The 5 Best Outdoor IP Cameras of 2022

Outdoor IP Camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Surveillance of the exterior of your home or any other similar area is something that requires products specifically designed for these environments. And it is that elements such as humidity or rain can affect the integrity of the camera, without forgetting also the necessary night coverage, so that the night does not annul your control capacity. If you have already decided to buy an outdoor IP camera, check out various brands and models. For example, the Victure PC730, which offers FHD resolution, that is, 1080 pixels. In addition, it is quite reliable, because it sends a message to your phone when it detects any movement. Another camera that could be useful to you is the Imou Bullet 2C, as it offers night vision up to 30 meters and is IP67 certified, so it will withstand dust and rain.

The 5 Best Outdoor IP Cameras – Opinions 2022

1. Victure FHD 1080P Metal Box Surveillance IP Camera

If you are looking for a practical IP camera, this could be the one, as it sends a notification to your phone when it detects any movement. In this way, you can be away from home and at the same time inform yourself about any suspicious situation. This quality is possible thanks to the fact that the camera is always connected to the home WiFi network.

Likewise, it allows you to configure the sensitivity of the sensor, so as not to send you false alarms due to the wind, branches, cats, dogs, etc. Also, it offers protection against direct contact with the sun, dust or rain.

On the other hand, it has FHD resolution, that is, 1080 x 1920 pixels and a 110-degree angular camera, so the images will be seen clearly. Even thanks to its 36 850nm infrared LEDs you can get vision at night, with a range greater than 15 meters.

These are the most important qualities of the Victure PC730 camera. Read each of them carefully, to find out whether or not it is the model you need in your company or home.


Resolution: Offers FHD resolution, so you can see people’s faces clearly in real time or through recordings.

Card: In this camera you can insert cards up to 128GB, to record videos for several days, without having to backup them to the computer often.

Protection: It comes with IP67 certification, so it withstands rain, dust, and sunlight without problems.

Messages: It is connected to WiFi and thanks to this you can configure it to send messages to the phone when it detects movements.


App: The phone app could be more efficient as it sometimes takes a long time to display the camera.

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2. Imou Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera 

Its FHD resolution allows you to see images clearly and with vivid colors, for better recognition of people or objects. In addition, this camera connects to WiFi and you can see it in real time from your phone. Also, it sends you notifications when it detects any movement of people or animals.

Also, this IP camera is compatible with Alexa, so you can see the images in real time. To do this, you can sync the camera with the Echo Show 5 device. We also mentioned that it is possible to see at night with this camera, specifically, up to 30 meters.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it supports sun, rain and dust, thanks to its IP67 certification. In this way, you can be sure to install it in any outdoor space, for example, in front of businesses, gardens, uncovered garages, etc.   

These are the most important pros and cons of the Imou Bullet 2C camera, so check each one of them if you want to know the product very well before buying it.


Resolution: This camera offers an FHD resolution that will allow you to clearly see the images of the outside at any time of the day or night.

Monitoring: You will be able to carry out constant monitoring of the exterior through an application for the phone available on iOS and Android.

Card: Supports SD cards up to 256 GB, so you can record the videos you want.

Durability: It has protection against dust and rain, in addition to being able to withstand sunlight without problems, offering a long life outdoors.


Microphone: It would be good if the microphone was bidirectional, since that way it would receive the audio more efficiently, from any direction.

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3. Foscam FI9900P Outdoor Surveillance IP Camera

The Foscam FI9900P is a high-end IP camera, and although it costs a little more, it provides excellent quality and performance.

It has a quality night vision of up to 20 m of the camera coverage area and a rotating function of up to 118º of angle. It is waterproof and dustproof with weather protection backed by an IP66 certification, which is the mark that identifies whether the product is suitable for outdoor use.

It is highly sensitive, since the motion detection function is activated, where the user is informed by email, even showing images or video. Record excellent quality videos at H264 1080p (2 MP) resolution, ONIVF compliant.

If you are not sure which outdoor IP camera to buy, we are going to see some more details about this device and everything it offers you.


Image quality: It is one of the few cameras that is capable of generating images with Full HD 1080P resolution.

