The 5 Best Shower Chairs of 2022

Shower Chair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When there is an elderly person in the family with mobility problems, bath time can be a difficult time of day, especially if you do not have the necessary tools to promote personal hygiene. For these situations, shower chairs have become essential allies for many elderly people and their caregivers, as well as others who, due to some physical condition, cannot stand up in the shower. One of the most outstanding products in this category is the Ayudas dinamicas AD828, a height-adjustable seat with built-in wheels and backrest that provide greater comfort to the user, as well as the versatility of also being a WC for patients with greater mobility difficulties. But, if you are looking for a simpler model, there is the adjustable PrimeMatik whose height can be adjusted in 8 positions and although it does not have armrests, it incorporates handles in the seat area for the user to hold on to.

The 5 Best Shower Chairs – Opinions 2022

We know that it is not easy to buy a shower chair, as there are many aspects to consider in order to make a lasting investment. For this reason, we intend to help you in your search and we have made a selection with several versatile and functional products, positively valued by customers to make it easier for you to choose a model that suits your needs and your budget.

1. Ayudas Dinamicas Shower and WC chair size 49cm

Main advantage:

This shower chair is properly designed to meet your use. It has holes to let the water pass through, it is safe to use and it has wheels to move it more easily and with less effort.

Main disadvantage:

As indicated by users who have purchased this chair, it would be very practical if it included cushions that would improve the user’s comfort and even to be able to use it as a conventional wheelchair.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a reliable, robust and well-designed alternative to meet the needs of those who cannot clean themselves or need to be seated to do so.

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Shower chairs are a necessary purchase when you have an elderly or disabled person at home, as it allows them to bathe or be bathed more comfortably and safely, preventing slips and falls. Before you invest in one, don’t forget to check its design.

The Dynamic Aids model does not disappoint in this regard, since it has an intelligent design designed for different occasions in which a problem with the patient may arise, such as armrests and safety mechanisms.

The chair has dimensions of 45 centimeters for the width of the seat, reaching 52 centimeters wide in total. The depth is 36 centimeters and combined with the rest of the structure it reaches 86 centimeters, being comfortable enough to be used by young people, adults and the elderly. His weight is approximately 14 kilograms.


One of the most relevant aspects that you should consider before spending money on a shower chair is its capacity. By knowing how much weight it can support, it will be much easier for you to determine if it is the right model for the patient.

In the case of the chair for the shower from the Ayudas Dinámicas brand, we must highlight the fact that the robustness of its structure and the combination of good quality materials allow the chair to support a weight of up to 130 kilograms without problems.

This capacity offers freedom of use in case the chair must be adapted to the patient’s growth, either in height or weight, preventing you from having to invest in another too soon.

On the other hand, buyers seem to be satisfied with their service and indicate that it has made the task of grooming their patients much easier.


Other relevant features according to the opinion of some users are the extras that a shower chair can have. Given that this piece of furniture is in contact with water and soap, it must be, in addition to being safe, easy to move to allow the use of the bathroom by other members of the family.

Therefore, we consider it an advantage that the AD828 shower chair is equipped with a total of four swiveling wheels that will allow you to move it easily, either to look for the person in their bed or to remove them from the shower after being used.

Likewise, it should be noted that each of the wheels has a locking system that will prevent them from moving unintentionally, thus offering stability, confidence and balance to improve safety during bath time.

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2. PrimeMatik Adjustable Non-slip Shower Chair

Although it is not a shower chair with wheels, this model is very useful because the height of the seat can be adjusted in 8 different positions between 71 and 89 cm, in addition, the legs with suction cups provide greater stability and support to the floor.

As for the material, this chair has an aluminum structure while the base and backrest are made of polyethylene with a rough finish to prevent slipping; This combination offers a strong and durable chair, as well as being one of the cheapest, which is why it is listed as the best price-quality shower chair in this selection.

This chair has a 42 x 46 cm base and an ergonomic design favored by the built-in spaces that work as handles for the user, it also has a U-shaped hole that facilitates patient hygiene.

Considering its structure and design, we could be facing the best shower chair for 50 euros on the market. It really is a good option for almost everyone who needs one of these products.


Installation : The assembly of this chair is really simple and best of all, it can be installed both in showers and bathtubs alike.

Non-slip : A fall for an elderly person can be fatal. For that reason, this chair has the quality of being non-slip so that the user is completely safe when using it.

Adjustable : You can adapt this chair to the needs of the person who uses it. It has 8 adjustable heights ranging from 71 to 89 centimeters.


Instructions : Despite the fact that its assembly is simple and totally intuitive, the instructions included to help the most inexperienced do not come in Spanish and have little explanatory drawings.

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3. Mobiclinic Bath chair Adjustable height Backrest

If you are looking for the best shower chair, it is possible that the Mobiclinic Port model stands out among the results, a functional product such as a shower chair for the disabled that has a backrest as well as padded armrests.

