The 5 Best Security Systems of 2022

Security System – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Modern security systems help us keep our home or business under surveillance. In this field we have products adapted to any need, both in terms of control capacity and the communication offered by the product. For this reason, it is advisable to be careful when choosing in order to find the system that best suits our needs. A recommended security system is the Aottom 960P, which allows remote connection with computers and iOS or Android phones. In addition, the kit comes with 4 IP cameras of 960 pixels that are also weather resistant. Another good option is the MTM 012 model; a security system that also works with several cameras and even has motion sensors and night vision. The purchase includes the storage disk for the video, as well as the necessary wiring for mounting the cameras.

The 5 Best Security Systems – Opinions 2022

The days of security systems at the price of gold are over. Today we can have cheap, quality security systems that, thanks to their connectivity, allow us to control what we need in a simple way. If you want to know which is the best security system on the market, we offer you some of the best security systems of 2022, with which you can keep everything under control without worry.

1. Aottom 960P WiFi Security Camera Kit 

It is a versatile kit to keep an eye on your business or home, as it comes with an NVR recorder and 4 wireless IP cameras. That is to say, the cameras are connected to the recorder without cables, so you will not have to complicate yourself with the installations.

Another advantage is that the NVR recorder has a resolution of 1080 pixels and uses an improved codec, so that the recordings take up less space on the hard drive. Also, 960-pixel cameras offer a clear view, being very useful for surveillance of the garage, office, living room, baby room or other environments. 

Also, we mentioned that you will be able to see the images from anywhere through the phone, thanks to applications such as IP-Pro and ESEENET+, which are totally free and are available for iOS or Android.

These are the pros and cons of this surveillance kit, so read each detail very well, so that you are sure if it is the product you are looking for.


Resolution: The NVR recorder works at 1080 pixels, so you can see the images clearly.

Cameras: The package includes 4 cameras so you can have a more complete and reliable surveillance control. 

Mounting: The NVR recorder connects with the cameras through the WiFi network, making it much easier to install anywhere, home, business, parking lot, etc.

Alarm: It is possible to receive an alarm via email if the camera detects any movement. In this way, you will be calmer, even if you go on a trip.


Disk: It is necessary to buy a hard disk, since it does not have any type of built-in storage.

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MTM 012 is easily cataloged as the best value for money security system, since it has multiple cameras, to cover all viewing angles. In addition, it should be noted that they have the IP66 certificate that guarantees resistance to water, so you do not have to worry about installing them outside.

This model offers a total of 4 surveillance cameras with which you can set up an efficient security system in your home or office. Each of them has motion sensors that start recording automatically, as well as infrared sensors that provide night vision.

The DVR player, on the other hand, offers a total of 8 channels, so you could install 4 additional cameras if you wish. For video storage, a 1 TB capacity hard drive is included and, if you need it, you can activate the recording so that it works 24/7.

Considering that the MTM model is among the cheapest, we advise you to review its pros and cons in detail:


Pack: The surveillance system has several cameras that you can install at different points, to have an angular view, so that you don’t miss anything.

Automatic: Each camera is equipped with sensors capable of detecting movement, to start recording when something really happens.

Type of vision: All cameras have built-in infrared night vision so they can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Functions: The mobile application is intuitive to use and quite complete, so you have access to video transmission and notifications in real time.



Distance: You should know that the cameras can be installed at a maximum distance of up to 18 meters from each other, which could limit their placement in large spaces.

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3. Yiseele Wireless GSM Home Alarm System

Yiseele’s security kit is characterized, among other things, by the simple way in which it helps control access to your home. Its 10 included sensors allow you to be aware of possible unauthorized intrusions, even if you are anywhere in the world. All this without a landline connection or having to set up a network.

On the other hand, you should not worry if there is a power outage, since it will continue to work for a period of 6 to 8 hours and, in case of any suspicious activity, it can activate a 120dB alarm that will warn the neighbors and deter intrusion attempts..

