The 5 Best Pool Alarms of 2022

Pool Alarm – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

It is impossible to predict when an accident will occur. For that reason, it is important to try to prevent these from occurring, taking all necessary security measures. If you have a pool at home, these provisions begin with careful monitoring, to prevent children or pets from entering without proper supervision. It is also important that you have an alarm that activates when a heavy object or person, for example a child, is detected entering the water. Among the models of interest, the Smarthai xb002 stands outfor its ability to alert via mobile phone notification and its ability to constantly monitor the water level. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a model with a powerful siren that does not require any installation and that has the option of alerting when a person falls into the water, we recommend Lifebuoy 10001.

The 5 Best Pool Alarms – Opinions 2022

The alarms will be useful, among other things, to ensure that intruders do not dive into your pool while you are not at home. If you want to choose the right model, we present the main characteristics of the products that currently stand out the most.

1. Smarthai Intelligent Water Level Sensor Alarm

There are those who recommend this product as the solution to the question of which is the best pool alarm, since it works effectively when detecting water losses. Likewise, it incorporates cutting-edge technology and its design line is simple.

The case has a rectangular format and the edges have been rounded to soften the image of the unit. In addition, this piece was made of ABS polymer, which is an impact-resistant, lightweight material with a soft touch.

On the other hand, the integrated lithium-ion battery should be mentioned, whose service life corresponds to a maximum of one year. Of course, you will have to recharge the energy storage constantly, with the help of the USB cable attached to the package. Similarly, the product has a water detection probe with a length of 200 centimeters and a light indicator that is activated together with the alarm.

This is a functional pool alarm, since its use is suitable for bathtubs, fish tanks, dishwashers, heaters, appliances, among others. Here are its pros and cons.


Alarm: The alarm integrated into the device generates a powerful sound that reaches 60 decibels, so it will not go unnoticed.

Battery: The equipment has been provided with a long-lasting battery, which should not be changed until after one year of constant use.

App: Thanks to the available app, you can receive notifications directly to your email or smartphone, in which you are alerted that a water loss is taking place.

Sensor: You will have a probe with a sensor for detecting water, whose length of 200 centimeters is suitable for any pool.


Instruction manual: The instructions offered in the manual attached to the equipment could be imprecise and, furthermore, they have been printed in English.

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2. Lifebuoy Smart Pool Alarm System

Considered one of the best models of this year thanks to its features, this device is a pool alarm system that can be controlled through a mobile application, from any smart device.

In addition, this pool alarm is made with a compact and very light design, which allows you to easily carry this device anywhere on your trips and walks. On the other hand, this device does not require any type of installation, so you just have to connect it to start enjoying its operation.

It has an alert when a person or pet falls into the water, managing to detect movement. Also, this device is made to detect whether or not the pool cover is raised.

If you are still looking to choose the best pool alarm for 2022, we recommend you look at all the alternatives that the market offers you, analyzing both the negative and positive aspects of this model.


Connectivity : When we talk about connectivity, we refer to a very favorable aspect for this type of device, if what we are looking for is comfort and versatility. We can control this device from a smartphone. 

Installation : This device does not have any installation, so it is only a matter of placing it in the area that you want to control and turn on.

Portability : Thanks to a design designed for portability and lightness, you can take this device on any of your trips and walks.

Adaptable : This device can be adapted to almost any type of pool, making it a highly versatile model.


Sensitivity : You can easily choose the sensitivity of this device, so that it does not give you false alarms.

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3. Gre 770270 Pool Safety Alarm

It has a 100-decibel siren, which allows it to sound loud enough to be heard in different areas of the house, so when an object, pet or person falls into the pool you will be able to know immediately and take the necessary measures. its due time.

It has a range of action that allows it to work properly in pools measuring a maximum of 10 x 5 m. Likewise, it is not only compatible with pools that are in-ground and semi-in-ground, but also with those that are above ground.

This children’s pool alarm will allow you to have maximum control at all times, as the surveillance mode is activated automatically 15 minutes after bathing.

One of the companies that competes to be the best pool alarm brand is Gre, these are the outstanding features that its 770270 model offers you and what we consider as a possible disadvantage.


Assembly: By offering a simple assembly, you can have it up and running in a short time.

Materials: Its casing is made of materials that withstand inclement weather without problem, so it is made to last.

Range: Its sensor can be mounted in pools with dimensions of up to 10 x 50 m, a sufficient range for a wide variety of pools.

Versatility: Thanks to its immersion detector you can use this model both for pools that are mounted on the ground and for those that have been placed at the same level as the ground.