Compatibility: The camera and its interface are compatible with almost any browser or operating system you want to use.

Viewing angle: The viewing angle of the device reaches 118 degrees, to see everything clearly and with an extended vision.


Night Range: Night range is reduced to 20 meters, tighter than the usual 30 meters.

Software: Some users comment that the software that comes with the camera can be improved, especially when connecting to the product.

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4. Knewmart Outdoor Security Surveillance Wi-Fi IP Camera

This outdoor IP camera is considered one of the best in its category, as it has unbeatable features and benefits.

The installation is very quick and easy, you just need to have access to the Internet through WIFI in just 70 seconds. It has a night lighting function that allows you to have a visibility of up to 10m, controlling the IR Leds from anywhere remotely.

This model records 720P videos in HD format with a quality resolution of 1280 * 720, giving you good quality images.

It includes the PC and Browser option, so you can access it remotely from your Android and IOS phone. In addition, it has a function to detect movements in the area covered by the IP camera.

It is waterproof, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on your next camera, find out what is offered by what is today the best outdoor IP camera for 50 euros that we have on the market.


Size: It is one of the most compact models we have found, therefore being suitable for small spaces.

Alerts: Alerts can be received both by email and by notifications on your mobile, for greater convenience.

Night vision: Despite being a compact product, the camera has 13 night vision sensors to adequately illuminate the room when there is a lack of natural light.


Range: The range of the product in daytime conditions is about 10 meters, which is reduced to about 8 meters in nighttime conditions.

SD card: The product does not have the usual SD card port in other equipment, so you will not be able to record images on site.

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5.Mkutary Outdoor IP Camera

Perhaps it is the most comfortable IP camera to install in large spaces, since it is motorized. This means that you will be able to move the camera vertically or horizontally, achieving a greater range of vision than other fixed models. In addition, the captured images are very sharp, thanks to its FHD resolution and 2 Megapixel CMOS sensor.

Likewise, the camera has WiFi connectivity, so you can see the images on your phone, even if you are traveling. In this way, you will scare away intruders who try to enter the house, because they will believe that you are there.

In addition to this, when a guest arrives, you will not only be able to see their face, but also hear their voice, thanks to its bidirectional microphone. It will even be possible to speak clearly with people from your phone, because this camera incorporates a practical speaker.

If you want to choose an IP camera with speaker, check the qualities of this model, it may be the one that best suits your requirements in your home or business. 


Motorization: You can rotate the camera 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically; in this way you will be able to see the whole panorama of the place.

Resolution: It incorporates a lens with a 3.6 mm focal length and a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, for very clear images.

Impermeability: It offers protection against the sun and rain, so you can mount it in any outdoor environment, parking lots, gardens, terraces, etc.


Power off: The app does not allow you to turn off the camera when you want, which may be a problem for you or other users.

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Buying Guide – What is the best outdoor IP camera on the market?

The times in which to monitor the exterior of our home, company or any other area it was necessary to resort to an external company and pay a fortune in monthly installments are gone. Thanks to the efficient outdoor IP cameras today we can carry out the surveillance ourselves, at a cheaper cost and with greater efficiency. Something that you can also join with our guide to buying the best outdoor IP camera, in which you will know the keys to choosing this type of product.

Image capture quality

The most important element that we find in any comparison of outdoor IP cameras has to do with the quality of image taking. Something fundamental even in the cheapest outdoor IP cameras, since if the images are not of good quality, we will only have a nice decoration hanging on the wall.

As a reference, we should not bet on any model that does not reach at least HD Ready image quality, also called plain HD. This 720P quality is the most basic in cameras and is the one that allows images with a certain clarity and resolution. In addition, it is the one that most of the cameras that we find in the market usually use.

But if we need extra quality, we can always resort to Full HD resolution cameras. These models add a little more clarity to the images that we take, although this also supposes a greater load when transferring them, so it is convenient to ensure an adequate network connection to the camera, as well as to have more space for the storage of that data, if we want to record with it.

Additional imaging elements

As with photo cameras, when looking for an outdoor IP camera there are a series of parameters that we must assess before opting for a specific model. A series of necessary functions to obtain better image taking results, as well as good coverage in the areas to be monitored. And that, everything is said, they do not have much influence on how much the camera costs.