Similarly, you might be interested to know that all the information on use is clearly explained in its manual and in Spanish. Likewise, the assembly has been planned so that it can be carried out in a simple way, without the intervention of specialized personnel being necessary.

In case this security system has caught your attention, we can provide you with more information about it.


Technology: You can easily activate or deactivate the alarm through its 4 controls included in the set, as well as use your mobile to know its status from anywhere in the world.

Practicality: In an emergency, it is only necessary to press the SOS button to send a signal to family or friends and get help.

Siren: The audible signal in case of intrusion emits a sound of 120dB, so it can be heard several meters away and alert the neighbors.


SIM card: Although it is independent from the landline telephone network, it is necessary to adapt a SIM card to connect the alarm to the control panel and take advantage of its benefits.

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4. iSmart Alarm IHISA3G Pack with Security System

Designed especially for the home, the iHealth ISA3G security system is a simple alternative to be able to control access to the home. To do this, it modifies the conventional camera system by elements of contact and movement. These systems allow to control the opening of doors or windows, also having a motion detector.

In the event of an alert, it directly triggers the system with an alarm of 110 decibels. At the moment, an alert is also sent to our mobile so that we are aware of the situation.

The best thing about this system is that we can expand it with everything we need, supporting up to 80 accessories: cameras, plugs, sirens, and the contact and movement sensors we need to be able to optimize performance.

If you still have no idea what security system to buy, we show you this one that has sensor technology and the implementation of security cameras as an option, however it is important that you review the advantages and disadvantages of this product and verify if it is in actually what you are looking for:


Sensors: This security system works by means of two contact sensors and a motion detector, being quite discreet.

WiFi: The system works through a simple WiFi configuration, which allows you to control it through your Smartphone, laptop or Tablet.

Mobile interface: The system sends alerts to your mobile through the app and to your email, in addition to activating the built-in siren.

Expandable: You have the option to expand the surveillance zones, adding up to 80 more devices, including cameras, contact and motion sensors, among others.


Siren: Some users express that the siren is not very strong to function as a security system.

Telephone notification: The system does not support notification by telephone call throughout Europe.

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5. Anran 8CH Security Camera System

One of its most important qualities is that it includes a 1 TB hard drive. Also, when it gets full of videos, it will start overwriting the data again. In other words, you won’t have to buy this storage accessory separately.

Also, the package comes with 8 5 MP cameras, which reach a resolution of 1080 pixels. In the same way, it records the videos in 1080 pixels, to see the images clearly or obtain clear evidence when necessary.

If you are far away, you can see the images from the cameras on your phone: simply scan the QR code, install and configure the Danale app on iOS or Android. Once the mobile is connected, you can receive notifications when the cameras detect movement.

On the other hand, the equipment comes with a mouse and pad, so you do not have to purchase these accessories separately.

In this section, we present you the main positive and negative details of the Anran K08A2559 surveillance kit. Our intention is to help you choose the most suitable product.


Resolution: The 8 x 5 MP cameras offer a resolution of 1080 pixels, so you can enjoy clear and colorful images.

LEDs: It is used to view images both during the day and at night, thanks to its 36 infrared LEDs, reaching a distance of approximately 27 meters.

Storage: The kit comes with a 1TB hard drive, so you can record 24 hours a day for several weeks. Also, if the storage space on the disk runs out, the recorder will start rewriting files.  


Audio: The cameras do not have a microphone and speaker, so you will only be able to see the images of the place where they are installed.

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Buying Guide – What is the best security system on the market?

Today’s security systems have evolved significantly, both in the control capacity they offer us and in how much the equipment costs compared to what was usual. Something in which Wi-Fi technology has made a difference, along with GSM systems and the other advances that we find in this system.

If you really want to know what you can find in these products, follow the advice in our guide to buying the best security system on the market, adapted to your needs.

basic security system

If we have to start assessing these systems, any comparison of security systems has to start by assessing the basic system of operation and connection of the equipment. This is a section in which traditional wired systems persist, but have been superseded by wireless systems, both based on GSM technology and Wi-Fi format.