The aluminum structure of this product provides strength and durability, while favoring the lightweight design of the chair that weighs just 3.1 kg. For its part, the plastic base incorporates drainage holes so that the water from the shower does not stagnate on the seat.

It should be noted that this model supports a maximum weight of 135 kg. In addition, it comes disassembled but includes the necessary screws and instructions for quick assembly. It also allows for height adjustment through an individual system on each leg, variable between 41.5 and 51.5 cm.

If you are looking for the best shower chair brand, then perhaps you should take a look at Mobiclinic and its great models like this one, suitable for various types of people.


Armrests : The armrests of this chair are padded so that the person can be totally comfortable when leaning on them.

Weight : It has a weight of 3.6 kilograms, therefore, it is a light and easy to move chair. It is not necessary to make too much effort.

Support : Anyone weighing up to 135 kilograms will be able to sit with complete confidence, since the chair will support their weight without any problem. It is advisable not to overdo it, as this would affect safety.

Removable : Both the support and the armrests are completely removable. Thus, if a person is very robust or if you want a quick bath without a backrest, you can remove both pieces for total comfort.


Plastic : The pieces that hold the legs and back are made of plastic, so this chair may be a bit flimsier than the others.

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4. PrimeMatik Non-slip Shower Chair for the Elderly

Another model that stands out among the best shower chairs of 2022 is this one from Cablematic, a light and resistant product with an aluminum structure, backrest and seat made of plastic with a rough texture to maximize the user’s grip. In addition, it incorporates non-slip armrests for better support.

The ergonomically designed and adjustable backrest can measure from 72 to 85 cm in height, while the seat can be adjusted to 6 different positions between 37 and 50 cm.

You should know that the base of the seat measures 44 x 45 cm and the chair in general resists a maximum of 110 kg, it also incorporates suction cups on the 4 legs to provide more safety to the user, avoiding displacement on wet floors. Users highlight that it is easy to assemble and move because it weighs almost 4 kg and has a built-in handle on the backrest.

The best thing to do when you don’t know which shower chair to buy is to check out one that has very good ratings. That way you can choose the one that is backed by several positive reviews, like this model from Cablematic.


Base : The bathroom can be a slippery place, for that reason, to avoid any type of accident, the base of the chair is made of fully non-slip rough plastic so that it is firmly in place at all times.

Assembly : The assembly of this artifact is totally simple, which makes it possible for the chair to be ready for use in a few minutes.

Armrests : The armrests of this model are covered by a material that is totally non-slip so that the arms do not slip, despite being in contact with water and soap.


Adjustable : Although the height of the chair is adjustable, the height of the armrests is not and this can be inconvenient for some people.

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5. Shelf Adjustable Aluminum Non-Slip Bathroom Stool

This model is suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and patients with mobility problems whose personal hygiene may be affected. With this product the bath can be carried out comfortably, since the chair is the right size to fit in the bathtub and the user can sit safely, as it incorporates non-slip feet.

This chair is made of aluminum alloy in the structure and polyethylene parts, it has dimensions of 49 x 43 cm and an adjustable height between 68 and 81 cm. The texture of the seat is non-slip and the base measures 41 x 33 cm, making it stand out as a compact model.

It also has a capacity of approximately 150 kg and weighs only 4 kg, so it can be easily carried and moved with the help of the built-in handle on the backrest.

It is not one of the cheapest alternatives, however, its qualities and design may encourage you to take it home with you.


Support : This model allows a person weighing up to 150 kilograms to sit, therefore, it is a chair with great resistance.

Materials : This chair is made of aluminum alloy and polyethylene to give it greater durability.

Design : The seat has a small hole design to prevent the person from slipping while taking a bath.


Seat : Although the design of the seat has a purpose, it is possible that not being completely flat, it can be somewhat uncomfortable for the person sitting, especially if they are naked.

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Ayudas Dinamicas Shower and WC chair size 49cm

Thanks to its versatility as a shower and toilet chair, this model is valued by many as the best shower chair you can buy for a person with mobility difficulties.

The Clean chair is durable and resistant to corrosion due to its high-quality finishes. In addition, it has a backrest and armrests that offer greater comfort during the shower. The latter also favor the transfer of the user as they are removable and folding, the footrests also slide under the chair.

This model has a height of 49 cm, but a 55 cm model is also available. It is worth mentioning that it has a maximum weight capacity of 130 kg and barely weighs 14 kg, which, together with the wheels with built-in brakes, allows for a much easier transfer of the user, since it can be handled in narrow spaces.

If you don’t mind paying extra money for the highest possible quality, then this model could be the best shower chair of the moment due to its great features.


Wheels : There is no telling when a person with limited mobility needs to go somewhere. For that reason, the fact that this chair has wheels makes it a very practical and versatile alternative.

WC : With ease, this chair can be adjusted to the toilet so that the person can relieve himself comfortably and without any inconvenience. The seat has a free part for this.

