The 5 Best Ozonizers of 2022

Ozonizer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The purification and cleaning of food products and the conditioning of environments with cleaner air is possible thanks to the use of an ozonator. For those looking for a multifunctional ozone generator to help neutralize bad odors and eliminate bacteria present both in the air and in daily drinking water, it would be advisable to consider the Portable Ecode model among the purchase options. This product has adequate performance for light tasks. An approach similar to that of the OZENCHUFE Home Ozone, pluggable and which also has an adjusted price.

Buying guide -Which is the best ozonator on the market?

Whether you want to have healthier air, disinfect or eliminate bad odours, an ozonator is just what you need. However, since we are talking about a relatively new product for use, we offer you our guide to buying the best ozonator according to your needs, so knowing how much this equipment costs, may be the last thing you have to worry about.

The capacity

As with other similar equipment, in this case the capacity or operating power of the equipment is essential. To see what the adequate capacity is, it is necessary to evaluate that capacity, it is necessary to see how much ozone it can generate. This generation is usually measured in milligrams per hour and adapted to the surface where we want to install it. Therefore, the larger the space that we want to keep clean, we must choose a specific model adapted to this space.

It is also true that the amount of ozone needed will vary depending on the environment in which we want to place it and the function so that you think about it. Because using it to simply clean the environment is not the same as using it to completely disinfect complex areas, for which you will need models with more capacity. Therefore, this capacity depends both on the space or room where you want to place it and on the objectives you have for its use.

the timer

More and more ozonizers include a timer to improve their operation. This timer can allow you to activate it at certain intervals, so that continuous operation is not necessary to maintain the environment in conditions.

You can also program them, for example, to have a clean stay after a certain time or to keep the environment disinfected automatically once it has been charged if you have to leave and you do not want the smell of smoke and other issues to remain. present in the environment.

Therefore, this timer, which should be chosen as a mandatory instrument in your comparison of humidifiers, is something that you should always be present to help you manage and manage the operation of the equipment in a simple way.

Accessories and features

In addition to the traditional ozonator, there are numerous models on the market, even in the cases of the cheapest ozonators, in which we can access other interesting options and accessories.

For example, we can find ozonizers in which this function is combined with another humidifier function, so that the humidity discharged into the environment also serves to ozonate and deodorize the environment of the room. Another interesting element is the remote control, which allows you to have control of the operation at all times without having to have it at hand.

Or, for example, there are models that, in addition to working in small rooms, can be used even inside the car, counting on a special connector for the cigarette lighter so that you can take it wherever you want. All these options are extras, but they should be considered when making our purchase in case they could be useful to us.

The 5 Best Ozonizers – Opinions 2022


An ozonator has various uses, among which the disinfectant and deodorizing function that provides multiple benefits stands out. If, according to your needs and budget, you would like to acquire one of these advantageous equipment, we present the models most requested by users.

1. Ecode Portable Ozone Generator

When it comes to applying the cleaning power of ozone to our home, it is enough to use simple tools, such as this portable model from Ecode. We are talking about a product capable of generating around 500 milligrams of ozone per hour, with total efficiency.

This ozone can be used to clean rooms with a surface area of ​​up to 100 square meters, but also for other uses, such as disinfection of food or water. A simple process that is helped by the product’s desktop design, which makes it easy to place it wherever you want.

It is also very easy to use and configure, thanks to its control panel and the included remote control. Something that makes it easy to choose the desired program when carrying out the ozone treatment on all types of objects or in the environment itself.

If you are looking for a small and easy to carry ozonizer, this model puts everything you need within your reach.


Portable: Its design and adjusted size make it easy to pick up the product and place it where you need it.

Capacity : Despite its size, this product generates about 500 milligrams of ozone per hour.

Versatile : This equipment is suitable both for rooms and for food and drinking water or bathing.

Panel : The control panel makes it easy to see the operating status of the product.


Control: The control is practical, but not too complete, so you will miss certain functions.

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2. OH ​​OzonoHogar Group Mini domestic ozone generator

The OZENCHUFE model, which is also offered by Ozono Hogar, is a good option to acquire the best domestic ozonator for air treatment because it eliminates floating organic compounds, odors and microbes, and destroys 90% of the agents that cause allergies in your home. keeping the environment fresh and clean.