In the case of GSM models, these products have external connectivity based on conventional mobile phone connectivity formats, which send alerts to our mobile. In this case we do not have cameras, but presence detectors and other elements that are activated when necessary. Once activated, we receive a message notifying us of the problem or alarm.

If we are looking for something more advanced, in the Wi-Fi models we have the alternative. These Wi-Fi models are based on high-quality cameras, which offer us a quality image directly on our mobile or PC. Something that also facilitates the installation and assembly of the product is determined by a wide configuration, since it can be mounted indoors or outdoors, thanks to the resistance of these cameras against dust and humidity.

System elements

One of the advantages of current security systems is their versatility, whether in conventional format or GSM, or in the most modern format via Wi-Fi. It is important to verify the elements included in the surveillance system, because if we do not do it properly, we may have problems or we may lack the specific coverage to be able to control the specific areas of your home that may interest you.

Therefore, the first step is to really assess that the game has all the necessary surveillance elements. In this case, it is convenient to start by making a small map of the areas to be controlled, or failing that, to be clear about the accesses to our home that require control. Obviously, the set must include sufficient surveillance elements to be able to control all these areas.

In the case of GSM models, this issue is even more important, since we can control access through doors, windows or presence sensors, so the possibility of incorporating more accessories is key. The same goes for the presence of cameras in IP products. In both cases, it also checks the ability to expand the product if necessary, even once installed.

Product Installation

As we have already stated, the installation of the product depends in part on the system that it offers us. In any case, if you are looking for a security system, be it cheap or conventional, it is important that you have all the necessary elements so that this assembly is simple. Some of them we have already mentioned, but we will see what else we should look at.

In GSM-type models, the switchboard must be easy to assemble and must also have adequate connectivity with the different elements, so that we do not have any more problems when assembling it. In case the assembly is without cables, check that the product does not generate inconveniences regarding the reach of the piece so that you do not have problems due to the distance.

The same thing happens to us with Wifi models, in which the range must be perfect to be able to work without problems. In these cases, it is necessary to duly verify the scope of the product, so that it is guaranteed to obtain the necessary network and connection of the product. Do not forget to check the mounting system of the cameras, so that they are firm and well mounted on the wall.

How to use a security system

Due to the insecurity that exists in society today, every day people want to monitor their homes to ensure that everything is in order. Security cameras are a great option to carry out this demand. Here are a few simple steps to help you learn how to use these technology devices.

Prepare your home for installation

Before purchasing your security system, you must distinguish which places in the house need to be constantly monitored. Therefore, you should give priority to outdoor spaces, as they are more prone to some kind of assault. Position the cameras at a high angle where you have the ability to see into doors and open spaces.

Check that each accessory and cable is in the package

Generally, all security kits include between 2 and 3 cameras, connection cables and a DVD recorder where the images will be stored. Without each of these accessories, the system will be incomplete, so it will not be able to function properly keeping an eye on your favorite spaces. Hence, it is important to verify that all cables and accessories are in the package.

Assemble the kit cameras

Cameras are mostly unassembled in the package to avoid any damage that may occur during shipping. Review the instruction manual where it will tell you in sections how you should properly assemble your cameras.

Install the camera mount

Currently, online stores offer several models of security kits. There are cameras that require a support base, and others that are attached to the ceiling. According to your system, build the bases required by the cameras and fix them strongly on the ceiling; otherwise, if they are stickable, measure the diameter of your device and cut a hole in the ceiling where they will be installed.

Connect the corresponding cables to each input

As we mentioned earlier, all security packages include a burning DVD. Once you have placed the cameras in their designated place, proceed to the wiring connection. Put each cable in the corresponding entry, guided by the illustrative labels. All the cameras must send the signal to the DVD and from there go to the computer where the captured images can be seen.

Download the right software

Each brand of security cameras works with an independent program depending on the model of the devices. Go to the brand’s official site and download the appropriate driver software for your system. This will allow you to directly observe the images captured by the cameras, in addition to other included functions such as video editing and image quality, among others.

