The 5 Best Night Lamps of 2022

Night Lamp – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Night lamps are one of those accessories that we all usually have in our house. But not all bedrooms are the same, nor are all people. That is why we have a wide variety of night lamps, in which it is easy to find models for all tastes and designs. If you are looking for a model with a traditional cut but with modern technology, the Aukey LT-T6 lamp has LED lighting, which you can regulate and control with your hand and that will illuminate your nights creating the perfect atmosphere through its colored lights, which you can choose between its 256 options available. If you prefer an original and different design, you can rely on the ALED LIGHT AL100MOON model., which faithfully reproduces the real image of the moon and offers a dim and pleasant lighting with which to give a special touch to any room.


Buying Guide – What is the best night light on the market?

If you are thinking of renewing your bedside lamps, this is the best time, since technology in this field has advanced so much in recent times that it is possible to find extraordinary lamps at a good price.

But this also means that we should not only focus on aspects such as price or design, but that we must go further and take into account other important aspects such as the type of lighting or functions, so that we always choose the most suitable model for our real needs.

To help you in the work and advise you on what these main characteristics are, we have prepared for you our guide to buying the best night lamp, so that you are clear about what type of lamp you really need.

lighting type

The first important aspect that we must bear in mind in any comparison of night lamps that we make is the type of lighting of each model and which one is the most suitable in our case. How much each model costs will also depend on this aspect, although you will not have to give up a good and cheap night lamp, since the comparison of night lamps is so wide that there are models for all tastes and pockets.

Although currently the trend is to choose LED models, with very low energy consumption and with a multitude of possibilities, the truth is that in the market we continue to find traditional table and night lamps, which give us the possibility of using all kinds of light bulbs, from lifelong filament bulbs to low-consumption bulbs and even bulbs that illuminate through LEDs and that extend the life of the lamp.

These types of lamps have the advantage that you can change the bulbs whenever necessary without spending too much money, since their replacements are usually quite cheap. In addition, these bedside lamps tend to have a more traditional and classic design that will look good in any environment, whether it is modern or traditional.

As for LED lamps, they have the enormous advantage of energy efficiency, since they hardly consume energy and have a very long useful life, so you will end up saving money with these models. These models, therefore, are the most suitable option to be used as a night light if necessary, without having to worry about the electricity bill.

lamp design

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is the design of the lamp. As time and technology advance, so do lamps. The truth is that we find a multitude of designs, which go far beyond the typical screen night lamp that we have all had in our room.

Of course, you can still opt for traditional bedside lamps, available in thousands of different designs, in order to please all users. These models never go out of style and will always look good, whether you have a classic or modern bedroom.

But if you want to go a step further and unify sophistication with modernity, you can choose from many other available lamps that, in addition to lighting the room, offer you many other possibilities that we will tell you about below.

For example, within modern night lamps we find touch lamps, which do not need any power button or control to use them and that you can turn on and off and even regulate their brightness just by touching them. These types of lamps are very useful at night, since we will not have to look for where to turn on, but with a single touch we will have our lamp working.

There are also lamps suitable for use throughout the night as a night light, including some, designed for children, with projections to relax the baby and others offer the possibility of choosing between all the colors of the rainbow so you can create a unique environment in your bedroom.

Finally, there are also all-in-1 lamps, lamps that, in addition to lighting, include a clock, a radio or even a Bluetooth speaker, a perfect option for those who do not have much space on their bedside table.

special functions

As we have mentioned before, there are multifunction lamps, which in addition to offering lighting also include other functions.

If we stick to basic lamps, these can also include extra functions, especially LED models. Among these functions, the light intensity regulation function stands out, being able to choose between different brightness levels to create the right environment at all times. Other models, such as touch lamps, are as easy to use as touching their surface.

With this gesture you will not only be able to turn the lamp on and off, but, by tapping, you will also be able to regulate the brightness and even change the color of the light. And speaking of colored lights, this is already a reality thanks to LED lamps, since you can configure them either to choose a specific color or so that they change color randomly.