This mini ozonizer is a low energy consumption equipment that produces 100 mg/h of ozone for a continuous treatment of a minimum duration of 10 min to a maximum time of 90 minutes, which you can program from 5 to 5 minutes through its timer..

The OZENCHUFE also acts by preventing and controlling the appearance of infectious agents that cause the common cold and flu, eliminates bad odors from pets and purifies tobacco smoke particles to prevent them from adhering to walls, curtains and carpets.

This option is a strong candidate for the position of best ozonizer for 50 euros that you could find. It has several pros and cons that we detail below:


Disinfection: because ozonator equipment is used to purify environments and objects, we consider it important that you know that this model destroys the bacterial agents responsible for causing colds, allergies, viruses, and more.

Odours: Its function is also quite good in purifying the residual particles left behind by tobacco smoke, so that you can breathe clean and pure air even in the presence of smokers.

Percentage: it has a purification percentage of 90% in terms of allergens, making it one of the highest performing equipment on the market.

Weight: and weighing just 399 grams, the Ozono Hogar Mini Domestic ozonator is very easy to load and transport so you can enjoy a clean environment no matter where you are.


Timer: Some customers find the fact that it only works with a maximum 90 minute timer a little impractical, so they would prefer a continuous function unit, however, they praise its performance and claim that it is not too serious a problem.

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3. Wanxian Home Air Purifier Ozone Generator

If you need a versatile tool with which to enjoy cleaner and purer air, all you have to do is get this Wanxian ozonator. This equipment has an automated operation, which is responsible for cleaning the air when it detects that there is no one in the room. 

To this end, the equipment has the capacity to emit up to 1 million negative ions and is suitable for rooms of approximately 15 square meters. So the product can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms and other small and medium-sized rooms. Its ion generation capacity is ideal for eliminating all kinds of odors as well as dust particles, bacteria and any other contaminant present in the air.

To finish off the design, the equipment has extremely silent operation and does not require any programming, since the ozonator itself is responsible for doing everything for you.

Enjoying an even safer environment is easy, thanks to this complete ozonator from Wanxian.


Automated: This product has an automated operation, cleaning the air in the room more easily.

Without filter: Since the equipment does not use a filter, the maintenance needs of the ozonator are reduced.

Silent: The equipment barely generates 20 decibels of noise when it is in operation.


Coverage: In case you need to use it in somewhat larger rooms, it may be convenient for you to resort to another model.

Instruction manual: The instruction manual is not in Spanish and in some cases it is not even included with the product.

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4. Grindilux Mini Portable Ozone Generator

The good: This model has the power to clean rooms of up to 100 square meters in just 30 minutes. All this thanks to its capacity to generate up to 400 milligrams per hour of ozone.

The bad: The product instructions are brief, so it will take you a while to understand how the ozonator works and the precautions that its use requires.

Verdict: A model of compact size and with which it will be easy for you to improve the atmosphere of any room with comfort.

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5. Ozonovid Ozone Generator

The good: With this model we enter the highest capacity ozonizers, with a system that generates up to 10,000 milligrams of this compound per hour. Something that makes it ideal for all kinds of uses in large spaces.

The bad: It is important to take the proper precautions during the cleaning, such as evacuating the room once connected and ventilating it for half an hour once the process is finished.

Verdict: A powerful team, with which you will not have to worry about cleaning large areas effectively.

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How to use an ozonator

Without becoming a panacea, thanks to ozone technology, these small electrical devices promote preventive health and environmental sanitation. Such a statement does not contain anything magical or supernatural but rather the reliable and proven fact that the emission of ozone ions (or what is the same: a high concentration of active oxygen) purifies the environment of mites, fungi, bacteria, pollen, micro -particles of dust, smoke and other harmful substances such as carbon monoxide.

Ozone to make your water drinkable

Note that a whole multitude of users already use ozone to make water drinkable for various purposes, among them, consuming it directly, disinfecting fruits and vegetables, watering their flowers and crops, bathing their pets, washing dishes and kitchen utensils or clean their homes.