Batteries: For its use it is necessary to purchase separately the 4 batteries it requires, which can be inconvenient.

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4. Koochuwah Water Detectors gsm Flood Alarm

If you don’t know which pool alarm to buy, you could check out this model from the well-known Koochuwah brand, made of high-quality polymer and equipped with water leak detection technology, which provides precise operation.

In addition, this equipment can be linked with up to eight telephone numbers, in order to receive a notification via message, at the time the leak occurs. Similarly, the device has been provided with an alarm with powerful sound projection, which reaches 110 decibels. This means that anyone in the house will be able to hear the siren and attend to the spill immediately.

On the other hand, we have the issue of mounting the device. It is a simple task, for which it is only necessary to fix the sensor near the pool, fish tank, heater or appliance that is to be monitored. To do this, you must use a double-sided adhesive tape, included in the purchase package.

This pool alarm detects water leaks accurately and notifies you immediately. Here, more details.


Use: This device can be used in swimming pools, fish tanks, dishwashers, bathrooms or any area where a water leak may occur, in order to avoid further damage.

Low battery: Thanks to the low battery reminder, you will be able to know the exact moment in which you must place the replacement of the energy accumulators.

Warning sound: Its alarm emits a powerful sound, corresponding to 110 decibels, so you can hear it no matter where you are in the home.

Assembly: The assembly process is completely intuitive and does not require tools. You just have to take the double-sided adhesive tape and fix the sensor near the pool, aquarium or appliance.


Storage: A storage bag is missing to place the device when not in use.

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5. Elektrobock Nero 073 Electric Trestle Wireless Pool Alarm

The Elbo-Therm Nero 073 model is another of the buoy-type products with which we can have the necessary peace of mind when it comes to being aware of possible falls in the pool. To do this, the product has a conventional buoy system, which is placed on the surface of the water and which perceives its variations to generate the corresponding alarm. 

When this alarm goes off, a 95 decibel siren is activated and has a range of about 300 meters with respect to the connection element of the product, in transmitter and receiver format. Something that facilitates the use of the product and having an additional alarm at home from the pool, without cables or complications. 

The only thing you will have to worry about is keeping the sensor with batteries, of the conventional type, so that the signal continues to be transmitted correctly.

Keep your pool safe with this high-level alarm, which helps you keep an eye on the water when you’re not around.


Alarm: The alarm has a power of 95 decibels, thus making it easier to hear when it goes off.

Adjustable : It is possible to adjust the sensitivity level of the product, according to what you need.

Transmitter and receiver: The transmitter and receiver system allows the alarm to be taken even further, when it comes to preventing risks.


Range: As with these models, the stated nominal range depends on such things as the presence of walls, walls, and other obstacles.

Sensitivity : The sensitivity of the product can be excessive, although at least this is adjustable, depending on what you need.

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Buying Guide – What is the best pool alarm on the market?

It is common to have doubts about which model to choose, especially if you do not know very well how these equipments work. That is why, through the following guide to buying the best pool alarm, we will let you know some of the features that you should take into account before making your purchase.


When making your pool alarm comparison, you should make sure that the model you are going to buy has a good sensor, which allows it to determine when an object falls into the pool.

Some sensors detect immersion and falling objects depending on their weight. It is important that these are not too high, because this way they will be able to warn if your pet or small child slips in the water. Other sensors are motion sensors and allow the alarm to be activated when waves are registered inside the pool.

Depending on the operation, you will find some models that have mechanisms that prevent the device from being activated accidentally, either by the wind, when it rains, by waterfalls and others.

Others, on the other hand, have a regulator, which allows adjusting the sensitivity level of the alarm, to avoid its activation in an unwanted way.


When buying these types of products, many doubts usually arise. Some of them are related to its design and others are related to how much each particular model costs.

Design and price are often linked to each other. Some are expensive, but it is possible to find among the variety of alarms a good and cheap option that is worth considering.

Among the different models there are some that have shapes similar to L and T. To use them, one part must be placed out of the water, while the rest of the equipment remains inside the pool.

The manufacturer will tell you at what level of depth the sensor of the device should be placed. On the other hand, it should be noted that many models are fixed.

There are other devices that are designed as a kind of floats, which you can leave on the water and from their position they will determine when immersions in the pool occur. One of the advantages they have is that they are usually portable, therefore, you will have the possibility of using them in different pools.

In addition to looking at their design, it is very important that you take into account the level of scope they have, since some alarms can be used in small pools, others in large ones. This aspect can vary between 7 and 25 meters or more. The one you choose will depend on how large the pool you have in your home is.

