The 5 Best Radiator Covers of 2022

Radiator Cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The presence of a radiator at home is not very pleasant, neither aesthetically nor practically, even though its function represents an important aid for air conditioning. However, there are options on the market to cover the radiator and make it look less unsightly, as well as making the space safer, especially if we have children or pets at home. In order for you to choose a suitable product, we have reviewed various options and the Intradisa 3090 model is one of the most promoted options, since it has a white melamine structure that will greatly improve the visibility of the radiator in any space. Furthermore, it is easy to install and has a standard size that would fit various models of radiators. The second proposal is the Mondeer MDF model, which has multiple slots throughout its structure, to allow optimal circulation of hot air. It also has rounded corners to provide greater safety for children.

Buying guide – What is the best radiator cover on the market?

Radiator covers have an important utility in homes, because with them you can save space and give each one a decorative touch. Before buying any of these items, certain key features should be considered that go beyond how much it costs.

For this reason we have prepared a section that will serve as a guide to buy the best radiator cover, in addition to saving money and buying a good and cheap one.


The idea of ​​a radiator cover is to hide the wall radiators, so that they go unnoticed and combine with the decoration of the house or the room where they are installed.

That is why radiator covers must be practical objects, with modern or classic designs that maintain the aesthetic composition of the decoration, while covering the wall and providing an area to save space, since most of them, in addition to covering, usually serve as a kind of table or shelf on which decorative objects can be placed.

The design will depend on the tastes of each user. There are some models that have rods on the front and others have more delicate finishes.

There are others available in colors, varied shades and decorative figures. The intention with these articles is that in some way they serve to harmoniously incorporate the machine into the home decoration, but that the heat emitted by the radiator is still felt with the same intensity, so when choosing a design you must have this present.


These items come in different colors that can be combined with the rest of the furniture in the home; no one will know that behind this structure there is a radiator, since it is possible to maintain a decoration that follows the patterns of the furniture arranged in the home.

In this way, the radiator covers usually come in white, either matte or glossy, black and varnished or natural wood color. Although there is no specific recommended shade, it is important to purchase the one that best suits the rest of the home and consider that light shades tend to be more prone to stains, while dark shades hide dirt more.


In the comparison of radiator covers, users make it clear that the manufacturing materials are a point that must be considered before buying a certain model.

Currently there is a wide variety of these items; their purpose is the same, but the difference lies in the material and the solidity of the structure. In this way we can get from solid wood radiator covers, to others made of PVC or melamine boards of different thickness.

There are some glass models that give an elegant touch to the home, others are made of galvanized metal such as zinc or steel, and have modern styles, but their surface gets hot. Others are covered in fabric and therefore the patterns on the fabric can be more striking. Each one has its advantages in relation to efficiency and heat conduction, so one or another model should be selected according to this.


Radiator covers are manufactured in different sizes that adapt to the radiator, but it must also be considered that there is a space for hot air to pass through and the device continues to perform its function correctly. It is necessary to buy a model that also adapts to the size of the house and that does not take up more space than required.

The larger the radiator cover, the more striking its model is and the better it looks in the room, since it is a decorative piece of furniture. This aspect has to do with the tastes of each user. A very small one may not be the right one, a very large one will take up a lot of space, but it will look good, while a regular size one can be easily installed, fulfill its function and be an eye-catching adornment.

Installation and accessories

The intent of these items is to cover the home heater or radiator to make it look more pleasing to the eye. Many imitate living room furniture and are used to place objects, picture frames or other home decorations.

Most require installation, they must be fixed to the wall to secure them and prevent them from collapsing; Similarly, when installed, provision must be made for them to be stable and firm.

In general, the radiator covers come with their brackets and screws included, so you do not have to go to the store to find one that suits you. Installation is usually simple, so they can be assembled following the instructions and with the help of a ruler to take measurements and tools to fix on the wall.  

The 5 Best Radiator Covers – Opinions 2022

There are a large number of radiator covers on the market, with different models, designs and brands, so it is likely that you will feel confused when choosing one. To make the selection easier, we have summarized the options that users have frequently recommended, so that it is easier to choose the model that best suits your needs.

1. Intradisa 3090 Radiator cover

Main advantage:

It is made with high quality materials, such as 16 and 30 mm thick melamine and a 1 mm PVC edge, to give a modern and distinctive touch to the decoration of your living room or hallway.

Main disadvantage:

In the opinion of some users, the instructions for assembling the radiator cover are not very clear, so the assistance of an expert may be necessary.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is capable of protecting you from possible burns and allows you to save space, thanks to its dimensions of 85 cm wide, 90 cm high and 19 cm deep.