Among these elements we have the scope. This parameter tells us up to what distance the camera is capable of taking images. And since not all of us have the same needs, we must see the size of the area to be monitored to know how much range we will need. As a reference, the conventional range ranges from 5 to 30 meters and it is convenient to verify it both in day and night conditions.

This last point leads us now to talk about the camera’s night lighting capability. In environments where light is scarce, it is essential that our outdoor camera has infrared sensors that are responsible for illuminating the area to be monitored and recording images with some light. The more sensors and the greater its range, the better to obtain quality images.

Installation process and device access

We close our tips for finding a good and cheap outdoor IP camera by talking about installation and access to the device. Two issues that are also important so that we do not end up desperate when it comes to putting the camera into service or when accessing its images.

In general, the camera installation process should not involve more than mounting the product directly on the wall with the included hardware, connecting the power outlet and other wiring, if applicable, and connecting the camera to the WiFi network. Any product that is out of this approach should justify the reason, because nothing else is really necessary.

As for access, it is necessary to verify that the camera has a suitable app or a simple interface depending on whether we want to access it from our mobile or from our PC. Also check that this access system is fluid in its operation and allows quick access to the camera when necessary. And by the way, verify that the product includes motion detection functions, to further streamline the surveillance process.

How to use an outdoor IP camera

IP cameras are electronic devices that will allow you to observe live images transmitted through an active internet connection. Among the variety of models that exist on the market you can find some that can be placed outdoors because they have protection against water and dust and may also have infrared technology or night mode to see more clearly at night.. For this reason, if you purchased one of these outdoor IP cameras, in this space we will show you how you can use it properly and get the most out of it.

unpack the product

After purchasing and receiving your equipment, the first thing you should do is remove it from the box it came in. Being very careful not to drop any pieces, remove all the parts and place them on a flat surface where you can see them better.

Configure the IP camera

In order to continue with this guide you will have to configure the IP camera so that you can view the content correctly using a computer, tablet or smartphone. To do this you must have some information and tools that will help you to configure it according to the model you have purchased, some of these may be: 1 computer, 1 double-ended RJ45 cable, the IP address of the camera and 1 Wi-Fi router.

Connect the camera to the current and with the RJ45 cable to the Wi-Fi router in one of the yellow access ports. Next step, open your favorite internet browser and enter the access address of the Wi-Fi router, then enter your password and user, open the settings section and select the DHCP section > client list.

In this part you can see the electronic devices that are connected to the router with a MAC and IP address. Locate the camera data and view the IP address shown, this is the one you will need in the next step.

Copy and paste the IP address of the camera in a new tab of your internet browser and access it using the default username and password. You can find them on the back of the product box, one of the sides or the back of the camera.

When accessing you will be able to see the “Menu”, enter the settings section > Networks > Wi-Fi and in this area you must configure the input data of your Wi-Fi so that the camera can work without the need to have the cable connected of RJ45 network, at the end you can disconnect the RJ45 cable whenever you want.

Additionally, when you make this configuration, the IP address of the camera will have changed, since the IP shown was by cable connection, so you must access the Wi-Fi router again and copy the new IP address of the camera in the section DHCP > client list.

Open another tab and paste the new IP address that you copied earlier (this will be the new IP of the camera for remote access), log in with the default username and password and change the password so that only you can access the settings of the camera.

install the camera

For this step you should already have a location in mind to install the camera, for this you will need a graphite pencil and a drill. Mark with the pencil the holes that will allow the camera to be attached and drill them. Then place the camera over the holes and fix it with some screws.

Use the IP camera

Depending on the model you have purchased, you will be able to view the images using an application on your computer that you can download directly from the manufacturer’s page, through the AppStore store for iOS devices or in the PlayStore for Android devices.

When you download the application you will have to configure the IP address of the camera, username and password so that you can view the images of the camera live.

The most popular brands

If you have purchased an outdoor IP camera or are in the process of completing your purchase, you may be interested in knowing a little more about the companies that develop these products. Therefore, in this space you will find some interesting data on the most popular brands in terms of the development and distribution of outdoor IP cameras.

