The 5 Best Portable Stoves of 2022

Portable Stove – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When looking for a portable stove, it is important to consider some aspects such as its size and weight, as it will help you carry it from one place to another without much effort, as well as ease of maneuverability and use wherever you need it.. It is also interesting to check the quality of the materials with which it has been designed. This will give you a feeling of durability and even a good investment, since you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. The Bright Spark 0198 StoveIt is a model that has been manufactured in stainless steel, so that you can have it at hand, with great quality, for a long period of time. In addition, it has an adjustable angle and variable heat control. For these reasons we can place it in the first place of this comparison. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a model that has compact dimensions, adjustable power and piezoelectric ignition, we invite you to consider the Butsir EBBC0020. In addition, it has a handle that will facilitate transport so that you can move it to any space in a very comfortable way.


Buying Guide – What is the best portable stove on the market?


We have always had the need to be in a place with a pleasant temperature. Especially in cold seasons such as winter and autumn, the need to have heating in our homes that allows us to be comfortable and combat the cold is very frequent.

In this way, portable stoves have emerged as a tool to bring a little heat everywhere. Regardless of whether it’s an enclosed space that doesn’t have a gas or electric heating system or an open space where a group of people will hang out for a while, a space heater is often a smart solution.

For this reason, below you will be able to read a guide to buying the best portable stove, taking into account several criteria issued by users, from how much it costs to how it works, including knowing what the mechanism that produces the heat is. Through this guide, users will be able to develop a comparison of portable stoves to acquire one with the maximum information.


Heat is something that is in nature. Temperature measures the level of heat that is present in the atmosphere, but precisely thinking about the temperature that the human body must maintain, different tools have been created that allow heat to be provided, such as portable stoves. These produce heat in different ways, although combustion is usually the most common.

Using gases, stoves can generate heat. One of the most used gases in this field is butane gas, although other portable stoves involve firewood and any piece of wood in the combustion process. This last system is extremely popular, because it is ecologically sustainable, since it uses natural products to generate combustion.

There are also other stoves that need a petroleum-derived fuel to work, which can be polluting and deteriorates air quality.

Weight and size

It is not enough to want a good and cheap stove. When talking about portable stoves, one of the main factors to take into account at the time of purchase is the dimensions of the product, in addition to its weight. Generally, portable stoves are used for activities carried out in the field, although their use is also frequent in all kinds of excursions and expeditions.

For this reason, portable stoves that are light occupy the highest positions in the ranking of the best, because their load is especially easy if they are taken on long journeys. Likewise, a stove focused on length and not width allows its storage to be much more possible.

In this same sense, one of the parts that users appreciate the most is a handle, to be able to transport it only by carrying it comfortably with one hand and not having to use both arms to do it.


In any object that involves heat, knowing the quality of the materials becomes a necessity. This is because heat commonly wears out all components. This fact is glimpsed in a gas kitchen, where pots, pans and burners constantly suffer the ravages of high temperatures.

Portable stoves are no exception, because a similar combustion process is usually carried out. So, the materials must provide the maximum resistance possible, so that the stove can maximize its useful life. One of the most appreciated materials in this sense is stainless steel, which efficiently withstands the characteristics of extreme heat.

But there are also many other stoves that are simply metal, and this does not detract from their work at all. The biggest difference between them is that the stainless steel ones tend to avoid cosmetic damage to the outside.


Power is a good measurement tool to know the amount of force with which heat emanates to the surface. In this way, we can calculate what is the surface in which the heat is able to cover. Measuring this on an open surface is very complicated, because the climate factors work for or against it.

However, knowing the power is always important, because in this way we can know if it will satisfy our heating needs in the area and at the time we want to use it. Portable stoves are not devices with a very high power.

In spite of this, when the comparison between them is made, the differences that exist in the capacity to generate heat become noticeable. Contrary to what many people think, the size of the stove does not directly affect the increase or decrease of the power of the stove.