As for multifunction night lamps, you can find models that are capable of playing music, either through SD memory or by connecting your Smartphone directly to them. 

Others include an alarm clock and are even capable of turning on little by little at the time you decide as dawn.

The 5 Best Night Lamps – Opinions 2022

Finding the best bedside lamp for your bedroom is an easy task if you are clear about what you really need. And it is that currently you can find a multitude of models depending on the design and functions of the lamp, finding true wonders capable of covering all your needs in a single product.

After this, you will surely want to know which is the best night lamp for you; And to give you a hand in your decision, we have studied the available comparison of night lamps of the moment, among which we have selected the best night lamps of 2022.

1. Aukey LT-T6 Table Lamp

Main advantage:

The LED lighting system and touch technology allow the regulation of light through contact with the hand. Thanks to this system, efficient use of electrical energy can be made due to its low consumption.

Main disadvantage:

Batteries and power adapter are not included, but you can even use your mobile charger to power the lamp.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This modern bedside lamp fits into any setting and is easy to use, offering different lighting levels and a variety of shade colors that you can adapt to your tastes or needs.

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This model has a cylindrical design with a contemporary and compact matt white finish that does not take up much space, thanks to its dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm x 21.5 cm and its weight of 680 g, so it can be conveniently moved around.

As for its manufacturing materials, the combination of aluminum and ABS stands out, providing resistance and durability, as well as complementing the design of the lamp.

It should also be noted that the product has a touch system that allows the activation of the lamp by simply touching it without the need for buttons, making this lamp a modern and avant-garde innovation; even through touch you can choose the level of light and brightness desired.

Durability and effects

The Aukey LT-T6 has a modern technological lighting system through LED bulbs, highly energy efficient due to their low power consumption, so they tend to have a long useful life, which according to the manufacturer reaches up to 35,000 hours. approximately, which means significant money savings in terms of electricity bills.

As for the power supply and autonomy of this product, you should know that it works with 4 AAA batteries or connected to the mains with a USB adapter. Both systems must be purchased separately, since the lamp does not include them.

It is also worth mentioning the automatic mode of changing the colors that the lamp has among its functions, as it has 256 different shades to make your space a more welcoming place.


Thanks to the aforementioned touch system of the lamp, it is easy to use, since you only have to briefly press the touch sensor on the base to turn on the light, if you touch again it increases the brightness and a third touch allows greater intensity of brightness, in addition with a fourth touch the light turns off.

Now, if you want to activate the mode of changing the colors automatically, you must press the touch sensor for a period of 3 seconds and the projection of all the colors will begin, the spectrum being quite broad, since it has shades of red, yellow, orange, green, blue, among others, so this lamp will be very entertaining for adults and children.

This is a high-quality product, highly recommended by users as it is a very useful accessory for the home or for work environments.

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2. Aled Light 3D Moon Lamp


If you have promised that special person that one day you were going to lower the moon, now you can make it happen with this beautiful night lamp. This model has a different and very realistic design, which reproduces with adequate fidelity all the elements present on the moon, including its valleys or craters.

A surface that is illuminated by the LED lights included inside, present in three different colors with which to give the lamp the tone that you like the most. A product equipped with a rechargeable battery that offers an approximate autonomy of about 4 hours, with a USB port so you can recharge it when you need it.

A very complete model with adequate resistance, which is finished off with a support to keep the moon in place and prevent it from moving or accidentally falling while you use it. If you don’t know which bedside lamp you should buy, this highly realistic model is one of the latest on the market.


3D printing: The exterior of the moon has been made with 3D printing that faithfully reproduces the different details of the real shape of the moon.

Colors: The model has three different colors to adjust them to what you want, with a warm white, a cold white or yellow.

Battery: The battery, rechargeable via USB cable, has a range of approximately 4 hours.


Sensitivity: The lamp has considerable sensitivity, so care must be taken to avoid accidental activation.

