The 5 Best Pressure Relief Cushions of 2022

Pressure Relief Cushion – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When you spend many hours a day sitting down, it is common to feel some discomfort, especially if the surface where you have to stay is not padded enough and does not offer you the level of support you require. If you want to be more comfortable sitting in your car seat, chair at work, or other places without feeling any discomfort, you can start by evaluating the benefits of using a pressure relief cushion. If it is the first time that you want to purchase one of these products, you have probably noticed the wide variety of cushions of this type that are available on the market and the different characteristics that make them stand out. NRS Healthcare M58343 is made of high-density foam and is waterproof, on the other hand, the Bonmedico BlackIt is a versatile model that can be used anywhere, as it adapts to multiple surfaces.

The 5 Best Pressure Relief Cushions – Opinions 2022

Instead of continuing to suffer from the problems caused by sitting for a long time, it is time to look for a cushion that provides relief and comfort, in this way you will suffer less, you will be able to better enjoy the activities you do and you will even be more productive. Here are some products that may be of interest to you.

1. NRS Healthcare Reflect Pressure Relief Cushion

Main advantage:

With the purchase of this cushion you will considerably reduce the discomfort you feel when sitting for several hours a day in a chair or armchair. It is a reliable, durable and practical model for all kinds of occasions.

Main disadvantage:

Perhaps, to the taste of some, the external design of this cushion is too simple to justify its cost, which is somewhat higher than other options available on the market.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With the pressure relief cushion model M58343 you will be able to reduce and more evenly distribute the weight of your spine on your buttocks and lose weight so that you feel better during the day.

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Spending many hours a day in one position can have serious health consequences. In medical terms it is known as a sedentary lifestyle and it is one of the great problems of today, since many jobs require people to spend several hours a day sitting.

If you want to reduce the risks from a sedentary lifestyle, this cushion to relieve pressure may be what you are looking for. The NRS Healthcare model stands out for having practical dimensions that will allow you to place it on almost any type of chair.

Thanks to this, you will be able to use the cushion outside your work area and even to watch television at home, since its benefits will prevent you from suffering from discomfort and pain as well as improving the general circulation in your legs. It is also very useful for people who are in a wheelchair.


Pressure relief cushions have a particular structure that tries to distribute the weight of riding evenly over a surface. If you want to get the most out of your investment, you must carefully study the structure of the cushion of your interest and all the details related to it.

The NRS Healthcare model, M58343, has a cushioning structure capable of relieving pressure in the lower part of the body. This effect decreases the risk of developing ulcers and bedsores from spending too much time sitting.

Its buyers praise the extra comfort that the cushion provides, especially for older people who spend the day sitting. It seems to be resistant and durable, being a very attractive option for all types of users, in addition, the fabric that covers the padding is breathable to maintain good air circulation and waterproof to resist liquid splashes.


Lastly, as expected, you can’t overlook the cushion’s construction materials to relieve pressure. Try to purchase a model that has padding materials capable of cushioning the weight of the body for long hours, thus guaranteeing optimal performance and making the most of your money.

Although that is something that perhaps you should not worry about if you decide to acquire the model M58343 from NRS Healthcare. This cushion has a total of two layers: the bottom layer is high-density foam for general weight support, and the top layer is made of honeycombed memory foam for comfort during use.

Users who have purchased this product say that their quality of life has improved significantly, since they do not suffer from pain in the spine or in the buttocks.

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2. Bonmedico Ergonomic Comfort Seat Cushion

When you use this product on the train, office chair, car seat or plane, you will be able to feel totally comfortable. This is because it has been manufactured with the aim of relieving the level of pressure that is felt when standing for considerable periods of time on hard surfaces.

The visco-elastic foam that has been used in its padding has been specially developed to provide greater pressure relief. Therefore, it has the ability to adapt to the body shape of the person who uses it and maintains this position. This is a great advantage for most users.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the above points and the ergonomics of the cushion contribute to the feeling of sitting on clouds when using it.

Its padding also helps relieve the pain felt in the lower back, the coccyx and in general, in the lower back.

This quality allows it to be one of the first choices of users when it comes to answering the question of which is the best pressure relief cushion. In short, it is a product that helps improve your health, so it is an optimal option to buy.

If you are searching for the best brand of pressure relief cushions, you will surely find that Bonmedico products are among the preferences of users. Know the pros and cons of one of its models.


Materials : It is filled with memory foam, the best material to withstand body pressure.

Structure : Its entire structure is ergonomic to ensure that the cushion adapts in the best possible way to the different anatomies of users.

Design : The thickness of its structure and the size of its surface guarantee the reduction of the impact of weight on the coccyx and lumbar area.

Dimensions : It has a total size of 43 x 39.9 x 6 cm and a weight of 721 grams, which makes it an easy product to transport.


Form : There are users who point out that after a short time of use it loses its original texture and, therefore, its effectiveness.

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3. Tec.Bean Comfort Memory Foam/Car Seat Cushion

To avoid pain in the back and in other areas of the body while sitting, this model can be useful because, thanks to its characteristics, it prevents problems such as muscle numbness, pressure on the sciatic nerve and ulcers.