Because these devices will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time, it is necessary that they are made of materials resistant to weather conditions, ultraviolet rays and other elements of nature, so that they can withstand all these factors and can be used for a long time.


It is important that you bear in mind that these devices, regardless of their sensitivity, design and the alert they emit, are not a substitute for human vigilance; it is just an element that will reinforce it and will be able to announce when an unusual situation arises.

In this sense, when detecting a strange movement in the pool, the device emits an audible alarm. This must be powerful enough to be heard in different parts of the house, because only then will you be able to react in time to any type of situation that arises.

There are manufacturers that incorporate a receiver along with the alarm, which you can have with you wherever you go, so that you are more attentive to any alert noise it makes.

Typically, the audio level of the announcement varies between 100 and 105 decibels. The higher this point, the greater the amount of noise that the device will make.

Also, there are companies that integrate LED lights into the alarm. These are activated at the same time as the sound and, depending on the variety of colors they have, the lighting can vary between one tone and another depending on the alert level of each event it detects.

On the other hand, you need to make sure of the type of battery that is used by the alarm. It is necessary that this keep the equipment active for a long time. In addition, some models notify users when the batteries need to be charged or replaced.

How to use a pool alarm

The purchase and installation of pool alarms in our homes is a necessary security investment; Accidents happen when you least expect them, so investing in a similar product is synonymous with investing in your peace of mind.

However, there are many users who have doubts about the correct operation and use of these devices; For this reason, we explain below all the basics you should know. In this section, we try to cover the subject in a general way, starting from the premise that the different types of pool alarms can present one or another variation in their functions.

Team action range

When installing a similar security device, the first thing to look at is the distance between the pool and the house. You will be able to make use of this type of protection as long as the structure of the pool is in a range of action that allows the rapid intervention of another person in the event that someone falls into the pool and the alarm goes off.

To do this, you must carefully review the range of action of your device and take into account that a child, unlike an adult, can drown in less than three minutes. If your pool is a significant distance away, using an alarm may not be enough.

Determine the location

Once you have established the range of action of the product, it is time to determine the correct location for your device. For best results and to prevent the alarm from being triggered for no reason, the detection center should be installed following these guidelines.

The first thing is to find the longest side of your pool and proceed to find the center, as this will be the optimal place for installation. Remember that your device must be easily accessible, so that you can deactivate it at those times when you are using the pool.

Installation of the detection center

The detection center is the equipment that goes inside the pool and is capable of determining sudden movements in the water. Depending on the product you choose, some models need to be fixed to the ground and to the edge of the pool, thus preventing them from being easily moved by hand.

To carry out the installation, try to have elements such as: a hand drill, bits and screwdrivers. Your device must always be fixed to a flat and rigid surface, totally insensitive to vibrations.

Activate / deactivate the alarm

For your alarm to be really useful, you must be careful to turn on the product properly when no one is using the pool.

Some systems available on the market have sensors that allow the device to automatically reactivate when the water is calm for a certain period of time. However, our recommendation is that you get used to activating manually. This will give you greater peace of mind, especially if it is your first time using this type of device.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Eurobric2000 17000

Main advantage:

Keeping the alarm active at the right time will be easy, since it has an automatic activation that comes into operation after detecting calm in the pool for more than 2 minutes.

Main disadvantage:

The alarm takes the same seconds to be emitted as the water wave takes to reach the sensor, so it is not immediate. But it is a time that can be considered as fast.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is an easy-to-use device that can be recommended to have to control access to the pool and avoid accidents. In addition, it is easy to use.


A swimming pool and in general any large container of water can always be a risk, especially for babies and young children, who can be very curious about the water and ignore caution. This can cause them to get too close at times when they are out of our supervision.

For these cases, the Eurobric2000 brand has developed a device with sufficient sensitivity that allows it to detect when a body of 6 kg or more has fallen into the water, so it can give notice when a child has entered the pool, when no one else is present within it.

It achieves this thanks to its sensor, which detects the movement of water effectively, since part of the device’s body must be submerged in the pool.


Regarding its design, we must mention that it is a device that is not too large, so it does not interfere considerably with the appearance of your pool. In addition, it is proposed in a white color, which is easily combinable.

As for its autonomy, you will not need to have a plug nearby to keep the sensor connected all the time, since it has 9V rechargeable batteries, which, although not included in the set, are easy to find. With Even so, you can count on a power supply to charge your batteries when the device so marks it.