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This radiator cover not only provides you with a place to protect your radiator. It is also a decorative element that brings elegance and modernity to any room. It has a fairly neutral look, which can be combined with many styles in the interior of homes.

In this sense, it has side walls and a front door with a rod system that allows air to circulate, however, its design is capable of discreetly hiding the structure of the radiator. It also includes a raised worktop above the door, which also allows hot air to pass through.

Its white structure is capable of adapting to the decoration of any space. However, you can also find it in its oak presentation, which offers an attractive design with a warmer texture, as well as in its wenge wood presentation, which offers a darker and more elegant color.


It has dimensions of 85 cm high by 90 cm wide and 19 cm deep, so it turns out to be a fairly discreet but functional structure at the same time, since it allows you to take advantage of the space on your countertop.

In addition, it has an approximate weight of 15 kg, which makes it a really light model when compared to others of this type, so you can easily move it before installation and place it in the most suitable place.

On the other hand, it is made with high quality materials, such as the 1 mm PVC edge and the 16 and 30 mm melamine board, which were designed to offer resistance to the constant heat of the radiator and greater durability, in this way you will be able to enjoy its functionality and good design for a long time.


In many cases, this type of furniture is used only to hide the radiator. However, this model offers the possibility of placing objects on the countertop, so that it can be decorated with ornamental plants, books, photographs, among other objects.

Another of its uses is for the safety of the inhabitants of the house, both people and pets, thanks to its system of vertical rods that prevent contact with the hot surface of the radiator.

Before concluding, it is good to remember that the pieces come disassembled to facilitate their transfer and prevent them from being misaligned with movement, which is why it is necessary to pay special attention to the instruction manual before and during assembly, so as not to run the risk that it can be detached.

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2. Mondeer Radiator Shroud 

This structure is not only suitable for covering radiators and adding to the attractiveness of the room, but it can also prevent children and pets from getting too close to the heat zone, thus increasing safety. In this sense, the corners are rounded and smooth for greater protection. 

As for the materials, it is made with MDF board, which offers 3 mm thickness in the central area and 15 mm in the sides and the upper area. In this way, it is a radiator cover that can provide stability and rigidity.

Also, it has wide ventilation slots that improve the circulation of hot air in the space. On the other hand, it offers measurements of 81.5 cm high, 109 cm wide and 19 cm deep, which you should consider when making the purchase.

A quality radiator cover must have a robust structure and offer protection for people and animals. In this sense, it is appropriate that you know the pros and cons of this model.


Versatility: It is suitable for placing objects on the surface, so it also serves as a decorative table.

Thickness: The top and sides are 15mm thick, while the hollow board offers 3mm so as not to diminish the performance of the radiator.

Installation: Includes instructions and accessories to facilitate installation.


Finish: The finish is not entirely clean, as the edges may be slightly chipped.

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3. Greca Lacquered radiator covers 

Available in various sizes to select the one that best suits the type of radiator and wall, this model is one of the best in its category, as it has a classic yet sophisticated design that improves the decorative atmosphere of the home. 

This radiator cover has been manufactured with plywood or MDF, so it is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and install. In addition, it has a matte white finish with an acrylic varnish coating, making it resistant and blends in with the decoration by discreetly covering the radiators, while insulating heat and preventing accidents.  

According to the needs, you can select a small size of 64 cm wide by 19 cm deep by 87 cm high or a large one of 145 cm wide, 19 deep and 87 high. The manufacturer is also willing to make a custom model.

Before making a hasty decision, it is recommended to analyze the favorable and negative aspects that are present in a model. Next, those of this proposal. 


Design: The radiator cover has a modern, elegant and sophisticated design that is available in white without additional styling.

Construction: The model has a sturdy and strong construction, which has been made of quality plywood. 

Coating: For greater durability and a matte finish, it has an acrylic varnish coating that provides greater robustness and prevents damage to its surface. 

Sizes: According to the needs and the radiator model, this equipment is available in two sizes and the manufacturer can further adapt it to each case.


Fixing: This radiator cover is not prepared for installation for fixing to the wall, so what is necessary for it must be purchased separately. 

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4. Home Discount Oxford Radiator Cabinet 

It is a radiator cover that has been made of MDF material, so it provides strength and stability, but at the same time it is light. In addition, the front part offers an attractive crossed grille design that allows its structure to be adapted to different styles. Also, it has an attractive white color that allows you to combine it with the color palette of the room.