Synchronize the cameras with your computer

When you finish downloading and installing the software on your computer, continue with the synchronization of all the cameras. Turn on the devices and wait a few minutes. Each of them must be connected to the storage that receives the images. This in turn emits a signal to the computer where the program will be in charge of decoding it on the network to prevent the images from being public.

The most popular brands

At home it is always necessary to have the best security systems, designed to keep all your belongings under surveillance. In this sense, today there are countless security cameras available on the market, so it is difficult to choose the best one among all of them.

That is why at the time of purchase you should consider such important details as the brand that supports said security system that you decide to acquire, since there are some such as Annke, Eray and Sannce characterized by the quality and functionality that they offer in each product..

When we talk about Annke we refer to a brand that is not only positioned in the market as one of the best in terms of selling quality products and services, but is also considered a leading brand worldwide, thanks to the track record it owns manufacturing the best products available to the general public.

It should be noted that there are numerous models and designs that it offers for you in terms of video security products, since they are not only made of really resistant and durable materials, but also have first-class technology so that you can enjoy of the best service before each use.

Best of all, it keeps products totally affordable and easy to use, even for those who are new to the use of security systems.

It is important to mention that Annke offers a complete line of security equipment such as wireless doorbells, DVR security systems, PLC systems, even IP cameras. All suitable for use at home, work office and even your own business in order to keep each space always safe and secure.

Speaking of brands specializing in the manufacture and distribution of security systems, we cannot leave behind the well-known company Eray, a brand of Chinese origin with a willingness to sell electronic products aimed at making your days easier and more comfortable through digital security. that they implement through their different products.

It should be noted that, at present, Eray has a fairly considerable level of acceptance among its users, since it results in massively sold products on platforms and sales pages on the Internet, such as Amazon and eBay.

Also, it is important that you consider the fact that their products are really cheap, but not of poor quality. Well, each of the people who have opted for the different electronic devices of said brand have been happy with the final results before each use. In this sense, they can keep protected from your home to your business premises comfortably and at a low price.

The Sannce brand was established in 2008 with the purpose of supplying different security products aimed at domestic and commercial use to keep your assets completely protected and free from any risk or theft.

Its purpose has always been based on the creation and production of a wide range of top-level security items, including different security cameras, IP cameras, wired or even wireless cameras for those who turn out to be more demanding customers.

In this sense, the main objective of said company is based on providing its different users and followers with the most profitable products available on the market, capable of satisfying their needs. Likewise, it should be noted that, today, it has managed to earn the respect and trust of each one of them thanks to the level of manufacturing that they use during each security system.

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Leshp 720P Wireless Security System Kit

Main advantage:

When registering any irregularity, this model sends an alert to your email, which will allow you to take the pertinent measures to supervise who has entered the area you want to protect, as well as promptly call the authorities if it is an unwanted intruder.

Main disadvantage:

The cameras have been designed with an antenna; For this reason, it is necessary that when installing them you take this aspect into account, since they could collide with some objects depending on the position where you place them.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is resistant to dust and water. Thanks to this, you will have the possibility of installing it outdoors.


It offers 4 cameras, which you can install in different places to keep several sites under surveillance at the same time. If you place them in a strategic position, you will be able to appreciate the entrances and exits of your home or office, and even some special area where you consider that it is necessary to increase security levels.

Capture images at 1280 x 720p resolution; In addition, the focal length between its lenses is 4 mm. On the other hand, the cameras maintain a shutter speed of up to 100,000 Sec and automatically perform white balance and backlight compensation, factors that contribute to clear images.

These cameras connect to the WiFi network to transmit the recorded videos directly to the Internet and thus allow you to review them from anywhere you are at any time of the day.


This model has been designed with the ability to detect night movements that are recorded at distances of up to 20 meters with respect to the position of the camera.

In addition to this, its night vision function allows you to record images even in environments where lighting levels are low. The security system also has a built-in CMOS sensor, which helps capture videos properly.

It has an Internet cloud storage and playback function. You can monitor this information through the free application that the manufacturer makes available to you and that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

As if that were not enough, it transmits information at distances of up to 120 meters in open areas, while in places with walls the signal range is 60 meters.