Whenever you want to feel comfortable you can use it, regardless of whether you are in your office, at home or driving your car, because it is filled with memory foam and by placing it on any hard surface, you will make it softer; In addition, it is an easy cushion to transport everywhere.

Due to the hole in the center this model is suitable for those who suffer or have suffered from hemorrhoids, prostatitis or have pelvic disorders. Of course, it’s also good for postpartum women, because it releases pressure in the pelvic and buttock area.

If you are not sure which pressure relief cushion to buy, it is important that you consider the essential characteristics that your choice should have. This must be totally ergonomic, consistent and also have an attractive design. In this sense, it will be useful for you to review the TEC.BEAN HPC0004. This besides being good, is one of the cheapest.


Preventive : This product, in addition to correcting possible existing conditions, is responsible for reducing the risk of suffering from ailments in the sciatic nerve and ulcers.

Adaptability : The body pressure support can be placed both in your car and in any of the seats in your home or office.

Design : This model of cushion has a hole in its central part that allows the release of pressure in the lower part, in addition to promoting ventilation.

Materials : Its surface is completely covered by a mesh fabric that reduces the effects of perspiration and the spread of bacteria.


Size : There are users who consider that the cushion may be a bit tight, since its edges are too high, but its central opening is not very extensive.

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4. Queraltó Apex Sedens 500 Anti-decubitus cushion

This product is also considered one of the best pressure relief cushions of 2022, this is because it helps prevent the formation of scabs on the skin, which is an important aspect for people who spend long hours of the day sitting in wheelchairs.

It can be inflated easily. Its structure is divided into four air cells, whose amount of filling alternates. Therefore, in addition to recommending its use to disabled users, it is optimal for the elderly.

Those who use it will not only feel comfortable, but according to its specifications on the internet, they will experience an immediate sense of relief. This is because it provides comfort and guarantees an adequate level of rest and also contributes to improving blood flow.

This cushion is specially designed to be used in wheelchairs. Its constitution and materials are arranged in a particular way to avoid the formation of bedsores, which is very common when you spend a large number of hours sitting in the same position.


Mechanism : This product is totally inflatable and its support mechanism works by distributing the air in its four compartments, according to the weight exerted.

Functionality : This cushion, in addition to preventing the formation of bedsores, guarantees relief from discomfort in the sciatic nerve and in the entire muscular area of ​​the lower back.

Regulation : Through an energy mechanism powered by batteries, this cushion continuously adapts its position according to the users’ movements.

Dimensions : This product is very easy to move, and it can be placed on almost any seat. This is due to its comfortable size of 43 x 43 x 10 centimeters.


Batteries : The periodic replacement of batteries for its operation can be somewhat annoying for some users.

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5. Aidapt Inflatable Pressure Relief Cushion

This model has a round and hollow shape, similar to a doughnut. According to the manufacturer, this type of design helps the person remain comfortable when using it.

In addition, it reduces the pressure on the different parts of the body that rest on its surface, because it allows the weight to be distributed correctly. This will also help users maintain good posture while sitting.

It is one of the cheapest models and, due to its different characteristics, it is also qualified as the best price-quality pressure relief cushion at the moment.

It is an inflatable seat that can be easily filled with air and manages to adapt to the shape of each person’s body.

When the opinions of the different users are analyzed, it is found that the Aidapt VM934B can be considered by most of the buyers as the best pressure relief cushion for 10 euros. This is due to its comfortable design and its manufacturing materials.


Central space : This design has a hole in the center of its structure that gives greater stability and comfort to the people who sit on it.

Circular design : Its completely circular structure allows users to maintain posture and avoid pressure from the lower part.

Functionality : This cushion is inflatable and can be easily recharged with air.

Materials : It is made of a very strong and durable plastic, which also helps counteract the effects of perspiration.


Resistance : Some users point out that this cushion is not resistant enough for heavy people.

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NRS Healthcare Reflect Pressure Relief Cushion

This model is rated as the best pressure relief cushion of the moment, as it is versatile. It is possible to use it in the seats that are used every day and in the wheelchairs; This means that it can be adapted to various surfaces.

If you spend many hours a day sitting, this product will be useful to you, because, thanks to its structure and the qualities of its design, it helps reduce the risk of pressure ulcers.

It guarantees you the possibility of staying comfortable while you are sitting, as it has a honeycomb viscoelastic foam design, which allows it to adapt to the shape of your body. Its interior is protected by an elastic cover, which molds itself to the shape of the cushion.

For certain pathologies of the lower back, the use of backrests that mitigate the pressure exerted by the weight of the body is practically essential. For this reason, we show you all the pros and cons of a model that may be the best pressure relief cushion of the moment.


Adaptability : It is possible to place it in any type of seat, either in a wheelchair or in a common one.

Structure : Its resistant and ergonomic nature prevents the appearance of ulcers in the lower area, caused by body weight.

Materials : Made with alveolar viscoelastic foam, the cushion is one of higher quality and resistance to body pressure compared to others.

Durability : As its internal part is covered by an elastic sleeve, it offers a long service life.


Design : There are users who complain about the simplicity of its external design. However, this element depends on the perceptions of each person.