The 5 Best Portable Stoves – Opinions 2022

Portable stoves are a tool that facilitates the heating process of a group of people no matter where they are. The offer on the market is numerous, so knowing which is the best portable stove is a complicated task. For this reason, below you can read a brief review of the best portable stoves of 2022, with special emphasis on the cheapest.

1. Bright Spark BS400 Outdoor Stove

Main advantage:

If you want to invest in a portable stove that heats quickly and concisely, the Bright Spark option could be a great alternative based on previous buyers.

Main disadvantage:

The main disadvantage of this product is that it requires butane gas cartridges to work and these are not included with the purchase, so you will have to purchase them separately to enjoy it.

Verdict: 9.6/10

If you are a fan of nature and you like to camp, perhaps you should consider this portable stove, since it is practical, comfortable, with good performance and very easy to handle.

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The winter seasons can be very uncomfortable for some people, especially if they do not tolerate the cold well. In addition, this causes camping outings to be significantly reduced. However, there is equipment that can help you enjoy the warmth of the home outside.

The Bright Spark portable heater stands out from other competitive models because of how quickly it produces heat. It has considerable power and works with butane gas cartridges. When turned on, the stove reaches high temperatures in just a few minutes and will begin to produce the heat you want to enjoy so much.

Buyers agree that the level of heat produced requires that the stove be placed in ventilated environments to avoid discomfort, although they also recommend avoiding activating it if there is a lot of wind and no obstacles, since it could be difficult to feel the heat.


Power is one of the most important features to evaluate before purchasing any portable stove model. We advise you to take into account your needs and the environment where you are going to use it in order to choose a product that meets your needs.

In the case of the 0198 stove, you should know that, at its maximum performance, it can reach a power of 1.3 kW, a fairly high level compared to other models on the market. It has a high performance ceramic resistance and also a thermostat to regulate the intensity of the heat.

Since, as we mentioned, it consumes butane gas cartridges, the stove can provide you with constant heat for at least three hours for each cartridge and if you need to increase the temperature at a specific point, you can adjust the direction angle to concentrate the heat where wish.


A feature that is highly relevant among users is practicality. As is known, these stoves are often used outdoors, mainly to heat a tent or a caravan during a getaway to nature. Therefore, the model you choose must be comfortable and easy to handle at all times.

The 0198 model may not disappoint you in this regard. This stove consumes butane cartridges, specifically the A4 model and, although it is not included with the purchase, it can be purchased in physical and virtual stores.

Its placement system is very easy to master and does not require much effort, so you will not spend much time restarting your stove when it has run out of fuel. On the other hand, it has a top handle so you can easily move it and, apparently, it is a compact model.

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2. Butsir Portable Cartridge Stove

This Butsir portable stove is able to adapt to the environment of the place without interrupting the decoration, since it has a matt black color that provides elegance. In addition, it has compact dimensions so that you can place it in a caravan, van or take it with you camping without it being a bother, since its dimensions are 29 x 20 x 27 centimeters and it weighs 2.4 kilograms, so you will not have to make much effort to move it.

On the other hand, the EBBC0020 has a grid for you to place the pots and pans and a power regulator that will allow you to adjust the flame, as well as its piezoelectric ignition that will make it easier for you to turn on the stove in a very practical way.

Additionally, this model uses gas cartridges that last approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, being very practical and economical so that you can cook your food with peace of mind.

In order for you to know which portable stove is capable of meeting your needs, you have to evaluate the power, durability of the cartridges and their dimensions. Here we present the pros and cons of the Butsir EBBC0020.


Power: It has a knob that will help you regulate the power level easily.

Measurements: Its dimensions are compact so that you can place the stove anywhere.

Price: It has an affordable price for users who want an economical model.


Cartridges: Each cartridge has an approximate duration of 2 hours 30 minutes.

Heating: It tends to heat up with continuous and uninterrupted use, so it can present a danger.

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3. Alixin Portable Mini Heating Camping Stove

A portable stove can help combat the cold outside, as well as heat or cook certain foods.

On this occasion, we present you an Alixin brand stove, which you will be able to take full advantage of thanks to the design of its base, which gives it compatibility so that you can attach it to different bases.