For greater practicality, it is possible to clean it with a dry cloth that serves to remove dust whenever necessary. It is important to mention that the corners of the table have been rounded to increase safety.

As if that were not enough, it offers internal dimensions of 80 cm high, 68 cm wide and 19 cm deep in its small version. However, if your radiator is larger, you can get this cabinet in sizes M and L for larger equipment.

If you are looking for an attractive radiator cover that allows you to hide the structure of your heating equipment, then this Home Discount model may interest you. Let’s take a closer look at its most important aspects.


Grille: The front grille has a crosshatch pattern that adds to the attractiveness of the structure.

Corners: The corners are rounded to prevent accidental bumps.

Assembly: It has the necessary supports to mount it to the wall, which can provide greater stability.


Practicality: It is possible that the device cannot be opened to press the buttons on the radiator. However, it is not too difficult to remove.

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5. Homcom Radiator Cover

This radiator cover has a design of vertical slats, which offer enough space between each piece so as not to hinder the exit of hot air. In this sense, it has a total of 13 grilles that provide attractiveness and allow heat to flow efficiently in the room.

For added safety, the frame can be fixed to the wall and features an anti-tip design at the rear, which promotes stability. Also, it is important to note that the upper part is wide enough to place books, portraits, among other family objects.

In terms of measurements, this radiator cover has a height of 81 cm, a width of 112 cm and a depth of 19 cm, so it has standard dimensions to provide compatibility with many radiators. As if that were not enough, it is made with MDF to provide a long life.

If you need a radiator cover with good finishes, it is appropriate that you review in more detail some of the most important features of this model.


Ventilation: It incorporates 13 grids that offer optimal ventilation and allow heat to circulate in the space.

Shelf: It has a shelf at the top that is wide enough to place various decorative objects.

Legs: The legs have a cut in the back to adapt them to the size of the plinths.


Screws: The heads of the included screws may deform under heavy pressure. For this reason, it is recommended to screw with due care.

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Intradisa 3090 Radiator cover

If you are looking for the best radiator cover, it may be convenient for you to review this model that has a front rod system and has an elegant and compact design measuring 18.5 x 90 x 84.5 cm deep, which will match the rest of the furniture in your home. your house.

This white radiator cover is also available in oak and wenge, made with 30 and 16 mm thick melamine board and 1mm PVC edge, so it is resistant and will support the weight you place on the countertop, where It also has a slot that serves as an outlet for the heat emitted by the radiator.

This article requires installation to be able to fix it to the wall, being necessary some tools for it. The kit includes an Allen key and an instruction manual that will facilitate assembly.

To hide your unsightly radiator, many users recommend this Instradisa model as the best radiator cover of the moment. We invite you to know its pros and cons.


Design: The front grilles allow efficient heat output that optimizes the performance of the equipment.

Countertop: At the top it has a 18.5 cm countertop that provides enough space to place different decorative elements.

Colours: This model is available in white, wenge and oak to choose the one that best suits your decoration.

Resistance: Several users highlight that the wood and the finish of the product is robust, despite being a chipboard.


Installation: In some cases, the assembly of the radiator cover has been complicated and more than one person has been necessary to do the installation.

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How to use a radiator cover

Maintaining a decorative level at home is always important, so the presence of a radiator could look bad aesthetically in it. For this there are products that are intended to embellish or hide their presence, such as a radiator cover. In this way, if you have already purchased yours, you will only have to find the right information to carry out its assembly and, of course, to give it the use it deserves, trying to always keep it as new.

Unpack the radiator cover

Once you have purchased your own radiator cover, you must first unpack it and verify that everything is in perfect condition for installation.

In this sense, you will have to remove from the box both the radiator cover and the kit that is generally included in the package to achieve a correct assembly, which in this case would be an Allen key and the practical instruction manual that will facilitate the installation task. of the same.

Adapt the radiator cover to the size you need

Depending on the model you have chosen, some come with standard measurements, while others have the facility of being able to select the size that best suits your needs. If this is your case, you will have to take the measurements of the radiator present on the wall of your home and later you will have to adjust the radiator cover as necessary. In this sense, it would be ready for assembly.

Proceed with the assembly of the radiator cover

To carry out a correct assembly of the radiator, you must have at hand the necessary tools for such action, such as the Allen key that is included in the package, a drill with its respective bit, the plugs, a pencil to mark and, of course, the instruction manual.