Environmental application technology

To give you an idea of ​​the scope of this environmental application technology, places of mass human transit such as passenger terminals use air ozonizers to purify the environment on a daily basis. Similar processes occur in health centers and gyms, thus avoiding the unpleasant and persistent smell of sweat, a product of the microbial presence in the human body and the best thing about ozone is that it does not mask odors or perfume the environment, but “oxidizes” bacteria, killing them. In hairdressers and barbershops, combined with ultraviolet (UV) technology, utensils such as combs and brushes are sanitized through the concentration of active oxygen provided by ozonation.

Where to locate the ozonator

To purify the environment of a room, the first thing you have to do is properly air it and clean it, using all the usual cleaning tools and techniques and, even more so, a vacuum cleaner. After all this, the most advisable thing is to be able to place the ozonator on a surface of a certain height that guarantees a good range of diffusion. It is possible to place the purifier at floor level, although the dispersion effect is diminished. In any case, the effectiveness of this equipment is optimized if you place it at the epicenter of the environment to be debugged.

How to dose the ozonator

You must plug it in using the electrical adapter that comes with the product, turn it on, and you will hear the hum of its internal fan, while the function indicator light turns on. The best thing is to put it to work at a high level during the first hour and, later, dose the ion gradation, according to the requirements of the enclosure. The models equipped with a timer are great for their autonomy: just program them and ignore the rest of the process.

Diversity of uses and models

A common and effective use of the ozonizer is in refrigerators, dressing rooms, cupboards and food stores, with the specific purpose of erasing the trace of unpleasant odors accumulated in such closed rooms, in addition to humidity.

Within this wide range of equipment, the ozonizers for vehicles stand out, which are connected to the cigarette lighter and are left running for a minimum of two hours or overnight, maximizing their purifying action.

The most popular brands

When it comes to keeping your home environment clean of pollutants and bad odors, the ozonizer is a perfect tool, which is responsible for generating clean and pleasant air for your home. But to have peace of mind in something as important as the air you breathe, it is necessary to opt for quality models, such as those offered by some of the brands that we have analyzed for you and that we present to you below.

Ozone Home

The company Ozono Hogar is a Spanish company based in Madrid, which is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of all kinds of products for the disinfection and cleaning of the air and the environment in a simple and pleasant way. A company that, thanks to its extensive experience in the sector, has become a benchmark, finding itself in a privileged position to be able to make the leap to the network as the company has done.

Thanks to its good work and the development of its platform, this company has also created an adequate space on the Internet, so that it is now much easier to access its products from the comfort of your home. A range of products in which, in addition to the ozonizers we are talking about, we find other products such as sterilizers, air purifiers or humidifiers, among other products.

As for the ozonizers, the brand offers a catalog of models that can cover both the needs of any room in your home and companies or businesses, if you so require. A complete offer and with the extended guarantees that Ozono Hogar offers its clients.

JRD is a manufacturer and distributor of products for well-being, as well as for the day-to-day technical aids sector, which offers various products with which to make the life of any user, as well as the elderly, much more nice and simple. A company whose vocation is to serve its consumers, always thinking of solutions to make their daily tasks easier, always maintaining practical and quality products within its offer. An offer in which we find varied products that range from relax armchairs with elevation systems that allow you to get up, accompanied by others such as canes, electric pads and other similar products.

Products where we also find the ozonizers, with which it is very simple to be able to keep the environment of your home free of odors, polluting elements, dust and dirt. A perfect tool to maintain proper care of your home environment, appreciated by allergy sufferers and other people with respiratory problems.

The British company Puremate is one of the great classics in the sector, both within its own country and throughout Europe, in terms of the manufacture and sale of all kinds of products to improve the environment, such as ozonizers or air purification systems. air. A company that began working with products such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers and has subsequently expanded its operations thanks to the extensive knowledge it has obtained in the market and also thanks to proper management and care for quality.

A line of work that has guaranteed the good work of the company and that, as it had been doing up to now, the company has continued to evolve until it made the leap to the Internet, becoming a company focused on electronic commerce, offering new options to all your customers. Customers who appreciate both the quality of their ozonizers and the excellent ability to take care of the air in any room, in a simple and pleasant way.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

KKmoon 24g/h Portable Ceramic Ozone Generator

The portable properties of this model, which weighs 1,373 kg and is available in gray, allow it to be used in a simple way, because it can be applied in equipment such as dishwashers, refrigerators, either as an air purifier or ozone generator, so it’s professional style. 