On the other hand, its cylinder-shaped design allows the stove to distribute heat in 360°, allowing it to be distributed evenly throughout the room. It is made of stainless steel and its finishes are resistant enough so that you can use it with confidence outdoors.

Finally, your purchase includes metal tongs measuring 15.5 x 4.5 centimeters with which you can manipulate the stove when it is hot, preventing you from burning yourself by accident.

To get the most out of your investment, you need to know the portable stove that you will bring home:


Utility: The connection points allow the installation of various stoves, depending on the use you plan to give the equipment.

Fast: It can generate heat quite quickly, making it a useful tool to combat the cold when camping outside, for example.

Transmission: The design of the stove allows heat to be transmitted in a full 360° area, which also helps it to be fast when heating a small space.

Manufacturing: It has resistant and durable manufacturing materials that will provide you with the necessary robustness, so that you can use the stove with total confidence when you need it.



Gas: You cannot forget that this stove is designed to work with butane gas cans and there is none included with the purchase, so they must be purchased separately.

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4. Tristar KA-5011 Electric Heater

With 800 watts of power, the Tristar KA-5011 portable stove is one of the most attractive options on the market, due to its firm heating and elegant design. This last aspect makes this stove one of the best valued by users, because it has a flat and attractive shape with a dark gray finish and red buttons at the bottom.

The great power that this product has can be regulated in two adjustable functions. In addition, designed for outdoor use, this tool has anti-fall protection. Its dimensions are 29 x 13 x 36 centimeters and its weight is 998 grams.

The fuel that this stove uses is of the electric type, which can be completely ecological if the electricity with which it operates comes from renewable energies.

Among the cheapest stoves we find the Tristar brand model, whose advantages we will highlight below so that you can decide if it is the stove you are looking for.


Adjustable power: You can choose between 400 Watts or 800 Watts as needed to achieve a warmer atmosphere.

Safety: Its safety system in case of tipping over will prevent accidents due to contact with the heat of the stove.

Efficiency: Due to the integrated quartz bar technology, it is not necessary to wait for the air to heat up to perceive heat.

Position adjustment: You can project the heat where you want it with its 2 adjustable positions.


Cable: According to some users, the cable is short, which requires the use of a power extender to provide greater mobility.

Stability: The included legs are small so they do not offer much stability.

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5. Butsir Barrachina mod display stove for bottle

Another good option if you are in need of a portable stove to complement your camping equipment is the Butsir EBBC0022, a model that is compact in size and comfortable to use.

This stove has a relatively compact size, to be easily placed on the fuel bottle without getting in the way. It has a consumption of 100 grams of gas per hour and can generate between 1,500W to 3,000W for each plate, allowing the temperature to be raised in a short time.

Added to this, it is highlighted that the stove has a double safety system, starting with a valve that is responsible for regulating the fuel together with an atmosphere analyzer, which will detect if there are unsafe levels of carbon monoxide in the environment, to thus shut off the passage of gas.

Its handling is simple, in addition to being small enough to be transported with luggage without taking up too much space.

With the intention that you can make the best possible use of the money invested, we now provide you with more information regarding this portable stove, to help you decide which one to buy:


Compact: The product that Butsir offers you stands out for being compact and comfortable to transport if you go on a trip.

Handle: The stove is equipped with a handle that will allow you to carry it without the risk of burning yourself if it is hot.

Installation: It can be easily mounted on the gas bottle connector without requiring additional tools, being very useful and comfortable to use outdoors.

Safe: As it does not light a fire that is easily accessible and directly, the stove is safer to use than others.


Handling: The built-in parts for board control, meaning power and power adjustments, are somewhat awkward to use, which could affect the handling of the equipment.

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Bright Spark BS400 Outdoor Stove

If you are looking for the best portable stove, the Bright Spark 0198 may be an option to consider. This is because this stove is able to provide heat instantly, only after it is turned on.

This makes the stove a highly recommended product to be used outdoors, because that strong amount of heat remains concentrated in one place. The heat it emits is 1.3 kW, with a ceramic resistance, which prevents damage to the physical structure of the stove.