Thus, the first thing you should do is take the corresponding measurements in the place where you will put the radiator cover so that you can find the center of it, taking into account that you will have to mark the exact points of attachment of the radiator cover on the wall to be able to adhere it. more easily. In this sense, you only have to use the drill to create the necessary holes in the wall.

Once you have made the necessary holes in the wall, it will be time to introduce the corresponding plugs to be able to fix the radiator cover properly to the wall using screws. We recommend that you carry out this task very carefully to avoid any type of incident during assembly. Likewise, it will be ideal for you to verify that everything is well adjusted and in perfect condition.

Position decorative objects if you wish

Once the radiator cover is installed, you will be able to have the upper part of it to place the decorative objects you want, since this would be a countertop type, which gives it an unparalleled decorative level.

In this sense, depending on the manufacturing material that has been used during the elaboration of your radiator cover, you should consider which objects you could position and which you could not, depending first on their weight and dimensions. The important thing is that at the same time that said product fulfills its task, it also offers you the opportunity to decorate your space as you prefer.

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Tanburo Radiator Cover E1 MDF

Among the best radiator covers of 2022, this model stands out, which is made of high-quality materials such as MDF, a variation of wood that gives resistance and stability to the furniture.

One of the main features of this radiator cover is that it has an elegant design, with rods on the front that allow heat to escape evenly.

Additionally, the finishes are beautifully manicured in matte white, coated with a protective stain-resistant coating to look attractive and modern with home décor. Its installation is simple; to mount it, just follow the instructions and apply instead the screws provided by the manufacturer; in this way it will remain fixed and balanced to support the weight that is placed on the countertop.  

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one of these products, you can review the characteristics of the following Tanburo model, valued by many customers as the best radiator cover for 50 euros.


Finish: The radiator cover is made of MDF and has been painted with a matte finish and a thermal coating as well as anti-stain to preserve its appearance for longer.

Assembly: All necessary screws are included for quick assembly, accompanied by an easy-to-understand instruction manual.

Cleaning: This model is quickly cleaned with a dry cloth, without using abrasive products that can alter the thermal insulation.


Colors: This model comes only in white.

Design: The fence design can be very classic for customers who want a more innovative product. 

Asab Traditional Style Radiator Shroud

Made of MDF wood fiber, this model is among the best value for money radiator covers and stands out for being one of the cheapest options on the market.

The model comes in three sizes so that you can select the one that best fits the space of your radiator and your home; in this way you can select the small one, which measures 112 x 81 x 19 cm; the large, with dimensions of 152 x 81 x 19 cm or the extra large, which has a size of 172 x 81 x 19 cm.

Its modern and elegant design with white front rods make it one of the most popular because it is also practical for placing objects and taking advantage of space. Its installation is easy, since it has the accessories to fix it on the wall.

If you want to give your heating system a traditional look but you don’t know which radiator cover to buy, we recommend you take a look at the characteristics of the following model, highlighted for being one of the cheapest in this comparison.


Sizes: This model comes in three different sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits your radiator, and even buy more than one and that they all have the same style to harmonize the decoration.

Ventilation: The classic rib design offers optimal heat output.

Protection: This product also works as a protector to prevent burns from contact with the radiator when it is on.


Dimensions: A user states that a smaller presentation is needed to adapt it to compact radiators.

Variety: This model only comes in white.

Tanburo Small Size Radiator Shroud

If you still don’t know which is the best radiator cover, check out this model that weighs only 8.2 Kg and measures 78 x 19 x 81.5 cm, so it will serve to cover different types of radiators.

It has a new, striking and elegant front that also works for the balanced distribution of the heat emitted by the radiator. This piece is a white radiator cover made from medium-density materials, including papier-mâché and MDF, which make it rigid and stable to support the weight placed on the countertop.

Likewise, it has a coating that provides a thermal insulation and anti-stain effect, so it is advisable to clean it with a dry cloth. The installation of this device is simple, it comes with a kit that will make assembly easier, as well as an instruction manual to fix it to the wall with the required screws.

If you are looking for quality and low prices, we recommend Tanburo because many users consider it the best brand of radiator covers. So we describe the positives and negatives of the HG0024DE model below.


Aesthetics: The front panel design is very nice and will not go unnoticed in your decoration.

Manufacturing: It is made of MDF, a material that provides stability and resistance thanks to the thermal insulation that covers it.

Functionality: In the upper part it has a 19 cm space that serves as a shelf to place some decorative elements.


Stains: You must keep the surfaces where you place the pieces clean before installation, to avoid dirtying or denting them.

Finish: This model has a matte finish, which is a disadvantage for customers who expected a shiny effect from the furniture.

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