It has an IP66 protection index, which allows it to withstand exposure to different climatic factors. In addition, it works properly at temperatures that vary between -20 and 50 °C; therefore, you can use them without problems regardless of the time of year.

It is a plug & play model, so that you can establish the connection with other devices in a simple way.

It is made of quality materials that contribute to its adequate durability; such is the case of its casing, which is made of an aluminum alloy, a product that is characterized by its resistance to different types of conditions.

The cameras have a simple design and because they are made in a white hue, they are likely to go unnoticed, depending on where you install them.


The LESHP 720P video surveillance kit is currently considered the best security system on the market.

Partly because it is a complete set that incorporates four security cameras, suitable for interiors and exteriors. And also its Wi-Fi connectivity allows to simplify the assembly process, without cables or complications.

Regarding its resistance, the surveillance cameras comply with the IP66 index, being resistant to dust and water. They also have a range of 120 meters in an open area and up to 60 meters indoors with 3 walls.

It is a complete product that, thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, allows direct access to the cameras from anywhere, even through your mobile or other similar device.

A piece of equipment that gives you comfort and ease of assembly is this model, which is the best security system for 150 euros, in addition to providing you with images of what is happening in real time. In order for you to determine whether or not it meets your requirements, we have chosen to analyze the pros and cons:


Connectivity: You can connect the security system through WiFi so that, through your Smartphone, Tablet or laptop, you can access the images. It also has HDMI and Ethernet ports.

Waterproof: Security cameras have an IP66 rating, which means they are resistant to water and dust, making them ideal for outdoors and indoors.

Range: The cameras have a range in open area of ​​up to 120 meters and in closed areas between walls of about 60 meters.

Accessories: The security system has 1 mouse, 1 RJ45 network cable and 5 network adapters, therefore, you will not have to invest additional money.


Audio: The system does not have microphones to be able to record the audio in covered places, however it is an excellent product.

A-Zone 960P WiFi NVR Kit 4CH Surveillance System

The A-ZONE 960P video surveillance system is another interesting alternative to control everything you need. Being a product based on modern Wi-Fi IP technology, the assembly and installation system, as well as access to images, are much simpler than ever.

The model incorporates four wireless security cameras, which you can install indoors or outdoors. These images are transferred without cables directly to the control area, and can also have remote access from our mobile or tablet.

So that you can also have the images saved when you need them, the product incorporates a 1 tera hard drive, with the recording functions already integrated. It is a complete system that multiplies our work options to be able to do everything in terms of surveillance.

You can find a security system that gives you autonomy and ease of use in this model, which is the best security system at the moment, so we suggest you review the advantages and disadvantages so that you can evaluate whether it satisfies or not your expectations:


Integrated hard drive: This product includes a 1TB capacity hard drive that allows you to record your image and video files.

Connectivity: The system has VGA and HDMI connections for video output, an RJ45 network port and a USB 2.0 port to store your files on a flash drive and free up hard disk space.

Night mode: With this security system you can keep your home or business premises under surveillance, both day and night, thanks to the infrared motion detector.

Application: You can have access to the monitored areas in real time from your Smartphone through the exclusive app, regardless of where you are.


Instructions: A few users express that the instruction manual is in English, making it difficult to understand all the functions of the system.

Eray WS1N Wireless Home WiFi Burglar Alarms

The Eray M2BX security system is a model based on GSM technology and contact and movement sensors with which you can count on coverage even in areas where there is no Internet.

This system is one of the most complete, incorporating 9 port magnetic sensors, 2 remote controls, 4 infrared motion detectors and a high-power siren.

A product that only needs a SIM card to start sending alerts to up to 6 different mobiles that you determine. The whole set is easy to install and can be controlled directly from the included LCD terminal, which is also easy to install.

In fact, the product incorporates all the accessories and parts to be able to properly install the alarm with full satisfaction.

This product corresponds to the best brand of security systems. In addition, it can cover multiple surveillance areas. If you ne

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