable for installation in all types of environments. Qualities that are worth being close to being the best metal shelf of the moment, according to many opinions.

If you are looking for the best metal shelf and you don’t need a large product, this Amazon model has what you need.


Load capacity: Each of its shelves is capable of supporting up to 113.4 kilos of weight on its surface, as long as the load is properly distributed.

Light : The shelf has a weight that does not reach 5 kilos, being easy to move it if necessary.

Free Height: The louvers can be freely adjusted in 1 inch height levels.

Resistance : Due to its construction, the product can be used in all kinds of environments without humidity affecting its structure.

No tools: Assembly does not require tools or the use of screws, which makes the process even easier.


Adjustment in the legs: To achieve adequate stability, it is necessary to adjust the legs correctly on the ground.

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2. Rhino Racking Nyger Seed Metal Shelving Industrial Storage

This is a metal shelf that allows you to store different objects in a safe and stable way, thanks to the fact that it has a maximum capacity of 875 kg, enough to place heavy items, such as folders and books.

Likewise, it is made of stainless steel and has plywood shelves that favor the design. For greater resistance, it offers a powder coating that protects it against corrosion, in this way, you can place it in the garage, workshop or any room without fear of moisture deteriorating its structure.

In terms of size, it measures 180 x 90 x 60 cm, so you can install it in any room without taking up too much space. As if that were not enough, it offers a simple assembly, since its design does not require screws, nails or other tools, you only have to fit its parts according to the instructions.

A shelf can be a very practical and functional element in any home or mechanical workshop, so we detail the most outstanding features of this model before you make a decision.


Adjustable: The 5 shelves of this structure are adjustable in height, which allows you to adjust the size of the compartments to place different types of objects.

Materials: The shelves are made of plywood, while the structure is made of stainless steel and powder coated, therefore it is resistant to corrosion and can be used in slightly damp places.

Capacity: It offers a capacity of 875 kg to place objects of different sizes, distributed through the multiple shelves in the structure.


Weight: It weighs 21.24 kg, so it may be necessary to have additional help when installing it or when moving it from one room to another.

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3. Songmics GLR40Q Free Standing Metal Storage Rack

The Songmics GLR40Q modular metal shelf is a complete solution for both storage and furnishing of any space. We are talking about a shelf 1.8 meters high and five shelves 90 centimeters wide by 40 deep, each supporting a weight of up to 175 kilos. Something that influences its metal structure, made of sheet steel with MDF wood planks that have adequate resistance.

A model that, as is the case with other metal shelves on the market, can be freely adjusted in the height of the shelves and can even become a work table simply by changing the layout of the product.

All this with an installation system that does not require screws or complex tools to leave the shelf ready for use.

Since this product doesn’t just serve as conventional metal shelving, let’s see what our review says about its features.


Weight : Each shelf has a sufficient capacity to load up to 175 kilos of weight approximately.

Modular : If necessary, you can fit several shelves together to expand your storage space.

Versatile : In addition to being able to adjust its height, you can also turn it into a work table just by changing its configuration.


Space in the tabs: The space offered by the shelf tabs is somewhat smaller than it should be, which complicates assembly.

Spare parts : In case you need shelves to change the damaged ones or expand the capacity of the product, it seems that it is not possible to find them.

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4. T-LoVendo TC90X45 Galvanized Metal Shelving

Following the design of the most resistant metal storage rack, the T-LoVendo TC90X45 model is an interesting novelty for those who need to store large weights or loads in an orderly manner, with the usual measurements of 180 centimeters high by 90 wide and 40 deep.

A structure and manufacturing that allow the product to support up to 175 kilos of weight on each of its shelves, with a total capacity of 875 kilos. For this, it has an integral metallic manufacturing that uses galvanized metal, suitable for both domestic and professional use. In addition, it has stabilizing crossbars with which to maintain the structure without damage and prevent possible overturning of the rack.

All this in a model that you can mount with the distance and format that suits you best, so you will have a versatile solution when it comes to adjusting that available space. And as if that were not enough, it is one of the cheapest proposals on the market, so we could well talk about the best metal shelving for value for money at the moment.

If you are looking for cheap metal shelves, learn more about what this model has to offer you.


Load : This model supports a load of 175 kilos per shelf and 875 kilos in total, as long as they are distributed correctly.

Materials : The galvanized metal of this product has a high resistance to both weight and environmental conditions.

Reinforcement : Crossbars mounted on each shelf add extra stability and strength to this product.


Assembly: The assembly process should be done by two people, preferably, also taking care not to bend the lace tabs.

Instructions : The assembly instructions are not particularly clarifying, although given how intuitive the process is, this is not too problematic either.

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5. Futtal KO Metal Shelf with 5 Trays

The Futtal KO white metal shelf follows the approach of the professional-style models that we have analysed. A design that consists of an external metal structure made of high-quality steel on which five MDF wooden shelves are mounted. Something that allows you to load up to 175 kilos of weight per shelf on the shelf, as corresponds to this type of product.

A model that also meets the demands of the European Union, being free of sharp edges on its entire surface thanks to a folded edge finish that prevents cuts or scratches. It also includes the usual mounting system without screws, so it is enough to use a hammer to mount it.

And to top it off, you can join two or more shelves together in case you need it, in the usual modular design that several of these models offer. Something that its measurements help, 180 centimeters high by 75 wide and 35 deep, with which it makes better use of space.

If you need to store large weights, this shelf that we analyze below may be what you need.


No sharp edges : The product complies with European regulations, offering a finish without sharp edges on any of its surfaces.

Resistance : Following the line of these products, the model is capable of safely supporting up to 175 kilos of weight per shelf.

Central bar : Each shelf includes a central bar that stabilizes the weight and gives the shelf extra security.


Height adjustment: Unlike other models, this product does not have height-adjustable legs.

Height of the supports: The supports of the shelves have a height of about 5.5 centimeters, which can penalize the placement of tall objects.

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These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Langria 5 Tier Metal Shelving Unit

The Langria Negro shelf is another interesting and versatile model with which to furnish your office. This metal shelf has a structure with five shelves and a total height of 150 centimeters, offering a good space to store everything you need.

The shelf is also resistant, with the capacity to support a weight of up to 125 kilos, as always distributed evenly among its different shelves. This model has a tool-free assembly structure that includes clips with which it is possible to hold the different shelves without the need for screws.

The model is finished off with some hooks located in the upper part, where to hang those elements that need it. And so that everything is firmly placed, the shelf also includes adjustable feet, with which to maintain the proper balance once the product is mounted on the floor.

So that you have all the necessary information to make a decision, we leave you some more details about this metal shelf.


Height : The total height is 1.5 meters, so users who are not too tall will have no problem reaching all the shelves.

Resistance : The shelf supports a maximum load of 125 kilos, correctly distributed.

Tool-free assembly: According to modern models, the shelf does not require tools to be assembled.

Hooks : The five outer hooks add extra space to hang those items you want.


Instructions : The included assembly instructions are in English, but with the accompanying graphics it is more than enough to assemble it correctly.

Fit : Due to the shape of the shelf supports, it is necessary to ensure that they fit correctly to avoid problems.

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