The 5 Best Recycling Bins of 2022

Recycle Bin – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

To make recycling in your office easier and, incidentally, better manage your waste, there is nothing more useful than a good recycling bin. A product that simplifies the process of throwing each waste in its place, being able to separate them at the moment and thus facilitating throwing them into the corresponding bucket. Ideal for your office activity to be respectful of the environment. A task in which you can resort to products such as the Bama Poker modular set. This set includes four containers of 20 liters each, identified by colors and that can be stacked at your convenience. If you prefer something more compact, the Mari Home Blanca litter binIt has its own design of a pedal bin with three separate compartments where waste can be stored separately. In addition, the inner buckets can be removed to facilitate their pouring into the corresponding bucket.

The 5 Best Recycling Bins – Opinions 2022

When it comes to maintaining adequate environmental policies in your office, separating waste is key. But since you will have a thousand more important things to do, you can simplify this process with the best recycling bin you can find, depending on the size of your office and your specific needs. A product that you will find comfortably in our selection of the best recycling bins of 2022, where we include products of all types, designs and capacities.

1. Bama Poker Set of 4 Modular Cubes

The Bama Poker model is one of our candidates to be the best recycling bin of the moment. And it is that this product has a very interesting modular system, with four buckets of 20 liters of capacity each one where paper, glass, plastic and other waste can be disposed of separately.

These bins can be positioned as you see fit, and are also easy to empty thanks to their design. And as if this were not enough, this model is among the cheapest we have analyzed, so it could well be the best value for money recycling bin of our selection.

Because ecology is not at odds with cheap options, let’s see some more details about this complete set of recycling bins.


Variety : By having four buckets you will be able to organize your garbage as it suits you.

Versatile : The cubes can be placed separately or stacked in the way that most interests you, even in a tower of 1.

Loading door: The front loading door makes it easy to put the garbage inside each bin, even once stacked.

Colors : The different colored lids, which partly comply with the international standard, make it easy to know which bin to throw each waste into.

Capacity : The total capacity of the set is 80 litres, so you probably don’t need anything else to manage your waste.


Lids : According to some comments, the lids are somewhat fragile, so care should be taken when handling them.

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2. Mari Home Large Trash Can

When deciding which is the best recycling bin, many users prefer pedal models, such as the Mari Home White bin. This bin has a nice white design with a space distributed in three areas, thus being able to comfortably throw the waste inside.

Each of these areas is independent from the others, opening with its own pedal, with its own lid and its own inner bucket. All this in a product with a total capacity of 54 liters, 18 for each space, which you can manage separately and which will allow you to separate a good amount of waste practically effortlessly.

Although there is not much consensus on which is the best brand of recycling bins at the moment, this Mari Home model undoubtedly makes its manufacturer stand out.


Capacity : Within this type of model, the buckets in this bin have one of the largest capacities, 18 liters each to be exact.

Size : Despite this high capacity, the product has a compact size, so it is not too complicated to place it in your office.

Resistant : The product is made of steel on the outside, with a robust plastic on the inside, to adequately withstand frequent use.


Spare parts : In the event that some of the inner cubes break, it will not be possible to find spare parts, according to the manufacturer.

Finish : Perhaps the white finish is not the most suitable so that the stains that may fall on it are not seen. At least if it’s easy to clean.

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3. Klarstein Silver Recycling Bin

The Klarstein Silver recycling bin is another interesting product that sits within the integrally designed bins. In this case, this model has three separate and independent spaces with a capacity of 15 liters each.

This translates into three covers with their three pedals and three inner buckets, one per channel, to be able to process the garbage without complications. You’ll even have a handle on each of these bins, making it even easier to get them out and into the bin. And for greater health, the lids fit perfectly, preventing odors from escaping to the outside.

If you are not sure which recycle bin to buy, this product has many interesting features, which we discuss below.


Independent spaces: This model has three separate buckets with three lids and three pedals, so that each waste is processed entirely separately.

Pedals : Compared to models where the pedals are nothing more than a small metallic T, this product has complete pedals that are easier to use.

Materials : The stainless steel casing gives an extra quality to the product, improving its resistance and simplifying its cleaning.


Colors : The colors of each pedal indicate the waste to be used, although they are yellow, green and brown, which breaks the usual blue, green and yellow of a recycling model.

Handle : Some users miss a handle on the lid, so as not to have to open it with the pedal if it is not necessary. Even so, it is something common to this type of product.

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4. SONGMICS LTB24L Stainless Steel Trash Bin

The SONGMICS LTB24L Recycle Bin is another product among the stand-alone pedal models. A product suitable for small spaces and places where not too much waste is generated, with a capacity of 8 liters per tank and 24 liters in total.

These spaces are managed separately, as usual, each with its own pedal, its own lid and its own inner bucket, which makes it easy to use and clean. A model located among the cheap recycling bins in this integral segment, in case you do not want to spend too much in the process.

So that you know in depth what this model offers you, we leave you some more details about its characteristics.


Silent : The lids have a very silent operation, both when opening and closing.

Resistance : Despite its adjusted price, the product maintains the quality of materials typical of other similar models.

Movement handle: The bin has a rear handle that makes it easy to move it when necessary.


Interior space : The capacity of each container is 8 liters, for a total of 24 liters, so it is only suitable for very small offices or with little waste generation.

Odor : The product gives off a strong plastic odor once opened, although it tends to disappear over time.

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5. DONREGALOWEB Recycling Bin Furniture

The Cesar Blanco Roto model is an interesting novelty within the recycling bins that we have analyzed. And it is that this product could well go through a filing cabinet or any other piece of furniture. Inside, however, we find four colour-coded bins of 18 liters each.

Something that makes it easy to separate and manage your waste comfortably. This model has compact measurements, so it does not take up too much space wherever you place it. And as if that were not enough, thanks to its materials it is as easy to clean as wiping its surface with a damp cloth.

If you want to give a touch of discretion to waste management in your company, this model will probably catch your attention.


Discreet : This model could very well go through a filing cabinet or any piece of furniture, being much more discreet than conventional bins.

Compact : Despite the internal capacity of the buckets, 18 liters each and 64 in total, this bin has a compact size that makes it easy to place it anywhere.

Bin Design: The standard bin design makes it easy to handle and find the right bin liners.


Opening of doors: The process of opening the doors is somewhat cumbersome, which can pour odors into the room during it.

No outside vision : You will have to have memory to remember where each cube is, since the different colors are not visible from the outside.

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