On the other hand, it has an audible alarm of 105 dB that can be quite easy to hear even if you are not very close to the pool, in this way it is possible to take action quickly. In addition, it is very easy to assemble and it will not take you too long to start using this alarm as soon as you receive it.


In order for its use to provide you with the most convenient functions to fulfill its purpose, it has incorporated a battery charge indicator. This way you will always know if the sensor can work as expected without running out of power.

You will also be able to benefit from its automatic activation, in this way it will not happen that it is in charge of your memory to carry out this activation and it will be less likely that in case of an emergency it will not be working. This activation happens when the water remains calm for more than approximately two minutes.

ACIS VIPpool 100920

This model has a built-in pressure sensor that, when activated, sounds a siren, which works at 100 decibels, so you can hear it from different places in the house.

To avoid the unwanted activation of the alarm, the equipment is associated with software, which allows it to distinguish falling and immersion waves produced by rain, wind or other similar things. Therefore, when it is activated it will be because something out of the ordinary is really happening.

It is compatible with the protectors and roller shutters that you use to cover your pool, because it can be installed on one side of it. For all these qualities it is considered one of the best pool alarms of 2022.

We could be facing the best pool alarm of the moment, for this reason we invite you to know it in detail so that you can decide if it is the model that best meets your needs.


Remote control: The use of the model is comfortable since it includes a remote control with which you can control the alarm without having to approach the pool, which can be very practical.

Alarm: Since its audible alarm reaches 100 dB, it is a sound level that you can easily hear at a considerable distance from the pool.

Discreet: Thanks to the fact that it is installed under the edge of the pool, it will not be too noticeable and does not interfere with its appearance.

Certification: As it is a model that meets the NFP 90-07/A1 safety standards, it can be considered an efficient protection element for your pool.


Water level: Due to the installation of this alarm, it is necessary to pay attention to the level at which the pool is filled so that it does not exceed those recommended by the manufacturer.

Bestway 58207

This wireless alarm can be used in any pool, in addition, it is one of the cheapest and is considered the best value for money pool alarm at the moment.

It is used for pools that are of different sizes, even those that are a little larger, as it has a range of action of 25 meters, so it will be activated when detecting any irregular situation within this space.

You can vary the sensitivity level of the alarm, in order to prevent it from being activated by wind and other minor events.

It has a receiver, which will be activated once the float placed on the pool detects some kind of movement.

This model could well earn the qualification of being the best pool alarm for 30 euros, let’s take the opportunity to analyze its pros and cons to find out if it is the best model for you.


Dimensions: Due to its compact design of 20 x 7.5 x 22 cm, it is very easy to place in any pool.

Dimmable: By providing an adjustable sensitivity level, you will not have problems because it is activated by gusts of wind, for example.

Range: Thanks to its range of up to 25 m, it can be used with pools of different sizes.


Batteries: It is necessary to purchase batteries separately for its operation.

Color: The color of the gadget may not be entirely compatible with the color of the pools, which could make it stand out too much and be seen as a disadvantage.

Eurobric2000 17000

This model is considered the best pool alarm of the moment, as it has an electronic sensor incorporated that has the ability to detect when bodies weighing more than 6 kilograms fall into the pool.

Once these objects have been submerged, the device will emit a sound at 105 decibels in volume, which will effectively alert you to what is happening.

It works with rechargeable batteries and when the energy levels drop, you can increase them again using a charger that comes together in the package of this product. So that you are sure when it is time to carry out this process, the equipment issues a warning.

The manufacturers indicate that it is a product that can be installed easily. When mounting, you must make sure that the sensor is located at least 10 centimeters into the water, as this will allow it to work correctly.

Because a good product at a good price is always attractive, here is more information regarding the model presented by the Eurobric2000 brand, which is one of the cheapest pool alarms you can find on the market.


Sensitivity: By offering an electronic sensor that can detect the fall of bodies weighing more than 6 kg, you can be aware of what is happening in the pool and that could pose a risk.

Alarm: Since it consists of a wireless indoor alarm with an intensity of 105 dB, it is easy to hear it inside the home.

Low battery signal: Thanks to the fact that it has a warning that informs about the state of charge of the batteries, you will not have problems because it stops working without your knowing it.

Assembly: Its placement in the pool does not involve complicated indications or the need for tools, so you can easily place and remove it.

Automatic: Because it has an automatic activation mode, you will not need to do it manually every time the pool is not used.


Instruction manual: The manual could be clearer since the use of the alarm is very simple, however it is not a really relevant problem.

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