Stand: Mounting the stand is somewhat complex, even following the instructions included with the product.

Switch: The lamp does not have a switch with which to leave the product completely off.

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3. Teckin Nightstand Lamp

Having dim lighting in the room can be much more useful than you think, since it prevents you from having to get up to turn off the main bulb.

For these situations, it is convenient to have a night lamp like the one from Teckin installed, which provides ergonomics and accessibility, to use it with total comfort.

This model has dimensions of 14.5 x 14.5 x 26.5 centimeters and weighs 820 grams. The compact size together with the light weight will help you to install it where it suits you best, as well as not taking up space on the nightstand if you decide to put it there.

In addition, it should be noted that the equipment’s power cable has a length of 1.7 meters, to be able to reach the outlet without having to use extenders and includes a compatible bulb, so you do not have to purchase it separately.

In case this model of night lamp has interested you, below, you will find a compilation of the most important aspects regarding its design and operation:


Design: Teckin offers you a bedside lamp with a lampshade with an elegant and minimalist appearance, which you can easily accommodate on your table.

Light bulb: The equipment is accompanied by a compatible LED light bulb that you can install in the lamp as soon as you have it ready at home.

Tone: The bulb emits a warm light tone, capable of generating a feeling of comfort in the room, for a better rest.

Cable: The power cable of the lamp is long, allowing it to be installed without discomfort and hiding it if necessary.



Lampshade: You must be careful with the lampshade, since its finishes are not very resistant and it could dent if it is accidentally hit, thus affecting its general aesthetics.

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4. Keynice 3 in 1 Alarm Clock, Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker

If you don’t have much space on your bedside table and you are looking for a model that offers you everything you need in a single product, opt for models like this Keynice night lamp, a 3-in-1 that, in addition to lighting up your nights, offers you a alarm clock and a bluetooth speaker that you can connect to your Smartphone so you can listen to your favorite music on it.

Its LED lamp has 4 brightness levels that you can adjust according to your lighting needs. In addition, you can change the color of the light between different colors, so creating a unique and special atmosphere will be very easy with this lamp.

Its alarm clock has a large LED screen where you can see the time comfortably and with an adjustable alarm clock so you always get up on time. In addition, you can install an SD memory card so you can listen to your favorite music directly on the lamp.

Versatility in electrical appliances is highly valued today. That is why we have selected this multifunctional lamp that, in addition to lighting, has a clock and built-in speakers. Here we explain its pros and cons.


Functions: It is a night lamp, an alarm clock and a speaker with an output power of 4W, as well as having a touch sensor to regulate the intensity of the light that is easy to use.

Connectivity: Through Bluetooth, the lamp can connect with mobile devices and function as a speaker or hands-free, it also allows you to use an SD memory card or other devices through the 3.5 mm Jack connection.

Autonomy: This equipment is charged in approximately 3 hours to offer a range of 5 hours, according to the manufacturer.


Size: Some users consider that the product is small to be a night lamp, although others believe that the size is acceptable because it takes up less space.

Clock: The display light cannot be adjusted, so it can bother you a bit to sleep.

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5. MiniSun Modern Touch Table Lamps

If you need a set of bedside lamps for your marriage room, these bedside table lamps are for you. Creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere will be easy with this set of lamps.

Modern and elegant, these bedside lamps are designed with a drop-shaped silver chrome metallic curved base and a fabric lampshade available in two different colours: cream or black, so you can combine the one you want with the rest of your room. the decoration.

It includes a practical light regulator with which you can regulate the intensity of the lighting up to 4 different brightnesses: off, low, medium and high. In this model you can also use two different types of bulbs: a 40w SES E14 bulb or a dimmable LED bulb. Whichever you choose, with these lamps you will be saving electricity.

The variety of light fixtures that MiniSum markets has made several customers value it as the best brand of night lamps, therefore, many of them recommend this set of lamps for the tables in your room or for use in the living room, in addition must be one of the cheapest on this list. So, we invite you to review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Intensity: The light can be adjusted in four levels with the touch sensor.