Corrosion : The structure of the chair is completely resistant to corrosion, which will give it greater durability.

Armrests : In order to easily raise and lower the person, the armrests of this chair are completely folding. That way, you can manipulate them as you see fit.


Comfort : It is not a chair suitable for sitting for a long time, as it can be extremely uncomfortable, since it does not have a cushion.

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Buying Guide – What is the best shower chair on the market?

If you are looking for a chair of this type, before looking at how much it costs, you should review several aspects that will determine the success of your investment. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best shower chair so that you know the main characteristics that a product of this type must have and thus make an intelligent purchase.


Structure and resistance

Do not think that any chair can be useful for taking a shower, on the contrary, the chairs designed especially for this purpose have a structure resistant to humidity and corrosion, as they will be constantly exposed to water. So it is important to check that the chair is made of aluminum or some other resistant material, capable of supporting the user’s weight without yielding and, at the same time, resisting the effects of oxidation.

Aluminum is recommended because, in addition to being durable, it is a lightweight material that contributes to the chair’s portable design, making it easy to move from one place to another, according to the needs of the user and caregiver.

In relation to capacity, it is important to verify the maximum weight that it can support since there are models that support between 100 and 130 kg, and a range lower than this is not recommended to be used by older adults.

Chair types and settings

When making a comparison of shower chairs you will find several models on the market, from simple stools with non-slip legs to chairs with adjustable seat and backrest, folding armrests and footrests, as well as other models that incorporate wheels to make moving the shower even easier. user to the shower.

As for the dimensions of these, they come in different measurements and sizes, however we recommend giving priority to those that have a seat with adjustable height so that you can adapt it according to the need or the height of the user.

Likewise, there are models that also have a backrest whose height can be adjusted in a certain range. This aspect is highly valued, especially in residences where a chair can be used by several people.

Versatility and security

To make a good and economical investment, you must make sure that the chair adapts to the user’s needs and, thinking of patients with great mobility difficulties, there are models that integrate a U-type hole to also be used as a WC. In this way, users will be able to relieve themselves and take a bath later without moving much.

In relation to safety, it is very important to verify that the legs are non-slip and if they have suction cups, much better, because this way they will be able to have a firmer grip on the ground to avoid possible slips and falls that could complicate the user’s health.

In case of having wheels, you must make sure that it incorporates a brake system that is easy for the caregiver to activate while performing personal hygiene on the patient.


Sewer system

Another aspect that contributes to the safety of the user and the functionality of the chair are the drainage holes that the seat must have to prevent stagnant water from becoming a risk factor that can cause an accident, in addition, this contributes to the chair dries faster.

In general, this aspect does not affect the durability of the chair, since most, even the cheapest ones, are made of aluminum, and the seat is usually made of durable and resistant plastic. And if they incorporate armrests, the material is usually similar to neoprene, so they resist moisture and dry quickly.

How to use a shower chair

The time of the shower can be tedious for those who are elderly or who have some physical difficulty, which prevents them from standing up in the bathroom. To solve this problem, shower chairs have been created, which are functional and comfortable to shower properly, since they are made of water-resistant and soft materials that facilitate the process. If you are a beginner in the use of this product, we invite you to review these useful tips that will show you how easy it can be to use one.

Check that you have the right

Thanks to the technological advances of the moment, brands offer different models and styles of shower chairs, according to the needs of the patient. Before starting the installation, check that you have the correct chair and that it suits your needs. Otherwise, consult your seller and ask for a return or exchange.

Define the place of installation

Next, it is important that you set the place where you will carry out the installation. Make sure the place is close to a wall to give the product stability. Also, it must be away from pipe inlets or outlets, as well as electrical current that affects the operation of the shower.

Mark the fixing points

Once you have defined the place of installation, proceed to mark the points where the chair will join the wall. To do this, use a graphite pencil or removable marker and place the points. Then, with the help of a drill, make small holes, depending on the size of the product supports.

Place the support blocks

After drilling and opening the holes, place each of the brackets firmly into the holes. To do this, you can use a hammer that will put pressure on the studs. Check that each one is fully inserted into the holes. Otherwise, the chair may be accidentally disassembled.

install the chair

Subsequently, place the chair in the assigned place by firmly attaching it to the brackets on the wall. It exerts pressure on the points of union, to prevent them from moving during the shower.

add armrests

Some shower chairs include removable armrests that can be mounted at specific times. If you need to have extra support, place them at each end of the chair, joining them with screws or nuts according to what the assembly requires.

Remove it if necessary

If the shower in your home is shared, remove the chair completely to use it as usual. Loosen the bolts or nuts, as well as the brackets to remove the chair from the shower. Later, you can reinstall it as explained in the steps above.

Clean it up when you’re done

A great advantage of shower chairs is that they are made of easy-to-clean materials, so you can use water, soap and a damp cloth to clean the surfaces. Then let it air dry for a few hours. Store it in a safe, dry place that won’t weaken the manufacturing materials.

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