Although it has a high voltage, its power consumption is low, thus providing efficient use for saving. In addition, during its operation it is silent. It is also suitable because, by using dry air or oxygen, ozone can be produced and odors removed, while polluted air can be refreshed. 

The ozone production of this model is 24 grams per hour and its design is compact, with dimensions of 19 x 17 x 10 cm. It has a top handle for easy portability and is equipped with a non-slip pad at the bottom that is wear-resistant.

This model has properties that are correct for proper operation, but it will only be by reading its pros and cons that you will be able to make a correct purchase decision. 


Design: It has a practical design, due to its compact dimensions of 19 x 17 x 10 cm and reduced weight of 1,373 kg, available in gray.

Portability: It is a portable equipment that has an upper handle, which improves its transfer from one place to another, without inconveniences. 

Adherence: In order not to damage the surfaces on which it rests and avoid slipping, this model has a resistant base with non-slip properties. 

Uses: The model is efficient in use, with low electrical power consumption, but capable of producing 24 grams of ozone per hour, freshening the air and eliminating odors. 


Instructions: The use of this device is simple and fast, but no manual is provided to help the user get more out of it or know additional recommendations.

Ozaireagua Digital Domestic Ozone Generator

Main advantage:

The main advantage of this wonderful ozone generator device is its exceptional versatility. It is an electronic device that gives you environments free of bad odors, with spa freshness. It also offers you disinfection of pathogenic agents for shoes, stuffed animals and toys. In addition, it is effective in combating biological agents that adhere to fruits and vegetables. And finally, now you can drink the water with confidence after being treated with this ozonator.

Main disadvantage:

Although its score is very good on the internet, some demanding users miss that the timer does not have more time. However, it has no negative comments and the people who have it guarantee its functionality and effectiveness.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The vast majority of users agree that it is worth investing in this ozonator. It is a very useful device and its versatility make it a multipurpose product, which can be used to eradicate food odors in the kitchen or eliminate the unpleasant smell of tobacco in any room. It also destroys allergens such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds. Due to its multi-purpose functionality, we could recommend it as a good purchase option. It is a model of more efficient ozonizers of this year.


The O zaireagua de Ozono Hogar is a very useful device in the home. Users consider it an essential product when disinfecting environments and eliminating bad odors. Ideal for closed offices with high traffic of people. But it is also excellent when fighting pathological agents in your food, such as Salmonellas, Monocytogenes, E. Coli, etc. and some chemicals such as phytosanitary products or pesticides that adhere to food.

It is ideal for eradicating bad odors in footwear (sports shoes or shoes). No need to wash them and leave them in the sun for a while. Just a few minutes of ozone treatment is enough and your footwear will be completely free of the agents that cause bad odour. It is also a great help to keep your little one’s stuffed animals and toys clean of biological agents.

This ozone generator model will be your great ally when it comes to purifying water for human consumption. At the same time, it eliminates the taste and odor of chlorine or bleach and leaves the water with a pleasant natural taste. Also, it can easily produce ozonated oil.


This magnificent ozone generator for multiple uses in your home, gives you the peace of mind of consuming your food clean and disinfected. Eliminates biological and chemical contaminating agents that are present in vegetables and fruits. It also effectively destroys mold and fungus that form on some foods.

In the same way, you can easily use it to treat both air and water, resulting in cleaner water and a fresher, more hygienic environment. But that’s not all, you can use it to disinfect shoes from bad odors and also produce ozonated oil.

Design and ease of use

The Ozono Hogar Ozaireagua ozonator is a portable device, it weighs 1.3 Kg and measures 18 x 5 x 20 cm. It is designed to safely produce ozone in quantities that do not affect human health: 300 mg/h. However, users who have purchased it recommend using it to disinfect environments, without the presence of animals or people, up to 20 minutes after application.

It has two porous diffuser stones that allow a better distribution of ozone in the water. A tube made of PVC material is also included for the diffusion of ozone in the environment that you need to oxygenate and purify. In addition, it has a special bag, designed for the treatment and disinfection of shoes, toys or stuffed animals.