Design: Because it is a set of lamps, you can combine your room by placing two identical lamps on both sides of the bed, and its appearance is very elegant.

Size: It measures 34 cm in height x 16.5 cm in diameter, so it provides an efficient beam of light to illuminate your room, making it comfortable to read at night.


Light: Light bulbs are not included, so you will have to buy them separately and make sure they are dimmable.

Sensitivity: Several customers say that sometimes the lamps turn on by themselves, so we can think that the touch function is very sensitive and is activated by any touch.

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Aukey LT-T6 Table Lamp

Sometimes it happens that during the night we want to turn on the lamp but, in the dark, we do not hit the power button.

To avoid this, there are models like the one we present to you, a touch night lamp that turns on just by touching its contact surface, thus eliminating annoying buttons, since the lamp will turn on quickly just by briefly touching its metal surface.

The best?, which has LED lighting and includes three levels of lighting or brightness and you can switch from one to another by tapping on the touch area. It also has an automatic color change mode, with more than 255 different colors and effects to create a unique atmosphere in your room.

Aukey remains at the forefront of technology with the products it offers, which is why many users recommend the LT-T6 as the best night lamp of the moment because it brings together several functions that simplify the use of the lamp at the bedside. Below we describe its pros and cons.


Operation: Integrates a touch sensor in the base to turn the light on and off, adjust the brightness and choose from more than 250 colors with which you can decorate your room.

Consumption: It uses an LED bulb that has low energy consumption and offers a life time of 35,000 hours, according to the manufacturer.

Design: It is a compact lamp, so it will not take up much space on your nightstand, and its cylindrical design will give a contemporary touch to the decoration.

Intensity: The white light can be adjusted in three levels so you can choose from the dimmest to the brightest, according to your lighting needs.


Off: When the lamp is turned off, an indicator LED remains on, which is very bright for some users.

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How to use a night light

In today’s world we can have night lamps with very innovative designs that allow us to go far beyond the common screen night lamps with which we have always lit our rooms.

Now these new lamps have multiple functions in addition to offering better lighting without worrying about the electricity bill, since they are very economical in terms of energy consumption. So that you can use your night lamp efficiently, it is convenient that you carefully read the recommendations that are presented below in this article.

Easy to use

An important feature that you can find in your new night lamp is that you can turn it on and off just by touching it. Most of these new lamps are touch, which will allow you to turn them on and off with the simple act of touching them; In addition, with this system you will not have to have controls or buttons as in the case of conventional bedside lamps.

regulates brightness

Another fundamental aspect that you will find when using your night lamp is that you will be able to regulate the brightness to obtain the color that best suits you in the lighting of your room, thanks to the fact that most of these products have LED systems that allow you to control the brightness of light and change color to give the atmosphere to the rooms according to the user.

Energy saving

When you have a night lamp you will be saving a little money on electricity, because these products have a low energy consumption LED lighting system while still providing the best lighting in your room.


To obtain good lighting in your room and near the bed, it is convenient to take into account that the night lamp is placed at the correct height; Depending on the use you want to give it, you must place it at a certain height. If the night lamp is used to read on your side of the bed, you must have it at the necessary height so that the light of the lamp allows you to read easily; if it is too low, the light will not be projected adequately for reading.

Get acquainted with your bedside lamp

Nowadays, night lamps do much more than illuminate; have multiple lighting functions; they can even offer light of different colors. In order to use them in a simple way and to make the most of their features, the user must familiarize himself with his night lamp, so that he can use one or another function without any inconvenience.

Take advantage of your design

Currently, on the market there is a wide variety of models of night lamps, classic, modern, colorful, discreet; each user can find the one that goes with his style and his personality.

However, whatever the design of your bedside lamp, you can incorporate it into your decoration or take it as a focal point that is part of your style and reflects your personality in that important space in the house.