To make it work, this stove is powered by a type A4 butane gas cartridge, which can be added and removed without any danger. The main disadvantage that users point out about this product is that the butane cartridge is not included with the stove, so an additional expense is necessary. 

For those who are looking for an efficient option and do not know which portable stove to buy, this could be a good alternative. We detail its strengths and weaknesses below.


Speed: Its heating system allows the temperature to increase in a short time.

Power: Thanks to its heating power of 1.3 kW you can raise the temperature several degrees to be more comfortable.

Practicality: The cartridges can be easily inserted and removed for simple and safe use.

Adjustable: You can control the heat emitted by the stove to adjust consumption and temperature.

Autonomy: The fuel of each A4 cartridge can provide a use of 3 hours at maximum fire. A very acceptable time.


Fuel: To use it, you must have butane gas cartridges on hand and purchase them separately.

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How to use a portable stove

Portable stoves are small appliances that allow you to cook anywhere comfortably and quickly. Below we explain step by step the correct way to use this product.

Select the type of stove you need

This useful device can help you in a time of need, since it can work both by electricity and by gas. You must choose the one that is suitable for the requirements that you must meet, such as going camping, a quick meal on the beach or if there is damage to your main kitchen.

Check the package when you receive it

If you made the purchase of your stove through an online store, when you pick up your package at the shipping company, check that each of the accessories that the stove includes are inside the box. If not, immediately contact the seller and demand a new product.

Clean the stove well before using it for the first time

After purchasing your stove it is important that you clean it properly before using it. Use a damp cloth with a little neutral soap and pass the cloth through each sector of the stove. In this way you will eliminate any residue of metal or material used for its manufacture, avoiding food contamination.

Check that the current reaches it

If it is an electric stove, you should check when turning it on that the electric current flows correctly through the circuit, since otherwise, your food will take longer to heat up and cook.

Observe the gas level in the reserve

Contrary to the previous point, if you have a gas stove, before starting its functions you must be sure that your cylinder has enough gas to raise the flame for a few minutes. If you have little gas, try to replace the tank or fill it with more gas.

Assemble the base of the stove

The next step is to build the base on which the article will go. Follow in detail each of the instructions described in the manual to achieve a successful job. Tightly fit the base joints with the necessary screws, preventing it from moving or shifting during operation.

Do not exceed the maximum support weight

Being significantly smaller than normal stoves, portable stoves cannot support heavy weights for long periods of time. To heat or cook food, it is recommended to use small pots or pans that do not exceed the size of the stove. In this way, the useful life of the product is extended.

Always transport it in its original box

As a useful tip, do not move your stove in another case or object other than its original box, since the boxes were created specifically to accommodate the stove and all its accessories properly, thus avoiding scratches and bumps that the device may suffer..

Store it in a cool place

At the end of the day of use, clean it well before storing it in its box. Next, choose a cool, shady spot where you can store your portable stove for future events without compromising its quality.

The most popular brands

Buying portable stoves is not a simple or easy task. Due to the type of implement, security guarantees are needed that can only be offered by manufacturers. Also, the selection process involves stopping to review not only the specifications of each model, but the reputation of each manufacturer. There are various brands on the market. However, here we suggest three that can be among the best and most reliable, hand in hand with the previous recommendation of the users.

Founded by Joan Pascual Barrachina in 1960, Butsir is a company specializing in the packaging and marketing of bottles, cartridges and devices for liquefied petroleum gas and popular gas. Since its inception, it has had its own gas plant, 16,500 square meters, located in Castellón, Spain, where it operates under strict security controls.

In more than 50 years, Butsir has worked with various brands and established commercial alliances, which have allowed it to establish itself not only as one of the largest producers of commercial gas, but also as one of the main manufacturers of articles to accompany almost any situation. of everyday life, from solutions for camping and outdoor, through a range of products for professional and amateur welders, as well as solutions for stoves, barbecues, among others.

Among the products that Butsir offers in its catalogue, cartridge stoves, cartridge stoves, cartridge lamps, stoves, torches and enameled stoves stand out. For this reason, users look for most of the most important articles in this company to spend the weekend away from home or simply to enjoy a sunny day with the family.