It is a device that is easy to handle and easy to use. To use it you must connect it to the power outlet (220V) and choose the time on the timer; the equipment will turn off automatically when it finishes its task. The time to choose can be between intervals of five in five up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Miniland 89026 Ozonizer Humidifier

Another of the best Ozonizers of 2022 is the 89026 model that Miniland offers us: cold mist humidifier with ionizing function and autonomy of 12 to 30 continuous hours in rooms up to 25 m2 , thanks to the 3.5-liter capacity tank, to purify and disinfect the environment from contaminating agents, eliminating impurities, germs and bacteria, and also maintain a constant humidity level because it has a built-in digital hygrometer.

It has a remote control where you can activate/deactivate or change the functions, as well as a backlit screen where the percentage of humidity and the temperature of the room and the programmed configuration are displayed.

A timer allows you to program the operation for up to a maximum of 10 hours, and for safety, it has an automatic disconnection and warning, with an audible signal and a visual indicator, when the water in the tank runs out.

Perhaps it could be considered the best brand of ozonators, but this depends on the performance that it has been able to offer its users. Miniland’s 89026 has its own advantages and disadvantages:


Functions: one of the best aspects of this equipment is that it works as an ozonator and humidifier, so you would be buying two machines for the price of one.

Capacity: It has a 3.5-liter capacity tank, so it can work continuously for several hours without problems.

Automation: and to avoid damage or overheating, the Miniland 89026 has an automated system that allows the automatic shutdown of the equipment as soon as it detects that the tank is empty, thanks to this you can put it to work and forget about it.


Size: one of the recurring complaints among its buyers is that they consider it to be too large, making it difficult to locate it.

Light: Also, when on, your screen lights up which can be annoying at night.

WANXIAN Upgraded Home Air Purifier Ozone Generator

This is an ozonator with a compact and lightweight design, which you can place on any table or vertical surface without taking up too much space. In addition, its casing has an elegant and modern aesthetic in black, with defined finishes that give a distinctive touch to any room in your home in which you decide to use the equipment.

The AC adapter used for power supply tolerates between 100 and 240 volts, so you can safely use it on any power source. In addition, after starting up the device, you will not have problems with respect to the noise generated, since it is quite silent.

On the other hand, we have the negative ion work mode, which significantly improves the quality of the air we breathe, by neutralizing bacteria and polluting particles. Likewise, the environment is refreshed quickly thanks to the fact that the ozone generated eliminates the smell of humidity, tobacco, among others.

For those who want to enjoy odor- and bacteria-free air without harming the environment with chemicals, it would be a good idea to review the pros and cons of this ozone generator.


Detection sensor: The equipment incorporates a motion sensor, which automatically activates ozone generation when it detects someone in the room. Thus, energy consumption is reduced.

Scope: The ozone produced by the equipment is suitable for purifying the air of a small or standard room up to 166 square feet.

Filter: You will not have to make constant investments acquiring replacement filters, since the one that is incorporated has a 15-year useful life.

Control panel: Its control panel is fully identified and has an easy-to-view screen.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual was printed in English, so if your knowledge of the language is limited, you should seek help on the web.

Andoer K1081

Among the best cheap Ozonizers, Andoer also markets the K1081 model which is an air purifier with dual function, oxygen and ozone production, to sanitize and deodorize the interior environment of the car.

Andoer’s K1081 model works with DC 12-24 volts, comes with a car connector plug and works with negative ion technology to purify the air and eliminate polluting elements such as carbon hydroxide, dust and mold, as well as neutralize odors to maintain a fresh environment and relieve driver fatigue and stress.

In addition, it improves blood circulation and lung function, because it increases the absorption of oxygen by 20%, and protects the eyes and the brain, because it reduces electrostatic radiation, which is why it also helps create a conducive and healthy environment. when driving.

Knowing which ozonator to buy is something that any buyer would like to know, but to reach this conclusion, they must take into account the benefits of each option:


Use: this model of ozonator is designed to be used in the car, in this way you can keep it free of moisture odors.

Functions: it has an O₂ production function, ideal to be activated when smoking in the car to avoid tobacco odours.

Size: In addition, it is quite compact, which will allow you to place it under the seat without many inconveniences.


Connection: this equipment cannot work with alternating current or batteries since it only has a connection to the cigarette lighter socket found in cars.

Led: it also has a red led that lights up while it is being used, which can cause discomfort if you drive at night.



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