The most popular brands

For centuries, lamps have been among everyday objects that stand out for being functional and aesthetic in equal proportions. The importance of your choice derives from this duality, since it is important to find an article that adequately solves our needs and that, at the same time, meets the expected aesthetic requirements. To follow market trends in this product category, it is best to always look for information about the most prominent manufacturers and observe which trends dominate the decoration of spaces today. In the following list we share some of our favorites.

Founded in 1943 in Sweden, Ikea is a multinational company with global action that is characterized by the manufacture, sale and design of furniture with great aesthetic appeal and very low prices. Despite having been in the market for more than 75 years, the brand has managed to remain in the public’s taste and conquer each new generation with its creations due to its ability to reinvent itself and adapt to the new trends that the market can reach. to offer.

According to the information found, its founder, Ingvar Kamprad started his first business at the young age of 17, at that time he dedicated himself to selling items by mail in his native Sweden. From that moment he had the idea of ​​marketing cheap products that would serve to solve everyday problems.

It started with small items like cosmetics and jewelry and in 1947 it expanded into the furniture market. After four years of effort and hard work, he manages to launch the first exclusive catalog of furniture with original design under the name of IKEA, products that, at that time, could only be purchased through a catalog. In this way, the business grew and expanded to cover all the aspects that we know today.

MinSun began its activities as a company dedicated to the exclusive sale of lighting products in 2011. Despite being a relatively young company, it has experienced considerable success as a result of the quality of its products and their attractive designs.

Although they currently consider themselves leaders in the development and use of LED technology, the truth is that the idea of ​​creating this company arose in Manchester in 2010 and, at that time, they only had a small number of LED bulbs. in your inventory. Later, the founding manager achieved the necessary alliances with LSE Ratil Group and, together, they set out to bring to the market a distinctive lighting proposal marked by innovation.

From that moment on, MiniSun’s mission became to innovate and create new technology for its market sector. Although in the beginning they could be known as a simple supplier of light bulbs, today they have a wide catalog of varieties in the field of lighting, so it will be easy to find a night lamp that perfectly meets your needs.

Aukey is a company of Asian origin that, to this day, stands out for the creation of aesthetically attractive products, but mainly for offering inexpensive and innovative items to the market. As you will soon realize, the articles that the company creates belong to very diverse categories and this is because its developers focus their efforts on identifying the prevailing needs to create a product accordingly.

Listening attentively to needs has been the key to Aukey’s international growth since, by paying attention to customer demands, they not only manage to respond to public demands but also improve their own creations.

This company sells its products using the most popular e-commerce of the moment as a distribution channel. It is positioned as one of the most popular and best valued companies on Amazon and using this platform they sell their items in more than 50 countries including the entire Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern and Northern Europe and also Latin America.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

MiniSun Touch and modern table lamp

If what you are looking for is a bedside table lamp with a more traditional design but with all the possibilities of a modern and current one, this model may fit you. And it is that this lamp, despite its tabletop and lampshade design, is a touch lamp that you can easily turn on and off just by touching it.

Thanks to this and its good price, it could be one of the best value for money bedside lamps. Its elegant and contemporary design consists of a base with four spheres with a silver polished chrome finish and a screen available in three different colors: white, red or black and silk-style material.

As for lighting, you can use both a 40W SES E14 bulb and a dimmable LED bulb, so you can save on your electricity bill with this night lamp.

With so many different designs and tech features it’s hard to decide which night light to buy, especially if you’re looking for a traditional model. That is why we suggest this lamp that stands out for its classic design and the touch function that it integrates. Here we summarize its main characteristics.


Design: The traditional format of the lamp combined with the chrome base gives it an avant-garde touch that will look good in the living room or in your bedroom.

Operation: The touch function allows you to turn the lamp on and off, as well as set the intensity of the light at various levels.

Size: The lamp has a height of 35 cm and a diameter of 17 cm, that is, it will not take up much space on your nightstand and you will have room to place the mobile or the book you are reading.


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