It is a manufacturer of products for outdoor adventure. In its offer you will find all kinds of necessary and light items for camping. Its catalog includes dozens of products, from waterproof canvas awnings for tents, inflatable mattresses, folding chairs with canvas seats, folding tables for camping, to portable stoves, folding charcoal grills, raincoats, stainless steel thermal bottles, etc..

It also includes other types of products aimed at walking and transporting pets, such as retractable leashes for dogs and folding transport bags for dogs or cats.

In this sense, the company has been oriented for years to make the user experience in outdoor spaces as comfortable and pleasant as possible. In fact, in the manufacture of their products, they strive to choose materials of proven quality that provide their prototypes with the longest possible durability and resistance.

Orbegozo is a Spanish manufacturer, based in the city of Murcia, dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of kitchen, bathroom and heating appliances. It has recently started its expansion throughout Europe and aims to become a recognized international brand.

To do this, it has focused on producing more and more products that are of regular use, with greater emphasis on the area of ​​household appliances, whose demand is increasingly high, by those users who want to facilitate their daily tasks. Its extensive stock of kitchen products includes coffee makers, electric knives, juicers, fryers, toasters, microwave ovens, minibar-type refrigerators, portable stoves, electric coffee grinders, sandwich makers, irons, induction hobs and stoves.

In addition, you will find kitchenware, pots, pans, glass and hand mixers, as well as larger items such as extractor hoods, among others. Being owned by the company Sonifer, Orbegozo is a brand that has managed to position itself as one of the leaders in its sector, in addition to having the best prices on the market.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Keynice Mini Personal Space Heater

Another good option that has earned a place in our comparison due to the good ratings it has obtained is the KN-QN02E model, since it starts heating in just 2 seconds and offers features that make it a safe device.

It should also be noted that due to its dimensions of 12.5 x 12.5 x 20.6 cm it is quite compact and therefore portable. While its weight of only 1.25 kg makes it easy to transport to where you need it without making a considerable effort and includes a practical handle to carry it comfortably.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it includes protection against overheating, it is made of materials that retard combustion and it also has an automatic shutdown system in case of inclination, which may mean that the device has fallen, which is very convenient. to avoid accidents.

If you still haven’t decided which model of portable stove would be the best for you, we invite you to analyze in detail the outstanding features of the model that the Keynice brand brings us.


Size: Due to its compact dimensions, it is a portable and compact device that will not take up too much space when you are using it, which can be practical.

Safety: Thanks to the fact that it has mechanisms that prevent overheating and turn off the device in case it falls, it can be considered safe.

Dimmable: To optimize energy consumption, you can choose the level of power to use, whichever is considered convenient.

Finishes: Its design can be described as elegant and has good finishes, so it could look good.


Cost: It may not be the most affordable model on the market. However, its advantages could make users decide on it to be comfortable in winter.

iRegro iRech01

The attractive silver-colored design of the iRegro iRech01 portable stove is the first thing that stands out when you look at it, according to user reviews. Its cylindrical shape allows it to be stored and carried in any backpack or small surface. Added to this is its folding feature.

This stove works with a double wall, which generates clean gasification at the same time as secondary combustion, to reduce the smoke that emanates to the surface. Its surface is made of stainless steel, the best material for stoves, according to the criteria of most of its buyers.

Another of the most outstanding factors of this stove is its commitment to the environment, because the fuel it uses is wood, coming directly from nature. Its weight is only 400 grams and its dimensions are 13.5 x 19 x 9.8 centimeters, which facilitates its transportation. 

Because you will not need to transport fuel and it will allow you to use what nature provides, many could consider the iRech01 model as the best stove of the moment.


Compact: Its dimensions and weight make it very easy to transport without taking up too much space or tiring you

Practicality: The model can be folded for transport and expanded during use.

Materials: Due to its stainless steel construction, it is a durable stove that will maintain its appearance for a long time.

Fuel: Because it uses wood, you can use it for wilderness camping without having to purchase fuel separately.



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