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Buying Guide – What is the best pressure relief cushion on the market?

If you want to choose the right model, it is necessary that before starting your search you do a little research about the characteristics that these products have, so that you can make a more accurate choice. In order to make this task easier for you, we have designed the following guide to buying the best pressure relief cushion, where we describe some of the main aspects to consider.


The materials used in the manufacture of this product may vary depending on the model and the type of cushion you wish to purchase. But, one of the elements that is most frequently used in its manufacture is viscoelastic foam, which is a polyurethane foam, which is similar to rubber. Thanks to the chemical products that are used in its manufacture, it has a memory property, which allows it to retain its shape again.

In addition to this, they have the ability to adapt to the shape of the body. For that reason, they help dissipate pressure properly, being useful in the manufacture of medical and rest products.

There are also companies that use air as a filling element for cushions, which have different chambers so that the shape adjusts to the use of each user. These types of products help increase the level of relief.

The advantage of this type of cushions is that they can be deflated easily, and by doing so they take up less space, which helps to store it, to move it anywhere more easily.

On the other hand, if you are going to buy one of these cushions, it must be easy to clean. In addition, it must be soft to the touch, to avoid discomfort, as well as breathable, so that it provides more comfort.


When making your comparison of pressure relief cushions, apart from analyzing how much each model costs, to determine if it is expensive or cheap, you need to evaluate the shape of these products. This, like the materials, can vary depending on the type of cushion, which provides different benefits and helps solve different health problems that are caused by sitting for a long time.

Many models are square, therefore able to adapt to a wide variety of surfaces. The top of these cushions may vary. There are models with smooth surfaces, formed by crossed lines or integrated by multiple shapes.

Other common cushions are those with a round design and a hole in the center. You will also find cushions on the market that have cylindrical, triangular or rectangular shapes. They provide different benefits, but their main objective is to offer comfort and a good level of support.

It is important that before choosing one of these cushions you consider the measurements of the one you like. This way you will know if it will actually fit the size of the chairs where you usually sit most often.


When you spend many hours sitting, the muscles go numb, because you don’t exercise the right amount of movements that allow you to strengthen these parts of the body. In the long run, it is a situation that can cause problems such as muscle contractions, due to poor posture or the discomfort of the material.

There are also people who, due to health problems, are sitting all the time. Therefore, they begin to suffer from bedsores, which can be very painful. Depending on the model of cushion that is chosen, it is possible to prevent several of these problems. Therefore, before choosing one, you should consider the use you want to give it.

Some products in this category can help distribute weight correctly, to prevent too much pressure from being exerted on the lower back, helping to avoid pain in this area.

The anti-decubitus models, for their part, prevent these difficulties from forming in different areas of the body. For that reason, they are recommended for users who suffer from a disability and must remain in wheelchairs for a long time.

How to use a pressure relief cushion

By spending so much time sitting in one place, you will surely feel some discomfort caused by the rigid structure that the seat where you are sitting may have. Thus, the most appropriate thing would be to have a pressure relief cushion, ideal to make you feel very comfortable while you use your work chair or even your car seat.

In this way, once you have purchased your own cushion, it will be essential that you can read our article described below, where you will be able to find detailed information about the use that you should give it to prolong its useful life and, of course, to always feel comfortable. comfortable.

Unpack the pressure relief cushion

To unpack the pressure relief cushion you must be very careful, since, as it is a product made with foam or with an inflatable mechanism, it would not be advisable to use a sharp object to remove the wrapping material that covers it; On the contrary, while you can do it with your own hands, much better to avoid possible damage to its structure.

Use the cushion whenever you can

Using the relief cushion wherever you are is recommended to forget about those annoying pains caused by chairs with surfaces that are too rigid. In this way, as it is an inflatable cushion, you can take it with you whenever you want and with great ease. The same happens with the foam cushion since, being made with slightly pronounced dimensions, it will be easy to transport it from one place to another, either in your backpack or travel bag.

Make use of the pressure relief cushion

Making use of this simple product will not be a problem for you. In the case of cushions made of viscoelastic foam, it is best to position them directly on the seat, thus avoiding the use of additional pillows or padding to gain greater height, since you would be interrupting its proper functioning to avoid back pain or in the coccyx.

In case you decide to use your cushion on a sofa, experts recommend placing a board that forms a hard structure to later place the cushion on it. In this way you would avoid contracting annoying pains for not giving the cushion the proper use.

Now, for pressure relief cushions with an inflatable system, you must first go to the instruction manual where you can easily find the steps described one by one to achieve proper inflation. Once the cushion is already inflated, it only remains to position it equally on the seat, avoiding the use of additional padding and that’s it.

Keep your cushion in optimal condition

Keeping your cushion in optimal condition will help you prolong its useful life, so cleaning it from time to time will be essential. In this way, as it is a cushion made of foam, you should check if it is removable to be able to wash the cover easily.

In the case of inflatable cushions, it will be enough to pass a damp cloth that can remove any type of dirt present in it. It should be noted that the more care you take when using your new pressure relief cushion, the more time you will have to use it constantly, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses in the future.

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