In 1991 Alfred Kasmi founded in Tirana, Albania, Fredi Electronics, a small company responsible for developing small electronic equipment. The following year after its foundation, he began to export his products to Bulgaria and Turkey, beginning a double front expansion; local and international.

In 2001, it already had several stores locally and a constant increase in requests for remodeling and updating electronic equipment and lighting systems in some bars, restaurants and nightclubs, so they took advantage of this demand to launch their new system on the market. CCTV; a system of special surveillance cameras for companies and institutions.

In the following years, new items were added to its range of products, including LED technology; televisions, light bulbs and other electronic equipment were the new trends of the moment, which led Fredi Electronics to open up a field in the European market and sign agreements with several renowned companies.

Additionally, among the range of products and services offered by Fredi Electronics you will find: fire-fighting systems, road blockers, outdoor IP cameras, home automation equipment, Wi-Fi doorbells, intercoms, audio amplifiers, mixers, cables, microphones and other accessories and spare parts.

In 2002, ieGeek was founded, a company with the ability to design and produce large-scale IP cameras, for which it quickly became known in the electronic products market and easily positioned itself among the leaders thanks to the high demands generated by online sales.

Batch production is ieGeek’s specialty, generating many products with materials of a medium-high quality standard to reduce the post-production price and that the finished product has purchasing power for all possible customers. Therefore, ieGeek’s strategy is to eliminate the existing standard “higher quality, higher price”, replacing it with “higher quality, lower price”.

Today ieGeek is one of the dominant brands in the market and holds a strong position against its competitors. In addition, its factory covers 15,000 square meters of land, is at the forefront of IP camera technology, and is one of the top 3 IP camera manufacturers in China.

ShenZhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co., Limited or better known as Foscam was founded in 2007 in Shenzhen, China. This is a company that manufactures video player equipment and has network camera and streaming video solutions.

In 2009 Foscam was certified with the CE marking of European Conformity and also by the Federal Communications Commission of the USA, so these certifications ensured that the products that the company would market had the appropriate standards for care and preservation. enviroment.

Likewise, for the control and safety of the user due to the use of radio frequencies. Later, in the same year, the expansion process begins and enters the American and European markets and, by 2010, sales amounted to more than 130 thousand units and Foscam was listed as one of the three most successful companies in China.

Some of the products that stand out the most at Foscam are indoor and outdoor IP cameras and devices, video recorders and baby monitors. Additionally, it also has software for iOS and Android mobiles that can be installed to configure the functions of some IP camera models.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How can I see my IP camera from anywhere?

If you want to start viewing your camera images remotely using any browser you need to find the IP address of your camera. If you don’t know what it is, then enter the IP number of your router in a browser and look for the list of DHCP clients connected to the network, it will be there.

Then enter the IP address of your camera in the browser with your login details. Go to “Settings”, “Basic”, “Networks”, “Information” and find the port number.

Proceed to place the number again under this format. http:// (IP number): (port number), Go to the “Forwarding” or “Forwarding” option, click on “Virtual Servers” and add a new one. Enter all the data requested from the IP camera and save the changes.

Now connect to another computer that is not linked to the same network as your camera and open a browser. Enter the format http:// (IP address): (camera port number) and press “Enter”. Now you can see the images from your camera.

Q2. How to know the port of my IP camera?

The default port of most IP cameras is 80, however this can be accidentally misconfigured on occasion or it can also be changed manually and then forgotten. If this were to happen, this is the step to take.

Putting the IP number of your camera in a browser. You will need to go to basic settings and then click on “Networks”. In the information, the port that your IP camera is using will be indicated. If you can’t visualize this, then you have two other options.

The first is to factory reset the IP camera back to the original port and the second is to download an IP port scanner which will locate the port your IP camera is occupying.

Q3. How to connect to an IP camera?

To connect to your IP camera and see the images it records, you just need to open a browser on your local network by entering the IP address of the device and logging in with the data you used at the time of registration.

If you have enabled remote viewing and want to connect through another device that is not in your network, then please use the format http:// (IP address): (Camera port) and log in so that you can view all the images that your camera is recording live.

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What are the best outdoor IP cameras of 2022?

When it comes to security you need to make a smart investment and there is nothing better that is affordable and cost effective than an IP camera.

One of the main advantages of an IP camera is the transmission and storage of data through a digital signal (internet, WIFI). This allows users to monitor a space over a computer network and even communicate through the device, allowing homeowners or business owners to monitor their home or business with real-time video.

There is no need for analog CCTV systems, there is no tape needed and there is no need to install extensive and expensive wiring.

Regarding the characteristics of an IP camera, the recording quality is decisive, being of high quality guarantees a good investigation detail in cases of theft for example.

Today, most security cameras provide high-definition recording at 60 frames per second with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. Some of them even provide a full HD video recording resolution of up to 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Today users can access an IP camera through a computer, smartphone or other media device. This feature allows a user to monitor the monitored areas from virtually anywhere there is internet access.

Some IP cameras include infrared functions for low illumination. These features allow the camera to illuminate dark areas with infrared illumination that is invisible to the human eye. This feature is ideal for areas that have low or no light.

Many IP cameras have a two-way audio feature. This feature allows the user to hear audio within a recording radius of the camera. With active speakers added, a user gains the ability to communicate with others at the camera end.

In general, outdoor IP cameras have these characteristics; If you are looking for a comparison to find out which are the best outdoor IP cameras of the moment, then we recommend 3 of the models most appreciated by users.

Fredi 720P-IP66 Waterproof Surveillance Camera

Main advantage:

This camera has a good range of elements to monitor any environment, generating HD 720P quality images and having the support of good night lighting or high outdoor protection.

Main disadvantage:

As with many of these models, the camera only works with traditional 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connections, not modern 5Ghz connections.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you want to monitor any place outdoors remotely, you can comfortably solve the issue thanks to all the functions of this camera, which is close to being the best outdoor IP camera of the moment.

Image taking capacity

This camera has a quality lens and optics with which it is possible to take images in 720P or HD quality, both in day and night conditions. In the latter case, the model includes the support of the infrared LED elements that it mounts, achieving adequate visibility in dark conditions at a range of almost 30 meters in such conditions.

This lens also has an adjustable image taking angle and can reach an opening of up to 80 degrees, depending on what you need. Therefore, it will be easier to achieve an adequate view and obtain a good size surveillance area just by orienting the camera correctly.

Surveillance system

When it comes to maintaining control of the exterior, this model has several operating systems. One is the conventional one, which takes images and allows you to view them from almost any browser. Images that can be sent directly to your mobile via photo and are also recorded directly on the camera by simply connecting an SD card to it.

The other main mode of use is motion detection. In this mode, the camera remains on standby and, once it detects movement in the coverage area, it activates the recording. At the same time, it sends an alert to the mobile with an image of what is happening, to instantly check if there is any risk in the monitored area.

Installation and configuration

To finish off this quality product, highlighted among the best outdoor IP cameras of 2022, it is time to talk about its installation and configuration. The installation is carried out directly on the ceiling or wall, accompanied by the product of all the necessary elements for it.

A process in which we can use its rotating ball joint to focus the camera where it is necessary, thus achieving the surveillance angle that best suits us. Regarding the network connection, the product supports connections through conventional 2.4 Ghz WiFi, but if you wish you can also connect it through Ethernet, to achieve greater stability in the transfer. Even so, the included double antenna achieves good network connectivity within the range of the WiFi you access.

ieGeek Full HD 720P IP66 Surveillance System

Among the cheapest solutions to control the exterior of any place we have the ieGeek UK-201W-SD model. A simple outdoor IP camera with the ability to take images in HD quality and that stands out not only for its price but for its easy installation.

And it is that this product has a compact size, which helps to hide the camera when mounting it. We can also orient the image-taking area where it is convenient, having a mobile ball joint and a good viewing angle when recording images.

Some images that will capture with a range of up to 20 meters during the night or day, so you don’t worry about leaving shadow areas in your detection. And if we add an affordable price to all this, we could well be facing the best quality-price outdoor IP camera we have found.

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